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Character Slots:

Four & Tris: One son (changing so he transferred, don't send him in), one daughter (16/initiate). Son slot open, daughter slot filled

Will & Christina: Fraternal twins (boy/girl) (16/initiates). Daughter slot filled, son slot open.

Zeke & Shauna: one daughter (16/initiate). Slot filled.

Uriah & Marlene: One son (16/initiate). Slot open

Peter & OC: One son (16/initiate) slot filled

Eric & OC: One daughter (18/instructor), one son (16/initiate). Both filled

3 Non-pairing Dauntless Born Initiates. All slots open.

Before sending in a character, please re-read the entire instructions section of the prologue to ensure you're following all instructions. The most common mistakes so far have been: names missing from the PM subjects, as well as sending in non-pairing children.

Please be sure to be detailed in your form.

For the family section, say if you were to make Four & Tris's daughter, format it like this:

Four: How they would get along

Tris: how they would get along

Older brother: how they would get along.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Divergent Form:




Appearance (at least 4 sentences, include measurements for height):

Personality (at least 6 sentences):

Reason for Choosing To Remain Dauntless:

Clothing Style:

Family (relationship with their parents, and how they would treat siblings if they have any):


Aptitude Test Results (for the most part it should be Dauntless):

Fighting Style:

Strengths (both personality & physically):

Weaknesses (both personality & physically):

Types of People They Like:

Types of People They Dislike:



Overall Strategy for Initiation:

Strategy for Stages 2&3:

Which Stage They Would Be Best At:

Proposed Ranking For Each Stage:

Romance? Yes/No/Type of Person:

Quotes (Speech Examples, at least 3):

Anything I Missed?:

Also, at the bottom of your form, please include which (if any) rivalries/past relationships your character would be influenced by. For example, I imagine Will/Christina's daughters being close with Tobias/Tris's daughter, but not so close with Peter's child. See what I mean?