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Hello visitor! There's not much for me to say in this bio, because I'm not very interesting... I just moved to the UK last month, and I was sent to a coed boarding school. Since I came all the way from CANADA I only have one friend, and she's quiet so I don't think she'll be bugging me anytime soon. Anyway,not having many friends gives me much more time to write fan fictions since i don't have friends that pester me every moment of the day anymore! I was lucky because my parents bought me a laptop before they sent me off to this country, so I can write as much as I want without having to go down to the library and the computer labs. Erm... I'm a part of the Lord of the Flies fandom and I ship Roger and Ralph, Maurice and Robert, Sam and Eric (Brotherly love)

I actually like the 90's version of LOTF quite a lot... It may not be like the book, but it just has its own special twist to it :D The only part of it that I don't get, is why Simon was sent to military school! It just doesn't make sense to me! Well, unless his parents secretly think he's batty... But I just think the island did that to him.

I have decided that my LOTF fanfic will be a mix of the two movies, and the book. I will be keeping the whole military concept, but I'll just say that they got sent to a boarding school for no particular reason. Also, since Jack wasn't a choir boy in the 90's version, he will be good at singing, and it will be his special talent that he doesn't even know about. (I'm putting all of these ideas here because I always forget these types of things).

A line I will always remember from LOTF: "SHOVE HIS DICK IN THE CONCH!" I heard it when the boys were yelling things about what they would do if they found a pig. Best. Line. EVER.

ASDFKLWF I love the 90's version of LOTF... It's just so awesome! But I liked the 60's version too because of the looks Roger gave to the camera... I just can't...

Thinking of writing another chapter fanfiction, because I had another idea today! I'm not going to say, because I've never read a fiction like it, and I wouldn't be happy if another person saw this and got to doing it before me... After me? Sure... I'd even read it!

I hate hate hate hate HATE Yuri! I will not read/write it EVER! It's just downright awkward for me, because I'm 13 years young, and I'm a girl. IDK, do guys feel like that when/if they read Yaoi? Probably... Unless they weren't straight. That's probably the complete opposite then. But now I'm rambling... I should start a blog because I talk so much.

I like to PM my reviewers. Feel free to PM me, because I like people that are willing to talk to me. And if I like you, I'm more likely to read/follow your fan fics.

I have two roommates. Their names are Fern and Cecilia... Cecilia thinks I'm weird for having a Canadian accent and I just roll my eyes and say: "You should hear yourself from my end..." Fern's chill... and she likes writing too! So now I have one friend... But Fern doesn't talk much. I don't mind. I guess I can just tell her everything, and she'll listen. Fern edits my fan fictions as well, so you won't be seeing many mistakes from me anymore!

Most of my one shots are really bad so I don't want to let anyone read them.

I'm writing chapter 5 of my one and only chapter fanfic ATM.

My current Fan Fiction(s):

Haunted. (LOTF)

Beta reader: My roommate/friend Fern.

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