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Oh hey there. Just chilling, writing some fan fiction...take a look see.

So basically, I decided to just take the plunge and write some V for Vendetta fan fiction, since I read pretty much all of the V lives stuff and still wasn't satisfied. Well, they say if you want something done right, do it yourself.

But in real life, I'm just a girl who loves horses and plays softball. I am also in love with my cat, and my weaknesses include puppies and nutella.

Reviews really make my day and keep me motivated to write and update.

I hope you enjoy my writing!

*Updates about Story Updates will be here*

*10/7/12 Just posted the latest, chapter 15! Enjoy, and review! The next chapter is going to take me a while, not gonna lie. A lot is going on, both in the story and my life, but it will be worth the wait I promise! CHAPTER 16 UNDERWAY!

10/16/12 Like the last update said, Chapter 16 is underway. My softball season is over, so I can devote more time to writing so hopefully updates will be out faster. I'm having a little bit of writers block right now, but nothing major and the update hopefully by the end of the month. (key word being hopefully.)

11/5/12 Woohoo, update! AND Happy Fifth of November! To find Evey's dress, search: Phase Eight Black and Red Venetia Dress

11/17/12 Hey all, just thought I'd let you know what's happening, like I promised. I'm suffering from a mixture of writers block and a new addiction to the show Beauty and The Beast, and some nostalgia over the show Recess. BUT Thanksgiving break is almost here, and I WILL get writing done. I've just had a stroke of inspiration, so I leave you with that my sweets. Please keep reviewing, it does keep me motivated!

12/3/12 Hey guys, just a quick update. Story is making progress, slowly but surely. Getting down to crunch time for finals, so I've been very very busy. It may take me a while depending on what I decide to do...I might combine the next two chapters into one, because hint hint, they are Christmas themed and I want them both out in time to coincide with the season :) Let you know what I decide. PLEASE keep reviewing, even if you're just bugging me to keep on writing :)

12/19/12 DONE. WITH. FINALS. And the next update is making progress!! Hopefully, fingers crossed, before Christmas! :)

1/12/13 Started Chapter 20 today, and it will be a pretty short chapter, as it is mostly some angsty goodness and relationship development. Not very crucial to the plot; mostly a filler. Not anticipating a really long wait with the chapter, should be up within the next week or two.

1/30/13 I'm sorry for the lie I told you. Chapter 20 is giving me hell. I have writers block like you would not believe. And school sucks. And writers block. It just isn't turning out the way I wanted...if I can pull it off, I pull it off. If not, I might re-write it. Gulp.

3/1/13 it's been a real struggle lately. But I'm making some sluggish progress. The plan for the ending is in the process of being rewritten, more on that in the update. Also, I'm at 99 reviews. Lucky number 100 gets a huge shout out.

4/4/13: Making sluggish progress on the update, as per the usual. Sorry kiddos, I'm doing the best I can with school and softball, which now has three workouts a week. Thanks for everyone who is leaving reviews, they keep me hella motivated.

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