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Okay, here's the latest on me and my life:

I am now in my Senior year of university, managing an academic, financial and social life. For the time being, it is going quite well -- however, these days I justify well to be any day I can get through prepared, and without panicking. Thank you to anyone who reads any part of my stories, and especially to anyone who reviews them. I love to hear your commentary -- good and bad.

And now for the part of my bio that will never change:

If you're reading this, and you're still reading my stories, YAY!

I LOVE WRITING! It took me a long time to work up the nerve to post on, but I finally did it. And, after about four and a half months, I finished my first story, 'A Twisted Sense of Fate,' starring Harry and Ginny (my FAV pairing to write). I love to read about Hermione, but Harry and Ginny are more fun to write about because in the books (all praise the mighty JKR) there isn't really anything there until later in the series. There are very few strings to work around.

I hope you all like what I'm doing. If you don't, I really don't care. These stories are for all of you to enjoy, but they are first and foremost for me. Flame me if you must (but try not to make it a habit!). I love to hear what you're thinking with my stories, so send me a review or an e-mail.

Thanks for everything!


10/2/08: I have finally finished Twisted Destiny. I am truly sorry for how long it took me to write this story. However, I am partially glad that it took me longer. I strongly believe the creative strikes in different ways at different times -- Twisted Destiny would have looked radically different if I would have finished it years ago, verses two days ago. Reading the additions I have made to it over the past year, I can recognize moments and conversations I've had -- not just about Harry Potter, but other disciplines, as well. I have intersected themes from many of the things I love to create a story that developed in its own time.

This may be hard for some to understand, but finishing that story, that series, ends a large chapter in my life. I am not the same person I was when I started writing fan fiction. While I hope that inspiration strikes as it did with 'Brothers in Scars,' there is nothing else planned after this. For me, the "What ifs" of fan fiction might be over -- although deep down, I know that another question will bring me back to my first, and favorite, creative outlet.

7/7/2008: As any one who is paying attention to my un-updated UPDATE posting can tell, I've already posted my one-shot, 'Brothers in Scars.' (By the way, I got an A in the class -- as well as an A on the paper on fan fiction that inspired me to write it.) I'm currently spending my summer vacation (the last be for I graduate... creepy) working a desk with the ability to do what I want while I'm on duty. SO, I'm hopefully going to finish 'Destiny.' (Hopefully.) With any luck, I'll be updating the UPDATE soon.

12/8/2007: I'll be posting a new fic soon, a post-OotP A/U about Harry and Neville and the prophesy.
(I felt inspired after I took a class on Harry Potter, and wrote it in one night.)

11/14/2007: Twisted Destiny (Chapter 19) is almost done... it's written, I just need to finish typing it/editing it.
Also, once I've ended Twisted Destiny, I'm going to go back (FINALLY) and edit Twisted Fate - you all know what I'm talking about...
the horrible days without spell/grammar check, when Voldemort had and 'r' in his name.

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A Twisted Sense of Destiny reviews
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