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I wont be posting storys' or anything like that :)

but if you have any good how i met your mother stories or the big bang theory, just message me and i will read them:)

Im obsessed with The Big Bang Theory and How i Met Your Mother, as some people say, I do not own them, even though i wish i did :')


Tbbt has to be the best programme ever! (well one of the best :D)

I wish Shenny to be a couple! there amazing!

I Loved when Leonard and Penny dated, but it would be better if Penny and Sheldon dated! SHENNY!

I could go on forever about this show, but i wont :) so i'll leave it here :')

How i Met Your Mother! :

This is also one of the best shows ever!

Marshall and Lilly are like the best couple ever! Their baby Marvin Wait For It Ericsson is also amazing!

I ship Robin and Barney together and I also ship Ted and Victoria together :')

I cannot wait for season 8! it's going to be the best series ever!

About me :)

My name is Niamh

I'm 12

I'm from Ireland :)

I read fan fiction everyday, 'cause im obsessed with it :)

Questions:D :

Favorite TV Show(s): How I Met Your Mother, The big bang theory, Two broke girls, Modern family, Rules of Engagement and The middle :)

Favorite Cartoon(s): I don't really watch Cartoons :)

Favorite Movie(s): The Avengers, The Amazing Spider man, Forest Gump, The Water Boy, Ted, Scary movie 1-4, The 5 year Engagement, Captin America,

Favorite Band(s)/Singer(s): One direction, All time low, Never Shout Never, Green Day, and a few more I cannot think of :')

Favorite Food(s): Noodles, Skittles, Kinder Buenos', popcorn, pancakes, and waffles

Favorite Color(s): Red, Purple, Blue, and green, (I also like the colour black, but its not a real colour)

Dream Job: Vet or lawyer

Current Job: none

Occupation: Student

Musical Instrument Currently Learning How To Play: I want to learn the guitar

Least Favorite Type Of Music: Rave

Least Favorite Type Of Person: People that think there the best person ever, when there not

Favorite Animal: dogs :D

Nickname: Not saying because its also my second name

Real Name: Niamh

Birthday: 22/9/99

Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland

Race: Irish

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: Green

I guess that's all :)

Thanks for visiting, maybe some day i'll write stories but not right now as I suck at writing them :)

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Summer Blue by take-everything-and-more reviews
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Penny comes home to find Sheldon slumped by his door; face black and blue. She doesn't know what happened to him, but she will find out. Until then she's going to take care of him, all the while trying not to fall deeper in love. This should be easy, right?
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It had only been that one time but apparently that was all it took. Just one time without a condom. Penny looked at the pregnancy test stick in her hand and marveled once again at how calmly she was taking this. Her hand was steady and her breathing was calm but beneath that calm exterior, flights of butterflies were swooping and fluttering throughout her stomach. Two bars!
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