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Author has written 3 stories for Magic Knight Rayearth/魔法騎士レイアース, and .hack/SIGN.
Name: Dragon Princess
IRL (In Real Life) Name: I'm not telling you!
Gender: Female, obviously! See my user name!
Birthday: October 22... God, these questions are stupid.
Favorite Food: Who cares?
Favorite School Subject: Math
Least Favorite School Subject: Latin. My teacher has no heart.
Likes: RIKU!!!!!!!!!!!(from Kingdom Hearts.) I also like *takes deep breath* summer vacation, hanging out with my friends, anime in general, Magic Knight Rayearth, .hack/SIGN, RPGs, Kite/Elk pairings, humor fics, and other assorted random stuff.
Hates: Stupid people, writer's block, any anime or RPG character named Sora (seriously, there are dozens of them and they're all so hateable!), losing, crappy grades, and Latin class.
Career Goal: Well, let's see... *goes to the dark depths of her imagination* Sitting in a big comfy chair, in a really nice house, being fanned with palm leaves and fed grapes by cute guys. And everyone I don't like gets to be a maid. *goes back to reality* But that'll never happen.
Favorite Color: Okay, why did I ever decide to copy off of the MKR profiles? Anyway, it's green.
Questions About the World: Why are RPGs so expensive? How can Riku be so hot? Why would some people go to bed at 8:30? How do you pronounce 'yaoi'? Why did my best friend choose to die her hair red?

What do I have to say about myself? I like anime, particularly .hack/SIGN, Magic Knight Rayearth, Saint Tail, and some of the stuff on Toonami. I like RPGs, particularly Final Fantasy, .hack, and Kingdom Hearts. Personality quizes are mean to me :(. Uh, okay, I can't think of anything else to say right now, so that's it until I'm inspired. Bye!

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