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18th April. '11
I can't write something I'm not feeling. I tried. "Emotions are Dangerous" will be on hiatus till I can muster up that muse.

Name: Yoon-Ah. Though "Yoon" places me at ease

Gender: Female, but not feminine

Blood Type: B

Signs: Snake/Pisces

Preference: My mind is so open I'm afraid half the times it'll fall out... Let's pitch for both teams!

Ethnicity: Korean, with a splash of Chinese ancestry.
Almost 700 years ago, my Chinese forefather of royal status received a word from the Emperor to run some business errands in their neighbouring country; Korea. Once he reached his destination however, he fell utterly and completely in love. So completely in that he gave up his status, his own royal blood lineage and his culture to be with her. He took up their tongue and replaced his nationality to stay in the land of his love. Even now when I introduce myself to my Korean acquaintances I find it amusing they should tilt their heads and question, “Hmm that’s a rather unusual Korean surname…” Then I share with them this tale.

Nationality: Korean/New Zealander. I identify myself as more of a New Zealander. Thus I use U's in my colour and S's substitute Z's. Except in AMAZING.

Occupation: Unemployed struggling art student. Donations are welcomed with open arms, but it's best not to expect the same for the legs.

Fancies: running, walking, jumping around; any recreation that gets my heart going and works up a sweat, lying around in the sun, jazz & blues and overall heart wrenching music, live sports and good beer, I'm a slave to orgasmic cuisines and overall food. I'm a fatty. Always horribly addicted to chocolate and tea. Ah and how could I forget gaming.

No thanks: not much but if I absolutely had to state a few things it'd have to be, haters and players. Heavy clouds and winter rain, it's always the depressing kind over here in my neighbourhood. Ignorant inconsiderate bigots. More minus points for "God hates--".

Contacts: [ tumblr. ] [ twitter. ] [ formspring. ]

I'm one of the 6 billion, trying desperately to be one out of 6 billion.
English is not my mother tongue, but it intrigues me to no end.
I love philosophy and psychology. Basically fascinated with what makes humans tick.
I love making impossible and unusual things to click.
I love learning new things. But I also bore of them quickly once I've figured them out. Therefore it's fortunate I have memory of half a goldfish.
I'm a total justice freak. Nothing quite boils my blood than innocence mistreated and villainy unpunished.
I'm a believer.
and best of all, I'm human.

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Heartstrings by Chibi-Ra-Chan reviews
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Bottoms Up! reviews
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