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Hey I'm someone, I'm 13 and I really enjoy writing and reading! When I started I was into Harry Potter but then I realised that it wasn't really for me if I was honest. So then I moved onto my favourite T.V show GLEE. I wrote some pretty cool glee stories, and most people liked them.

I used to be very touchy about how many stories I wrote, and how many reviews I got. If I didn't get a certain amount of reviews then the story was deleted kind of thing. But I've learnt now that it doesnt matter what other people think, it's what I think that's important.

Some of my favourite quotes:

I'm sorry Finn, I'm sorry that you have no talent and that were going to beat you at nationals. I'm also sorry that your boobs look like someone has squirted jelly inside them and started to blow them up. I'm also very sorry that you dance like you've been in bed for a thousand years and have only just got up- Santana Lopez, Glee.

If someone shows threat to my talent, then I'll crush them before they even have time to cry out in pain- Rachel Berry, glee

It's time to start your future, and let go- Quinn Fabray, Glee.

I'd hate the thought of you losing your whole career because of Finn, you are very talented Rachel and if you really want everything you've ever dreamed of you have to say no- Quinn Fabray, On My Way.

Some stuff that I wish I knew when I first started FanFiction Copied from the profile of potato4 thank you potato4!!

1. Canon- From the book, of the book, completely in line with the facts stated in the book. Often pairings. (Example: Finn Hudson/Rachel Berry)

2. Non-canon- When it is not from the book. (Example: Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry)

3. Slash- Guy with guy stories. (Example: Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson)

4. Femeslash- Girl with girl stories. (Example: Santana Lopez/Quinn Fabray)

5. Smut- M stuff, particularly what so tastefully refers to as 'Adult themes'.

6. Lemon- Really M stuff. Even worse than smut.

7. Flames- Mean reviews. When you trash a fic.

8. OC- Original Character. When you make up your own character, i.e. not a canon character.

9. OOC- Out Of Character- When a canon character is not accurate. (Example: If Kurt jumps into a muddy river, or Santana decides to be nice to everyone and let the lead solo go to Blaine all the time)

10. IC- The opposite of OOC. stands for In Character. When a cannon character is written accurately. This is something all fanfiction authors should strive for in their stories, and a strong compliment in a review.

12. Fluff- Sweet romantic moments. No action/adventure or anything.

13. OTP- (I have never heard of this one) Apparently, this means One True Pairing. I assume this means that it's the one pairing you enjoy and stand by. (This is not to be confused with OotP, which means Order of the Phoenix. ;)

14. Ship- A pairing/couple. Comes from relationship. Heh heh. Nudges you Get it? Get it?

15. One-shot; Two-shot; Three-shot- One chapter, two chapters, three chapters. One-shot is the most common of these.

16. Songfic- A fic including, or based upon, a song.

17. Mary Sues- A female character (usually OC, see above) that is favored by the author and pretty much perfect (and thus completely unbelievable) in every way. The sort of character that gets on your nerves by their very existence. Closely realted to this is a...

18. Gary Stu. the less common male counterpart of a Mary Sue. Has all the same characteristics, but is male.

19. A/N- (Or A.N. or AN or any other variation on this theme.) Author's Note. Self-explanatory.

20. AH- All Human. All characters are human. This is not commonly seen.

21. POV- Point of View.

22. R&R- Read and review!

23. Lime- Like Lemon, but not as bad.

24. Drabble- A fic that is from 50-500 words in length. Technically a fic that is under 100 words but that is quite rare.

25. CC- Constructive Critisism. Really helpful reviews are full of this stuff.

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