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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Inazuma Eleven/イナズマイレブン.

I've seen seasons come and go, from winter sun to summer snow.

Hello. My name's classified, but you can call me A.

I'm eligible for the reapings.

I'm pretty sure I live far away from you.

I've submitted a few tributes and want to start my own SYOT.

For now, I'm just reading. And reviewing, when I'm not too lazy.

INTP. True Neutral. Ravenclaw. Erudite. 5w6.

Alive For Now

Sigrid Lapierre, 17, District Two. Secrets Inside by CreativeAJL.

Aino Tamminen, 12, District Seven. Hear the Wind Blow by Mystical Pine Forest.

Linnea Isenberg, 14, District Nine. Masque by CelticGames4.

Lemuel McKinley, 12, District Ten. Haunted by We're All Okay.

Tullia Litvina, 12, District Twelve. Chaos is a Ladder by when-is-winter-coming.

Matthias Densen, 18, District Twelve. Time Stands Still by Kgunzrok.

Anastasia Samson, 15, High School Sophomore. Betrayal by heavydirtysoul.

Six Feet Under

Antonia Bismarck, 13, District Two. The Altar of Blood by ZJB3.

Placed 9th; killed by Quanta Bomm, District Three Female. Two kills (Iliana, Alex)

Eudora Macintosh, 14, District Three. A Spell Broken by Red Roses1000.

Placed 13th; killed by landmine. One kill (Isobel)

Garamond Philips, 15, District Five. Devil Side by jakey121.

Placed 24th; died in the bloodbath. No kills.

We're Still Here

*dead silence*


On Tuesday, May 3, 2016, thirteen-year-old Antonia Bismarck was killed in the trap set by Quanta. Antonia never wanted to enter the Games; her dream was to be a Peacekeeper like her beloved older brothers. She was already planning her life after the academy, but a rule change and her reaping sabotaged her plans. She tied for the highest score that year, and was able to make two kills, but she never quite recovered after putting down her district partner. Eventually, on the third day, she and her allies were crushed by rocks. Rest in peace, Antonia. You were the first Career I submitted, and my first tribute to reach the arena. I'll remember you, and I'm sure your brothers will, too.

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016, fourteen-year-old Eudora Macintosh was killed when she accidentally triggered a landmine. Everyone had written off Eudora from the start; she was mentally retarded in a district full of geniuses. Her mother, who wanted a normal child, hated her, and she didn't have any real friends back home. That was, until she was reaped alongside Huxley. The two outsiders became allies and friends in a short time, which ended when he died in the bloodbath. Eudora survived on her own for five days, but she stepped on that landmine and blew herself up, along with the girl who was chasing her. Rest in peace, Eudora. You made it much farther than I expected, and now you two can hang out with Huxley in heaven.

On Sunday, July 3, 2016, fifteen-year-old Garamond Philips was killed. I never got a chance to see him in action; the author decided to stop because he felt the whole fanfiction thing wasn't working out anymore. To be fair, the author's written a lot of stories on this site, and I'm very sure he thought long and hard about this decision. I don't blame Jake (can I call him that?) but I'm a little sad he quit. Anyway, Garamond, rest in peace. You were a pain in the ass and a bit of a jerk, but you didn't deserve to be reaped. Like you always said, you didn't start the war. You should've at least had an epic death scene, too.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You reviews
Aki writes to Ichinose about what she really wants for Christmas.
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