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Hey, what's up

I guess I should say why I'm here. I am here to create stories that I want to see and to share these ideas with the world. I'm not an avid writer but I love storytelling. That being said I still enjoy feedback on how you think I'm doing, either positive or negative. My stories will be very dialogue driven because stories on this website with paragraphs upon paragraphs of detail bore me. With that said I also like stories that are true to the characters and series they represent. Even though this is fan fiction I don't really like reading something when the characters are so drastically different than how they really are. (But if your promoting a certain pairing/ couple that's fine).

I'll be uploading a couple of one shots ranging from a bunch of different sources. I always liked one shots because of the ability to tell a complete story with a concrete beginning, middle and end in only one chapter. Which probably explains why I've done so many.

I may consider doing more parodies of other things I like. If you want an example of what they would be like check my Naruto story(God among mortal men). Strangely enough, a lot of the stories I've been wanting to do I've been putting off and ones I never expected to do at I'll I've done a lot of. Weird how things work sometimes right?

As for any others, I've got some in mind although I won't' start working on it until I'm done with each individual story, that way I won't get distracted and leave anyone wondering what's gonna happen next. I also plan them out and write multiple chapters before I upload the first one, that way if I can't find the time to write I'll upload another chapter to appease you guys.

If you like my stories or writing style and have some ideas of your own, I take requests, just PM me about it or leave a comment. They could apply as ideas for a particular story or even an entirely new one, including sequels. I'm open to challenges and requests, just PM me, don't be afraid to ask.

I haven't uploaded anything recently, but I've still been writing. And may be uploading a few new things here and there.

So after a hiatus, I'm back with a few more stories to tell. Even though I hadn't uploaded in a while I still remained active, either reading stories responding to PM's or writing some stuff here and there and now I have a couple more. A couple of stories and one shots I've written that I liked a lot so I decided to upload them and share with you and who knows maybe you'll like them too.

I've just uploaded a two shot in the Monsterverse, pertaining a battle between Rodan and Kong. The idea began as something I wanted to see in Godzilla vs Kong. Since they're part of a shared universe why not have them meet other monsters. So far Kong has only met Godzilla, Gorosaura and Mecha Godzilla so why not have him meet others like Anguirus, rodan or Mothra? I actually thought this was going to be a cool way for him to get Godzillas attention; by defeating another well known titan. But that didn't happen so I think this is just a fun little what if story.

I put up another Monsterverse story, this one takes place after Godzilla vs Kong, but also helps build some hype for the upcoming movie. It does follow some of the same intentions as the last one. Have Kong meet more Toho characters, only here it's extended to Godzilla with him meeting the cave bear from Son of Kong. Honestly I intended for this to be a two shot with the second chapter being them encountering each other, but I tihnk it works well as a one shot too. We'll see what I plan with it.

I've just uploaded the first of two bleach stories I have written, this one is a two shot. Basically following the idea of Toshiro activating his full bankai and not telling anyone. So he can keeping being the 'young little child prodigy captain' everyone sees him as while still masquerading as an adult, drinking, smoking and chasing women. In the first one that's Rangiku told from her perspective. In the second it's told from him where someone figures him out. I can see this going on a bit more, maybe with Halibel to mix things up. We'll see and stay tuned for more.

So I just uploaded my second Bleach story, this one is a one shot featuring Toshiro and Yoruichi. The idea of it came from the fact that these two have never interacted before(yes in the filler and some of the games but not the main story) and because Bleach has such well defined characters, I thought of this scenario and honestly, it almost wrote itself. Toshiro knows he has to train and so does everyone else so they give him an instructor to do so. Defienetly had a lot of fun writing this one.

Just for the record, regarding reviews. I like people who review my stories, I am always interested and eager for feedback. But if you are going to leave a review, please keep criticism constructive without sounding like your demanding it. While on the subject, again I'm always eager for feedback but if your going to leave a review don't put one word or sentence comments like "Good" or "I can't wait for more". That leaves me wondering "what was good?" "What do you want more of?" If you could just say why you liked/enjoyed it I'd appreciate it more than just a one word response to the story.

Story Summaries and Background Info. I upload these only after a story is complete.

Marvel vs Capcom series- So the idea for this came from a bunch of things. Firstly I love crossovers in any way shape or form. And at the arcade I always gravitated more towards Darkstalkers than Street Fighter. Iron man isn’t my favorite hero, but seeing them in the initial trailer; the playboy and the succubus, it seemed like such a unique and obvious pairing as were many others for that game. I looked around for ideas with them and anticipated it being fleshed out in the story mode as it was promised. But there was no story mode, only little bits of banter and those(admittedly cool) trailers. So after seeing very little in the way I what I expected and being a bit disappointed in what we got in the game I wrote what happens after they beat Galactus starring these 2. But of course there are plenty other pair ups in there as well. The stories are set after the third game in which after fighting each other everyone eventually teams up against Galactus. Friendships, rivalries and even love is formed along the way. The cut scenes from the game is the back story for this and it is referenced. After beating the bad guys each characters sets off with one from the other universe to have their own adventures. Mostly following Iron man and Morrigan in their daily lives together as they live together from beating Galactus until their worlds become separated. The dialogue is the best part of this in my opinion due to such a variety in the characters from each universe and it's fun to see who pairs up with who and why. Currently Consists of "Welcoming the Night" "Sidetracked during the Day" and "Fairest of them all". Despite it being my first story I think "Welcoming the Night" is one of my best. Sidetracked was more focused on Comedy and may have went too far in some places, but I liked doing it none the less; in it Tony and Morrigan return as the protagonist and deuteragonist, but Ghost Rider really takes Spencers place as Tritagonist. Fairest of them all was an idea I had that I couldn't fit in(again focusing more on comedy) but managed to write it up elsewhere.

Closure- A story set off after the events of Halo 4. Although originally meant as a one chapter short I decided to write 2 to bring up another character who didn't appear in 4(Arbiter).

Naruto A god among Mortal men- A overblown, over dramatic, and over the top story of Naruto where he is everything he is not. Specifically in the series and the multiple fan fictions where he is "God like with a harem"

Unleash the Titans- After one of Doomsday's many deaths he is sent to Hell by way of King Yemma (although High father convinced him). When he causes too much trouble and has a run in with the Legendary Super Sayain, Goku and Superman are summoned together to take him down. Sort of a monster movie along the lines of "Freddy vs Jason" or "King Kong vs Godzilla". Two mindless and incredibly powerful forces meet and duke it out.

Three on Tres- The three trolls from the Hobbit William, Tom and Bert(Specifically the Peter Jackson movie incarnations) have lost their way and are in Hueco Mundo which is ruled by the former third espada. She in turns sends her Tres fraccion members to find out the newcomers to Hueco Mundo.

Dang ol' watch and learn- A crossover I thought I'd do of Johnny Bravo and King of the Hill. In the story Johnny meets Boomhauer. The reason I did this was because I always found them to be very similar in their looks, clothes they wear, attitude and even goals(get the girl). The only places where they differ is that Johnny is in much better shape than Boomhauer, Boomhauer is very hard to understand, and that Boomhauer actually gets the girls.

Birth by Sleep: Groovy Jungle- A take on what could have happened in the Kingdom hearts prelude where the Jungle Book world was cut late in development( which also happened to it in the first KH game). I've been wanting to see this world for a while since it's my favorite Disney movie, I thought I'd throw out some ideas of what could happen. Since there's three main characters, why not have three boss fights since there are three villains(Shere Kahn, Kaa and to a lesser extent King Louie). The games mix Final Fantasy and Disney characters and I would love to see my favorite Disney characters in a crossover, so why not have a Final Fantasy character who feels like they can live in that world show up(Fang). I liked the first game where they took inspirations from the movies, but told they're own story in the worlds while being true to the characters. The rest (mostly) just copied the movies verbatim. But since the Jungle Book is episodic it was easy to rearrange everything to make it different, but keep true to the story. The story instead goes like so: Terra enters the world first to fight the unversed and possibly Vanitas(who looking back would have been a great boss idea after Kaa instead of a generic unversed boss). He struggles with his power, but helps those he meets on the way, then leaves. Ven arrives following him but word has spread by this point and the appearance of man brings back Shere Khan to this part of the jungle who attracts the unversed, more powerful than ever. The appearance of man has sparked other interest though, as Baloo sets out to find the mancub much to the chagrin of Bagheera. Ven along the way befriends Baloo, Bagheera and beats Shere khan. Aqua, hot on Vens trails takes over for him and tells him to leave. After he does she explores herself, only to get captured by the king of the swingers King Louie himself. By now all the jungle has heard of the defeat of Shere Khan and King Louie believes if he has the weapon that did it will allow him to have a heart and become a man. Baloo and baggy hearing of a mancub's capture think it's Ven and go to save him only to find Aqua instead. They defeat King Louie and the unversed drawn to him and Aqua goes on her way. All the while Fang is trying to find someone(vanille) and in the end the jungle group agrees to help. All in all it was fun to do and I loved working with the characters I grew up with. I've thought of returning to this idea proper though in a more fluent capacity(not treating like an in game thing) and expanding on the ideas I have for it.

Dragonball Muyo Z- Pretty self explanatory a crossover between 2 different shows which aired around the same time. I decided to do this because as I got back into the Tenchi franchise I thought the first series(muyo) was the best and I started to see similarities or points of interest that could make a crossover so entertaining( Vegeta and Ryoko's relationship was the highlight for me mostly because I found the two to be pretty similar and even took time to point it out, but even then I couldn't imagine them getting along very well and it was fun to play everything out. Piccolo and Washu was also pretty fun to work with). None the less this is what I came up with and I enjoyed every moment and tried to cram as many characters with as many battles as possible.

To Teach a King- A Kingdom hearts story in which Merlin brings his young pupil Arthur to Hollow Bastion to learn how to be a king which is clearly inspired by and based of the Disney film "The sword in the stone". Since Arthur and Archimedes have been absent I thought it would be interesting to introduce them into the series to see what they'd do, who'd they'd meet and how they would interact. The story slowly evolved into a Ichabod and Mr. Toad double feature though since the first half covers Arthur's adventure and the second is about Leon and Tifa forming a relationship after an encounter with Sykes. There are also plenty of Disney cameos, can you name them all?

Shadows on the wall- A one shot crossover of the very much acclaimed Sleeping Beauty and the very under appreciated The Black Cauldron, specifically involving the two horned villains in both. I've always been a big fan of Disney and their villains so when I see other crossovers that put these two together it just seems so damn interesting I thought I'd give it a shot, while adding in some touches of my own(the crow and the Creeper). While I'm not really big on descriptions this one needed it to set a dark, eerie and unknown mood that I was going for. A bit dark at times but it seemed to fit the bill given their characterizations(especially the Horned King). I have to admit it was a little hard to to write the Horned King starting off because he doesn't seem the hospitable type but once I started I just kept going it all seemed to work itself out.

Survival at Sea/A diamond in the rough- Yeah, I fucking hate Disney crossover couples (only when they already have a couple. ex: Wart and Alice is fine, Belle and Hercules= HELL NO). And Jim x Ariel seems to be the most popular so it bared the front of my disapproval (Little mermaid is also one of my favorite Disney movies, so that didn't help its cause.) If you noticed in both of these the two of them didn't get together. I guess this is my second attempt at a parody but since it's Disney I couldn't bring myself to make it like my other one (Naruto: A god among mortal men) which basically just had a lot of vulgarity in it. I thought the only way for me to do this was to build Jim and Ariel up together and then throw in a completely unexpected ending from left field which involved Ariel being with Eric all along. I originally wrote A diamond in the rough first since I thought the buildup and execution was better since it was treated like a serious story which is what I intended it to be until the ending. It doesn't demoralize either character although Jim does come off as a little rude when he greets Eric. But when I thought that wouldn't get my point across well enough I made survival at sea which showed Jim in a more negative light and he turns out to be whinier when things don't go his way. But since I don't like to waste ideas I decided to upload both.

Disney Universe- What can I say, I love Disney and I've always wanted to see some big crossover with it. I know they have the stuff in the parks, but that’s not exactly what I have in mind, especially since most of the stories here are set in the magic kingdom while I set mine in the movies. The point of this was that the universe is set after each movie and everybody knows each other. And sure they couldn't/can’t/shouldn't(?) blend together and yes all the villains were alive even though some of them should be dead, but if you love the movies and the idea of a crossover you should be able to get over that really easily. Although it was a series of one shots there's only one story point that comes up which is the party the King talks about in Chapter 6 is brought up again in chapter 8. Anyway this was probably the most fun I've had writing sine the Marvel vs Capcom stories. There are so many unique characters and personalities it was fun to see who met up with who. Whether it was Kuzco’s attempts to woo Elsa, King Louie's attempt to become a God, the villains plotting to take over the world or the Rescue Aid society teaming up with the Great Mouse detective to go to Wonderland there’s a lot going on and a lot to like. While admittedly I tried to address or at least reference every Disney movie that didn't end up happening. There were a few I couldn't work in. But it was great and I loved doing it and I hope everyone else enjoyed it too.

I must be crazy- not really sure why I wrote this. The idea just sort of popped into my head and I thought it was neat and original so I decided to upload it. Hell I thought guardians was ok and Jack Frost wasn't the best or even great part about it. I did love Frozen though and while I don’t really support this couple I don’t condemn it either (that rise of the brave tangled frozen guardians thing is dumb though. So is Anna and Elsa being Rapunzel’s cousins). Anyway I noticed all the stories between Jack and Elsa involve them meeting and falling in love, it’s usually set after both movies and they live happily ever after. That’s fine but people seem to forget one important fact; Jack’s immortal and Elsa is not. And I thought that was great material for a tragic love story. On top of that Elsa is the only one who can see him and while her faith in him sometimes wavers and her rigid nature conflicts with his fun loving side she remains loyal to him, even until her end. So yeah, if they had a relationship I’d imagine it would go down something like this. It’s sad and tragic and I loved the feedback for it.

When will my life begin?- This is what happens when you spend a day watching Game of Thrones and Disney(epic combo!). Game of thrones really is what pushed me to do this in first person, like the books. I tried to do 3rd person, but it didn't have the same effect so I gave my second attempt at first person and thought it came out pretty well. Anyway I see all these pictures of Anna and Kristoff married with children and their lives are full of bliss and it's basically happily ever after. I have nothing against that at all, in fact like the idea, but I felt Frozen was so full of that "it's realistic" bullshit ( ex: "You can't marry a man you just met") as opposed to other Disney films that I could take more... drastic measures to create a story and this this is the product of that thought. It's my own twist on an idea people seem to love but with a more tragic outcome. In the end though there is a silver lining as although the child isn't exactly normal or perfect it is still there's and that's good enough. The title by the way is a obvious(and ironic) reference to Tangled.

Cold as Death- So when I first saw Frozen I thought instantly “Definitely have to do a Mortal Kombat crossover” I've been sitting on the idea ever since and it was a little hard at times, but I really like what I came up with. I knew Sub-zero had to be there and that he and Elsa would fall in love. Though that was the focus of the story the Anna/Smoke and Cyrax friendship was also something I liked writing though I didn't have it planned out when I had the story in mind. I wanted to put in as many Frozen characters as possible but when it came to Mortal Kombat I was more selective. I knew the Lin Kuei would appear, but when it came down for a physical villain it came between Scorpion and Noob Saibot and eventually I went with Noob because by having him there would allow for a comparison of him and Sub-zero to Elsa and Anna’s sisterhood; they love each other while the Sub-zero brothers do not. And because these two things come from such drastically different demographics I tried to mix them both together without compromising the Disney feel, but staying true to Mortal Kombat’s violence. Since the two franchises are so different there would be a lot of reflections from both sides. The Frozen characters would be appalled by the level of violence while the Kombatants wouldn't understand the Frozen characters. There were a few things I knew I wanted to do. Instead of having them meet right off the bat I decided to try my hand at buildup and suspense and lead into it later (and that was some of the best moments in my opinion). I wanted to compare the sibling relationships from both sides(even contemplated putting Kitana and Mileena in the mix too), Sub-zero and Elsa develop feeling for each other, but they unable to follow their feelings due to outside circumstances. It’s sad, but I thought it made more sense than Sub-zero leaving the Lin Kuei for her or becoming the Grandmaster and ruling together. Consider it my own sort of "No Country for Old Men". Regardless I enjoyed doing it and I hope you did too. Just like the Frozen franchise I am STRONGLY considering a sequel.

Cowboys and Indians-First off I actually liked Mortal Kombat vs DC universe because I like both franchises. This game got me back into fighting games and superheroes in a big way. I like Jonah hex, he's badass and unique to the DC universe and has beaten both Superman and Batman(Twice). So I thought it'd be interesting to throw him into a crossover he missed out on and he'd have no problem doing fatalities. And he is a cowboy and with Cowboys come Indians, hence the title. Since Nightwolf missed out too I figured I'd put these two together sine they seemed like a cool pair up(I contemplated Mileena too). I mention the world merging by way of Jonah getting into the living forest(another iconic stage left out) the same way Lui Kang and Flash did. I decided against having them fight and instead team up since it would be more interesting and I think they'd make a great team. The ending ultimately speaks to me like this "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".

Two worlds, One family- So Naruto finally ended in chapter 700 and it wasn't exactly the lasting impression I thought it would be; the main draw seemed to be talking about who got with who. I was never interested in the romance of the series(there was none) so I can only try(and I strain that word when I use it) to imagine people's enthusiasm for certain couples. My take on it; Hinata had to get with Naruto otherwise her character would be worthless. But if she got with him then Sakura would have to get with Sasuke which sends out a horrible message. Then suddenly everyone grew up, got married, banged and had kids in some sort of last minute slap on, "where are they now" kind of thing. Naruto got with Hinata(refer to reasoning from above), Sasuke got with Sakura(still loves him after all that attempted murder shit), everyone else just got together for the sake of getting together it seems. Shino looks like Cyclops and took over Irukua's position(who was useless and was replaced by a someone just as so) also Kiba got with someone who likes cats. "Hardy Har Har". But really none of these revelations surprised me, save two. Sai and Ino makes no sense and I couldn't believe it. Every character missed out on good development by having the story skip 15 years into the future. Then there was a couple with absolutely no buildup, I don't even think they shared screen time together; Choji and Karui. I laughed at that and couldn't believe it. I guess it's the Bulma/Vegeta of Naruto. It came out of nowhere had less development than all the others but.. I like it, call it shock value but I think this is a great idea so I knew I had to do a story to honor that.

Yesterday, Today, but not Tomorrow- Personally I think the plot for this series is convoluted. It starts off fine, but with it’s long pacing it quickly takes a nose dive(irony) and I've heard where the comic takes off from it continues to get worse(Though I have to admit after reading it, it's not that bad. I'm still not sure what to think of chapter 136, but chapter 136.5 was amazing!) But these two characters; Maya and Mitsuomi are really damn interesting. What they've been through, how they’re dealing with it, how they really feel compared to how they act. It’s really compelling and I wish there was more of it. So ignoring where the show left off I wrote my own ending for these two. I listened to the Road to Perdition soundtrack as I did and I strongly suggest you do as you read it, specifically "Wake" and "the Farm". I had intended for it to be longer and there was a lot I ended up taking out because I wanted them to be the only ones who appear in the story, everything else ends up as ambiguous.

Rumors of the Tenth- Rumors circulate around the soul society and one famous couple is the talk of the town, unbeknownst to everyone that the rumor is actually true. Toshiro’s intent on keeping it a secret but Rangiku is tired of it and furthermore doesn't care what people think. As opposed to Naruto I can actually get into Bleach couples to some degree because I think there’s a lot more to work with. A Toshiro x Rangiku story was actually one of the first stories I meant to write and while I wanted it to be multiple chapters I like this one shot and how it came out. Hopefully I can get do a longer story later on.

Spilled Milk- This is mostly me working with some leftover ideas with "Rumors of the Tenth"(see above for description). I originally wanted that to be M, but felt it didn't really need to be. This one is and has a lot more vulgarity in it. It's more vulgar, it's more over the top and while I didn't originally mean to put it in I ended up writing some dark humor in as well. In this story Haineko has the hots for Hyorimaru just like in the filler, but she got rejected. The story starts off with her dealing with being "dumped" and dealing with it in the only way she know how which is unfortunate for Tobiume and Toshiro.

Toriko and the Eighth Wonder of the World-the title says it all and honestly I think this is an ideal Toriko crossover(this and/or Godzilla). Toriko's had crossovers with One Piece(which I hate) and Dragon ball(which I love), but Toriko is all about fighting and eating giant monsters. So who better to go up against him than one of the best? King Kong! Originally I meant to make it sort of ambiguous as to which specific Kong I was talking about, whether the original 1933, the 70's one or Peter Jackson's one, but ultimately I made it the Peter Jackson one because that was my personal favorite. I guess this is sort of a spiritual successor to Unleash the Titans since it mainly focuses on the battle, but there's still some exploration of Skull Island, cameos from the Venture crew, Zebra and even Monster Island and a reference to Moby Dick.

The Sixth King- Again this seems like an ideal crossover. The two biggest names in fantasy right now, if not of all time. The Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies, books and story in general. I don't watch TV as much as I used to, but when I do it's for Game of Thrones. This story mixes the movies and the show(sorry book lovers) taking place in between the Fellowship and The Two Towers and after Season 3 episode 5. I essentially wrote this because while these series have a strong history within them it's hard to find a story where the characters meet with their own histories intact. Now originally I meant for this to be much longer with these chapters serving as a beginning to a story when Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas would find themselves in Westeros in the middle of the War of the Five Kings. They would travel war torn Westeros in an attempt to get back across the Narrow Sea to save Merry and Pippin and come across the other kings as they did. Each is aware Aragorn is a King and a potential rival and each would react differently to him. Although it is still possible I'll continue this in the future, ultimately I thought it would get too repetitive and thought these 2 franchises with such strong stories deserved better. So the hunters just meet Dany, mix their two worlds and depart as unlikely friends.

Kinslayer- A story based on Rickard and Lyanna surviving Robert's Rebellion and LR=J. I wrote this after reading some stories in which both of these have happened yet no one finds anything wrong with it. Soldiers as well as Lyanna's older brother died, but somehow it's okay cause she loved Rhagaer and Jon Snow becomes Jon Targaryen even though he would still be only a bastard. Most of the GOT/ASOIAF stories alter the history of the story and sometimes that's fine, but there's usually a lot of conflict taken out of a scenario which would in reality be drowning in it. So this is sort of my take on both of those things. In the end Rickard accepts what life has both given and taken from him and will accept Jon as his grandson under the ruse as Ned's bastard because he understands that Jon is his kin and cannot be blamed for what his mother and father have done. I wanted to have a story where the summary was a quote from the story and this one just seemed perfect. A confession which instantly hooks you in.

Smug Satisfied Faces- Consider this my addition to the "If Robb Stark won" category. He doesn't break his oath to the Frey's, the Red Wedding never happens and Stannis wins at Blackwater and they go on to drive the Iron born out of the North. Basically everything Robb needed to win happens. Although I thought him still being king was unlikely so I had him bent the knee to Stannis( he probably couldn't beat him). He marries Roslin and the Frey's become to him what the Lannisters were to Robert Baratheon, hence the title which was a quote from an episode and the summary. It was originally meant to be a one shot consisting of the first two chapters, but I thought it would be pretty long and thought of an idea to continue the story at the funeral and decided to split it up and continue on from there. I wanted to have this one share a cover with another story, so this and Kinslayer have the same one. This was actually the first story where I wrote bits of it on my phone.

We all have our little problems- This was something I wrote a while ago as I wrote "Disney Universe" and "To Teach a King". Just some skits I decide to upload it after I hadn't done so in a while and took my sweet ass time doing it. I even added a few new skits as I did. When it comes to Kingdom Hearts I'm more of a Disney fan, didn't care much for Final Fantasy. To this day I still don't know much about it, just that it's in a crossover with Disney which is probably the last thing you'd expect it to be with, but I do like the characters that appear in these games and the interactions they have with the disney cast. Anyway I just like the idea of Leon and Tifa together, though I can't say why, maybe it's because I know so little. I also never do any curses/vulgarity with Disney, but since it's only Final Fantasy characters I let it slide this time. Sure Eddie from Roger Rabbit is there, but he's not such a clean guy either.

Bright eyes- So Kakashi was going on a mission with his students only to get knocked out and wakes up in a type of limbo. Luckily for him there's someone there to help him out though he doesn't know who she is(Hint:It's Yoruichi). I guess I wanted to do something with these two because I see them as kind of the equivalent to each other's series; being a mentor to the main character. Although I envisioned it as a multiple chapter crossover, I think it does stand on it's own pretty well as a one shot. I have ideas where it could go so I'll probably write it when I have the time. If you wanna see where it'll go leave a comment and let me know. This was just an idea that I thought up and the only way I get an idea out of my head is to put it in writing so I did. Originally titled 'Guardian Angel' before I uploaded it, but I liked Bright Eyes, thinking it was more fitting. I wanted a story that would have a picture/cover that was kind of irrelevant to the story. Currently it's Mitsuomi tongue fucking Maya's shoulder wound.

Cold as Death Alternate Ending- It's been a year since I've finished Cold as Death which might possibly be my magnum opus on this website. So when I wrote Cold as Death I wrote two endings for it. One in which Elsa and Sub-zero got together and one where they didn't. I wasn't sure which one to upload so I decided to let everything play out until we got to the end. Ultimately I went with the sadder ending because I thought it would leave a bigger impact and speak more volumes. Obviously people didn't like that and I understand get why. So since this is the one year anniversary of the story I decided to upload the other ending I had. Take your pick of which way you want it to end, though if I get around to a sequel I will be going off the original ending.

I know- So we're back again. This is a sort of composition piece/spiritual successor to "Yesterday, Today, but not Tomorrow" my other Tenjho Tenge story. In fact it was almost the same exact length. While that one was written when I only watched the show, this was written after I read the manga(and let me say it is... something. Regardless these two are by far the best part of the series.) This one follows Maya's point of view as opposed to "Yesterday" which had followed Mitsuomi. Also unlike the other which is an alternate ending to the show, this one is meant as something that might have actually happened. After the towers collapse between the fight and Maya's revival these two don't speak much, they just sort of go their separate ways, him to the hospital and her to her home. I was surprised, I imagined they'd have something to say to each other, so I wrote this as a possibility. I liked how they could always get a lot through with so little so I tried to mimic that. I knew after I read the manga I wanted to do something else with these two. Then I thought of this title and summary and thought it went really well together. And the rest is history.

Repressed Emotions- Now I had some of this written out back when I wrote "Spilled Milk" and "Rumors of the Tenth". Other projects took over my interest and I did those instead, but now I've come back to this. Originally meant as a 2 chapter short story turned into 3 when I felt the first chapter was too long so I split it in half and think it worked for the better. Then liking the reviews I was getting, I wrote up the third chapter instead of doing what I originally planned which was transitioning to the end; what would become the fourth and final chapter. I suppose it could continue though I intended for the fourth chapter to be a(shocking) finale, I could at the same time seeing it continue, but that may come later. As for why this story. To be honest neither of these two are my favorite bleach characters, but I find their relationship particularly the time when this story takes place kind of interesting considering what happens later. On top of that she comes across as a tease throughout the series and probably tortured Byakuya in some way too. It's largely unexplored so I though I'd take a crack at it and I really like how it turned out. I did notice there is a sort of dry cynicism and almost mean spirited underbelly to it, which I think again gives it it's own identity. This story holds two distinctions. It is both my first multi chapter Bleach story( though bright eyes still has potential for that) and my first multi chapter M rated story.

The Next Generation-So here it is; a Naruto and DBZ crossover. Two of my favorite anime's together, a type of story I've pretty much wanted to tell since I got on here. And this is not what I expected at first. But I like it none the less especially since I haven't seen anything like this before. A story that focuses on the kids more than the adults, kind of like 'The Peanuts' or 'Little Rascals'. I like how the point of views changes. In chapter one it went from a Naruto character to a DBZ one while in the next chapter it was different. Just a subtle thing I like about it. I also liked doing the dynamics particularly in the second chapter, but the first as well. There's something about the essential simplicity I like about it. Like this would be the aftermath of a big gigantic crossover, but instead we're dropped right in here, after everything would have happened. As for other's like this, consider this my dipping my toes in the water. I hope to do more soon.

Vices and Vice Captains- a short of reactionary tale about the ending of Bleach in which some of the side characters whose names you might not even remember went on to accomplish a lot more than some of the main ones who accomplished.. let's just say less. Sort of like 'Two worlds one family' except it's Bleach. The only thing I could take away from this ending (other than it being butchered) was that characters who pretty much occupied space like Iba and Isane accomplished more than actual characters who got built up like Renji and Hisagi. Renji's even a main character and every one thought he would be a captain by the end. Then we have Yushiro a character whose introduction accomplished nothing and added nothing to the universe, but I actually kinda like him. He's a lit like Hanataro or Rin and I bet they'd get along great together. I had this written before the novel came out 'We do knot always love you'. In that Iba make's Lemura, his friend his lieutenant and I thought that was just divine intervention; That's great.

Visitors from Beyond- So this is an idea I came up with since not only Star Wars, but Pixar is rumored/expected to make an appearance in KH3. While I'm open to Pixar I don't think Star Wars(or Marvel) should be brought in yet if at all, since it's too much too soon. If the next game if supposed to close a saga like they said, wait till the next round to put in new stuff and give some other Disney properties a chance. But since I'm a fan of all of these I am curious what could happen so here it is. Darth Vader searches for the droid, which gets mistaken for Wall-E with Leon and the others caught in the middle. I thought that was a good, easy and clever way to bring them all together. As for the third chapter, like I said I wanna give other, perhaps even more obscure properties a chance to shine before we get to Star Wars or Marvel, or maybe even alongside them. I liked the scope, look, ideas and characters of Disney's adaptation of '20,000 leagues' and thought it would be a great world with Ned, Nemo and the others. Darth Vader appears much like Pete did in Kh2(which I thought got weak and repetitive sometimes) and stirs up trouble for the Nautilus. And what about his offer to Sora?? I may upload a fourth chapter of a second visit to the Nautilus, and maybe even beyond that, but for now this is it. I like the dynamics of all the diverse, distinct characters and hope you did too.

Death Itself- So this is a story combining two of my favorite sci-fi franchises. Halo is my favorite game series(though 5 greatly disappointed me) with Halo 3 being my favorite game and the original Planet of the Apes movie. I mostly decided to do this after coming up with the title and the summary. Realizing it had to be done I quickly wrote it up. I always thought Halo 3 had a great cliffhanger with potential for crossovers and always wanted to do one so here it is; and done with something so I can put my own spin on it. For 'Apes' it takes place after the end of the original classic. And while this may seem obscure I think the two mix pretty well. The mystery, the hidden lore of both, terrible secrets, action, adventure, it's all rolled in there. Keeping with my most recent trend it's only two chapters, but to be honest a sort of cliffhanger ending is kind of fitting for story like this. I was very surprised by all of the feedback I got, especially for such an obscure idea. The Title of the story comes from a line from the movie. And the title for the chapters are actually my favorite line from the movie spoken by Dr. Zaius. "Don't look for it Taylor. You may not like what you find". Ominous, pity, foreboding, what a great line for what comes next.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe 2: MK X- So I was absent from this website for a while. Mostly because when I finished my last story I didn’t really have anything lined up next, like I usually do. And while I kept writing it was mostly skits or ideas and not really fully written out stories. But playing mk11 I thought of the idea of what if the DC heroes popped up in the arena alongside Shao Kahn and Raiden. I thought it was a neat idea, as I've always been a fan of the pair up, but realized as I tried to write it that they hadn’t met most of the cast from 9, let alone X. So how would they react to them? And they couldn’t react if they didn’t realize how different things really were. So I thought up the idea of doing the same idea only in X with Superman and Wonder Woman trying to meet their counter parts in that world(their rivals from the first game Kitana and Raiden. I imagine Raiden and Superman would have vouchered for them after the first game so things would be much more level headed this time), but getting lost along the way. And though I’m not a fan of one side being criminally overbearing against the other, another aspect I wanted to do was to have the DC guys display their true power without humiliating the MK cast and I think I did a good job. I wrote that first chapter out and thought up later only how the rest of the DC heroes would react only for them to get lost too. Once I wrote out the second chapter the ideas just kept coming. And since the ideas were so fully formed I knew I had to put it up here. I liked a lot of the pair ups; the Green lantern and Sonya's side of things has a bit more going on. I liked the Kombat kids confusion at the DC heroes and the familiarity the elder kombatants has with them and the new dynamics they had. A lot of people got into Wonder Woman and Mileena's storyline, wanting her to be saved. And while I see why despite the title this takes place roughly around the beginning of MKX. And while I like reading retelling with crossover characters I could never write that myself as I prefer characters to meet with their stories intact than new characters taking away their achievements. So it was never my intention to rewrite MKX. I suppose I could’ve done their adventure in the DC world to meet Lex and Joker again but I thought it worked to well with them ending on a triumphant team up. The first game got me back into fighting games and superheroes in a big way so I’ll always be thankful for that. And we have it to thank for story modes in fighting games. And The story mode as batshit as it was inspired how I write crossover VS matches to this day. So even though the games forgotten its left it’s mark and this is my loving tribute to it.

Going nowhere to find no one- So I always kinda liked for lack of a better word 'weird' crossovers.(this is coming from the guy who did Mortal Kombat and Disney after all). Small little ideas where the canon can line up even if it's still a leap in logic to do so. Case in point right here; Jiraiya and Naruto are looking for Tsunade and are searching in Springfield of all places. I've always been a fan of the Simpsons, even now when it's not as highly regarded. Anyway I thought it was a neat idea, but instead of them meeting Homer(though he cameos later) they find themselves in Moe's tavern hoping to find her down on her luck. I like the setup and payoff and since both series have such large casts it made sense for them to bump into someone else. Like all the Simpsons characters Moe's a fun character but I think he deserves a win every now and then which is what I tried to give him here. Which is why I omitted a segment where Bart and Naruto prank phone call Moe; although there was a lot of callbacks to other episodes it didn't seem right to knock him down after giving him a win. And I think the ending with Tsunade works better.

The Buck Stops Here- So here's part 2 of my east meets west thing, picking up where Going nowhere to find no one left off. This time combining Bleach and King of the Hill. I think these 2 are spiritually linked. Both had an impressive run and were somewhat outliers to their peers(bleach in a more real world setting. Koth might as well have been live action) and we’re tossed aside to be replaced by two series(Toriko and Cleveland show) which never lived up to the hype. And people really came through for them after they were gone. Bleach is coming back and a reboot for Koth is in talks. As for this story while Kisuke is more of Bucks equivalent I think Ikumi makes for a fun dynamic especially when Thatherton is thrown in the mix. And I was thinking of a way for Hank to meet Ichigo and this seemed fun, no big battles, just the two playing off of each other since they're so different.

World's Collide: Battle of the Strongest- So here it is a story I always wanted to tell. Since I got on this website I always wanted to do a DBZ and Naruto crossover. There were so many stories on here though that it was hard to come up with a new and unique idea. I knew I wanted it to be true to the canon(I like them fighting up against the Akatsuki, but I don't like to rewrite the canon stories) and having already written the DBZ characters teaming up in a crossover in Dragon Ball Muyo Z, I wanted something different. So naturally I thought of a 'Vs' idea where both sides would see the other as a threat and naturally come to blows from there. I wrote that out and got pretty far before losing steam. Then the idea came to me 'Why not bring in the three biggest animes I like?'. Bleach was added in and the story took on a whole new life. Before I had the DBZ guys and Naruto characters live in the same world, since jumping through universes is so overdone, but now with Bleach here and since they literally go to other worlds all the time it felt more natural to do so. Everything was the same, but originally I had the Oracle Fish give the Z warriors this prophecy, but once Bleach was added I thought the more personal route of King Kai suited it better and backed it up to be before Battle of the Gods. As for the Naruto side I wanted Might Guy to have a part in the story so I knew it couldn't be set after the Ninja war, and I liked how his inclusion added to Kakashi's arc/storyline which turned out to be one of my favorites in the story. The same thing with Bleach, putting it after the Blood War wouldn't work, but the Fullbringer arc worked fine. Once I decided the placement of each series, from there I repurposed the beginning when it was only Naruto and DBZ(which is why there's a lot of those interactions in the beginning). While I usually have the story mostly if not completely mapped out as I write it, here I took a much more loose approach. It was the first time I wrote with cast so large and didn't want any one to be confined. Though I knew what I wanted in the end; 3 climatic battles in each world with Goku, Naruto and Ichigo bookending them. Gohans rematch with Mayuri was added later, adding another fight and adding more with Sasuke since originally it was implied that he beat Mayuri(Sasuke wasn't ever going to have a large part in this story given the placement in the Naruto timeline.) I wanted the story to have a loose and fun feel. Just because they all got ominous warning doesn't mean this can't be fun. The story is set up on an idea that the characters can sit down and have a conversation just as easily as they could fight. It all depends on the situation, character and what moves the story. So while there will certainly be characters meeting and interacting normally some will be coming to blows. Back when it was still Naruto and DBZ I was planning on the same setup, with an even amount of wins and losses on both sides, but once Bleach came in it became harder to do so I didn't worry about tallies and scores. I did try to make some kind of scale, such as a Kage = a Captain, maybe a chunin is equal to a lieutenant. And obviously the DBZ guys stack up with the highest tiers of both series. What pushes the story is dependent on the outcome of some fights and that's ultimately what effects my decision. I obviously tried to be objective when making this and give every one their fair share. But that kinda fell off real quick. If it was a 1v1 it'd be easier, but three. Now it's a balancing act. A rule I had was that all sides would of course be represented evenly and make an appearance in each chapter. I was committed to that, but in all but one chapter(5) Bleach doesn't appear, but since later on the Senkaimon becomes so important(another reason why I set the DBZ guys before Battle of the Gods) I thought it was fitting. I still got to use the Dragon Balls in the beginning, but the Bleach world became the bridge from passing between the two and I think that helped bring it all together. The fights were actually the easiest thing to be objective about because the outcome of 'what moved the story' is always the outcome. So none of those are done out of favoritism or because I don't like a character. But at the same time a lot of the rivalries and dynamics had to sort of be made up on the spot in the fight, but I still think they work well. Sakura and Rukia's being one of the better ones. Kakashi and Piccolo is another good example, so there's a basis when they team up. Gohan and Mayuri is fun too. Toshiro vs Gotenks is my favorite chapter because so much works well there in that chapter alongside Konohamaru. But that's why I like when I can build up a rivalry. Like Goku and Naruto; the prize fight from the beginning and Ichigo when he gets added later on. Lee wanting nothing more than to take down Vegeta who slowly warms up to him. Kakashi wanting to go out to get Yoruichi after what happened with Guy and Sakura, though she's an enigma to him. Initially I wanted to follow my dbz vs Naruto idea; that the two fated warriors Goku and Naruto would not meet or fight till the end. But that would also mean keeping them sidelined for the crossover. And once I added bleach I knew that would be near impossible with a third protagonist in Ichigo. So I compromised, Naruto being the easiest to do so was kept out of fights and reach of others only reacting to what his friends went through(though he still meets piccolo in a fun interaction). Goku gets to go out and have adventures and having him not fight Kenpachi would had been a waste so that had to happen(and helped later since kenpachi as an ally helped them return to the dbz world and built up the ide of fighting Ichigo). Ichigo bring a passive protagonist already was easy to move around and meet in the middle. But because the three heroes spend the story apart I tried to make up as best I could in the end in the epilogue, by having them constantly in each others company. As for other dynamics, Vegeta and Lee is my favorite. I knew I wasn't going to do Vegeta and Sasuke as rivals since I wanted him to fight Byakuya and having another glum guy pouting about his bloodline may get redundant. Vegeta and Lee are my favorite characters and thought an opposite attracts could work; Lee reminds him of Kakarot and Vegeta reminds Lee of Neji. They grow on each other though as you can see when Lee's tenacity gets Vegetas respect and he saves him from Byakuya. My favorite skit in the whole story is when they meet the young version of him and Yoruichi, that was a blast. As for others Kakashi and Piccolo is redundant, but I always like the mentors teaming up(which explains Yoruichi's involvement later) and thought given the context I could do something fun with it; here they're the straight men of each group, both realizing something is wrong and trying to find out for both of their sakes. From there Kakashi thinks it leads to Yoruichi leading to another prize fight. Though a misunderstanding in the end the three teachers come together, a dynamic I always liked. To be honest a way I thought of this unraveling story with so many people is kind of like a fighting game. You pick your character, follow their story with fight your rival moment and get to the end. It was a fun easy way to keep track of everyone and how they weave in and out, indirectly or directly effect each others stories. Since this was a VS story, meant as a heroes vs heroes thing I knew no villains would really make the cut, but that's why I added the side stories, to show other fun ideas and pair ups that wouldn't change the trajectory of the main story. Kisame vs Tia was a fun addition and Zetsu cameos later. I sadly couldn't find a place for the DBZ villains. For each world there were roughly 5 main characters. DBZ has the smallest cast with Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Goten and Trunks who count as one. For Naruto it was Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Tsunade and Rock Lee. Though only 3 of their main characters got a fight, a lot of side characters like Yamato, Shino and Gaara step up to get in on it and since so much so the story takes place in their world I thought that made up for it. The Bleach leads are Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Kenpachi and Toshiro. Like the Naruto cast other characters appear with Byakuya, Mayuri and Yoruichi taking antagonistic roles. I wanted to make sure everyone got at least one victory and lose against the other 2 groups. In the end this is what I came up with. It was a lot of work, and it turned out to be longer than my next 5 stories combined! I'm sure it's uneven at times, but it was definitely worth it. Almost like a dream come true. There's so much more I can say, but this sums it all up pretty well.

Filled to the Brim and Ready to Burst- So this is the finale to my unofficial 'East meets West' stories. I wrote them all together, and uploaded them accordingly. I knew I wanted to put this up after I finished the gigantic 'World's Collide' though it's been finished for some time. As for this story, I love King of the Hill(and weird crossovers like I said) but to be honest I think this one makes sense. Grilling and food is such a big part of the show that an idea crossing it over with Toriko was easy. The story is kinda of a sequel to the episode 'Girl, you'll be a giant soon' as it's same setting with even some of the other grillers appearing. While I still love king of the hill, I did kinda fall off the band wagon with Toriko around the time the movie came out. I initially got into it due to the crossover with DBZ and checked it out from there. I think it's great until after Zebra's introduction(who I think has a great design and buildup), but it's hit and miss with the aimlessness from there. I think the worldbuilding is great and the 8 kings are fun, but the characters don't change much and don't have too much of a dynamic with each other. It still has some great stuff in it though that I still go back to. Anyway, it was actually pretty easy to bring these two very different series together and I like how seamless it is.

You never know who you'll run into next- So spiritually this is a lot like Disney Universe since it has so many characters meeting up and interacting in different ways. Only instead of Disney it's set in Kingdom Hearts and instead of them meeting other Disney character it's Final Fantasy. And while I can't say I'm truly a fan of that side of things I still enjoy them in this universe and did some branching out here to include more. Whenever I wrote kh before it was always with the intent of having these 2 sides meet and interact in a way resembling the crossover so naturally here's a whole story about it. Originally it started out as a versus thing, hence the confrontational scenarios of the first few, but I still think it works especially Gaston vs Setzer. As for inclusion, I aimed for variety. There's 2d Disney worlds, live action old and new and Pixar. I was originally going to just use the Final fantasy characters who appeared in the games but felt if I branched out to Disney worlds that haven't why not do the same for them. I even threw in Parasite Eve, the Bouncer and TWEWY for extra effect. I didn't hear of Ehrgeiz until too late, but that might be a fun story in the future. The meetings and interactions are probably more of a focus here since for whatever reason people don't think they should be in the games, but I think they add a uniqueness from it being a Disney universe. And the two mix together surprisingly well as I hoped to remind people of the novelty of that idea here.

Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat: Tag Team Tournament- So this story like others I had started out just as a few ideas and skits, mostly of what would happen if Capcom made a Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat game. It would definitely be a tag team like the rest of their crossover games (hence the title). I figured Capcom would have to make it since it would allow for easier expectations and that's how it would actually happen. And in that vein, there would be some leeway with characterization. Kung Lao might be pettier while Mileena and Kitana would be sisters and not enemies, things like that. That's not to say it'd be unfamiliar but there would be some liberties taken just little bit. One thing I knew I wanted to do is make everything canon and interconnected. One thing I don't like about some fighting games is there seems to be different outcomes or scenarios depending on who you pick as your player(DOA, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter x Tekken) and I knew I wanted a loose but streamlined set of stories for every character. Ones that you can see line up if you look closely. Raiden gives his powers to Liu Kang to fight Ryu and reappears in chapter 14. The ending already alluded to in chapter 2 with Fujin after Raiden left. Chun li contacts Sonya and makes her way to the Special Forces base, but along the way fights Kitana while Sonya and Jax defends the base from Viper and Guile. Guile returns to help in a story that ties in Kano, Kabal, Stryker and Johnny. Guiles story eventually takes him to Sub-zero who rescued Charlie with Scorpions help. Guile and Sub-zero face Zangief and Hakan while Scorpion fights Sagat. Laura and Blanka go out to sell his toys and if you look at some chapters you can see which characters they came across depending on who has the stuffed animal. They also fought Jade and Kotal who Kitana had left in charge after she left with Mileena and who greet her upon her return and after that get to go out and experience a date/vacation. Like them after Chapter 11 Sareena and Noob are constantly on their 'date' as Havik tags along. You get the idea. There are only two different Fight Your Rivals. Gouken and Oro vs Shujinko and Bo Rai Cho have 2, not because of 2 different stories but because they meet twice, an idea I knew I wanted somewhere in here. Chapter 8 is actually one that has two different scenarios for two reasons; 1 is that I wrote both out when these were just skits and I didn't know if I would write the entire thing. But when I did, I didn't want to abandon one or the other so I put both in. 2. I feel everyone in that group is an unreliable narrator so they both can work. As the story went on though, I felt that the Mortal Kombat side kinda became a wasted potential/wish fulfillment. Ex: Sub-zero's been kinda absent for the last 2 games but here he has a full arc; save his brother. Noob and Havik finally team up after being hinted at but never happening in 9. And speaking of mk9 endings that never got followed on, Kitana and Mileena are on the same side here. Chapter 8 and 4 were actually the first one I wrote because I liked those ideas so much and that we never got to see them and it was a real drive for me to do this story (Kitana should be with Jade, but we have Kotal so it works.) Sareena also finally returns and gets to reunite with Noob in a lovestruck gag that I like. And that's the thing not all of these were serious. Some were funny, showing what you can do with such a wide and varied cast. And there was a lot of unique interactions and dynamics along with that. Originally it was only going to have 17 chapters ending with Goro and Sagat, but then I got ideas for chapters 18-20 and then decided to throw in the two guests characters. Tapping into dynamics and ideas I couldn't show there's also costumes and special versus dialogue. Ultimately what this is, is just Street Fighter X Tekken but with Mortal Kombat in place of Tekken. Following the idea of theming, since SF4 and 5 had the calligraphy brush, MvC3 had the hard line comic book style, SfxT had water, so obviously this would be blood. And if they made it in the same way with those cool trailers and dope music, that'd be awesome but for now I think this works pretty well.

Eye to Eye- So I had this one shot written for a while and always wanted to upload it, I just had to find the time to do so. I had gotten into both of these series around the same time, and since they have characters with similar ocular powers it seemed fitting. I always had the idea to pair these two Sasuke and Aya against each other. In reality it wouldn't be much of a fight since, him at the beginning of the series could probably beat her at the end (which is more or less how this lines up) but I like the idea and think it work. I always found it kinda difficult to write the Sharingan so putting it against the Dragons eye while fun is definitely twice as hard(especially since the series is such a train wreck.) But again, I like this idea and it's the first time I've written for Tenjo Tenge outside of Maya and Mitsuomi. The fight got longer than anticipated but it had to hit some boxes. I knew I wanted Sasuke to use more of his tool set so while he may have been limited due to the curse mark, I think it still works. And I think the twos personality mix well together, him being cold and stiff while she's more outgoing and naïve, it's one of my favorite combos. And the allusions to the rest of their series, and comparisons between the two. She compares him to her 'husband' and makes a connection through their siblings.

Shadows of the Past- So this is an idea I had for a while now. It went through multiple different renditions. At first Seifer would team up with a Disney character to go take the fight to Squall. The biggest problem there is that you have to build up that dynamic which takes away from the rivalry a bit. Others had them duking it out in Olympus Coliseum in a dragon ball style tournament. Eventually I got the idea of Seifer going to Raidant Garden and the idea evolved from there. It's a mix of how I think it could actually be implemented in this series(the flashback with Rinoa pretty much being that) and stuff unique to this story(Leon hooking up with Tifa because she looks like Rinoa though that's not revealed until later). And to be honest it kinda had to be this mixing of both. I always thought this would be an interesting idea since Squall now goes by Leon and is about 10 years older than Seifer. It makes for an interesting dynamic between the two that I think could be fun in this setting. You just had to find ways to make it work in this scenario and I think this works. It was fun to finally get this idea out there. The title is taken from the second chapter to the Lord of the Rings.

New Mission: Brothers Reunited- So I wrote this out in anticipation for Halo Infinite, imagining since we didn't get these twos reunion in Halo 5, we'd get it there. That didn't happen and with the news of potentially no Campaign DLC I decided to upload it. As for this story, it's pretty much what I thought should've been Halo 5. Having Chief go to Arbiters homeworld when it's under attack would've been a reversal of Halo 3; where he's on Earth helping you. It brings the two protagonist back together in what fans were obviously anticipating. It's such an situation so easy to come up with and one a lot of people wanted to see yet and yet it didn't happen. So here's my take or more of less how I thought it would go down. There are callbacks to 5 with Blue Teams opening dialogue and Locke and Arbiters chat. And I like the idea of Chief repeating Arbiters famous line back to him.

Plaything of the Gods-So the idea for this came in the weirdest of ways. I was looking up the pre fight dialogue for Scorpion when I was-for whatever reason- in my recommended feed a scene from the Dreamworks Sinbad movie. Interesting and odd considering I have no idea why its there but I watched this because of that. Then due to mixing the two I thought of an idea to put them together. Having done it with Disney to positive reaction I thought to do the same here, only with scorpion. Problem was I couldn't think of a proper story to do it. Back at the drawing board I realized Bi Han was a better choice. Especially after going back to view Mythologies and combining it with Eris first interactions with Sinbad. So I split it up with Bi-Han as Sub zero and as noob. When hes noob it pays service to his mk9 ending where he teams up with Havik. That felt like the most natural/easiest way to bring Eris in(it's the chaosrealm after all) and write out this dynamic I wanted to see. Only the second time around Noob isn't in the mood for games an just leaves. And odd, idea for a crossover but one I played straights and liked it for that so i decided to upload it.

A Bounty Worth it's price- Kinda surprised there isn't more Mandaorian/Halo crossovers, but here one is. Chief and Mando are similar in a lot of ways(so much so that people were comparing the shows directly to each other) but this is the games. Taking place after Boba Fett and at some time between halo 1 and 2. A bounty for Cortana draws Mando to her, which seems like an ideal plot. Originally it was a two parter, the first chapter and the second one leading to the battle. I liked the idea of Mando being mistaken for Chief. It just helps build up to the battle by hinting at this looming presence. Originally chief wasn't going to appear until Mando met Cortana but I thought of an easy way for Grogu to get involved(otherwise he would just appear at the end to help mando). So it revealed chief sooner, but helped bring up the twos similarities more. As for the fight, Chief would definitely win. Mando might put up a good fight and he did, pulling out his entire arsenal to do so, but he wasn't going to win at the end of the day. They count it as a draw, but the more powerful fighter is clear. And I liked tying it off together with the moff gideon reveal; something small being thrown around in the story.

A Challenger comes to Skull Island- Set in the Monsterverse, it's a story set shortly before Godzilla vs Kong of an idea I had for how you can build to their climatic battles. Basically have them encounter other monsters and defeat them along the way(think the opening credits to the movie.) Plus I think it'd be cool for Kong to meet other Toho mosnters like rodan, Mothra etc. So far the only ones who've met both Godzilla and Kong are Goorsauras and Mechagodzilla so why not expand that since it's a shared universe. I think rodan would be a cool encounter for Kong, since we haven't really seen him take on too many flying monsters his size. I think though Rodan has more tricks up his sleeve Kong would win since if you see how he handled the warbat and Camaztoz whenever he gets his hands on them he just pumbles them into the ground. Of course I couldn't(and wouldn't) kill Rodan so he escapes in the end, but not as the new King of Skull Island. Gotta say it was fun but challenging trying to get across Kong or Rodan without dialogue. The first chapter it was easy with the humans to kinda translate for them, but the second chapter was all them. I like banter in my fights so for this, it was definitely new. Challenging but new and fun so that's good. I had fun with it.

A Tale of Two Kings- So here's my other Monsterverse story, this time taking place after Godzilla vs Kong, following the perspectives of the human watching the two monsters as they go on securing their new realms. Godzilla on the surface and Kong in hollow earth, and you may recognize some of their opponents. Anguirus is there because so many people(myself included) have wanted to see him for a while. Others like Gorosauras and Manda had different purposes in their references. Gorosaurs was the only monster to have fought both Kong and Godzilla(until Mechagodzilla) and a reference to all of Kong's dinosaur foes through the years, so I knew I wanted him there too. Manda was picked as a reference to the 1970's Kong movie where he fights a giant snake, so again another reference. As for the Cave bear, that was a reference to a giant bear that appeared in son of Kong. So basically they swapped opponents for the story. It's a fun way to bring more monsters in and to expand the roster in these movies. Now, Originally I planned this as a two parter; this is the first one and in the second they actually meet again. But honestly with the new movie coming out I think it makes for a decent one shot. I may come back to it after the movie, but we'll have to see.

Tall, Handsome, Familiar Stranger- So this idea comes from Toshiro's fully activated Bankai in The TYBW. A fitting idea and conclusion to a fully powered Toshiro. And here's a fun idea I had about it. Since it's a running gag for him to be a young child prodigy which is something that clearly irks him, what if he got this power and didn't tell anyone. Basically letting him cut loose and do all the things he never would've dared to do. Drink, Smoke, Chase women etc. So the first chapter is told from Rangiku's perspective as she tried to seduce him-though she isn't the only one. But in the second chapter, he finds he wasn't discreet enough as Unohana found him out. A bit episodic in nature, but it can kinda go elsewhere. I had other ideas with Halibel and Isane which may come later. We'll see and stay tuned.

Cat got your tongue- So the idea for this came about because these two have never interacted before in the series. I know they have in the filler and some of the games, but not the main story. And to be honestly it was easy to come up with a scenario for them and to follow it through; Yoruichi has tought othres before like Byakuy and Ichigo while Toshiro knows he has to train, grow and become stronger. Bleach has great side characters and a lot of fun personalities and it was fun to balance these two off of each other. Yoruichi does the same stuff she did to Byakuya but Toshiro is stronger than him at the same age so she's got her hands full with him. Definetly a fun idea and a fun dynamic to explore.

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Spinoff to "Welcoming the Night". Follow Tony Stark as Iron man with Morrigan by his side as they tackle the best things their 2 worlds can offer. Told in an episodic fashion to relay other adventures they had as they encounter heroes, villains, and most of all putting up with each other.
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Welcoming the Night reviews
After the invasion that almost brought two worlds to the brink of destruction, the heroes from both sides remain in contact to help each other before the worlds become separated again. All the while a certain billionaire genius playboy may have met his match as he puts up with the temptress of the night and whatever foes come their way.
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