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I feel like I should have a meaningful quote to start off here. Um...I got nothing. And I literally just spent half an hour on the internet looking for one...I have no life.


Random Introduction: Hey. My username is Jillianne, because I absolutely love the name Jillian (:

Gender: Female.

What To Call Me: Call me either: Jillianne, Jill, Jillian, or whatever. Don't really care. Nor do I in real life. Someone actually calls me Lizzy and that's not even close to my real name...but that's another story. Someone else calls me Jaycee. I have a lot of weird names. So um. Yeah.

Random Facts:

I never, ever, no matter what, leave a voicemail. If I call you, it will only be a missed call and no voicemail. The only time I ever left a voicemail was to annoy my brother. He forgot his voicemail password so a alert kept popping up and annoying him. I'm such a good sister (:

I hate making lists, like absolutely have making lists. I don't mind bulleted lists, just numbered lists I hate.

I hate when people don't write out number. Example: I have 3 cats. NO! It's supposed to be: I have three cats. (I actually don't have three cats...but...yeah)

I hate when people use short versions of things. Example: ex. No! It should be example written out. Sigh.

It takes a lot to embarrass me.

I hate writers block, so I usually start a new story. So I always have like a thousand stories going at once.

Sometimes when I have writers block, I can not think of any ideas. Then one day, ten ideas will hit me at once, and I'll be like "Why couldn't that hit me when I had writers block?"

I can be a perfectionist. People tell me this all the time, and I will admit it is the truth. (:

I am not popular and honestly don't mind.

I don't get why people have a negative outlook on some things when it doesn't really affect them in the long run.

I don't talk much at school, and some people mistaken me as shy, and it is kind of the truth. I am a little bit of both.

I would rather read or write instead of going out to the mall, watching a movie, and so on. Some call it antisocial, and I guess it is kind of true...shh...

I type fast.

I have a twister board hanging on my wall. (I'm serious) People always ask why, and I say "why not?" I put it up because I had a really girly wallpaper from when I was like three with flowers and hadn't had my room redone in years so I stuck a twister board up to cover a good majority of my wallpaper (:

I can't sit still while reading a book. If something embarrassing is about to happen to a character, I will stand up, pace, and then feel sorry, convince myself to read it, then get up, think about it, sit back down. If something sad happens, I will get up, pace (not really pacing just walking), then stare at something in shock. This could go on forever.

I can't sit still while listening to music.

I just can't sit still. End of discussion. Not even at four o'clock in the morning when I am up writing or reading.

I don't like watching television, so I don't watch it.

I like most genres of books.

I like pineapples XD Inside joke. But seriously, I LOVE pineapples.

My most "famous" saying is "what the fraizelnut" (fray-zul-nut) because I said that one day at my friend's house. I don't know where it came from.

I haven't played video games in forever. No joke. I haven't played since I was six.

I can like watching other people play video games, though.

I don't have a Facebook, and I live to tell about it.

I love watching YouTube videos, but who doesn't?

I count down the days until the next book in a series I read is released.

I hate waiting :/ Actually, I only hate waiting for books to be released.

I get a lot of my fanfiction updates on Saturday...is that like the publishing date for mostly everyone on this website? XD

Age: Not important. Nope. Doesn't really matter.

Favorite Books: Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, Shatter Me, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and many more. I could write all night about my favorite books, but I decided to stop there. (Well, I am up at 2:39 because I write late into the night, so would it be like all morning. Whatever.) But I'll just leave it at that. Basic idea. I'll take any book suggestions, though I have probably read it. But who knows! Maybe I haven't. I tend to read books over and over again. Not like one more time, but like fourteen times. So I know what happens in books by heart and can even quote all the time from books.

Random Hobbies: Being sarcastic, writing, reading, writing, reading, reading, writing, reading, writing, softball, reading, writing, karate, reading, writing. Well, you get the point.

Random Talents: Uh. I am so untalented, I think that is a talent...

More Useless Facts: I will stumble on the easiest things, but when it comes to hard things people have to think about, I usually know the answer. Weird, huh? Like if you came up and asked me what the four plus three is, I would have to think, but if you asked me something like, I don't know...what's the square root of twenty seven, I know like the answer with the first couple decimals. I don't know why.


Me: Siri, how much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Siri: A so-called 'woodchuck' (correctly speaking, a ground hog) would chuck - that is throw - as much as the woodchuck in question was physical able to chuck, if woodchucks in general had the capability to chuck wood.

Me: Well, okay then.


My friend - Everyday I'm shuffling!

Me - Please, shut up.

Friend - Sorry for party rocking.

Me - Oh my goodness, you are giving me a headache!

Friend - Stop! Hate is bad!

Me - Oh my goodness! Shut it!

Friend - Yeah bi-

"Stop! Please!"


Here's what you do: mark your answers with a little 'x' in the () if its true, but BE HONEST!! Then copy and paste it onto your profile!

1. (x) Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were talking

2. (x) Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were NOT talking

3 (x) You have ran into a glass/screen door Many times...

4 (x) You have jumped out of a moving vehicle

5 (x) You have thought of something funny and laughed, then people gave you weird looks That has happened to me so many times!

6 (x) You have ran into a tree

7 ( )It IS possible to lick your elbow

8 (x) You tried to lick your elbow

9 (x) You never knew that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same rhythm It does? Now I have to go sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the alphabet! Oh yeah! I guess it does!

10 (x) You just tried to sing them Wow, that was weird...I mean Pst! No! I did not just sing it...Okay fine, I did.

11 (x) You have tripped on your shoelace and fallen I have actually tripped over someone else's shoelaces and fallen, too. Haha. And over flat surfaces. And over a poster (long story...but it was hanging up on the wall. That takes skill) and many, many, many more places.

12 (x) You have choked on your own spit Once I was taking a test in Math and it was really quiet and all of a sudden I start choking on my spit...And then the teacher yelled at me to be quiet...

13 () You have seen the the Matrix and still don't get it.. I haven't seen it...

14 (x) You didn't notice that in the last question 'the' was spelled twice It is!? Oh yeah...haha. It is...awkward.

15 (x) You just looked at it Pst! What? I did not...FINE! You caught me. Again.

21 () You've fallen asleep in class Not yet at least. Wait, did it just skip sixteen through twenty? Did you notice that?

22 (x) Sometimes you just stop thinking Uh, sorry. What was I saying?

23 (x) You are telling a story and forget what you were talking about That happens to me all the time!

24 (x) People are often shaking their heads and walk away from you ...and keep muttering “Only you would do that.”


26 (x) You use your fingers to do simple math Two plus three. Hm. Fingers to the rescue! I do that all the time.

27 ( ) You have eaten a bug

28 (x) You are taking this test when you should be doing something important. Eh. Homework and dinner can wait.

29 (x) You have put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn't realize it I went to school with my shirt backwards and didn't notice it until the end of the day. It was a plain shirt and I was wearing a scarf with it, so you couldn't really tell.

30 (x) You've looked all over for something and realized it was in your hand or pocket One time I called my friend asking if I left my phone at her house because I couldn't find it. I called her on the phone I was looking for...

31 () You sometimes post bulletins because you are scared that what they say will happen to you if you don't even when you know it won't happen to you, like on a myspace... No, and nothing bad has happened to me even though I never post those forwards. AND MYSPACE? Who uses myspace anymore?

32 (x) You break a lot of things Computers, chairs, glasses, a plastic cup, a sock, a poster hanging in the classroom, a pillow, a floor, a door, a window, another window, a shade, a cabinet, a closet, a lamp, a television, a remote, another door, a twister board, a binder, a fork, a spoon, a knife, a thumb tack, a blanket, a pair of pants, a bracelet, some scissors, super glue, a clock, a radio, a desk, a baseball, a baseball hat, a tree, another tree, a rope, a swing set, my mailbox, my neighbors mailbox (I rode into it on my bike...Don't worry. They forgave me.), a bike, a helmet, yet another window...But hey! I haven't broken any bones before! Shocking right! I don't feel like writing about more things I broke. Like my friend's finger, a stove, a microwave...I'm a disaster. Haha.

34 (x) You sometimes tilt your head when you're confused *Tilts head* What is this question implying? I don't tilt my head. *Tilts head even more* Huh. I guess I do.

35 (x) You have fallen out of your chair before Many times. Then got yelled at for falling...

36 (x) When you're laying in bed, you try to find pictures in the texture of the ceiling/wall. Oh my goodness! That texture looks like a duck! A pigeon, a dinosaur...

38 (x) You called a friend and then completely forgot what you were gonna say ”Hey.” “Hey.” “What do you need?” “Uh. I forget.”

39 (x) You have spelled your name wrong On a really big hand-written project and my teacher took off five points :/ I'm really intelligent...

40 (x) You have drawn a disformed heart

That was really fun. But, I really should go back to doing homework.


So I was printing out something in the computer lab one day for a class I was going to next, so I went into the computer lab with a couple other people who also needed to print it out. Anyways I'm not really friends with those other people. So I was minding my own business and I started like walking around the computer lab and shouting at the printer for it to work. (I shout at objects that will never respond. Don't judge.) And so they look over at me strangely and I'm like "Nice going, me. Real smooth." But I don't really care what others think so that doesn't really matter.

Anyways this one girl was talking to everyone in the computer lab and she's talking about this gymnastic routine she could do. And she's like "that's the best trick I can do." So I entered the conversation and said: "The best trick I can do is stand up...and sometimes I fail at that." I don't know why, but everyone there started cracking up laughing (I am known to trip a lot...) So I did have a point, but now I can't remember it. But now I have those people coming up to me and they just laugh thinking about it. People are weird.

The moral of this story (I remember know) The only thing I'm known for in my school is tripping and falling. Great.

Don't know why I just put this on here...but yeah.

Well I am going back to writing. Please read and review, criticism allowed and greatly appreciated. That just made me sound really strict in my head...

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I can relate to you in more ways than you can think. The thing is, you might not always know how we relate since you will never know who I really am. That's because this isn't my story. I'm just the narrator like you're just the reader of the story. The story about a hero who is not human...technically. The hero at first could do nothing except watching and breathing in water.
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