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So a good friend of mine got me obsessed with t.A.T.u. Thanks, bro, thanks.

I used to like other music, but now everything except Melanie Martinez, Jasmine Thompson, Evanescence, and t.A.T.u. bores me. I can stand some other things, I guess, like Aerosmith or Green Day, but I can't listen to it too often. Sobs--

I'm in love with Gjallarhorn, a band that plays Folk Music. The songs are so pretty.

I'm also fond of Vocaloid and Nightcore.

I couldn't possibly list every anime I like, so I'll put a few of my favorites, but not in any order. Hell Girl, Cowboy BeBop, Inuyasha, Claymore, Soul Eater, Hellsing, Hetalia, and PASWG.

Some other shows I love are Supernatural and Doctor who, then I love all the Harry Potter movies and do intend on reading the series some day.

Things I do: start a fanfiction I'll never finish because I'm hella lame, stare at my fanfiction profile and quotev profiles for hours on end even though nothing is happening, draw, sing (i sound like a dying cat, so i only sing when alone), wear wigs and half ass dress up in cosplay before removing wig bc i look stupid, roleplay (not much lately), play with my animals, listen to music, bug my friends.

Favorite pairings(I have a lot):

Hetalia: 2pRusGer, 1p2pScotAme, and Rvp.

Soul Eater: Blair/everyone (especially Maka, Shhh.), Soul/BlackStar, BlackStar/Tsubaki, Patty/Maka, Maka/Tsubaki, and Kid/Maka. (ahaAHA-)

AOT/SNK: Annie/everyone, Levi/Hanji, Petra/Oluo, Armin/Jean, and Sasha/Connie.

Supernatural: Sam/Ruby, Dean/Castiel.

Doctor Who: I ship Rose with 9 and 10, so-- ye. Amy/rory (dUH), Doctor/River (who doesn't??? I don't know anyone who doesn't. Yet.)

And in Harry Potter I ship everything Cannon and nothing more, so, yeah.

More about me, not that it's very interesting.

I have a summer birthday, too bad i'm in a GED program that went through the summer. (though i don't really care because I didn't miss much.)

Once I become friends with someone and we're close enough, I obsess over talking to them. I've actually lost friends doing this, but I can't help it (mainly because i assumed we were. Apparently we wren't, and i got to find out the hard way).

I lack a lot of social skills and am extremely awkward around people I don't know (unless we have things in common. Then i'm a blabber mouth. My current friends would agree, ha--)

I'm unable to hold up conversations easily and usually resort to using ah, oh, mhm, haha, xD, etc when I don't know what else to say. Which is a lot of the time. I can only really hold up a conversation with my closer friends, which are very few.

I adore stupid puns. They are my life.

My favorite book is Number The Stars.

My favorite super hero is Batman.

My favorite animals are cats and owls.

My zodiac is Cancer and I was born year of the Tiger. (...All of the terrible jokes that come from this-)

I don't think I need to say much more- not that I really can. There isn't much to know about me?? Yeah. Idk.

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As if there aren't enough of these already, oh well These lil' stories are the product of my bored mind 3 I hope they're good enough Sorry, no smut, loves Rated T for foul language...xD That's it. If I plan on putting something in a specific chapter, I will warn you there.
Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,070 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/23/2014