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Author has written 25 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, Naruto, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Sherlock.

I'm a fanfiction writer who is some years over 30. I am mostly stuck to slash/shonen ai/yaoi fanfiction, though I do have some preferences of hetero pairings as well in some series (though I seldom indulge in writing them - like Meitantei Conan - ShinichixRan for example). When I write I usually write actively for one fandom only, I'm bad at multitasking, therefore I prefer to concentrate on one series at a time, whatever the mood strikes most at the time being. For over a year now this has been BBC Sherlock.

My favourite genres when it comes to reading are fantasy, mystery and romance. I have a special love for stories where characters kick ass and I also like when it gets dramatic, but I need my fix of happy endings. This means I usually don't read death fanfics, though sometimes I make exceptions, usually that means I stumble over such a fanfic by accident and realise what kind of fanfic it is too late. Otherwise, even with my preferences I've learned to be open for everything. If the writing is well done and convinces me, I can even be hooked to topics like BDSM, which I usually don't enjoy. Most important for me is that the characters of a story are as close to the original as possible and that the content of a story is mostly realistic. What I personally hate very much is character bashing. I have no problem if a character I like is turned evil in a story, as long as the reasons for that turn are convincing. But I am also of the opinion, that especially in the writing of pairings that are not canon, the challenge for an author is to write the non-canon pairing convincing without turning the characters ooc just so one can get unpleasant love rivals out of the way.

Well, I think this is me in a nutshell. As for my favorite pairings... well this would be a long list, so I think I limit it to the pairings of the Genres I have written stories myself. So, my favorite pairings would be:

BBC Sherlock:
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson


Harry Potter:
Tom Marvolo Riddle (sometimes also Voldemort)/Harry Potter

Gundam Wing:


Dragon Ball:

Hunter x Hunter:

Yami noYuugi / Atemu xYuugi Mutou
Seto KaibaxKatsuya Jounouchi
Yami no BakuraxRyou Bakura
Malik IshtarxRishido

AtemuxYami no YuugixYuugi (unusual threesome but it's kind of a challenge because you have to come up with a reason why there are a past and a future Atemu grins)
AtemuxSetoxYuugi (yes, I can stand the three of them together but I am not fond of Atemu/YuugixSeto)

ItachixSasukexNaruto (has currently become a new addiction of mine, though I am not fond of Itachi being anything but dominant with the two younger boys. XD)
SasukexNarutoxSakura (yes, I like Team 7 action. I love Team 7 in general anyway and I don't mind Sakura, far from it.)


BBC Sherlock:
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Mary Morstan
(because personally I LOVE the BBC Mary and I cannot bear the idea of her dying, John betraying her or she suddenly turning into a female Moriarty or such. And because I like the dynamic between those three - she's so far the only woman by John's side I've seen that Sherlock honestly tolerates - I'd rather prefer this solution to feed my Johnlock addiction. However I have to say I tend more toward the version where John is openly together with Sherlock and Mary, though Sherlock and Mary are simply friends who are both with John. In the end it depends on the storyline.)

OK that's all from me so far. Hope you didn't care so much for my babblings. Below you'll find a list of updates so you can always see when I posted a new chapter or worked on my profile or whatever else I might have done here on ffnet. See ya around!


Even as a Johnlock fan I would like to point out the following:

I fully support Amanda Abbington in acting as the fictional character of one Mary Morstan in season three of the BBC Sherlock Holmes series!

If you are interested in further reasoning as to why I posted this up here in my journal, please take a look at the final chapter of my story "Of Dogs and Dead Consulting Detectives. Before the start of the chapter itself I had to let out a bit of steam concerning what I read about threats against Mrs. Abbington for acting as Mary in the third season of Sherlock. Not to mention, after I've seen the third season I think that her Mary Morstan simply ROCKS. :)


26.07.2016 I've been going through old stories and I noticed that some of them still contain a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I'm slowly going edit those stories and I started with "Miracles of Egypt". All three chapters are edited and I've added some small new parts.

01.11.2015 Wow, this took longer than expected. I'm sorry for the wait, but finally chapter 10 of "And Blood doesn't count" is out.

15.06.2015 Finally I can announce the next chapter for "And Blood doesn't count". Chapter 9 is now out. Chapter 10 will follow when the betareading is done. Due to real life keeping me busy I don't want to make any promises, but I try my best.

06.05.2015 "And Blood doesn't count" will be delayed until further notice. I'm sorry to say that real life caught up with me and my betareader. The story itself is finished, so no one has to worry about this staying incomplete, but since I'm no native speaker, the betareading and me going over the corrections is time consuming and I simply lack the time to do it right now. As soon as we are ready, the next chapter will be updated. Until then!

16.03.2015 Found a mistake in my German Dragonball fanfic "Du bist echt mein Typ." Exchanged chapter with the corrections. / Habe einen Fehler in meiner Dragonball Story "Du bist echt mein Typ" gefunden und das Chapter gegen die Korrektur ausgetauscht.

23.02.2015 Overworked my personal introduction here on this page because I realised it was time for an update. A lot of the stuff that had been described before about my person has been out of date. It was honestly time for a new look. :)

23.02.2015 Chapter 8 of "And Blood Doesn't Count" is finished and uploaded. I wish you a fun reading! :)

26.01.2015 Again it took longer than expected, but the new chapter for "And Blood Doesn't Count" is now available.

23.11.2014 Sorry for the long wait, but finally the next update for "And Blood Doesn't Count".

29.09.2014 Next chapter of "And Blood Doesn't Count is online. :)

11.09.2014 Just before I leave for the Connichi there is the next update for chapter 4 of "And Blood Doesn't Count". Please enjoy!

30.08.2014 New Chapter of "And Blood Doesn't Count". Enjoy!

21.08.2014 The second Chapter of "And Blood Doesn't Count" is online. Please enjoy.

13.08.2014 After a long silence, finally a new story from me. Still Sherlock and of course slash. The name is "And Blood Doesn't Count".

08.11.2013 Sequel for "Of dogs and Dead Consulting Detectives" is up. Please enjoy!

24.10.2013 My final chapter of my first Sherlock fanfic is finished. Though sadly enough I had to accompany it by a rather long rant, those main point I also added to this profile. Thank you all for the support of my first BBC Sherlock story!

12.10.2013 Chapter 3 of my Sherlock story is online. Since the last chapter turned out a bit too long, the original 3 parts have been extended by a fourht. Therefore, one more chapter left.

16.09.2013 Next part of my Sherlock story is online, enjoy!

28.08.2013 Sorry, seems I missed to mention the last updates of my story Hunting Passion which is now complete. Anyway I am trying to do better this time. A new story is up for a very new fandom. I have fallen in love with BBC Sherlock and currently I am writing my very first story. I hope you'll enjoy. Oh and of course it's slash and will become SherlockJohn.

23.06.12 Chapter 6 of Hunting passion is online. Please enjoy the chapter.

17.06.12 FINALLY Hunting Passion has an update. Yes, you read right, after six years of silence I am now proudly presenting to you chapter five of my little baby. Please enjoy reading and leave lots of comments if you like.

31.05.12 A lot of you certainly have already given up hope but... after SIX years of suffering through a writers block for that particularly story I am back with HUNTING PASSION, yes you've read right. Chapter 5 is already finished, it only needs to be betareaded though so far I've got no reply from my current one, which worries me a bit. However, as soon as I found someone to do the work I am going to post once more, so look forward to it. .

07.10.11 The final part of "A femme's hidden secret" for the "A love in Black and White" group's challenge on lifejournal is finished. Had to break it into two parts, because it turned out so long. I am also declaring the collection of challenges for finished.

01.10.11 The last week of the challenge of the "A love in Black and White" group on lifejournal. This time I worked out a three parter. Two parts are ready and uploaded.

23.09.11 New part for the challenge of the "A love in Black and White" group on lifejournal. First prompt for week three.

22.09.11 And finally we reach part 12 of my little story "Saving Life". With this the tale of Prowl and Jazz is finished. Though as you might have noticed, I left a little surprise at the end of chapter 12. Please enjoy reading!

15.09.11 Wow, another small one shot for the challenge of the "A love in Black and White" group on lifejournal. Please prepare your tissues and enjoy!

16.09.11 My first entry for the "A love in Black and White" is posted as a new story. The whole story will be marked closed when the challenge is over. Please enjoy!

15.09.11 Ladies and gentlemen, we are nearing the end. Chapter 10 of "Saving Life" is online.

01.09.11 Chapter 9 of "Saving Life is online. And this time it's on time again.

26.09.11 Sorry for the one day delay, but now "Saving Life" chapter 8 if finally online.

18.08.11 The next chapter of "Saving Life" is online. Enjoy the reading.

11.08.11 Chapter six of "Saving Life is online. I hope you'll all enjoy.

04.08.11 Chapter five of "Saving Life is online. Please enjoy!

22.07.11 And another week has passed. Enjoy the next chapter of "Saving Life".

17.07.11 Second chapter of "Saving Life online. Enjoy the reading!

07.07.11 First chapter of "Saving Life" is up. Go read it and I hope you enjoy it, people!

01.07.11 I. WROTE. Something. Oo I really found back into writing, after such a long time of simply reading, if I even had that much time. And since some time I am Transformers crazy. New genre here for my readers, but I gave it my first try and posted a story called "Saving Life". It's Prowl/Jazz and takes place in the Bayverse. However, I included hints about their past and general ideas from Taralynden's wonderful fanfic "Story of a Lifetime". You should really go and read it, the story is worth it! Oh and before you start to worry from experience with my sadly still unfinished Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic... this story will be finished, because in fact it IS finished. This is all a matter of betareading and posting. Now go and read and hopefully enjoy!

25.02.09 Wow, after half a century I finally managed to write something again. This time it's a Naruto story, since right now I am crazy for this serie. It's a one-shot that MIGHT turn into a big story. I had already most of it planed out in my mind, but I just don't find the time to write it down. That's why I for now decided to only post the prologue as a finished one-shot since it can easily be seen as such. It might happen though, that one day you find the 'complete' story turned to 'incomplete' and updated.

20.03.08 I found an old Gundam Wing story which I never uploaded to ffnet it seems. I did it now and even though it's some years old I hope you'll still like it. Enjoy, "We'll see us again"!

16.03.08 Halleluja, I am back into Gundam Wing fandom! XD (okay I guess this is not so good news for all Yu-Gi-Oh fans who are desperately waiting for an update to my story, sorry ; ) And because I am still collecting ideas for a new 1x2 fanfic I decided that in the meantime I will try and revise all the old fanfics, because I noticed some of them have a really, really bad grammar. I am still not perfect when it comes to speaking English, but I think I've grown those past years and I hope after overworking the stories they will be better in quality. Today I finished revising "First Time". So if you are interested in reading it, please do so and don't hesitate to leave constructive criticism.

13.12.07 Well, I did something productive again. I wrote a new story. It's Dragonball and TrunksxSon-Goten (which is surprising in itself because, even though I love that pairing, I love even more VegetaxGoku and usually I prefer to write and read about TrunksxGoten as a side pairing in VegetaxGoku stories. Anyway, as I said this is TrunkxGoten. However it's written in German, so I am really sorry for everyone who can't read German. If there is someone out there who is willing to translate my story from German to English, please contact me, I am grateful for every help offered because, in all brutal honesty I am simply to lazy to translate my German stories to English. Very sorry about that. For everyone else, please enjoy 'Du bist echt mein Typ'.

05.05.07 Urg, I am sorry to say this but because I have to study a lot lately, I have not been able to write much. I guess I also have a little of a writers block and I am not quiet sure when I'll be able to write again. Be assured though, I am planing to continue and end the current fanfictions I have. It may take some time but I WILL end them.

03.09.06 Well I've decided to post a Germany story here on FFnet. Surprisingly ist neither Yu-Gi-Oh nor Harry Potter. It's a One Piece One-Shot and it's called "Die Wette". For those of you who can read German, please enjoy my story.

24.06.06 Unbelivable but true, chapter 4 of "Hunting Passion" is finally online. I hope you'll enjoy.

21.04.06 Chapter 3 of "Hunting Passion" is out. Enjoy the newest part.

25.03.06 The last chapter of "Miracles of Egypt" has been posted. Enjoy the final!

17.03.06 Chapter 2 of "Miracles of Egypt" is out. Enjoy!

14.03.06 New story is up. The name is "Miracles of Egypt". Go read it.

09.03.06 Updated "Hunting Passion", chapter 2 is ready for reading now. I hope you people enjoy.

26.02.06 A new story is up here on FFnet. Although it will become material later, I don't care right now. At the moment the content is not against the rules, thus I am posting. It's Yu-Gi-Oh of course, will be YYxY and it's a vampire AU called "Hunting Passion". The story is still in progress. For now prologue and chapter one are posted.

19.02.06 I am writing again, can you believe it? Hail the holidays! Anyway, around V-day I've done an entry for a Challenge and now I post the fully betareaded story here since it's exceptionally no mature story which I use to post on AdultFFnet now. "Five Days" is a one shot and of course finished. I may add a lemon if I feel like it but I will only put up a note here in my profile. The lemon itself will be posted on adultFFnet only. Sorry but I have not the nerve to start a fight with ffnet. It's just too stupid for my liking.

07.10.05 Yeah, right now Evening Feelings has been updated to FFnet. Herewith my first Naruto story is finally finished. I hope you guys like the ending. I know a lot of sap but... oh well. ;

02.10.05 Unbelievable but true. I've finally finished writing my Naruto story"Evening Feelings". I've changed some things and also put the first two chapters I've posted ages ago together. So now there is one chapter up which I would advice you read again, even though you may have read it before. The second chapter, the final one now, will be out as soon as it comes back from my second betareader. Those who knew the story already, I hope you are okay with the changes I've done and those who don't know the story at all, enjoy!

09.01.05 Uploaded a new Story. A one-shot named "Leading a New Generation". Enjoy the little piece.

14.12.04 Epiologue of Darkness Addiction to Light is out and so the story is finally finished. _ I also posted a little One-Shot story. My Challenge entry for my own Challenge I've started on my mailing list.

28.11.04 (Well at last here in Germany we have already the 28. ; ) Chapter four of "Darkness Addiction to Light has been added. Epilogue will follow soon.

27.11.04 Uhm... I know this is a little late but... well Chapter three of "Darkness Addiction to Light" has been out since some time now. The fourth chapter may follow within the next hours.

05.11.04 Just announcing an update at "Sweet Debts..." _ The story is finally finished!

19.09.04 takes a deep breath Ooooooookay... I have been visiting a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh writing author profiles and every time they reason why they love Atemu/YamixYuugi is something like "because they are so CUTE". DAMNIT what's wrong with you people! They are hot, HOT! SetoxJonouchi are hot, SetoxYami are hot, so why can't YamixYuugi be hot as well? Just because Yuugi is a little short? Well Yami/Atemu alone is tuff and hot and all and Yuugi isn't that bad either. Also, do you really have all to think of Yuugi as such an innocent one? I mean, remember the first manga? There Yuugi is imagining girl's pants just because Anzu told him the boys like to play basketball with the girls because they can see their underwear then. And also Yuugi wants to lend a porno from Jonouchi, how can you say he is innocent then? O_O Back to the point... I love Atemu/YamixYuugi the most and I just noticed I started slowly to become crazy, because I just don't get enough more hot stuff to read about them. There are so much fanfiction out there, which scream SUGAR that it finally starts to hurt my poor teeth. ;_; I really would like to see more fanfics written the way like people would do when they write about SetoxJonouchi or SetoxYami. If you want an example for CUTE, take Shizuka (Jou's sister), THAT is a cute one. -_- Yuugi may be a little shy in the beginning and not as hot headed as Jonouchi but he still is a fighter, just like his yami. So, please, please more stories about a hot and strong Yuugi and not sooooooo much where you may think that Yuugi is a shy, little, weak girl instead of a boy.

On a different topic, I decided to give it a try and list which of my stories are finished, will be updatd soon or will take little while longer. I am not sure if I will always remember to update this list, but I try my very best. So, here we go:

1. Sweet Debts or: Why Watch if You can Touch - Finished (can be found on adultFFnet)

2. Darkness' Addiction to Light - Finished

3. Valentine's Night - Finished

4. The Addiction of Sweetness - Sequel to K-chan's "Loving Flavour"; Finished

5. Harry Potter and the Second Order -Discontinued, I can't even remember the plot, I am sorry.

6. Lightning Heart Base - Finished

7. Evening Feelings - Finished

8. Love You! - Finished; Sequel is planned but the outcome is unknown, because I tend to write more Yu-Gi-Oh right now.

9. Heero and Duo - Finished

10. First Time - Finished - REVISED

11. You can do magic - Finished

12. Serenity of Christmas - Finished

13. Leading the New Generation - Finished

14. Five Days - Finished

15. Hunting Passion - Finished.

16. Miracles of Egypt - Finished

17. Die Wette (German) - Finished

18. Du bist echt mein Typ (German) - Finished

19. Changing Dreams - Finished (thought might become an unfinished big story with lots of chapters)

20. Saving Life - Finished

21. Caught --> Finished --> but part of the "A love in Black and White anniversary challenges"

22. Dance me to eternity --> Finished --> but part of the "A love in Black and White anniversary challenges"

23. Behind closed doors --> Finished --> but part of the "A love in Black and White anniversary challenges"

24. A hidden femme's secret --> Part 2 out --> but part of the "A love in Black and White anniversary challenges"

25. A hidden femme's secret --> Part 3 and 3.5 out --> part of the "A love in Black and White anniversary challenges"--> Finished

26. Of Dogs and Dead Consulting Detectives --> Finished

27. Every Watson needs a Holmes --> Sequel for "Of Dogs and Dead Consulting Detectives"--> Finished

28. And Blood Doesn't Count --> Chapter ten of eleven posted

Planned to write/potential plotbunnies up for adoption

1. Untitled; Yu-Gi-Oh, Pairing: AtemuxYamixYuugi
Yami and Yuugi are sent back in time and meet the past self of Yami no Yuugi when he has still been pharaoh. And as if things are not complicated enough Atemu falls in love with Yuugi.

2. When the Past catches up with us; Yu-Gi-Oh; Pairings: Atemu(Yami)xYuugi, SetoxJonouchi, SetoxAtemu(Yami)/AtemuxPriest Seto, Atemu(Yami)xSetoxYuugi, eventually JouxYuugi and Atemu(Yami)xYuugixSetoxJou
Atemu and Yuugi are happily together as well as Seto and Jou. But then suddenly Seto and Atemu become distant to their lovers, feeling guilty and bad about something while leaving Yuugi and Jonouchi confused and sad. This is until Yuugi catches a glimpse of his Yami's past when he has been pharaoh in Egypt and which explains everything. But what should Yuugi and Jonouchi do, now that they know the truth?

3. Harry Potter and the Shadow Magic; Yu-Gi-Oh/Harry Potter Crossover; Pairings: AtemuxYuugi, BakuraxRyou, SetoxJonouchi, SiriusxRemus, RonxHermione, HarryxGinny/TomxHarry (not quite decided yet)
The Japanese Ministry of Magic identifies Yuugi and some of his friends as wizards and witches. But since they have not enough people to teach the new found members of the magic volk the knowlede they need to know, they are redirected to Hogwarts, one of the biggest magic schools in the world. While Yuugi and Co. are now learning like crazy, so that they can start with the sixth year at Hogwarts, fully aware of the fact that Voldemort has already returned and is dangerous, Harry on the other hand has to cope with the loss he experienced from his last fight with the Dark Lord. But then his view of life changes a lot when he meets the new neighbors and gets to know a game called Duell Monster. Also, did his godfather really die?

4. Untitled; Yu-Gi-Oh; Pairings: AtemuxSetoxYuugi, JonouchixMokubaxShizuka, AnzuxHonda, BakuraxRyou, MalikxRishido
A terrible murder shocks Domino City. Seto Kaiba and his two lovers Atemu and Yuugi Mutou are killed by a lunatic man. After their friends got a little over the sudden and terrible loss, Mokuba seeks help for leading Kaiba Corporation, since he is still a little too young to tend the firm all alone. Shizuka and Jonouchi become new copartner of the firm and together they are able to strenghen the power of KC as if Seto has never left. Some years later a five year old boy from an orphanage in Manhatten smuggles himself to Japan in a plane, because he is dertermined to find someone over there. Another 10 years are passing. Kaiba Corporation is still flourishing with the now married couple and presidents Mokuba, Katsuya and Shizuka Kaiba. But then a man appears back from the dead and he threatens to destroy everything Seto Kaiba has every worked for and which Mokuba and his lovers and friends have kept so much effort into to carry on.

5. Brother Love; Yu-Gi-Oh; Pairings: AtemuxYuugi
When some people from the past suddenly turn up again and threaten to repeat history, Yuugi is forced to turn to non other than Seto Kaiba for help. But while trying to convince the stubborn CEO for help he is forced to unlock old memories he didn't want Seto to remember and for the others to never find out - especially not Atemu. The journey 3000 years into the past begins!

6. Omegaverse; BBC Sherlock; Pairings SherlockxJohn
In a world where Omegas are seen as beings who have to depend on an Alpha, Omegas are seldom free to do as they please. Usually a Council of Alphas controls the upbringing of the Alphas from the moment they present and they also decide an Omega's fate - which is usually to be bond to an Alpha of the councils bidding. For that reasons, Omegas who were lucky to present in secret, usually go into hiding with illegal suppressants, living their life as a Beta. John Watson is such an Omega. Undetected he has been able to become an army doctor and after being invalided now lives with the Beta Consulting Detective Sherlock Holmes. But what happens when the council is able sabotage the suppressants and suddenly Omegas are revealed and hunted by unbound Alphas? And what if Sherlock who has taken a similar suppressant to escape from the control of the council, is suddenly revealed as an Alpha?

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Owner of Lunatic Innocence a HisokaxGon ML:

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