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Author has written 4 stories for Kid Icarus, Darren Shan Saga/Cirque Du Freak, Earthbound, and Elsword.

Name: CielIs2Perfect5Me (Shannah) but you know that already. However, I'll give you the first initials of my first and last name, HP. Try and figure that one out eh? c;

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: September 26 which makes me either a Virgo or Libra. I think Libra but someone (i.e. my friend) told me that it changed but whatever. :P

Favorite Books/series: I have many to list but a few are Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicle, The Heir Series (Warrior, Wizard, and Dragon), Ender's Game, The Last Apprentice, Starcrossed, I am the Messenger, Hush, Hush, The Key to Rondo, The Gone Series, Call of the Wild, King Arthur Trilogy, Wolves of the Beyond, The Ranger's Apprentice, The Gatekeeper Series, Septimus Heap Series, Cirque Du Freak Series, Fahrenheit 451, Lord of the Flies, and more. :) I used to read a lot when I was in middle school.

My Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, KH 2, Earthbound, Mother 3, Earthbound Zero, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokemon Heart Gold, The World Ends with You, Nintendogs, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and I recently got into Elsword. I'm addicted now. But I also took some time to playing Dream Drop Distance and I love that too.

Consoles I have: DS Lite, DSi XL, Wii, and a Playstation 2. c:

What I do in my spare time: Write, of course, draw, read, and think. (Yes thinking. So exciting.) Recently took up online gaming. It was the greatest thing I've ever experienced.

Think Session


I do look forward to being active more here and I have also grown up a little bit. You can say that I have become adult but I has to know how to adult. :( I did start taking up cooking and stuff but it's so minuscule compared to what being an adult really means. I fear it everyday. OnO

My reading habits have gone down a bit because of Elsword but now it's because of work and school though I have started to read whatever is in front of me and that includes newspaper (someone actually reads the news!!!!). I don't think fanfiction is good place for me to read especially since I do so much other stuff on my laptop, although I write for it. x)

I think this will go on for the days that I do come here so it won't be everyday. But it's not like anyone does care haha. x)


I'm pretty happy that I am back to being somewhat active here. At least people are still reading about my Elsword fan fic haha. I have been thinking about starting others but they seem like a lot of work at the moment with other responsibilities like me taking care of myself and so on. Sooo...I don't think they will happen unless I can find ways to get around to do them. I have one or two stories that I want to try to put up in Fiction Press but ahhh, I dunno if they will be received well on that side. I can only hope.

As for the question of my taking care of myself, I have been trying new things like diet and exercise. I'm fine at the moment but who knows what my happen in the long run. xD I also had the chance to read the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia series from my mom's classroom. I was so happy; you have no idea how ecstatic I was. I was so happy I finished it the same day I took it home. I'm still a reader at heart. :)

My Elsword characters:

ShadowMirage-Lvl. 80-Deadly Chaser: Pew pew. Pewpewpewpewpewpewpew. Gunz OP.

ShadowWolftw-Lvl. 80-Iron Paladin: Somewhat playable, mediocre in dungeons.

ShadowCutie-Lvl.80-Tactical Trooper: Actually playable again. Revamp made him good.

MayImmortal-Lvl. 81-Code: Nemesis: In memory of the most wonderful person I met...also one of my very first friends that I met online. T-T

TheManChild-Lvl. 85-Asura: Cause perfect name for the perfect hoe.

RightInYourD-Lvl. 83-Grand Archer: Cause arrows.

LetMeBurn-Lvl. 80-Elemental Master: Cause magic.

RainbowRandy-Lvl. 80-Diabolic Esper: Because Add and the event and some more stuff I can't really remember.

DreadfulKing-Lvl. 85-Dread Lord: I have fallen more in love with him send help pls.

SuckMyWeiner-Lvl. 82-Night Watcher: Because this game becomes more boring every second of every day.

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