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Yes, my bio is fixed, as promised. Lets start with some info:

Name: Mavelus
Age: A girl never reveals that to anyone
Gender: Female, of course.
Fav. Color: Who knows? ;P
Current obsessions: YGO!, Inuyasha, Xenosaga, anything with CLAMP's name on it, LOTR, and a bunch of other stuff.

Muses: Yami and Bakura (YGO!)

Fav. Quotes:

"-and all hail our queen, Latifa."
-Yoda, Star Wars, MTV music awards

"Dobby's a f*cking faggot!"
-Gollum, Lord of the Rings, MTV music awards

"This production brought to you by Sand, it's everywhere! Get used to it."

-Genie, Aladin, Disney

"Momma always says: 'life is like a box of chocolates, neva know watcha gonna get."

-Forest, Forest Gump, (unknown production)

"Luke, I am your father."

-Darth Vador, Star Wars, (forgot production)

"Don't question my authoratai!!!"
-Carmen, South Park, Comedy Central

"I'm gonna go kick his ass"

-Stan, South Park, Comedy Central

"Fool of a Took!"
Gandalf the Grey, Lord of the Rings, (production forgotten)

"Screw you guys, I'm going home."

-Carmen, South Park, Comedy Central

"One can never have enough socks, another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People still insist on giving me books."

Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, JK Rowling

"Matt wants to grope my butt!AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"

-Gabby, my best friend (said above is NOT a good thing)

"Now I know you didn't just say that about my man!"

-Sammy, my other best buddy (she's referring to Yami, heehee!)


-Angeline, good friend, doesn't say much

"Because we knew her for awhile, we tend to do what she does."

-Jocelyn, my friend since sixth grade


-Tiffy, neighbor and first person I ever spoken to since I moved here

"HURRY! Strip off your clothes and lay face down on the concrete, the Menehune are coming!!!"

-Alex, another strange friend of mine, O.o you'd only get it if you were a local

"Out of my way wenches and hoes, cuz here I come!"

-Alex, ^-^;;

"Don't worry about it, bud."

-Meryl, a little too forgiving for a goth, but a good friend

" O.O Oh, cotton!"

-Brian, don't ask

"Oh, Billy... OH!"

-Jim Carrey, Cable Guy, Comedy Central

"How about you try dueling someone with your experience? Like an infant? Or a monkey?"

-Seto Kaiba, YGO!, dunno, Takahashi???

"No one calls Joey Wheeler a loser!"

Joey Wheeler, YGO!, Takahashi

"If I knew it'd take you this long to make a move, I would've brought a magazine."

-Mai Valentine, YGO!, Takahashi

"I may be a monk, but for my crazy actions, I am willing to forgive that."

-Miroku, Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi

"I don't give a rats ass."

-Inuyasha, ...Inuyasha, Rumiko

"I am the darkness."

-Bakura, YGO!, Takahashi

"I did not know we were to bring shovels."

-Starfire, Teen Titans, WB

"NO! They have formed a cow cult!!!"

-Some dude, South Park, Comedy Central

"An elf's aim is straight and true."

-Legolas, Lord of the Rings, (forgotten production)

"Ai, it be poogle day."

-Neopets,, no idea

Fav. Fanfic quote:

"And to think *you* have magical blood in your weak veins."

-Bakura, Wizard's Perception, ME! ^-^

"No wonder we dudes hate shoppping, girls have a HELL of a better selection than we do! ... That's not fair."

-Malik, Cover Girl, ME! ^-~


Updates System:

Frozen: Changed the thingy cuz everyone's teasin' it. -_- Well, it means the story's on hold.

TBC: Expect an update soon.

Complete: Speaks for iteslf.

Discontinued: Abandonned, expect to see it down in a few days. That means you have a couple of days to tell me you love it, if not, it's gonna get dumped.

~NEW~ Edit Mode: Inspired by one reviewer and my own shame. I was reading over my break through hit and I'm mad at myself. It's TERRIBLE, the grammar and the spelling. (I'd kill my english teacher with it O_O)So I'm putting that up in Edit Mode, but don't worry, I'm still continuing. Basically, I'm just fixing chapters so it's pretty much flawless and an easy read. ^-~ Sound good? I hope so!



I'm dropping my Xenosaga fic, I don't think I have the writing skills to put it the way I want it. So, anyone is welcome to the idea and probably can write it better than I can. Good luck!

My fic "Cover Girl"'s gettin' mighty popular! ^-^ So happy! Update coming soon.

I'm removing a few other things so I can begin my newest trilogy. Actually, my only trilogy. ^-^ I'm also going to put a few things on hold for a bit, heehee!

"Wizard's Perception" isn't doing so bad, I'll keep it up. After my next update I'm going to have to hold it for a bit. Sorry.

Starting another HP fic! It's a follow up of my first one, "To Annoy a Werewolf". It's going to be rather short, five chapters at the most. Maybe seven. Still working very hard!

I'm starting another fic as Christmas present to all who love yaoi. Snow Stories, chap. 4 up and ready for reading! ^-^ My apologies, the last chap might be a bit late. I'm waiting for the last review... heeheee... yeah. -_-

New setting on my updates system!!! ^-^ I call it... EDIT MODE! YEAH! Yes, me stupid. Check out the updates system to learn more.

"Cover Girl"'s update gonna be a bit late. I'm responding to reviews again and It's up in Edit Mode. Sorry, I'll get it up soon.

I'm updatin everything once and freezing them. Well, except for "Cover Girl". I'm freezing everything to work on this, until it's done everythings on "FROZEN". Okay? Good! ^-^

Grandma's comin' over so I'm not gonna be able to update for a week or two. Sorry! I'll update when she goes back to New York! Okies? Okies! ^-^

Finally. Grandma's gone and I can update freely! ^-^ I updated "Cover Girl" and even managed to update "It Meant Nothing, Right?" my HP fic (chap 2). Please read and review all! ^-^

I have a bit of the Flu, so it'll be a little hard to update, but I'll try! Just for you guys. ^-^ I love all my reviewers. ^-^

That's all! News will change once in a while, old news will be left up for late people who don't know what happened to my stuff. Okay? GREAT! ^-^


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The New Students by White Angel Chan reviews
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Soul Scarred reviews
Shounan ai, lime R-B, Based on a true experience: Dreams crushed by his own mother, Ryou slowly falls into deep depression and with a heart problem to boot. Feeling alone and unwanted, he contemplates suicide. Can someone save him? Can he save himself?
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Read my short: To Annoy a Werewolf for better understanding. Remus muses on the night Sirius kissed him.......... chapter 3 up! Sorry for the LONG wait! RR please!
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Another update, a short one, but it's getting better! -Edit Mode-TBC-
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