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Name: aamaylover

Birthday: March 16

Age: 17

Gender: ?

Nationality: ?

After so long, I finally got the chance to fix up my profile. There really isn't much to say about me. I live in New York. I am American. The reason I don't discuss my gender and nationality is due to the fear of accidentally saying something racist or prejudice. I try to keep all of that to a minimum.

For Pokemon Heroes, I plan to finish it, but anything could happen, but for myself I believe I will. For the amount of seasons though, I have an idea for it. The seasons depend on how long the stoy will remain okay toward readers. I even have the number of chapters, but it might decrease. I won't say the exact, but Pokemon Heroes will go on for about 250-350 chapters.

I thought of the fanfic when I was in fifth grade. It was just something I thought of everyday. I was happy when I saw that there was a website where I could share my ideas, and that's how the story was born. I never expected it to be popular. I planned for it to go one season, but added more when I saw the kind comments and the way it was going. Like all ideas though, Pokemon Heroes had orginal designs, and I'll tell you guys some of them in the trivia.

One other thing is that I am in love with anime. My favorite ones are Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Pokemon, Sword Art Online, A Certain Magical Index (and Railgun), Fullmetal Alchemist (both series) and Bleach. I also like a lot of animes that Funimation has the rights to, and I also like watching animes in subs, but sometimes when one's in dub and I watch it before seeing the subs, I watch the dubs for that anime (ex. Fullmetal Alchemist and Pokemon). Anime is the reason I put opening and endings in Pokemon Heroes.

Now for the last thing to talk about, it is about my favorite shippings in Pokemon. I saw someone else doing this, and I thought I should try it. It is in order from greatest to least (remember these are just opinions of mine. I'm not aiming to offend anyone):


-Advanceshipping: This was the first shipping I fell in love with. The Advance Generation was the first generation I watched, and I loved the relatonship between Ash and May. The teacher-student relationship felt awesome for me. If only Max wasn't there...

-Amourshipping- I loved this shipping when I first saw it. This is a shipping that I know will happen. This shipping is almost the same level as Advanceshipping. I don't plan on making fanfics for it though.

-Pokeshipping: Even though this shipping is one of the rivals to Advanceshipping, I found it amazing back then. After the Advance Generation, I watched episodes of Generation 1& 2, and I saw connections between Ash and Misty. It was so strong that I left Advanceshipping, but I came back eventually. I still like the shipping though.


-Pearlshipping: I put this in neutral mostly due to the reasons that this shipping mostly felt like one that was mostly about friendship. Yeah there was some stuff here and there, but they felt like more friends.

-Egoshipping: I liked this shipping by reading fanfics. I didn't really see anything between them while seeing the anime. I just thought that it was nice that Misty could have someone else other than Ash, since I thought he already had May at the time.

-Homosexual/Exotic Fanfics: This is in neutral because I don't really care about them. I don't hate nor like them. I just avoid them. I see them, I say "oh, look another fanfic", and then I go right past it. I don't have any problems with it. It just doesn't interest me.


-Contestshipping: I don't really feel like May and Drew go with each other. In the anime, Drew was a dick to her sometimes, even going as far as to making her cry. I like Drew though, but May and he together is something that I would not like to happen.

-Eldershipping: Age difference. That's pretty much all I think when I see this shipping. Delia looks young, like in her 30's probably, but Professor Oak would be in his 50's or 60's. I don't see it happening. They are more like friends.

-Negaishipping: I don't see any relationship between Ash and Iris at all. Iris was a character in Pokemon that I found annoying. I wanted Best Wishes to end quicker because she was around. Once again, they are much more friends than having feelings for each other.

Upcoming Chapters

Just want to give you guys a heads up on the next couple of chapters that will be coming. This section will only be updated about every month. These are just chapters that will be released, so they may possibly not be in order:

  • After the Battle (A road that leads to danger...will she walk it?)

  • Song (Its song calms the seas, but it lures in the enemies)

  • Sealed Memories (Memories he would never remember start to resurface)

  • The True Prince of the Sea (A chance meeting begins an adventure)

  • Journey to the Temple (Swimming helps with your diet)

  • The Crown (It may be too heavy to place on your head)

  • Battle for the Throne (Whoever wears it is crowned the Prince of the Sea!!!)

  • Heart Swap (What would one do if they were a boy/girl for a day?)

  • Flames of Regret (His tears opens up his sealed power)

  • Flames of Vengeance (His memories reveal a new goal)

  • Attack on Nimbasa City (Plan A is set in motion...)

  • Invasion (We take the fight to them)

  • Character Spotlight

    Dawn Berlitz

    Dawn Berlitz, the short skirt wearing bluenette. She used to be the only one in the group that was considered "normal" up until the time she obtained her power, which was the power to mold and control her ice the way she want to. She was born in Twinleaf Town, the same town Brendan Obito and Kenny were born in. Brought to this world by her mother, Johanna Berlitz, and her unknown father. Her father had died when she was at a very young age, causing her to not remember the man as much as she wants to. Dawn grew to live a peaceful and quiet life. She is currently on a quest with Ash Ketchum, May Maple, and her boyfriend Brendan to protect the lives of those who can't protect themselves.

    Due to not having a father figure she was mostly quiet in her young age. She was well behaved, shy and timid around others. She never wanted to be the center of attention. Despite these qualities, she was surprisingly popular among her peers. She went to the Pokemon School in town, and there was where she met Brendan. She was always fascinated by the boy's personality. One day, he came to school with white hair with a changed lonesome attitude. This was when Dawn began to speak with him, eventually pulling him out of his depression. He was completely pulled out the day he saved her from a Salamance, in turn receiving a scar on his forehead. His signature headband was given to him by Dawn to cover it up, and then their relationship went forward. They hung out a lot, changing Dawn for the better, and eventually they hooked up.

    Soon after, when Dawn turned 12, she met May, helping the girl find Ash while they were on the run from Team Rocket. After the reunion, Brendan and she decided to journey with Ash and May. They faced many other foes, eventually defeating Team Rocket in Snowpoint City. They were immediately pitted against The Dark Signers right after, a much stronger enemy. This whole time, Dawn stood behind Brendan and Ash, barely contributing to the fights against their foes, and she surely felt guilty. Her guilt of barely fighting got worse the moment Lee and Riku came into the picture, foes who want Brendan's power, The White Inheritance. A pain in her heart grew as she watched the boy suffer, but she continued to stay by his side until he defeated his father's killers with his awakened powers. His resolution to use his power to protect her is also carried over to her resolution as well. The battle on Snowpoint Mountain resulted in Dawn gaining her powers from Articuno. She uses these powers to fight against the vengeful Chun-Li, the sister of Lee, to protect Brendan. She now uses these powers to fight alongside the boys, obtaining a much larger role in their fights, and hoping to help Ash defeat the Dark Signers and protect May from any threat.

    Dawn has come a long way ever since she began this journey. Just like the rest of them, she doesn't regret any of her decisions either. She enjoys spending time with May, stopping fights between Ash and Brendan, and the stuff she sees as she travels. She is a very serious person, but she has no problem acting just a little silly sometimes. She hopes at the end of all this, they would all go back home alive and well. That is her dream, and with her powers of ice, she swears to accomplish it.

    Age: 12

    Likes: Brendan, Miniskirts, Music, Pokemon, Obsession Over Strawberry Cake

    Dislike: Perverts, Stupidity, The Dark Signers, Destruction, Clowns

    Love: Her love is Brendan. They've been with each other since Twinleaf Town. They have a normal teenage love, and even though they don't go around kissing one another in public, they have the love just as much as those couples. Now that they both have powers, they use them to support each other. They are a perfect couple, and a certain two characters should learn from them.

    Dream: To return home with everyone alive, Enter a Pokemon Contest, Defeat a Dark Signer herself

    Character: She is pretty much considered the "straight man" of the group. She is mostly serious and focused, but she can go down to the stupidity of the boys whenever she wants to have fun

    Mystery: Even though May's a beautiful princess, guys always go after Dawn. How the hell is this possible?


    -There is proof that Dawn wears certain types of panties on special days

    -She knows how to play the piano and the ocarina

    -Wants a sister (sees May as one)

    -She believes Gold and Kenny are nice people and is willing to be just friends with them, but misses the chance because Brendan immediately gets into fights with them

    -When she was younger, she once was given the task of taking care of Brendan's gerbil for a weekend. She killed it on the first day, and immediately placed the blame on Kenny (pretty much starting the boys' rivalry in the first place). This was what Dawn wanted to confess to Brendan in season 2 chapter 12 "The Promise" before Brendan and she escaped their cages to run from the fire

    Clothing: She wears a black mini-dress along with a white undershirt inside a V-shaped neck with a short pink skirt. On her head, she wears a white beanie with a pink Pokeball print on it. She also wears gold hair clips that hold up her hair in front. On her feet, she wears pink knee-high boots with black socks underneath. She also has a small yellow backpack with all her personal belongings. She recently decided to wear a pink scarf after obtaining her ice powers

    Powers: Articuno's Ice-Make

    -There is no specific forms of her power. Everything she forms with her ice is created from her imagination.

    -Special Moves: Ice Lance, Ice Block, Ice Shield, Ice Hammer, Ice Floor, Ice Arrows, Ice Sword, Ice Geyser, Ice Cannon, Ice Cage, Ice Knuckle, Ice Excalibur, Ice Double-Swords, Ice Platform, Any other thing she can think of

    Dawn's Relationships

    Brendan: The love of her life. They can be seen as a perfect couple that doesn't disagree with each other all the time and listens to each other's thoughts. They use their powers to support each other as equals.

    May: May is considered the closest girl friend Dawn has. She sees May as a reliable and kind little sister who she needs to protect.

    Ash: She finds him to be too reckless in his actions. Although she pictures him as an idiot, she admires the way he'd put his life on the line for others.

    Drew: Dawn goes by every day thinking whether Drew is still alive and walking. Due to her being a serious person, she immediately shows a great annoyance for his personality, but enjoys it when he's around anyway.

    Misty: Dawn finds Misty to be very reliable. She also believes that Misty knows things that the group doesn't, but also believes that Misty wouldn't use that knowledge for wrong things.

    Kenny: Another boy who fell in love with her, but longer than anyone else. She dislikes his flirty attitude, but he is a person Dawn wouldn't mind being just friends with.

    Gold: A boy who fell in love with her at first sight. She is willing to become complete friends with him, but Brendan's fights with him gets in the way of that.

    Crystal: Their relationship immediately became strained when Crystal found Gold flirting with Dawn for "some reason". Dawn tries to become friends with her, but she instead feels a negative aura escaping from her "rival's" body.

    Salvia: The two look like doppelgängers. They have a nice relationship, which is shown when they switched places for the day and the princess handing over her Togekiss to Dawn.

    Johanna Berlitz: Dawn loves and respects her mother. They have enough trust with each other to allow Dawn to go on a journey with Brendan without much of a second thought.

    Articuno: They recently obtained a special relationship with each other when Articuno saw the kindness in her heart. Dawn obtained her powers from it.

    Dawn's Pokemon

    (in the order she caught them)







    Dawn likes putting certain types of panties on her on certain days. She doesn't tell anybody about this, not even her mother and Brendan. In this section, the reader will be able to find out.


    Sunday White with blue, yellow or orange stripes, depending on her mood

    Monday: White with blue polka dots

    Tuesday: Orange or red shade with tiny black dots

    Wednesday: Completely green

    Thursday: Yellow with the face of an Electric-Type Pokemon (Different face each time)

    Friday: Any type of color as long as it has flowers on it

    Saturday: Completely black, blue or indigo

    The types of panties for each day will be different every time. It's as long as the color is there. Changes it up every year. For the course of her current journey, this is her choices.


    Christmas: Christmas related objects on white

    New Years: Rainbow colored

    Valentine: Pink with hearts

    Ransei Day: Anything she wants

    Birthday: Nothing

    The Birth of Dawn's Power

    It all started by a simple request from a user named darkboy18. This is pretty much the same thing I said back in season 6 chapter 11 "Ice Princess". When I first thought about Pokemon Heroes, I knew that Ash, May, and Brendan would obtain powers. Dawn was the only one out of them all to not. Since this was Pokemon, she was going to be the one fighting with Pokemon. This went on all the way to the end of the fourth season. But before season 4 actually finished, I had a request from darkboy18. To summarize what he asked, he gave me an idea for a plot for the return of Sora. The plot was: Have Sora return and have a final confrontation with Ash. In the end, before Ash kills him, let Ash remove both the Ho-Oh and Lugia powers within and give it to May and Dawn. I immediately denied it, because one, I wanted Sora to live a little longer. And two, I didn't feel like it was right to just give Dawn Lugia's power, because it didn't fit at all. But just because I denied it didn't mean I forgot about it. I've been thinking about it, thinking up different scenarios with this power, and I thought that it might actually be fine, but I just couldn't let Lugia give it to her. It was not until season five that the idea was green-lit. I wanted her power to be associated with water. I did thinking up until the end of season five, when I finally decided Articuno would give it to her, and her power would instead be associated with ice. And it all started with just one little suggestion.

    Another tiny bit of information is that Dawn's power is exactly the same as the power used by Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail. Ash was planned to have his aura shape into objects to fight, but I figured that Ash already had a blade, so there was no need for any other weapon. The power is called Ice-Make, and the placing your fist on your palm is exactly the way to execute it. It is my favorite type of magic in FT, and that would be the magic I'd immediately learn if I was transferred to the anime world. When I decided to make Dawn have ice powers, I immediately decided it would be based off of Ice-Make.


    Gender Equality

    Just in case someone just reading Pokemon Heroes decides to look at my profile and sees all this shit and finds this section, this is for you. Within the last two months, I've been getting complaints that Pokemon Heroes is showing that the girls are inferior to the boys, and others saying that May's flat chest shows that I think having a bigger chest defines how sexy you are. Some are calling this "sexist". Let me inform you right now that this is not the case. I believe in gender equality just as I believe that abortions are wrong. It was season one, and I just didn't care. Letting May have a flat chest is one of my greatest mistakes. I have never, ever in Pokemon Heroes said that chest size defines how beautiful you are. This is a fictional world. Now, her flat chest is used for comedy. She is a beautiful girl, and that is said many times in Pokemon Heroes.

    As for the girls being inferior, I don't believe that at all. It is called character development. They ALL get stronger eventually, not just the boys. One example is Dawn, obtaining powers that lets her fight alongside the boys. And honestly, if May knew how to control her power, she'd be the strongest character in this fanfic. And even if they don't show any physical strength, they have the smarts. It's always brains over brawn, right? They are independent. They are brave. So no matter how you see it, they are just as important as the boys.

    Now those reading that actually sent in a complaint that involved this may be thinking that I'm singling you guys out. This is just to tell you guys (especially the guests) that I am not a mean person (well, not on the internet). Those who are just starting, this is a heads-up for you guys before you also agree that I'm "sexist". I will swear on Lnoki's grave that I am not.

    I hope you enjoy, and if you don't, thank you for trying. Thank you for reading this.

    Character Deaths


    This section is to show you guys the progress Pokemon Heroes is going. People that are not included are those who appeared for under two chapters, characters that don't affect the protagonists' decisions later on, and movie characters.

    Before Story

    -Dawn's Unknown Father

    -Jonathan Obito (Killed by Lee)

    -Professor Oak (Killed by Marluxia)

    Season 1

    -Cyrus (Killed by Mewtwo)

    Season 2

    -Charon (Killed by falling, burning debris;caused by Ruby)

    Season 3

    -Vexen (Killed by Ash)

    -Xion (Doesn't really die, but is just absorbed into Ash)

    Season 4

    -Dr. Blaine (Killed by Lee)

    -Lee (Killed by Brendan)

    -Riku (Killed by Ash)

    Season 5

    -Droy (Killed by Giovanni)

    -Giovanni (Killed by Ash, with the help of May and Ruby)

    -Lnoki (Brutally murdered by Sephiroth)

    -Mr. Devon (Murdered by Gary)

    -Marluxia (Killed by Gary)

    Season 6

    -Larxene (Killed by Ash)

    Killed, But Brought To Life

    May (Killed by Roman, brought back by Ash; Drained powerless by Sora, brought back by Ash)

    Ash (Stabbed himself to bring back May, came back as a Nobody)

    Drew (Killed by Ash, brought back by Jirachi's Wish)

    MIA (Missing in Action)

    Sir Aaron (Went Missing Seven Years Ago)

    Ritchie (Half-absorbed into Ash)

    Sora (Somewhere within ocean by Sootopolis City)


    Norman Maple (?)

    That's a lot already. If I am missing any, please inform me

    Pokemon Heroes Draft

    So yeah, I found a book last night that contained ideas for Pokemon Heroes before I wrote it. I would gladly share this discovery with you guys.

    -I decided to start writing a fanfic after reading "The Master's Cup" by SuperXBrother

    -The Aura Beast was inspired by the same fanfic that started my writing "The Master's Cup"

    -At first, Pokemon Heroes was supposed to be love story that resembled The Beauty and the Beast

    -I decided to put opening and ending songs at the beginning and end of every chapter because I saw another user doing the same thing with a fanfic about a crossover between Yugioh and Pokemon

    -After the idea for a love story was rejected, because of me wanting to try something else, I wanted to write a story of an adventure within a brand new region after the Sinnoh Region.

    -Giovanni was supposed to be Ash's father and an Aura Guardian

    -The original team consisted of Ash, May, Misty, and Brock

    -Pokemon weren't planned to be in Pokemon Heroes

    -Ash was originally going to wear his Sinnoh outfit, since the story I planned took place after Sinnoh

    -And like I've said so many times before, Pokemon Heroes was supposed to end at season 1


    1) Why is Ash such a weak Aura Guardian?

    A) Ash is not purposely a weak person. The reason he's weak in Pokemon Heroes is because of one thing: character development. Was Goku the most powerful person in the world when he was a kid? Was Naruto the most powerful ninja as soon as he got his headband? No. As the story progressed, they got stronger. The same thing is going on for Ash, and he's still getting stronger.

    2) Why is Pokemon from (whatever region) in this region?

    A) When I first made Pokemon Heroes, I couldn't decide what region to set the story in. Eventually, I decided to just push all those regions together and create one region: the Ransei Region (a name I got from Pokemon Conquest). All Pokemon and towns from all the regions are pushed into this one region.

    3) Why are these kids acting like their older than they already are?

    A) That was my mistake. I wanted to be like the original Pokemon and make them all be ten years old, but as the story progressed, I realized they do stuff that normal ten year olds wouldn't do, even for Pokemon. I've already got too far into Pokemon Heroes to turn back and redo their ages, but they'll get older as the story progresses.

    4) Why isn't Ash challenging gyms?

    A) At the beginning of Pokemon Heroes, I wanted to not include Pokemon. But after realizing that Pokemon wouldn't be Pokemon without Pokemon, I left them there. Gyms still exist, and Ash and his friends may challenge them off-screen, but they won't be getting badges and challenging the Pokemon League.

    5) Why are the characters so damn OOC

    A) Easy question. I just made them OOC. I didn't want to copy the personalities of the anime. I wanted to create my own characters with their own feelings. Simple as that.

    6) Why doesn't this have lemons?

    A) Another easy question, and a simple one too: they are all under the age of 15. One, I would feel weird writing about complete underage sex, and two, I'm just not great writing lemons. Tried one before, and it was weird.

    7) Why is the story so slow?

    A) I don't find it completely slow. I just see it as an advancing story. I can't rush through it too quickly. Everything has to make sense before moving on to something else. Trust me, it's actually harder than you think.

    8) Why do you put Opening and Ending in the chapters? They're damn weird.

    A) I do it because I like it. It's not forcing you to hear them before and after reading a chapter. It's just a suggestion. To tell you the truth, the opening and endings have significant meanings to the seasons they are for. I don't just randomly pick one out of a bin.

    9) Why does Dawn have a bitch switch?

    A) I've been getting this question a lot. This one is another easy one that doesn't really need an explanation: just for comedic reasons. I made Dawn into the character that uses logic to solve things, and whenever something goes wrong or she finds it annoying, she enters a bitch mode. It is all for comedy, brother.

    10) Why does it suck so much?

    A) This isn't really a question to me, but instead an opinion that I would like to explain. You see, when I wrote Pokemon Heroes, I only pictured it as one season involving Team Rocket. I didn't think it would have such a great popularity, so pretty much, during seasons 1 and 2, I didn't care. I just wrote them on my free time, writing whatever bullshit I wanted. After seeing it grow in popularity though, I realized it had potential, so I started becoming serious in my work. It is not until the end of season 2 that Pokemon Heroes got better. I've noticed that it is around season 1 that turns people off because of its bad writing. I plan to rewrite the first 10-15 chapters of season 1 one day (possibly when I'm done with Pokemon Heroes), just to show people that the story isn't that bad if you give it a chance.

    11) Why don't I post anything on advancer.proboards.com?

    A) Yeah...I was invited to join that website a long time ago by a reviewer. I thought it would be cool at first, but after the first few days of seeing what it was about, I gave up on it. Pokemon Heroes is my main work, and I do get busy with other things, so going on something like that would waste my day. If I've got something to tell you guys, I'd say it on my profile. That's that.

    12) Why doesn't May and Serena have a rivalry?

    A) If you saw my most liked shippings, you will notice that Amourshipping is my most favorite shipping. Why? Because it is just meant to be. I wrote Pokemon Heroes before XY, so I didn't know about her. I still like Advanceshipping, and I write a fanfic about it, but I think Amourshipping is superior. I don't plan to write an Amourshipping fanfic because while writing this, I love writing about May. Writing about some other girl with Ash will make it feel EXTREMELY weird. The main point is, they don't have a rivalry because I would find it dumb. I would go for Serena, but May's more fit to be with Ash in Pokemon Heroes. I wouldn't have any dedication for their rivalry, and I don't want these two girls to look bad, so I just don't make them fight. Easy as that.

    13) Why does Pikachu appear and disappear in Pokemon Heroes?

    I honestly have no reason for Pikachu to start talking. Sometimes I go through a whole chapter without even mentioning his name, but he is always there until I say he's not. He's not on Ash's shoulder when Ash is in a fight that does not require the Pokemon to be on his shoulder.

    14) Is May being annoying?

    There is a reason for May to always be attached to Ash. You have to be paying full attention to see it. It started AFTER Ash lost his heart and is now sharing a heart with May. They now feel the same thing. When they are far away, the heart wants them to be closer together, so Ash being away makes May uncomfortable. That's why she's attached. I find it cute.

    15) Does suggesting things actually work?

    Yes, yes it does. Only example is the A/N shit I did in the beginning of writing Pokemon Heroes. I found people getting annoyed with them, so I just removed them. Don't be afraid to suggest things. I don't bite. Your suggestions might also be apart of the story (darkboy18 has been contributing a lot, and he's the reason I thought of Dawn's powers and the story for chapters 156 & 157).

    (I will add more questions as more come along)

    Poll Results

    (This poll was posted after the fifth season)

    Q: Should Dawn gain powers as well?

    1) Yes, it would be interesting to see her gain powers as well (56%)


    3) It doesn't really matter to me (12%)

    4) No, Dawn should remain to be the only one in the group to still use Pokemon a lot more than the others while fighting (12%)

    I found it funny that as soon as I released this poll, there were already 6 people on board for the idea. I made this poll because I wanted to make sure that you people wouldn't be bothered by it, and not a lot of people are. Now Dawn does have powers, and I have fun writing it because it's a power that I love. Don't worry, I'm still trying to include Pokemon in it, even when they aren't needed lately.

    Character Ages

    (These are the official ages of the characters. Don't believe any other chapter that says otherwise)

    Ash: 12

    May: 11

    Brendan: 13

    Dawn: 12

    Gary: 13

    Drew: 12

    Misty: 12

    Red: 12

    Green: 11

    Yellow: 14

    Gold: 12

    Silver: 13

    Crystal: 12

    Serena: 12

    (If you would like to know another specific person's age, just ask me)


  • Dawn is the only one out of her friends that hasn't evolved any of her Pokemon yet
  • Dawn and May still have their mega stones: Absolite and Blazikenite
  • May still has the Ice Rock
  • Whenever the group is eating, the Pokemon are eating as well. It is not mentioned, but they are there
  • Riku, a bounty hunter that went against the protagonists in season 4, was originally named Terra. Both names are from the game "Kingdom Hearts"

  • Update Schedule

    Pokemon Heroes Season 7 (Mondays or Tuesdays)

    Season 6 has been a season with massive gaps between updated chapters and some hiatuses here and there, but I still managed to finish it, and now that I've finished, I would like to thank my reviewers once again and give shout outs so you new people can go check them out. I would like to thank Fallingarcher22, AdvancedLover, Ultratron, harukaxsatoshi, IcySneasel, darkboy18, NaruhinaFan13149, and BannanGodis. I would especially like to thank AdvancedLover and harukaxsatoshi. I would like to thank darkboy18 as well, sending in positive and great suggestions for chapters (helped make the final battle against Sora). Every single one of your reviews make me happy, and I'm happy they've all been positive so far. I didn't get a wide variety of people reviewing or a number of views I expected this season, but it's okay because I was late most of the time. I promise to get better, and I hope to see you all in the seventh season :-)

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    Fairy Tail - Rated: M - English - Romance/Suspense - Chapters: 30 - Words: 168,413 - Reviews: 1508 - Favs: 1,065 - Follows: 1,053 - Updated: 1/25/2017 - Published: 4/15/2013 - [Lucy H., Natsu D.] Igneel - Complete
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    Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 13,161 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 8/14/2014 - Published: 7/19/2014 - May/Haruka, Ash K./Satoshi - Complete
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    Ash and his father were extremely close, but when tragedy strikes, Ash struggles to cope, and his grades and entire life derails, and he needs his nearest and dearest to help him get through it, AU. Inspired by the song "If You Could See Me Now" by The Script. Rated T for Safety. Advanceshipping, slight Contestshipping. Ash may be quite OOC. Rated T for teen/dark themes later on.
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    Pokemon Heroes Season 7 reviews
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    Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 30 - Words: 130,291 - Reviews: 62 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 10/21/2014 - Published: 5/16/2014 - Ash K./Satoshi, May/Haruka - Complete
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    Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 20,366 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 11 - Published: 2/19/2013 - Ash K./Satoshi, May/Haruka - Complete
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