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Author has written 3 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Jet Grind Radio, and Persona Series.

Hey there people, I'm MadLaughter.

After seeing the awsome ideas of others here on FanFiction, I've decided to sign up myself.

Here are some Genres I read or am mostly into:





My favorite games are:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Kingdom Hearts

Resident Evil

Jak and Daxter

Jet Set Radio Future (even though I haven't played it)

WWE All Stars

Devil May Cry

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Soul Calibur


The World Ends With You

Sly Cooper


Project X Zone


God Eater (Haven't played the game but it looks awesome. I read a few manga)


Prince of Persia

RayMan Origins

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Playstation Allstars Battle Royale

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Anarchy Reigns



My Favorite anime/manga are:

Sands Of Destruction

Soul Eater

C Control

Fairy Tail

Gurren Lagann

Pandora Hearts (though I didn't see whole pieces of episodes, or even finish the anime)

I would say One Piece but I haven't seen that in years


Air Gear

Black Cat

Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Chrome Shelled Regios

D Gray Man

Favorite books:

Animorphs (though I only read that a long time ago (it was still a pretty decent series))

The Hunger Games

Favorite movies:

Scary Movie

Rush Hour


Problem Child


The HangOver

Favorite T.V. shows:

Big Bang Theory

Two and a Half Men

The Office

Code Lyoko

Get Ed (never got to see alot)

Young Justice


Monster Buster Club

Law and Order: SVU

Tron: Uprising

Favorite Quotes

"My that's a snazzy Performance there" - Sonic the Hedgehog

"Now let's be honest guys. I'm not the only one with a little bit of s#!t in my pants now am I" - Deadpool

"PK Fire/Freeze/Pulse/Thunder/Star Storm" - Ness/Lucas

"The number one thing in life: Getting girls" - Me and my friend

"Nanoda Nanoda Nanonanoda/ It really is, it really is, it really really is" - Nenako

"Behold the truth" - Yu Narukami

"A thousand die while a million are born" - Yu Narukami

"Foolishness Dante Foolishness" - Vergil

"And that's how it's done" - Neku Sakaraba

"Your fate is in the cards" - Elizabeth

"A bunch of invalids and a random chick" - Agito

"The arcana is the means by which all is revealed" - Nyx Avatar

"I go by the name Thanatos now. The H stands for Hamazing" - Thanatos

"Probability is a go" - Me

"Getting old sure is tough huh" - Hazama/Terumi

"Look upon heaven and repent" - Toki

"Whoa scary scary" - Hazuma/Terumi

"God d@mn it Noel. . . you're pissing me off" - Ragna

"Kula's bored" - Kula

"Armavirgo" - Bayonetta

"Everyday's . . . Great at . . . your Junes" - Chie

"Dance Ignis" - Relius

"Sword Master/Trickster/Gun Slinger/ Royal Guard/Get Set" - Dante

"Hell awaits you" - Dante

"This is true power" - Spike

"You gotta believe" - Parrappa

"Veeelvet oh Velvet" - Elizabeth

"I Am the Big Bull" - Big Bull

"I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world and plunge them into the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come" - Hakumen

"Do not disappoint me Terumi" - Hakumen

"I make my living as an elevator attendant. But I know several effective ways of inflicting pain" - Elizabeth

"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. I have no master. Well except the wind that blows freely that is" - Sonic

"I'm sick of being called stupid . . . Especially by a moron like you" - Noel

"It's a mystery it is" - Nenako

"The Spy could be in this very room. He could be you, he could be me, he could even be - *BLAM*" - The (Blue) Spy

"S.T.A.R.S." - Nemesis Type-T

"Sebastian the whale washin dolphin" - Lenny

"Let me show you of the power of the Azure. Code S.O.L. Activate BlazBlue" - Hazama


"But I am pure. Pure . . . unadult rated . . . Bad@ss" - Vegita -abridged-

"Bear-sona" - Teddie

"Genesis . . . Emerald . . . Tager . . . Buster" - Iron Tager

"Kuntada Strings" - Adam Blade

"Magnetic World . . ." - Solva

"Judgement Execution" - Adam Blade

Jack Flower: Do you want me to kick you in the nuts?

Hewey: No.

- The Boondocks

Devilotte: Pricess Kaguya. I would be happy to turn some of your excessive baggage into weaponry.

Kaguya: What does she mean by excessive baggage? What does she mean by weaponry?

Haken: Don't worry Princess, they're already explosive enough.

- Project X Zone

Stewey: Yahtzeeeee

Brian: Gay

- Family Guy

Scourge: You sure do have a bad record with women Blue.

Sonic: Not as bad as your fight record Green.

- Sonic Saga

Hazuma: Oh don't get out of your rocking chair for my sake.

Valkenhyne: Shut your mouth you monster.

- BlazBlue

Tucker: I hate my life.

Sam: I hate your life more.

- Danny Phantom

Spy: If you managed to kill them then I assure you they are not like me. And nothing nothing like the man that is inside of the building.

Scout: Oh what are you president of his fan club?

Spy: No that would be your mother.

- Team Fortress - Meet the Spy-

Pit: Cragelanche huh? What are you, a monster truck?

Viridi: Pit huh? What are you, a hole whole in ground?

- Kid Icarus: Uprising

Valkenhyne: Think you can best me Mommy?

Hazama: I the one that brought you into this world. I can sure as s#!t take you out of it.


Toma: D-Did you have to kiss all of them too?

Riemsianne: Of course. It was a very novel experience.

Alisa: Please spare me the details.

- Project X Zone

Recurring Quotes

"Dispatched in mankind's darkest hour, we are knights of the blue flame" - BlazBlue

"I am thou, and thou art I"- Persona

"Everyday's great at your Junes" - Persona 4

"In brightest day and blackest night, no evil will escape my sight, may all those who worship evil's might, beware my power Green Lantern's light" - Green Lantern

"That's what she said"

"Who the he[ do you think I am" - Gurren Lagann

"Restriction 666 released. Dimensional Interface Force-field Deploy." - BlazBlue

"PERSONA !!!" - Persona

"Chaos Control" - Sonic the Hedgehog

"Judgement Execution" - Needless

Favorite Songs

His World- Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

All Hail Shadow - Shadow the Hedgehog/ Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Take Your Way - Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Cross Line - BlazBlue

Love So Blue - BlazBlue

Dreams of an Absolution - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Sky's the Limit - Persona 4 The Animation

Key Plus Word - Persona 4 The Animation

Supporting Me - Sonic Adventures 2

Mass Destruction - Persona 3

Aria of the Soul - Persona

XTC - WitchBlade

Twister - The World Ends With You

Here We Go - Anarchy Reigns

Fog - Persona 4

Battle Hyme of the Soul - Persona 3

Burn My Dread - Persona 3

Reach out for the Truth - Persona 4

Shinsou - BlazBlue

Soukyu no Hikari - BlazBlue

Now I Know - Persona 4 Arena

Iconoclast - BlazBlue

Darkness - Persona 3

Memories of you - Persona 3

Never More - Persona 4

Simple and Clean - Kingdom Hearts

Paper Moon - Soul Eater

Funky Dealer - Jet Set Radio Future

Sanctuary - Kingdom Hearts

This is Madness - Anarchy Reigns


Sonic X Amy - Sonic the Hedgehog

Silver X Blaze - Sonic the Hedgehog

Sora X Kairi - Kingdom Hearts

Roxas X Namine - Kingdom Hearts

Protagonist X Alisa - God Eater

Beat X Gum - Jet Set Radio

YoYo X Rhyth - Jet Set Radio

Yu X Rise - Persona 4

Yu X Yukiko - Persona 4

Yu X Marie - Persona 4

Makoto X Yukari - Persona 3

Makoto X Fuuka - Persona 3

Makoto X Minako - Persona 3

Makoto X Elizabeth - Persona 3

Tatsuya X Maya - Persona 2

Tatsuya X Lisa - Persona 2

Oz X Alice - Pandora Hearts

Simon X Nia - Gurren Lagann

Jin X Xiaoyu - Tekken

Neku X Shiki - The World Ends With You

Layfon X Lerrin - Chrome Shelled Regios

Layfon X Nina - Chrome Shelled Regios

Train X Saya - Black Cat

Train X Kyoko - Black Cat

Kimimaro X Msyu - C Control

Kyrie X Morte - Sands of Destruction


MadLaughter Avatar

My mobian avatar for Sonic stories. He is a rabbit with many different magic powers. He has a cap, small jacket, shirt, pants, boots and fingerless gloves. He sometimes wears a mask with his outfit. There is an ML logo on his cap and jacket.

Cory the Rabbit

A Sonic character I'm developing, for a new fanfic. Cory has black fur, a white muzzled mouth, blue gloves with black fingers, blue and red pants (upper part: blue, lower part: red), red foot guards, and a red scarf. He sometimes wear a blue short sleeve fleece and blue sneakers. He has the ability to manipulate his aura. After his home was destroyed by Doctor Eggman, Cory decided to fight to protect others. During his training with Sonic and his friends, he learns new powers and abilities, such as psychokinetics, super strength, an aura boost, and astro-projection.

Clora the Rabbit

Cory's younger sister. She has red shoes, blue jeans, a black belt, a red shirt with a yellow collar leading down to the buttons, and a red hairband. Her fur is black, with a white muzzle and white hair. After the destruction of her home, Doctor Eggman found her unconscious in the wreckage. She was then turned into a brainwashed soldier, but was saved by Cory and Sonic. Clora's right arm is mechanical, due to an unfinished robotisization process.

Melody the Cat

Cory's girlfriend, who loves to play the flute. She has pink shoes with black laces, beige pants, a purple shirt with three orange stripes running diagonally on the right side of her shirt, and an orange skirt a black line on both sides.

Shadow MadLaughter

A Shadow Self of mine that insults me or speak what's on my mind.

Mary/Black Queen

Mary is half-human half-vampire. She's a supernatural hunter, hunting anything from magicians, to monsters, to aliens. Though she can wield multiple weapons, her main weapons are knives and two fairies that can turn into guns, Nia and Nina. Her number one goal is getting revenge on her father for killing her mother.

Current Projects:

Sonic The Hedgehog: Return of Two Evils

JSRF: Bonds Between Rudies

Later Projects:

Kingdom Hearts

OC Sonic Story

Persona 5: Dreams of Anxiety

BlazBlue X Persona

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