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Hello Fanfiction!

My name is Revolutionary Writer, though you may call me "Revo" for short.

If you cannot tell, I'm sota new to fanfiction. And I am not the greatest writer. I'm sure I've made a few mistakes in this Bio already.

Speaking of which, let's start that!


Unless you have memory problems or cant scroll up to three lines ago, I think you can figure that one out.


Old enough to join the site.


This may come to you all as a shock, but I'm a dude!


Nondenominational Christian.


Video games: The Legend Of Zelda and Phoenix Wright franchises the most right now, my likes change all the time.

Anime: my personal favorite: Revolutionary Girl Utena, ( AKA Shoujo Kakumei Utena.) As well as Yuru yuri, Monster, Serial Experiments Lain. I love Lain.

Books: 'Our of the silent planet' by C.S. Lewis, 'Lord of The Flies' and 'Misery'


Here's where it gets weird. I love Yuri (although I prefer shoujo-ai, Yuri is the general term), if you couldn't tell from my taste in anime. But I also adore Psychological and dementia animes. Anything that has religious subtext or themes. And also a good romance. A Yuri romance that is...


Angst and heavy death metal. Sailor Moon. Yaoi (got nothing against it, just not into it)


In real life, I'm shy and nervous. I get easily embarrassed and flustered. I don't do well in crowds or with people I don't know. I also have an addictive personality and get easily attached. But, I'm also smart (or at least, I think I'm smart), polite (most of the time) and VERY opinionated. And I'm very loyal and protective (sorta).

(This sounds a lot like a dating site...)

Favorite voice actor: Dan Green. He's the best! How could I not love him? He did the voice for my favorite anime character (Souji Mikage from RGU)

Writing style: Bland and, if you couldn't tell from this bio. And a bit sarcastic.

Favorite songs:

Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (basically anything by J A Seazer), Alluring secret-Black Vow, Wanderers lullaby by Adrisaurus on YouTube, Sheiks theme (OOT), Farewell Hyrule King (WW).

Favorite Pairing:

Yuru Yuri: Yui X Ayano (I love shipping these two together, although I may be the only person on earth who does so.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my storys! Bye!

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