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Author has written 15 stories for Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Doom, Dragon Ball Z, StarTrek: The Original Series, Metal Gear, and M*A*S*H.

Update! (1/15/18)

So it's been quite a while since I've posted anything - new stories or chapters. I'm sure any loyal readers I have, have moved on to more consistent writers, which is justified. I ain't gonna apologize for that. That said I've been contemplating my fanfictions and such, and I think I'm gonna dump many story ideas and in-progress stories I had started but got no where with. I want to limit my focus on my writing to two stories; my DBZ Story (and I think my most popular story) "The Unwalked Path" and my decade-old project; "Doom: Heroes Rise".
My other in-progress work; "Megaman Legends", the current version of "Can A Villain Become A Hero?" and a short DBZ story which I had started, not completed, and never uploaded which I think I named "Son of a Saiyan" or "Eye of the Saiyan".
The only other thing I've had on my plate for projects for my fanfictions is going over my main Zelda stories with a fine-tooth comb to fix grammar and spelling and perhaps minor plot holes, as well as combine all 5-ish of them into one chonological collection.

Why? I noticed I don't write nearly as much as I used to prior to my getting a job 4 years ago. Also it seems as of that year (2014) my social life had/has completely transformed. Before I kept to myself most of the time both online and offline. Only spending time with select people whom I known for years. My Offline social life has changed little to at all, however it seems like I prioritize my online social life more than personal projects, such as my fanfictions and another fanfiction-related project I had started over a year ago; Fanfiction Audiobooks, which was an idea to post fanfictions (not strictly my own) to Youtube after converting them into an audiobook using a sythesized voice. I'd post em on Youtube and give the proper links and credit and information to the actual author (going as far as to personally request the permission of the authors)
Seemed like a good idea. A bit of quick editing and done. But honestly, when I think about it; it's pretty pointless as a project. I can just reveal how to do the conversion yourself if so interested. Look up, "Fanfiction Downloader" and "Balaboka" on Google. Freeware. One downloads a fanfiction into any text format, and using the "Batch File Converter" option in Balaboka, you can convert said text files into audio with one of your computer's built in synthetic voices. I usually put em in M4B format since there's a few smartphone apps (at least for Andriod users) that can read this audiobook format and play it, as well as save your progress in the book so you can come back later. I personally prefer Smart Audiobook Player which very useful (however you gotta pay a couple bucks for the full version)

I refuse to let my 2 main fanfiction works die. One for its popularity and (in my opinion) uniqueness. The other because its just a personal one. I've put so much of my heart into the characters and world, that I don't want to give it up.
However I do know I need to rethink them both. More of the DBZ story than the Doom story. DBZ for the fact that Dragon Ball has made a lot of retcons and changes over the years since I started, plus as well an expansion upon my own knowledge of Dragon Ball. I'm actually rewatching Original Dragon Ball and then I'm gonna watch DBZ (not Kai, like I usually do) as well as all the movies.
I might either have to say "Fuck Canon!" and go along with my original ideas OR eliminate the Goku and Kakarot meeting as well as my intended fight between them at the end.
Thankfully my story outline for Kakarot's life in his timeline has not been affected by the numerous retcons DBS has brought - except the whole Beerus telling Freeza to blow up the Saiyans, which I may either ignore completely or just pass off as pointless exposition. Broly's addition I realize is weird but, I think considering I don't intend for him to become what he was in his movies, it shouldn't be an issue too much. Essentially my problem would be similar to that of The Dead Zone has with Canon (how Krillin seems to know Gohan even though logically he shouldn't since Goku hasn't introduced Gohan to his friends yet)

Anyhoo, I want to cut out what I'm likely never gonna finish, seriously work on the one's I am not going to toss, and at least wrap them up before I even consider writing any new stories or returning to the tossed. I feel like between work, life and this, I let this fall to the wayside too long. Too many stories on this site die before completion. I want to at least leave a bit more finished, than incomplete.

Hi, As the name of the page says; I’m Bryan Dacote! Formally known as John Dacote and MetalshadowN64. I’m currently 27, I’m a hobbyist fanfiction writer who mostly writes stories for the Legend of Zelda since its what got me into reading fanfiction and if you look at my favorites you’ll see most of them are for LoZ.

I’m somewhat of a sperratic writer who will go for long periods without updates and then other times where I will be making updates frequently.

I’m pretty big into video games (mostly from the N64 and Gamecube Eras) I’m also a big anime/manga geek. I’m not gonna really bother listing all the games and animes I like since it’s a good sized list and it’s something I’d need to pointlessly update later. So basically the only major favorite games I have are LoZ: Majora’s Mask, Megaman Legends, Doom 3, Battlezone (1998), Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Tales of Vesperia, and Skies of Arcadia. Animes are as follows: Steins;Gate, Eden of the East, FMA: Brotherhood, Case Closed, Ghibli movies, and various others. I don’t watch much “regular” TV anymore but I’ve been a Star Trek fanatic since I could walk, and I like M*A*S*H a lot. Favorite movies are as follows: Back To The Future trilogy, all Star Trek movies, and Castle in the Sky.

My Favorite books are “The Killer’s Cousin”, “And Then There Were None”, “Doom 3: Worlds on Fire”, Sherlock Holmes stories, and “The Sorrows of Empire" (A Star Trek book set in the Mirror Universe)

I can be pretty opinionated, but I always try to keep an open mind to anything. I tend to swear on occasion (I used to do it a lot more, I think) and this is reflected in my stories. I don’t drop F-bombs everywhere, just in parts I feel that could use it (usually in times of anger and such). I consider myself agnostic with a touch of fatalist (belief in fate/destiny) mixed in.

In terms of my writing style I notice I don’t write that much action and I tend to focus on drama and very little fantasy - so no characters who can go “OVER 9000!” at any given moment from me. Lately I’ve been writing shorter stories since I lack the patience and concentration to do long stories. I like to focus on family – especially relationships between fathers and their sons. But I also like to dabble in some romance and tragedy.

My current in-progress stories are:

“The Unwalked Path” (DBZ) – This is an AU of the what if events of Goku’s life if he was raised on Planet Vegeta instead of Earth (along with a large number of other changes) The story is mostly being told by Kakarot to Goku (will go into how they are even meeting near the conclusion of the story but I may do a fight between them at the end) This will cover the Bardock movie and Freeza saga in particular.

“Heroes Rise” (Doom) – I have been working on this off and on since I was in High School, I refuse to dump this story since I do intend to finish it one day. I have upleaded the rest of the old chapters as to show my early fanfiction writing career. I am restarting the series but the story will follow pretty much the same events as from the old chapters except with various plot differences, and more importantly; a much better writing style.
This story means a lot to me personally. A lot of it reflects who I am and how I feel about certain things in my life.

Fanfiction Audiobook YouTube Channel (DUMPED)

h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / c h a n n e l / U C h N - t h R H K z N t J 7 b L a t 2 1 - O g
Just remove the spaces

I have started a sort of side project on Youtube where - with the permission of Fanfiction Authors - I download and convert the text from Fanfictions into Audiobooks with a synthesized voice. I have only just started this channel and I'm still learning my limitations with this but if there is one thing I am; its persistent when produced with a technical problem.

So far I received the permissions from:

And of course: Myself lol

Each and every fanfiction I upload will contain links to the story and its respective author.

Completed Works are as follows:

“Give a Reason”,
“I Reach Out a Hand”,
"I Can't Love You Anymore Than I Already Do",
“A Final Tale”,
“Final Memories”,
“A Hero’s Death”.
Most of these (except for the last one) are all part of a series of Zelda fanfics that take place between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess.
I MIGHT merge those into one big, giant story you can read all in one go like a novel. I do sorta consider "Can A Villain Become A Hero?" a part of that series but as a side story in the Adult Timeline since Link in that story doesn't take any part in that story.

I also have completed 3 original short stories which you can find by googling “MetalshadowN64 Yola”. They are mostly set in WWII and one in Vietnam.

Dumped Works:

"Megaman Legends": This is a novelization to the game of the same name. It was a side project but I decided to instead dump it since it'd take me a long time to finish it and it would require a lot more attention than what I am willing to give. I am proud of what is already there though.

"Can A Villain Become A Hero?" and "Doom: Heroes Rise" are two stories that I have decided to restart fresh since at the time I don't think I was fully thinking out the plots of both as much as I should have. Plus I keep cringing to the poor writing. They are two stories with potential imo and they deserve better care.

“Can A Villain Become A Hero?” (Zelda) – this is a reboot of one of my earliest fanfiction story attempts (actually its older than Heroes Rise by about a year) This story was originally just a means of making Dark Link a good guy and pairing him up with Malon. I originally dumped the story since I sucked at romance more than I do now and that I didn’t have the plot well thought out and it was riddled with plot holes – especially by today’s standard with the Split Timeline theory. This will be taking place after Ocarina of Time and linking into Wind Waker.

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This is the story of Kakarot. This is the story of what would happen if Gohan never dropped Goku on his head. Kakarot is nowable to fulfill his Saiyan mission. I do not profit from Dragonball, Dragonball z or any other form of the Dragonball series
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