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hi im Zeke i have only been a member for awhile now and time to meet my oc's

sonic the hedgehog oc's

Hiryu Hedgedragon:

age: 18

birthday: June 22nd

gender: male

height: 100cm (3,3 ft)

weight: 35kg ( 77lbs )

Scale Color: Red.

Eye Color: Green.

species: hedgehog/ half dragon

hero type: speed

abilities:multicolor pyrokinesis, Supersonic speed, High physical durability, Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes, super strength, flying , Hand-to-hand combat skills, martial arts skills,swordsmanship, different form transformations, chaos powers and dark chaos powers, harnessing chaos energy and dark chaos energy.

personality: fun, happy, serious when needs to be, good, kind hearted,confident, impatient, energetic

relationship: single


HIryu hedgedragon the half hedgehog half dragon teen is from another dimension similar to sonic’s dimension in old events Hiryu was once called sonicdow because of being raised by Dr. robotnik sonic’s first enemy before eggman. Hiryu had lost all memories of his past robotnik had found him at the age of 12 and had been a father to him but also a secret weapon against sonic. robotnik had named him sonicdow for unknown reasons once sonic had beat robotnik hiryu wanted revenge for sonic defeating robotnik once found he had fought him but in the end hiryu had a change of heart and stops knowing robotniks use for him. a year later hiryu was not with the freedom fighters he was just traveling until egg man had found him at first hiryu was going to attack but egg man said that he knew about his past if he would help eggman he may regain the past he had lost so he agreed to help the Doctor only to later find out he was being used once again he had fought sonic after the fight sonic had tried to talk to hiryu to get him to help the freedom fighters fight eggman.

once hiryu found out he was being used by eggman. they joined forces to fight against him in the end but again hiryu was not going to stay until sonic and friends said they would welcome him into there family at first he wanted to reject it thinking he would cause problems the them but in the back of his mind something told him that if he stays with them he may recover his lost past. so on that day he joined them and also sonic’s family had adopted him into their family now having sonic as his brother he was surprised at first of how kind they were and nods accepting them as his new family.

Years later while being in the freedom fighters for so long he had accepted his new life style but one day he saw a orange emerald fall from the sky wondering what it was he goes to check it out. once there he looks at the emerald thinking it was a chaos emerald but once he picked it up he had a small memory of his past remembering what his real father said “son this emerald is the dragons gem it has been in our family for a long time it contains the powers of all dragons it has touched many of our family members have different dragon powers my father was a lightning dragon but he had the same ability like you having the power of the multicolor dragon power you have the multicolor flames, with the emerald you can temporarily use the ability of any dragon that has touched it if you can use its full power you will under go the transformation of our ancestors the first to us its the angelic dragon and the demonic dragon i protected it just like my father, and his father and his father soon it would be your turn once the emerald thinks your ready it will come to you” said his father.

once he stops having a trip down memory lane still don’t know his real parents but had a sudden memory of what his father said to him and put the emerald up and kept it with him at all times in some sudden events sonic and hiryu lost some members of the freedom fighters which made them sad they couldn’t save them in time some months later hiryu was in a hospital because of a battle with his real brother Dusk and his eyes during one night one of hiryu’s friends where mad at him and he was hit with a bat to the head having him remember more of his past while unconscious and in his hedgedragon instincts. soon came to be normal again now he gains more memories of his past only to have a few pieces of his memory still lost but sooner or later he will remember more so far he only remembers his siblings and that he is the youngest he still has no memory of what his father and mother look like but he knows his mother his after him to use his power to take over the mobius in his dimension.

flame color powers

red: normal fire

blue: much stronger than red

pink: healing flame but can't heal himself

white: much stronger than blue and is used only in super form and angelic dragon form

green: same as red but used as distractions he can make it burn you or not it will feel warm

yellow: used as a light in the night can't be used as a attack

black: as strong as blue but only used when Kurai is out.

orange: weapon summoning flame he can only summon his sword and scythe Doragonbureido (sword), Doragon shinigami (scythe)

the dragons gem

the dragons gem abilities are to temporary give any dragon power to the user for about 10 minutes at a time hiryu can only use it three times a day before it tires him out to mostly use it you must be a dragon, half dragon, robot, or have chaos energy in you if you tap into it's true power it gives you the power of the angelic dragon and demonic dragon only with the chaos emeralds. hiryu has never used the dragons gem to change into that yet but when he uses the emerald his right eye's eye color changes to show he uses that power.

dragon powers-eye color change

fire - already is one but uses more power to his flames eye color red

ice- light blue

lightning- yellow

thunder- a goldish yellow

wind-sky blue

shadows- purple

darkness- black

forest- brownish green

earth- brown

water- blue

light- white

angelic -both eyes become red (only using the positive side both the dragons gem and the chaos emeralds

demonic- both eyes become pupil-less (only using the negative side of both the dragons gem and chaos emeralds

zero the hedgehog:

age: 18 (55 years or older)

gender: male

height: 100cm (3,3 ft)

weight: 35kg ( 77lbs )

Fur Color: snow white and crimson red

Eye Color: red

species:hedgehog/failed ultimate lifeform/ black arm

hero type: speed

abilities: ice powers, immorality, chaos powers, High physical durability, Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes, Minor super strength, enhanced jumping Hand-to-hand combat skills, weapon and firearms, combat skills, harnessing chaos energy, super transformation.

personality: arrogant, aloof, doesn’t take kindly to others interfering in his business, and cares for who he wants to care for,sticks to it without hesitation, not resting until it is fulfilled, extremely conflicted individual, can be very wise at times ,can be very hard on himself when he fails, sometimes can be a bit nicer than shadow, has a weak spot for kids

relationship: single

Zero the hedgehog the other creation of Dr. Gerald Robotnik he was suppose to be a one of many Failed Project Shadow experiment but Dr. Gerald put in the wrong substances and put in ice crystals in which is how his fur is snow white, zero is the same as shadow but zero has ice powers and can survive the coldest of temperature so when this happen he awoken zero and told him his name and what the hedgehog’s name is, so he puts zero in a training course on the ark so he was kept secret from everyone on the ark even shadow and maria he was suppose to be for war use given to the G.U.N

But when the G.U.N solders came they took Dr.Gerald before he could go to zero ,but zero knew about maria and shadow when his creator didn’t come to see him and help him in his training he left his room only to see shadow and maria running by then sees G.U.N solders follow them but they saw zero and tried to capture him but only he ended knocking them out but when he notice the blood trail he knew one of them were hurt but he was to late to see when maria launched shadow out to mobius and made his promise.

when z saw her he asked if she was ok for a minute she thought he was shadow but z told her he was not shadow that he was a clone of him before she passed on they talked for awhile until she was gone and he also made a promise to her to help shadow and something else but after that G.U.N solders captured him and shadow and put them in different stasis capsules.

a few months after when sonic and shadow met in the Archie comics he awoken only to be awoken by shadow the two looked at each other and zero told shadow what he wa only a failed experiment of him only to be used as a weapon for war

but shadow only nods to have him join team dark but zero works sole or with his partner/pet ace the squirrel.

kindom hearts oc's


bio coming soon

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