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Surprise, Surprise, Echo's alive_

Seriously, it's been a long time since I've updated either this or my stories. Sorry sorry!

Name: Echo Kazul (No, it's not my real name! Silly!)


Birthday: Oct. 6th

Description: Shoulder-length blonde hair and whatever's comfotable, usually myfavorite purple sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. And a blue scrunchy. Can't forget the scrunchy.

My favorite games are Both Golden Suns (of course!), Megaman Battle Network, Fire Emblem, and Zelda on Gameboy, and Elderscrolls 3: Morrowind on X-Box. I also like the Pokemon game for GBA, but don't, and won't, watch the anime series. I do, however, enjoy the anime Inuyasha. I don't think I'll write anything for it, though, as they have plenty already! I also really enjoy Naruto, though I mainly read the Manga and haven't seen the Anime yet.

My hobby, besides writing and gaming, is researching legends and myths. I've studied fairy tales and legends from several countries, but am mostly familiar with English legends, Norse legends (I'm very Scandinavian), and Paul Bunyan. (I'm also from Minnesota) I prefer action/adventure and humor stories, and I don't mind the occasional set-up. I'm a Mudshipper, Flameshipper, Windshipper, and I like the name Picard. Not very flexible in those situations, although Picard/Mia is cute, and I have a storyline bouncing around my headwith the goddess Venus/Isaac. Maybe I'll write that one someday.

I'm now getting into Fire Emblem, and am a rabid Heath fan. My Heath! Rowr, hiss!

My muse is a blue hair scrunchy that I wear on my wrist. I like it because I can shoot it at people who make fun of it. Sometimes I can be a little obsessive about it.

Current Fics-

Weaverof the Eternal Dream- Completed!- A one-shot fic that I had done. It's about Isaac and Co. meeting a giant spider. It's kinda creepy. I'm rather proud of it, and would like some more reviews, so please?

Robin HoodGS- A humorous fic where the Golden Sun cast is trying to act out the Robin Hood ballads. Of course, I the author end up doing most of the work! Kinda on hold as I look for more legends.

The Book of Golden Sun- A quality novelization of the game. My first story, I like to read it, as it shows how I've grown in my writing style from the first chapter to the latest. I'll be concentrating on this one until it's done.

The Warrior of Sol- A fic written from Isaac's point of view. It's AU, about a young traveling warrior who finds out that he is the chosen warrior of Sol, thus the only one who can wield the Sol Blade. On hold until I finish The Book of Golden Sun.

Explanations- A fun fic really in which I explain those things that don't make sense in the GS world, ex. The quote in which Kraden is 'cunning beyond measure' and the age old question of Where the water goes when it falls of the edge of the world. Updated at random.

Megaman Battle NetworkGS Style- Kinda a sequel to Robin HoodGS Style, this parody is different in that Echo the author isn't taking such a big part of this one, and it isn't in script form. I'm trying to design it so that even if you haven't played the game, you'll get it. Hopefully it's working. On hold until I finish the Book.

Well, would you believe it, I actually finally put a website up! I put my pictures on there for you guys _ And a new addition, finally! I've started a PPC for Fire Emblem, which seriously needs it! So, if you've noticed my lack of updates lately, that's why! ;; Anywho, you can find Agent Echo and the ever curious Agent Kat on my website.

And also on my website, one can find the infamous Diary of thewebsite.

RBWPOON, Random Bandits Who Pop Out Of Nowhere. Have you ever noticed that they always seem to be appearing everywhere, especially in Sue Fics? Well, this is their story!

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Golden Sun's: Spirited Away by Naomi the Fire Adept reviews
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The Book of Golden Sun reviews
This is just a novelization of the first Golden Sun. Marbles, Green monkeys, and a headache for poor Isaac in this chapter.
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And Kudos to MercuryAdept, who asked the age old question of 'What Happened to Babi's Ship', although this is probably an instance when the truth is better NOT known!
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A Robin Hood Parody! Or, at least it's supposed to be. Doesn't always work out the way I plan! Please R&R!
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Just a little poem I've written for Windshippers. The format got a little messed up, but it's the best I can do.
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The Weaver of the Eternal Dream reviews
Wasn't really sure what to rate this, so I'm playing it safe. It's a one-shot fic. I'm not very good at summeries, so I'll just say Isaac and Co. meet a really big spider. shudder I hate spiders! Anyway, please R&R
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