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Davy was my favorite Monkee, and always will be. I was only 11 when the original show came on the air. The moment I saw Davy, I discovered boys. Yep, he was my very FIRST real crush, and he shaped everything I looked for in a boy. What a nice beginning to womanhood! Peter was my least favorite back then. Have no idea why, because when I look at him now, I can't understand why I couldn't see how adorable and sexy he is!

When I first heard about Peter's "crush" on Davy, I had to know more. A certain picture I saw online started my fascination. So I searched online to find out more about it. Didn't find much, but did discover Monkee slash fiction, which I'd had no idea even existed. I read some of it and decided I wanted to write it too. So... there it is, in a nutshell.

Peter/Davy is my favorite pairing, obviously. I was crushed when I heard of Davy's death, and still am to this day. I never take off my love beads that I ordered after his death, or the coconut bracelet with his name on it. There will never be another like him--I think everyone can agree on that!

I have Davy and Davy/Peter pictures all over the wall in my computer room and well over a hundred pics of them saved to my computer. My long-suffering husband must be completely sick of me watching Monkee DVDs of the show, or looking at videos of them, or reading about them online. But he's been so patient and understanding.

As long as I have inspiration and enough ideas, I'll continue to write Davy/Peter slash. I do know one thing--I've loved Davy since 1966, and will never stop.

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