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Sorry Everyone. How you see I deleted all the things I had here. Why? Simple. Because I made a huge mistake and now my email address will be deleted and with this I will be unable to be on with this profile. I already made another email and account here so I will be here and continuing reading and writing fics, okay? So you will be able to find me here http://www.fanfiction.net/angelofdarkheaven. Okay? Because probably this account won't be deleted after my email, but I will be unable to go on iy, know? So, I think I made my situations clear. I'm not 100% sure if that link will be at my new account, but hey we will see, right? So, if it's not work than search Angel Of Dark Heaven and you will find. So that's it. This is the end for this account, because of one of my very stupid mistakes, but everyone makes mistakes. Hope to see you soon guts. On next time.