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Author has written 8 stories for Saints Row, Batman, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto.

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Hello readers!

I-am-the-Peel and also TheGoddamnPeel, and I've been on a couple of forums over the past few years, but now I have a yearning to write some awesome fanfiction, and so I have come here to share my imagination. I'm hoping to write up a lot of stories here to share, though I really am strapped for time with work, so I'll definitely be here for a long time to get them all done.

Due to work with school and progression in life, my updates with chapters will likely be delayed, but as this is my passion, I will be trying to update on a regular basis. I'm really hoping for some feedback on my work as it will greatly help me in life as I am aspiring to work in English Literature later on in life, so my work on this website will be apart of my experience.

In all honesty, the main reason I joined here was because I hated Saints Row The Third so much, and wanted to rewrite the series. Now that I've gotten closure in SRIV with the returns of Johnny Gat, Ben King and Matt Miller, I'm planning on leaving the game series before it kills off anymore characters as I just don't like the time travelling/alien/dildo fighting tone. I'll probably focus on GTA, Justice League comics, The Walking Dead and perhaps more on the Arkham games.


I am currently working on my own revamped fanfiction series of Saints Row and will be scrapping all my other planned stories. I have been taking the time to formulate a series of much better quality that I can write and expand upon in quicker time for everyone to enjoy, and if I do say so myself, will be ten times better than all of my previous fanfics put together.

I am currently working on:

-The Saints and The Sinners Series

-Saints Row Fourever Series (Cancelled for the time being)

-Saints of the Dead (Cancelled for the time being)

-SAINTS (Cancelled for the time being)

-Batman: The Arkham Inmate Files (Cancelled)

-GTA IV and V: The Sour Epilogue (Cancelled)

-Call of Duty: The Forgotten Tales Series (Cancelled)

General Information About Me

Where I'm from - I live in the United Kingdom, so I'll likely be in a different time zone to many of you, but I will try to reply to every message or post I receive.

Favourite Videogames - Arkham Series, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row and The Walking Dead.

Favourite Shows - Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Constantine, Forever, Flash, Gotham, How I Met Your Mother and The Walking Dead.

Favourite Movies - American Hustle, American Sniper, Avengers, Dark Knight Trilogy, Fast and Furious Series, Fury, Gone Girl, Guardians of the Galaxy, Heat, Inception, Man of Steel, Scarface, The Rock and The Untouchables.

Here are my OCs (I'm not going to reveal any of my other OCs in Saints Row Fourever because it will seriously spoil the story!)

Saints Row Fourever - Stan Timber

From the age of seventeen, Stan has been working for Tommy Quiver's enterprises all his life as an engineer for Quiver's weapon manufacturing. Originally starting in a company called 'Bravado', he worked his way up the corporate ladder and started working in one of Quiver's best weapon manufacturing factories. He was doing well in life with his family and friends, until one day, his son fell down the stairs and injured his knee. Stan and his wife took him to the doctors to deal with the wound, however after a few x-rays to diagnose the injuries, the doctors grew worried and after some extra tests, they discovered that his son had cancer. Stan was lost for days what to do, until the doctors told him that it could be treated, but large amounts of money would be needed. Stan went to ask for a raise from his manager and Quiver himself, and they both coldly refused. Enraged, Stan made an attempt on Quiver's life and failed, and resorted to taking loans from loansharks of the then notorious Morningstar. His luck worsened when the doctors told him that they made a mistake; the son's cancer could not be treated. Angered at where he was borrowing money from, his wife left him and took their son with her. The Morningstar attacked Stan, who under the influence of heroin, murdered the Morningstar goons in cold blood. Months later, he was kidnapped by Tommy Quiver and Edgar Winslow, and was rescued by the Third Street Saints...

Saints Row Fourever - Lian Chang

Lian was born into a powerful family in Hong Kong; a family that was filled full of murderers and thieves. Her mother died a few weeks after she was born, after trying to rob an rival gang, and her father fled the town with Lian to America. Years later, Han Chang met Edgar Winslow, and began running errand jobs for him, but after the two discussed their problems in life that was caused by others, they became good friends and trusted each other. However, Edgar grew impatient with Han as he spent most of his time training his daughter to fight and steal like him, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He hired members of the gang known as the Morningstar to stage an ambush on the Chang family, and they kidnapped Lian. Edgar told Han, who was not present during the ambush, that Lian perished during the attack. Han became angered more than ever over the death, and used it as an excuse to start wars all over Europe. Edgar however, told him not to, and to instead start one war with one country. Han, deeply reliant and loyal to his leader, agreed. Edgar then told the Morningstar goons to take Lian to a ship that he owned, where she was fortunately rescued by the Third Street Saints...

Saints Row Fourever - Razor

A man of no history, records or known connections, Razor is a highly trained assassin-for hire that will do anything it takes to survive wherever he goes. He believes that only money and power matter in the world, however, some of his previous clients have gone against their contracts, and tried to kill him. Razor then started looking to the world with a negative perspective, and sought for a more life-threatening job, as he enjoyed the thrill. The war-criminal Edgar Winslow saw his skills and his ability to be easily manipulated, and promised him leadership of an entire gang. Edgar however, betrayed him after finding men who were more trained as fighters than Razor, and after deciding he knew too much, plotted to have him killed. Razor then sent intel to the Saints via a laptop, and then made his escape to his new employers...

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