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March 2016

Thank you for being interested enough to come here.

I haven't updated this profile in a while and thought I should. Once here, I had to take a look to see how long it's been since I first joined FF - July 18th 2012. Ah, I remember it well. . .

50 shades hadn't long erupted all over the bestseller lists and every review I read seemed to be mentioning this "Fanfiction" thingie. Having a curious mind I had to investigate and unwittingly opened Pandora's box. I spent my summer holiday devouring all the Arya Gendry fic I could find. Those glorious, exciting, heading days when I had lost my Fanfic virginity and was truly, madly deeply in love with it, still make me smile. I fondly remember all the greats of that era; The Stark Girl, Golden and Bruce Lee Wannabe - the story that inspired me not just to read but to write. It was sexy, funny and full of angst, all the things I wanted my story to be.

I am proud to say I'm still a firm friend Mrs Jessiepinkman (although back in the day she was known as Eirenewbie - ah, the memories). It was Venessia who introduced me to that and led me to the light - ie Archive of our Own. Anyone out there remember Venessia? My original Brazilian girl. Of course, I can't fail to mention Brazilian Guy, my teacher, confidante and more often than I'd care to admit - inspiration.

And that's how my writing obsession was born. I suppose most of you will have similar stories to tell.

So here we are, almost four years later and almost at the end of a story I started in 2013 when I was aiming for 6 months and 100,000 words. Well, I overshot that and then some. Sigh. The end of a story and almost the end of my time here too, but what a ride it has been. It's no exaggeration to say iFanfiction has changed my life and hopefully, someday my career.

For all those Fanfiction authors who inspired me then whose friendship I value still and for everyone who reads and comments - THANK YOU.

Sunday 16th November

First, thank you for reading this.

Second, sorry there is STILL no update. I don't have writer's block or anything so dramatic - there's not long to go in the story and I know how it ends, I simply have no time to finish it. My mum has been in hospital for a month now and there's still no sign of improvement or of her getting out. Daily visiting and, I suppose, the stress of the whole situation has drastically curtailed my free time and also my desire to write. If I do have a rare spare hour or two, I find I'm not in the mood for anything except collapsing in front of the TV or going to bed early with a trashy book.

Your comments have gone unanswered, the 300 words I have of chapter 41 sit, always open, always waiting on my laptop. Always ignored. Sigh. But this too shall pass and I'll once again be able to lose myself in the world of Arya and Gendry and Dragons. I only wish I knew when and if this real life drama, like my story, is going to have a happy ending.

Thanks again for reading, caring and sticking on in there.


Breakfast time, Friday 31st October

I've had an unexpectedly awful change in my family circumstances recently and I have literally zero time to write. Unfortunately this doesn't look like changing anytime soon.

I had hoped to have 5,000 words written by today - something to keep you all going and interested, but I haven't been able to manage even that paltry task. I shall try for Sunday, but in the past 2 weeks I have only managed 3,000 unedited words which equals about 5 hours to myself in 2 weeks. Believe me, I will write before I do anything else - but my time constraints are that dire.

I am so sorry to let everyone down, but circumstances beyond my control have forced this upon me.

Thank you for reading this and I can only hope you will bear with me for as long as it takes.


Dinner time Friday 19th August

Obviously never made Sunday, but I'm nearly there. Chapter 37 will be posted tonight (GMT).

It's big and long and hot!

Dinner time Friday 12th August

Unfortunately it's not gonna be ready. Just heard from BG and he says it needs more sex. Hahaha! What a challenge! Few other things I have to tweak and finish as well. Looking like Sunday. Already on 7,500 words, so at least this one will be longer. Second last chapter though I hope!

Really, really appreciate you caring so much if you're reading this! I'm writing more sex for you dear reader! ;)

Midnight Thursday/Friday 4/5th September

Just spent another 5 hours on it. Sitting with 8,000 words of this chapter 2,000 of the next. Nearly there, but I have a BIG thing on tomorrow and I don't think I'm gonna make it for Friday. Definitely Sunday though and, as I have a head start on the next (final?) chapter, hopefully the Friday after that.

Thanks for reading!

Friday 29th August, breakfast time

Written some Aegon but that's all, so definitely no post today. Hoping for Sunday chapter as I don't have much on this weekend, but I'll need to get going on the Aegon/Gendry bonding and the final, smutty, make up scene with A & Big G.

I did have a reason for wanting to finish this 2 weeks ago. I knew some big stuff was coming up in my life and I wouldn't have so much time, and so it has proved. I feel I'm only inching forwards - 5,000 word chapters seem so SMALL and it obviously takes twice as long to get anywhere as oposed to 10,000 word monster chapters.

I can only thank you for hanging on in there. It's been a year! What a commitment from you readers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

See you Sunday (I hope!)

mid afternoon Sunday 17th August.

Just can't get the fight right. Spent maybe 15 hours on 3,000 words and neither BG or I are happy with it (for different reasons).

Currently working on the second, Aegon half of the chapter, but that's not really flowing either. Feel like throwing laptop against the wall in frustration. Think for the sake of my sanity I need to walk away and leave this for a day or two before coming back to it and hopefully producing a good chapter next weekend.

Apologies to everyone who cares enough to read this.

10pm Thursday night 14th August 2014

Oh dear. I think there may be a few unhappy people out there come tomorrow as I promised and I'm not going to be able to deliver.

Why oh why did I even say Friday? Must have just been habit as I didn't finish the last chapter until Sunday night and if don't get a few thousand words of a new chapter under my belt by Sunday night, I know from experience that I'll not make a Friday.

So, it's looking like Sunday and I don't even know if that will be the end of it. I'm currently only sitting with 1,500 words of a rough draft of The Hound/sword fight thing. It's hard bringing in a new character at this late stage and upon whom so much depends.

I owe it to everyone, myself included, to make this good and I will, but it's taking MUCH longer than I thought.

Sorry everyone, but hang on in there. It's coming. I'm trying.

Thursday 7th August

I suppose I'm procrastinating a bit by even writing this, when I should be working on the damn chapter! hahaha - just like GRRM eh?

On track to post tomorrow, but quite how far it will go towards the climax/end I'm not yet sure. However I have a free weekend and will be posting another on Sunday. STILL hoping to get the story finished this weekend. BG has been very helpful, as always, as there are more loose ends to be tied up that I thought. Sigh.

Saturday 26th July

Yesterday I posted what might be the penultimate chapter. I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about the details of how it's going to end. TBH I think it'll need to be 2 more chapters, but I've got sometime off work coming up and I intend to write them back to back. I am anxious to finish the story so I can move on, but I also owe to myself, to you and I even owe it to the damn story to finish it well.

So here's what I'm thinking...

The first chapter of the two will be Arya's confrontation with The Hound. From conception, I've always seen that as the climax of the story, with the end coming pretty quickly after. However, that was before I thought of introducing Ty and Shireen.

Because I need to give them some closure too, I'm going to have one, dramatic, climactic chapter and then a final one, dealing with Ty and Shireen and some of the other, minor characters here who still need to complete their journey, or set out on a new one. You know who I mean; Brienne, Sansa, Danny and Jon, possibly Sam & Aegon too. I don't want to leave them hanging, but I also want to set them up for the next story in the planned trilogy - if I ever get around to writing it. Sigh.

I know I keep saying 'IF', but honestly at the moment, I can't see past finishing the RB, then The Mother, re-writing Wolf's Helmet and I wanted to write something to support AryaXGendry week which is going on over on tumblr right now. Add to all of that my promise to help BG finish his story - don't get too excited it's Naruto rather than GOT and he only writes a chapter a year - and I've got my plate more than full. I've been on at BG since we met to write a GOT thing and maybe write one together, but he is a busy, busy boy and keeps giving me the brush off. The way we work this one is, I send him the outline for the chapter, he makes suggestions which I mostly accept, then he sees the rough draft, more suggestions and I post. He is an old fashioned, chivalrous type guy (in case you haven't gathered that already) and he might only make small tweaks, but the have a huge effect on the characters and the direction of the story. Is that what you call a Beta? I dunno. I'd call him perfect. Man, I hope he's always there to look over my shoulder and nudge me in the right direction. I know that the demands I make on his time interfere with his other commitments and, already, I suspect he's gonna tell me no, the next story I ask. (Wails!)

I think I might have had more success in persuading Eirenewbie to finish Bruce lee Wannabe though. Anyone out there remember that hot story? Well, Eirenewbie (or Mrs Jessie Pinkman as she know calls herself) are still in regular contact and she's agreed (providing her plans go the way she hopes) to re-write it and finish it while I'm re-writing WH. We used to have fun back in the day, calling ourselves 'the smut monsters'. I'm hoping to relive that soon.

So that's it. I might not be writing, but I'm thinking!

Thank you so much to everyone who is reading the story, taking the time to review and reading this. YOU are what makes this fun and worthwhile. POWER TO ALL MY FRIENDS! Hahaha - never thought I'd ever be quoting Cliff Richard!

See you all again soon...

Monday morning - 14th July. Missed a post - feeling bad.

I found Sansa and her lover very hard to write.

So I watched the world cup final and missed a post. Got it almost done, but it's looong and there's a lot going on. Now thinking, seeing as I missed the weekend, I'll keep working on this, polish it, extend it and split it and post next Friday.

Sorry to let you all down. lot going on here though.

Wednesday 9th July - working on chapter 30

It's a crucial one and slow going to get that vibe right. This one needs to be good and I know it won't be ready for Friday (only at 1,000 words). I have a quiet weekend ahead, so will post on Sunday. Sigh. Another broken promise.

Friday 4th June - still working on Chapter 29

It will be posted later on today. Got to go to work first then finish it before going out tonight...

Friday 27th June - NOT working on Chapter 29

Damn, nearly forgot again. I've had a week off. Written nothing. Thought about a lot.

Next Friday you're gonna find out who the man in Sansa's bed was, what Brienne found out on her mission, what King Aegon's gonna get up to and Arya and Sansa are gonna have another, very enlightening, heart to heart. I'm hoping 8,000 words will cover that, but it always seems to need more (and more).

I'm off tomorrow to get some inspiration for my medieval romp to the re-enactment of the Battle of Bannockburn. It's the 700th anniversary of Robert the Bruce defeating the much larger and better equipped English army of Edward II of England. Then, as now, Scotland was struggling for Independence and it is no coincidence that the Scottish Parliament chose this year for our once in a generation vote on Independence. It's also no coincidence that the British Government has organised an armed forces day extravaganza in the same town on the same day. So I'll be standing in a field watch foot soldiers and horses clash, while overhead the Red Arrows Royal Air Force display team trail red, white and blue smoke across the sky. Hmmm. Will definitely be interesting and hopefully inspiring. I'm gonna take my camera and my note book and make like a real author. Whoohoo. Can't wait.

Anyone interested in the battle or even how wonderfully vividly a song can paint a picture might be interested in this (cut and paste). You might also see some similarities in the map at the start to Westeros and The Twins! Good old GRRM gets inspiration from everywhere.








See you next Friday - definite post then. I'm raring to go!

Working on Chapter 28.

It's Friday evening, 20th June I'm home from work, the sun is shining (hey - I live in Scotland, so that's exciting!), the rose wine is open and...

I nearly forgot I said I'd give you an update on my profile page if I didn't post. Hmmm, wonder if any one has noticed/is interested/will even read this. It seems a bit self obsessed to even be writing it, a bit 'dear diary' - Hahaha, just thought - a bit Bridget Jones. Ten fags, bottle of rose, big pants. Check!

Anyway, I've got off my steam chair, put down my chilled crystal glass of rose and sat down at my laptop to keep my promise.

Alas I haven't been feeling the muse upon me this week (maybe after a couple of glasses of rose I might).

I'm sitting on 2,000 words and a whole lot of ideas. I didn't intend to put in any more smut, but I have (just cannot help myself). BG thinks Gendry has been ass whipped, so I guess what I've written is a bit of a reaction to his review. Goddamn, why does BG have to be so fuckin' RIGHT all the time??? He did also think Gendry should have been more sympathetic to Ty's plight and should have helped him a bit more, but I didn't want it to be too easy for Ty. Second rule of romantic fiction - the path of true love does not run smooth. First rule is - YOUR CHARACTERS MUST NEVER CHEAT ON EACH OTHER - I learned that the hard way in Wolf's Helmet didn't I.

Actually, I've been thinking about that story a lot recently. I am gonna re-write it after I finish the RB, 'cos I think there's a great wee story in there and I could make it so much better now. I also forgot how much I like writing the smut and I've got the urge to make WH even smuttier (and it was pretty smutty to begin with). I'm gonna call it 'Wolf Lords of Westeros' and it's gonna be brilliant, cohesive, well written and concise. In short, everything the original wasn't.

However, back to the Reluctant Bride.

I have 'an empty' this weekend as my hubby is away in Germany playing with his band. Hooray! So I won't have him making me feel guilty (he moans that all he ever sees of me is the top of my head) or distracting me. I could be having a party, I could be getting up to all sorts, but I'm not. Instead I have set aside almost all of the weekend for writing (when I'm not drinking). That means I'll post on Sunday. I wanna give you smutty excitement and a few cliffhangers. But right now I also want a drink so I'm off - back out to the sun and the rose wine.

If you read this, THANK YOU (that's a 'big thank you') for caring so much and I'd love to hear what you think - more smut? less smut? less brackets in this update? Ty and Shireen to remain unrequited or just unconsummated? I'm only gonna know what you want if you tell me. That's not to say you'll get what you want right now, but there's always another day and another story and I do aim to please.



I'm Scottish and a geek to the core.

I'm loving writing smutty Fanfic, but amn't great at keeping up with what's new out there, so any recomendations are welcome. As are PM's and reviews of course! It gives me a wee warm glow to think folk out there enjoy what I write.

I'm currently on a Gendry/Arya obsession. Have a google at Ben Foden (my perfect Gendry) and you won't be disappointed. His pop star wife even looks like Arya.

If you want to know where my name comes from...Lady3Jane Marie-France Tessier-Ashpool is the third clone of the original Jane and a character from Neuromancer a 1984 novel by William Gibson, a seminal Cyberpunk work and the first winner of the science-fiction "triple crown" — the Nebula, Philip K. Dick and Hugo awards. If you haven't read it then you should. It was the inspiration for The Matrix movies amongst others things.

I'm not on twitter/facebook etc, so any other Lady3jane's out there ain't me.

Love this world.

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Bull's Helmet reviews
Gendry's got a new motorbike and Arya thinks it's HOT. Very AU, she's 20 and just arrived back home. It's my spin on how Arya & Gendry would be in the modern world. She's still from an aristocratic family and he's not...yet?...but he's still gorgeous and he knows it! Seriously smutty. Angsty. Some Robb, Jon, Sansa - modern style. Purists be warned. GRRM owns these great characters
A song of Ice and Fire - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 27 - Words: 75,489 - Reviews: 119 - Favs: 114 - Follows: 83 - Updated: 12/7/2012 - Published: 7/20/2012 - Arya S., Gendry - Complete