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Hello! ^.^ My name is Starfish. OK... it isn't really. But pretend it is. OK, first of all, my website is NOT complete. Second of all, it might change from just Kenshin to all kinds of things, including my fan fictions, my friends fan fictions, and anybody else's. Second of all, I have something I need to tell you peoples:






Yes... his name is Kyle. He never talks... we think it's because he's scarred from being in a girls body. BUT, he has called Bakura a bastard before... which is kinda mean. -_- I also have a girl Yami... I got her from Rent-A-Yami... ya know, like Rent-A-Car, except with Yami's. ^_^ Her name, is Yami Ryoko. Heheh... I'm starting to write Yaoi fics which is kinda scary cause Yaoi used to creep me out... I guess it's Shadow's doing. OK, these are my most favoritest pairings:

Vash/Knives (Yes, I am fully aware of them being brothers)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... There's more but I don't feel like listing them so NYAA! I like all sorts of anime, like .hack, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Trigun, Excel Saga, Tenchi, Rurouni Kenshin, Furi Curi, Chobits, Noir, King of Bandit Jing, Orphen... not much I don't like, let's put it that way. Feel free to IM or e-mail me at annnny time. Oooooh, oooh! And I like to role-play, yup yup. Me and my friend Kemi have a name where we put the fan fictions we wrote together on... 'Tis 'Starfish And Kemi'. OK, well, gotta go, buh-bye! SF: ^.^ I'm back to update again, and GUESS WHAT! Yami Ryoko is here wif me! ^.^

YR: -_- I despise you...

SF: But I'm your little hikari!

YR: No you're not, stop saying that. You're a nutcase with short, SHORT spiked up black/brown hair, you're really tall, and you don't wear anything unless it's black... or jeans. I a-

SF: You are a BAKA! A mean baka, that's what you are. But, you're my little baka, and that's allllllll that matters! ^_^

YR: Are you HITTING on me?!

SF: O.O NUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YR: Er... anyway... I'm the total opposite of you!

SF: Not really, we both enjoy torturing innocent people, trampling small children, and drinking straight from the bottle. The only difference is your hair is frickin LONG... and that you have bodily piercings while my mom won't let me go near a place that will do anything like that. -_-

YR: -_-;;; Stupid hikari.


YR: o.o


YR: -_-;;;;


YR: Shouldn't you be working on your fan fictions right about now?

SF: Shit... o.o I should, shouldn't I... SAYONARA! I'll be back later to torture... er... talk... to you... lovely... mortals.

YR: ^.^ Ooooh, torture. We must take over the world... STARTING WITH THE CLOSEST TOM HORTONS! WATCH OUT, MORTALS, WE SHALL RULE YOU!

SF: -_- Well, I'm off to go e-mail Spike a candy bar!*runs off*

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