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Well, I welcome you to my Profile page STOP! Here's a few things I allow you to know about me:

I am a heterosexual male, and you need to know nothing else about my social life STOP.

My favorite time period is the Industrial Revolution, in case you didn't notice my STOPs all around... STOP.

My favorite movie is the Green Mile STOP.

My favorite color is green STOP.

I'm Irish STOP.

Ironic, isn't it STOP? Green Mile, green, Irish STOP.

Policy on stories:

I MAY or may not see any requests, because I am a little ignorant STOP. I WILL choke any any all who purposefully aggravate me STOP. I DO NOT do yaoi, yuri, or lemon, because those are out-of-bounds for my own moral beliefs STOP. I do not intend to offend anyone, it's just part of my morals STOP. I try my best to not offend anyone, and if I do so, please notify me in the reviews section STOP. I pride myself in proper grammar, so I will ignore any comments without proper spelling and punctuation STOP. I mean it, even if the idea is good, I will ignore it if there are too many grammar errors STOP.

Staples in stories:

The dialogue box is an explanation of what twists to words stand for, like this STOP.

WAZZAAAAAAP? Is my intro, no further explanation needed STOP.

There is always one chapter with a song in it, regardless of the circumstances in the chapter STOP. The only exception being my first story, which I didn't consider having a song in at the time STOP.

OC list: I don't think this is necessary, but it's on other profiles... STOP. So yeah... STOP.

The Drifters: A race of beings that are between every dimension STOP. They are the ones who manage a dimension, and make sure it doesn't die from Fractures, Time-Space continuum breaks STOP. There are 50 in total, 25 on each side of the universe, with # 1 and # 26 in charge of each, respectively STOP.

# 48: The 48th Drifter, who looks like an Irish American in his Flesh Puppet, an artificial construct that Drifters use to interact with the worlds that they work on STOP. He is dressed in an Industrial Revolution era cloak, and top hat STOP. He also has a pipe he can turn into any kind of tool to suit his current need, and he smokes it fondly STOP. He's also assisted by his two custom designed hounds, Mozart and Beethoven, who he created when he was experimenting with Flesh Puppets STOP. He's very focused on any objective at any given moment, and isn't afraid to create or unleash something drastically powerful to get his way STOP.

# 37: the 37th Drifter, who has a very fond rivalry with 48, and takes every opportunity to embarrass or humiliate him, simply because she can STOP. In Flesh Puppet form, she appears as a Canadian (eh) WWII woman STOP. Normally jokes around more than her 'neighbor' STOP.

Madison: The central plot point in REDs Tiny Big Problem STOP. She's a baby that's mysteriously made her way onto RED turf, and now they have to protect her, and make sure she doesn't get at the Demoman's whiskey STOP! She's apparently capable of learning very fast STOP. Never a good thing when you want to keep a child hidden STOP.

King: The main villain in Bleach: Blade Crasher arc STOP. He appears as a bald, approximately 6'4" Arrancar, with a Hollow Mask fragment as a gas mask over his mouth STOP. He bears a large scar spanning his forehead to the bridge (between the eyes) of his nose STOP. He sounds like Bane from the Dark Knight Rises STOP. He resurrected Syazel Apporo Granz to bring Soul Society down, because he was a follower of Aizen, and a close one at that STOP. Why he was never shown before, you'll just have to wait and see... STOP. He also had Syazel give him a power-up serum, like the original Bane from Batman, which makes him able to take multiple Bankai at the same time, and one ridiculously overpowered Vizard STOP. His zanpakuto is unknown... STOP.

Project B.C: Project Blade Crasher is a small, standard class Hollow which was mutated by Syazel at King's orders STOP. His mask was torn, leaving him with various spots of gaping, open flesh, with one of his eyes becoming human again STOP. B.C is extremely mentally fragile, the experiments not having any good effects on his health, and due to said experiments, he is able to destroy a zanpakuto, and permanently turn any Soul Reaper back into a human soul again STOP. He was injected with a serum that made him be a berserk monster from chapters 2-3 STOP.

Project H.I: Hollow Infector, originally named H.B in his appearance, was a Hollow far more loyal to King than his fellow experiment, B.C STOP. He was designed with the purpose of turning a soul into a Hollow, meaning if he were unleashed into the Rukongai districts, he would have at least three armies for King STOP. He was sadistic, and took pleasure in making anything not a Hollow suffer STOP. He got himself killed after turning Rukia Kuchiki into her suppressed Vizard form in Chapter 4 STOP.

That's all STOP.

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