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The Assassins

Lynn(Mudkip)-The first member and Leader of the Midnight Assassins. When they were abandoned by their trainer, Aurelio Civello, she and her sister Nineve decided to form this team to rid the world of bad trainers and Pokemon. She doesn't play games and always seems to be angry, although she does have her sweet moments, like taking care of Trix, who she treats like a daughter. She also knows about the secret hidden deep inside Nineve's soul.

Nineve(Totodile)-Second member of the group and younger sister of Lynn. She's vicious and easily angered, not afraid to have her scales, claws and fangs covered in blood. Many have tried, but only one guy has tried to court her and came out with out deep bite marks and he's the only one to succeed, a Squirtle by the name of Caspian. She pretends not to care about him, but if she catches another girl flirting with him-Aside from Hazel, as she knows the Snivy is joking- She will go on and possibly maim the poor girl.

Hazel(Snivy)-Third Member of the group. She enjoys flirting and teasing guys, but under all that joy is a girl waiting to rip apart any who pisses her off. Despite her flirting, she actually has a mate, a Scrafty named Tonnio. They became True mates after she told her "Origin Story" to her teammates.

Adara(Cyndaquil)-Fourth member of the group. She prefers to get things done with style and grace. She's usually seen dancing around her enemies to dodge and attack. No one in the group knows how she's able to dance like she does, but they enjoy watching her.

Fiala(Treecko)-Fifth member of the group. Although soft-spoken and often shy, one shouldn't take her lightly. She'd kill in cold blood if any harm were to come to her two "children", Nixie and Trix

Kenna(Charmander)-Sixth member of the group. She has an intense desire to protect any and all her teammates, even at the cost of her own life. She also loves to dance and take practice lessons with Adara, so that when she finds her true mate,she'll have many different ways of teasing him...

Seventh Member of the group. She's the the best thief in the group and she knows this, so she's always willing to do missions that involve thievery in some way. On her ears are a pair of ruby earrings that she got from her good thieving buddy, a Sableye named Azarias.

Eighth Member of the group. He decided to join the team years ago to escape from his past, something he's still running from. What he doesn't know is that a very old friend of his, Semillas the Whimsicott, is looking for him. Although he's really a guy, he's pretending to be a girl, which is pretty hard to do when he's surrounded by so many females.

Ninth member of the group. This feisty Torchic can often be pushy and aggressive when things are going wrong, with often comes back to bite her when she's to occupied by anger to dodge in-coming attacks. She also gets a bit touchy when it comes to how she ended up in the group, usually changing to subject to avoid it.

Tenth member of the group. The other girls often get at her for being TOO trusting. Her trusting attitude is what causes most guys to avoid the team at all cost, as any guy who tried to take advantage of her got a severe beat down.

Eleventh member of the group. Because of her bossy attitude and the pride that her species is known for, its difficult to make friends or find a mate like the others. But over the years, she's been getting less and less bossy and more friendly.

Twelfth member of the group. She greatly enjoys doing all the cleaning and organizing of files and books in the base. Despite her usually happy nature, she'll go off like a rocket if you screw up her work.

Thirteenth member of the group. This laid back squirtle rarely ever shows worry or fear, preferring to stay relaxed in difficult situations. This attitude often rubs off on the other girls when they have no missions for the day.

-Fourteenth member of the group. She comes from a line of powerful Grass-types, and as such, is a bit oppressive of her true power. She's afraid if she goes all out she'll hurt her friends more than she does the enemy.

Fifteenth member of the group. She has a potential to be strong, but is afraid to show it due to an accident many years ago with her old trainer. Its because of her inability to show any power that he released her.

Sixteenth member of the group. Despite her ditzy and childish attitude, she's actually popular with males, even those outside her egg-group. The others often come to her for male troubles, but the poor Buneary often ends up hit on the head cause she's not the best advice giver.

-Seventeenth member of the group. Don't let her cute looks fool you or you'll end up in a body bag. She hates being called "cute" and wants to be looked at as strong. With her powerful punches and kicks she can spill a lot of blood while on missions. She and Nineve have a friendly rivalry to see who can kill the most while in the field.

Eighteenth member of the group. A clever Pikachu who, despite her sweet outlook, loves to kill those who deserves it. She's completely devoted to her mate, Leon the Raichu and also seems to have hidden connection to Unne. She also seems to to be keeping a deep secret about her little sister, Chimere.

Nineteenth member of the group. She, along with Nixie and Trix, is one of the youngest to join the team, and as such, don't get to go on many missions, the missions that they do go on mostly involve patrolling a certain area. She can't wait to go on her first killing missions.

Twentieth member of the group. With her cold eyes and cute face, guys often come after her, but are quickly sent crying when they feel the sting of her tail, its been said to "Hurt like a bitch". She, like Lynn, is usually the one to send the others girls out on missions and helps to bring in money, with her Best Friend Souris, to expand their home.

Twenty first member of the group. There's nothing in the world that can get this energetic girl to stop running around, she could even run a one hundred mile marathon without ever getting tired. The others often wonder where she gets this much energy, but often come out with headaches.

Twenty Second member of the group. No one is really sure why this jolly little Dragon-type likes icecream so much, but they don't call her out on it, until they discover a lot of there money has been spent on the frosty goodness. She and Halona often compete in friendly eating contest to see who can eat the most.

Lapis(Cubone)-Twenty Third member of the group. This silent Cubone never really speaks, but the others enjoy her company, as she never complains when they do something stupid or crazy, like pranking a Tyranitar. She also never answers the question "Where did she get her skull?", as she states that both her parents are living.

Nagina(Meowth)-Twenty Fourth member of the group. This sassy Meowth isn't afraid to state whats on her mind, even if it hurts her teammates feelings. The reason she tells the truth all the time is because lying is what got her kicked out of her old pack back in Celadon City. This attitude is what often causes her an "That annoying pink smudge of a SKitty" Blossom to argue. She also hates how everyone thinks she likes to chase balls of yarns and paw at cat toys.(Which she does, but she doesn't want EVERYone to know.)

Twenty Fifth member of the group. She, like any of her other species, loves to chase rubber balls and her own tail, along with the tails of her teammates. Its cause of this that Nagina often swipes at the poor Skitty. Despite this playful attitude, she's not to be taken lightly, as she's a fierce and deadly fighter, her arguments with Nagina got her like this.

Twenty Sixth member of the group. This adorable ball of hot fur is often seen patrolling around the base in search of any who wish to cause harm to her and her teammates. This loyal behavior is what causes the others girls to make her special steaks when ever she returns to base.

Twenty Seventh member of the group. She takes great pride in her in her fleece, and as such, likes to keep any items her teammates find in it. Its mostly jewels(Which she greatly enjoys to polish) and rare coins. She zap almost anyone that tries to reach into her fleece and take items, even if she's asleep.

Semele(Phanpy)-Twenty Eighth member of the group. She's usually the one to settle dispute between her teammates(namely Nagina and Blossom). She ones of the most well liked members of the team, as she can easily understand most arguments and settle them before they get out of hand.

Twenty Nineth member of the group. This poor Zorua just can't catch a break. She's pretty clumsy and often breaks things, which in turn cause some of the other members to yell at her. But even with this drawback, she's a powerful fighter and strives to be liked among her team.

Thirtieth member of the group. She's perhaps one of the strongest members on the team and can easily prove it by her mission records. Thought, she can get on the other's nerves cause she's always going on about how she's the "Ace in the hole".

Thirty First member of the group. Its difficult to outsmart this tricky vixen, as she usually has an answer for everything. She likes to think things through carefully before putting a plan into motion.

Thirty Second member of the group. She's a cute and friendly teddiursa, but would kill if someone stole from her secret honey stash. She also loves to use the sweet smell of honey to attract her enemies to finish them off.

Thirty Third Member of the group. She's always talking about how she and her Trainer, Ario Winston, want to open up a worldwide Noodle Shop named "Noodle's Galore". She and he have been saving up money for a few years now and almost have enough to open up there first shop.

Thirty Fourth member of the group. She's quick on her feet and quick to put her powers to use. She proud of her species ability to counter moves and enjoys being called on to go on missions.

Thirty Fifth member of the group. Everyday this silly Psyduck dressed up like one of her many teammates. But she NEVER acts like them, she just puts on a costume, keeps her confused face, and just walks around while dressed like her friends.

Thirty Sixth member of the group. She's known to be the most civilized of her friends, and is one of the only two, the other being Halona, to still have a trainer. She's usually sent on "City Missions", as she's the best when it comes to navigating around the city and she knows many of the resident. She also has a secret sadistic nature that comes out when she's "On the Hunt" for the target.

Thirty Seventh member of the group. This Wooper always manages to keep a smile on her face, even in the face of extreme danger. No one knows how or why she always has a smile on her face, but they don't dwell on it. They actually enjoy the seeing her smile, it usually brings a smile to there own faces.

Nixie(Azuril)-Thirty Eighth member of the group. She, like Trix, has been apart of the group since they hatched. She and the young Togepi first set there eyes on Fiala, and now see the Treecko as there Mother, who sees no objection with this. Nixie's usually the one to keep her two friends, Trix and Chimere, out of trouble, but more often then not gets pulled along

Thirty Nineth member of the group. This young Togepi has quite the attitude in her. She doesn't care who you are or how strong you are, she'll fight back if challenged. This attitude often causes her and her "sister" to get into trouble. Fiala often gets onto her for dragging Nixie into trouble like that, and she knows she should change, but she just can't help it.

Aether(Latios)-Fortieth member of the group. The first(Known) guy to join. He was found by Kenna and Ladon while he was be chased by a couple of bounty hunters. He was almost caught, but Kenna stuck up for him and took him in. Ever since his parents were killed in an attack on the Dragon-type Kingdom, he's been alone and has been training to defeat the Druddigon who took his parents away; Vladimir. Out of everyone on the team, he likes Kenna the most, as she's a maternal figure to him, something he needs. He's serious and intelligent and likes to race, often winning due to his speed.

Human OCs

[Trainer Data: Naia Labelle]

Kalos Team

1: Chesnaught [MALE-GRASS/FIGHT]


3: Meowstic(Shiny) [FEMALE-PSYCHIC]

4: Krookodile [FEMALE-GROUND/DARK]


6: Chandelure [MALE-GHOST/FIRE]

7: Aerodactly [MALE-ROCK/FLYING]


Unova Team


2: Scolipede [FEMALE-BUG/POISON]

3: Whimsicott [FEMALE-GRASS/FAIRY]

4: Cofragrigus [MALE-GHOST]

5: Castform [MALE-NORMAL]

6: Absol [DARK-MALE]

7: Porygon-Z [NONE-NORMAL]

8: Rhyperior [MALE-GROUND/ROCK]

Sinnoh Team


2: Alakazam [MALE-PSYCHIC]

3: Ambipom [MALE-NORMAL]

4: Blissey [FEMALE-NORMAL]

5: Yanmega [MALE-BUG/FLYING]

6: Abomasnow [MALE-GRASS/ICE]


Hoenn Team

1: Sceptile [FEMALE-GRASS]

2: Zoroark [MALE-DARK]

3: Galvantula [MALE-BUG/ELECTRIC]


5: Hitmonlee [MALE-FIGHT]

6: Milotic [FEMALE-WATER]

7: Druddigon [MALE-DRAGON]

8: Beartic [FEMALE-ICE]

Johto Team

1: Typhlosion [MALE-FIRE]




5: Tentacruel [MALE-WATER/POISON]

6: Ursaring [FEMALE-NORMAL]


8: Smeargle [MALE-NORMAL]


Kanto Team


2: Raticate [MALE-NORMAL]

3: Sandslash [FEMALE-GROUND]

4: Flareon [FEMALE-FIRE]


6: Hariyama [MALE-FIGHT]

Character Bio-

Name: Naia Labelle

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: "I stand at four feet and five inches. I'm not the tallest person, but my height is what it is. I have an athletic build from all my years of traveling, I'm not too buff but i'm not too skinny either. My thighs could use some shrinking, though. I have dark skin, which I got from my father and bright amber eyes, which I got from my mother. My hair, that use to be long enough to reach my lower back, is black, straight and shoulder length. I also have a rather nasty scar on my stomach, which I got after nearly being robbed on my first journey through my home region. I've also got a burn mark on my left shoulder from when Tepig burned me."

Attire: "Growing up in Snowbelle City with my father, I grew to love the color white due to the year round snow that fell. As such, I almost always wear white;. The attire that I wore around Kalos consisted of a snow-white front-wrap dress with gold trimmings, a pair of ankle strap wedge sandles and my white bag to carry around all my items. I WAS going to wear heels, but those would have been annoying to walk around in. And of course I can't forget my scar, which is the same color as my dress, that my mother made me before I left on my journey."

Personality: "A lot of people will tell you that i'm snobby, hard to get along with or don't really care about people around me. I'll be blunt and say that they're right. I have my own problems to worry about, so why would I waste my time with yours? Not say that i'm all bad. I can be sympathetic if I want to be, maybe even help you out if I have nothing better to do, but don't expect me to help you with every single problem that you have. I'm not a complete snob either. I'm in no way a spoiled brat and I sure as hell don't whine when I don't get my way. I just don't much care for most people I guess, aside from a few key people. One of such being my eternal rival and I guess my best friend. A girl who goes by the name of 'Usagi Nishimura' and is a complete pain in my ass...but is also one of my closest friends."

Likes: "What do I like? Being with my Pokemon is one of them but then again, that's a given for most trainers isn't it? What else...battling and traveling! ..Which again is what most other trainers like to do. Hmm..snow. I love snow and the color white. All the time I use to spend outside were some of the best times of my life, so you can imagine my face when I got to Snowpoint City in Sinnoh. What would my favorite food be? I've eaten plenty of unique meals over the years but my favorite would have to be...'Coq Au Vin'. A Kalos dish of chicken braising that usually has wine, lardons and mushrooms. Some people eat it with garlic as well, but i'm not a big fan."

Dislikes: "I dislike plenty, but i'll save you the troubles of remembering it all and only list the simple things. First off, I hate people that flaunt there power, or money. If you're so strong why be arrogant about it? You're not being a good role-model for younger trainers. Second I guess would be loud and obnoxious people. Snowbelle City was always a quiet little town, so i'm not use to them, so they annoy the heck out of me most of the time. Warm weather. Again, Snowbelle City was cold, so i'm not use to warm weather either. You can imagine how fun Hoenn was for me. Last, but not least, my 'Bodyguard'. I wouldn't exactly say I HATE him but I certainly didn't need him, at least that's what I thought. Sometime after I started my journey my mother saw it fit to hire a Bodyguard for me since there were many reports of thugs roaming around the Kalos Region. I hated the idea at first but over time I grew to like him. Don't tell him I said that."

Home Town and Region: "Kalos, obviously. Snowbelle City."


Pokemon Team- Kalos

Chesnaught [MALE-GRASS/FIGHT]- "My guardian. My protector. My knight in green armor. This guy right here is the first Pokemon I ever owned and one of the first I ever met. You see, my mother and Sycamore are old friends, so whenever I had to go to Castelia City to visit her, she'd let me go to Sycamore's lab, with his permission of course. Out of all the Pokemon he had at his lab at the time, I singled out a Chesnaught, my chesnaught's father. He was a blast! He was a large, jovial giant who always took time out of his day to play with me. Byond that he was also the lab's self-appointed guardian. Nothing ever got past him. The day that he took out three burglers, and there pokemon, at once is what made me decide to train up a Chespin when I grew older. Once I was age, I arrived at Sycamore's lab and got to pick my Pokemon, a little chespin to call my own. He may not be as jolly as his father, but he still went onto become my most loyal and powerful Pokemon. I've used him in just about every important battle i've been in. I can't even begin to tell you how many times he's protected me and my other Pokemon with that dense shell of his. I probably wouldn't be here if not for him."

Location- "He's currently living at Sycamore's lab, like all my other Pokemon, in peace. And he's also likely the father of the Chespin he gives out to starting trainers."

Bibarel [MALE-NORMAL/WATER]- "I can hear the laughter and whispers now; 'Ha! This girl thinks she can get by with a BIBAREL?! get real!'. I remember it all too well. Let me tell you about my Bibarel. He doesn't know who you are and he doesn't care too know, either. He doesn't care about how popular you, how much money you have or what position of power you're in. To him, you're just an enemy standing between him and victory. You're probably wondering how or why I even caught a Bidoof in the first place. When I was starting out I decide to head to Route 22 before challenging my first gym to catch myself a Riolu. Lo and behold, I found one! ..But it was bruised..along with a majority of the pokemon on that route. Apparently a rogue Bidoof has been battling and defeating the other Wild Pokemon for days. Intrigued, I battled the Bidoof and was surprised that the rumors on how strong it was were true. Of course, I had to capture with, which I did. It was a very rocky relationship, as I wasn't the nicest trainer and bonded with my Pokemon. Just battled. It wasn't until sometime down the road that I finally gained his trust and respect. I was robbed, basically. But instead of protecting me, he allowed me to get stabbed by the robber. I probably would have died if Chesnaught didn't help. I was majorly...MAJORLY pissed and confronted him. According to him, he had no connection or bond with me, so of course he wouldn't feel anything if I would have died. He was right. I only wanted Pokemon for power and so that I could go anywhere I want. And from that day I made an effort to bond with all my Pokemon."

Location- "That's classified. After what happened in Sinnoh I sent him along with Usagi's Raichu and Pachirisu to look after the Shaymin we encountered."

Meowstic [FEMALE-PSYCHIC]- "Ahh, the first female on my team and certainly not the last, and if I didn't know any better, i'd say that Bibarel has a soft spot for her, which she seems to return. Meowstic's a pretty odd girl. You know how most of there species shows disinterest in almost everything? She's not like that in the slightest. She was even like this as an Espurr, from what I know anyway. Apparently she was pretty well known and welcomed in Camphrier Town. Always giving lonely people flowers and hugs, helping people with grocery and even with cooking! But someone made the fatal mistake of lifting up her ear...and blasting a large hole in the Shabboneau Castle. Instead of taking the blame like a man, the person put all the blame on her and got her run out of town. And this is where I come in. After hearing the stories of this 'dangerous' Espurr I set out to find and capture her, along with revealing the truth. Long story short, she joined my team and we found out what REALLY happened that day. I hear the guy is still cleaning up the town for his mistake."

Location- "She's currently back at Sycamore's lab, but she's also allowed to travel to Camphrier Town."

Krookodile [FEMALE-GROUND/DARK]- "A wild and battle-happy girl who reminds me of another girl I know. When I first met her on Route Nine, she was just a little Sandile filled with a crap-ton of spunk. Somewhat like Bibarel she had been attacking both wild Pokemon and any human who crossed her path. But unlike the grumpy beaver, she had a reason for her actions. Weeks before I arrived a group of poachers had arrived to capture the pokemon on the route and in the Glittering Cave. They were driven away by the authorities and the wild pokemon but many were injured, one being a Krookodile, her mother. So instead of trusting a human to help her mother out she set out to attack anyone that came by while her many siblings brought back food, one of those being attacked being me. But being me I didn't back down and fought her back. I'll admit, when I saw that Krookodile in such a bad condition it broke my heart so I set out to help them. It took a couple of days but Mama Krookodile was back up, but with a limp. Before I could leave th continue my journey she wanted to thank me by joining my team. After a pretty intense battle I caught her and she became a real powerhouse."

Location- "Back with my other Pokemon. I hope she's not tearing up Sycamore's Pokemon Sanctuary."

Drapion [MALE-POISON/DARK]- "This guy. This guy right here is really...something. Always with the hugging and crying. Timid? No. Just a big baby. MY big baby. I originally found him as an egg on Route 14. I know, I know, I stole it, right? Truthfully, I waited in Lumios City-to stay out of the rain-to see if its parents would come back, checking back each day to see. But no oen came and by the time I DID take it, the egg already hatched. Since I was the first thing he saw upon hatching he thought I was his 'Mama'. It was annoying at first to have him always cuddling and pinching me but over time I grew very fond of him, thinking of him as my own son. To other he appears to be this timid, gentle giant. But he's not timid at all. After any battle he wins he always gives me a hug and just plain refuses to to go to sleep unless I give him a kiss on the head. Reminds me of me when I was litle, really."

Location- "With the rest of my Pokemon. Hopefully not driving Sycamore mad."

Chandelure [GHOST/FIRE]- "The last Pokemon of my main Kalos team but certainly not the last I caught in my home region. I met this guy in the Lost Hotel between Route 15 and 16. After the lackluster scare from the 'Haunted House' on Route 14, Usagi wanted to visit a REAL haunted area. What better place than the Lost Hotel? Needless to say, this place was pretty terrifying. Ghost-Types were everywhere...along with the human and pokemon they possessed. We didn't want to risk any our Pokemon getting seriously hurt so we ran as far away as we could from the possessed beings. I'm not sure how long we ran but we eventually reached the back room, which housed the Lost Hotel's 'leader', a little Litwit. Though, despite his small size he was no pushover and really fought back when we confronted him. But once I defeated and captured him he and his ghost buddies let everyone go free. Even though I met this guy during a life or death situation he's fiercely loyal to me, but is still prone to possess people and force them to do things. Its gotten me in a lot of trouble."

Pokemon Team- Unova

Emboar [MALE-FIRE/FIGHT]- "The first Pokemon I received in Unova when I had to leave my original team back home. While not as bulky-as in, defensive-as Chesnaught, he's more than proved that he's just as powerful and loyal. It was thanks to my bodyguard that I was even able to obtain him from Professor Juniper. Back when he was a Tepig he was very rambunctious and prone to anger. Its for this reason that he was the only Pokemon I COULD receive, as the other trainers found him too dangerous for them to train. I aimed too-and succeeded- in proving them dead wrong. While he was difficult to work with in the beginning, he eventually started to listen to me once I heard his..'story'; Apparently all he ever wanted to do was travel the region, battle the gyms and just get stronger. But the Oshawott and Snivy he was always paired with were always chose over him, causing him to be left all alone. So he just became angry. Angry at the world, angry at himself and angry at people. He would always attack anyone who approached him, aside from Juniper, whether they were going to pick him or not, which caused people to avoid him. He attacked me, or course, but I didn't stop. In his shock I had picked him up and hugged him. I think he realized that I wasn't going to leave him alone and just accepted the hug. After I set him back down I asked him if he'd be willing to join me on my Unova travels. He looked reluctant, which is understandable, so it took him about three minutes before he gave me a nod and I could make out the faintest of smiles on his face. Tepig in tow, I set off on my newest journey, where he became one of my strongest Pokemon through Unova."

Location- "Sent him back to Kalos so he could meet all my other Pokemon. I hope he doesn't think I abandoned him."

Scolipede [FEMALE-BUG/POISON]- "Another oddity of my team. Compared to other Scolipede she's real...gentle and motherly. In fact when I found her as a Venipede she was busy nursing Tepig, who had been knocked into the river after we were double teamed in the dark grass, back to health. Once Tepig woke up after being knocked out, I could just sense that there was an instant connection between two. Not love, per say, but more of a strong bond was formed between them in such a short time. I could and should have brought him too a Pokemon Center, but he refused and only accepted Venipede's aid. It took a day or two before he was back to perfect health. But once again, he refused my orders. He was begging me to bring the Venipede along on our journey and wouldn't budge until I obliged. Venipede herself was looking hesitant. I don't think she was so keen on the idea of leaving her old home and friends behind, but with enough begging from Tepig she allowed herself to get caught and join our team, to which Tepig was very grateful for. Over the course of our journey she continued to nurse me and the rest of my pokemon, while also improving her bond with Emboar. They were practically inseparable and did just about everything together."

Loction- "The lab, of course. I couldn't separate these two best friends. She's going to LOVE Drapion."

3: Whimsicott [FEMALE-GRASS/FAIRY]-


4: Cofragrigus [MALE-GHOST]- "Abandoned. Lost. Alone. Forgotten. ...Murderer. All words I can use to describe this guy. I don't think he'd like it if I told his story but i'm going too anyway, so bear with me. I found him wondering the Relic Castle as a Yamask, you know the place in the Desert Resort. I don't know why I went there. I didn't want any of the Pokemon on Route 4 or in the Desert Resort, but I just found myself drawn there. What I found still haunts me. Dead bodies. Everywhere. Blood leaking from the ceiling, splattered on the walls and pooled on the ground. The smell was horrible. The bodies were mostly that of the Pokemon that lived in and around the Relic Castle, but I saw a few human mixed in. This guy, a small Yamask, was the cause of all this! It wasn't long before I encountered him in those sandy tunnels. I should have ran, I wanted too! But my legs wouldn't budge. We stared at each other for a good ten minutes before he started to slowly float towards me. He was muttering incoherently, as if he was telling me none of this was his doing, which he was. I didn't buy it. I didn't want to stick around, so I ran. As fast as I could down those tunnels. I quickly got lost down there and had nothing on me but my Pokemon. I found more dead bodies down there in piles. I nearly threw up my lunch. So anyway, I got lost. You already know where this story is going, don't you? This 'innocent' Yamask helped me out of the tunnels...before he tried to kill me! Such a sudden change out of nowhere! I battled and defeated him and without thinking, chucked Pokemon and captured him. I was stunned. I didn't want to open the pokeball but I knew I had too. He was calm again. I think he has a split personality. I decided to keep him against my better judgment. He's a pretty calm guy most of the time, but he's very prone to violent outbursts. He's hurt so many people."

Location- "Sycamore must hate me for sending this guy his way. I'm sure he can handle any Pokemon! ..Right?"

5: Castform [MALE-NORMAL]-


6: Absol [DARK-MALE]- "Once again I end up with a Pokemon that acts the opposite of the way they look. That old saying 'Looks can be deceiving' is so true. He's like a big, white fluffy puppy. He's affectionate, likes his belly rubbed and, like Drapion, likes to get kisses from me. He has a child-like mind and I don't think he has an understanding of mating, or even the differences between a male and female. I believe he's been alone his whole life, either abandoned or orphaned, I wouldn't know. I found him near the end of my journey in the Giant Chasm, just a few days after I found Rhydon. He was malnourished, beaten, dehydrating and was on the verge of death. I didn't know who or what would do this to a Pokemon, until a saw a pack of Poliwhirl and Poliwrath surrounding us. I didn't know it at the time, but these Pokemon had practically been bullying Absol for years, they constantly stole his food and water for years, as he had no one to protect him and he was heavily outnumbered. They had apparently beat him so badly because he finally stepped up for himself and stopped giving into their demands. But like I said, I didn't know it at the time, but I still couldn't let this 'crime' go unpunished. Also note that I know I shouldn't get involved in the affairs of Wild Pokemon, but I couldn't just stand back and watch this poor Absol die. So Usagi and I, with my Scolipede and her with her Zangoose, combated the clearly angry water-types. Honestly, they weren't all that tough. Absol was just untrained and outnumbered, Scolipede and Zangoose beat them all easily. Anyway, after we beat them, we quickly rushed Absol to Lacunosa Town and spent the next few days waiting for him to get healed up. He was up and about pretty quickly and thanked Usagi and I with sloppy licks the cheeks. Admittedly, I was shocked. I expected him to be more reserved, aren't Absol known for that? Maybe he didn't get the memo. It wasn't until he was fully healed that we got to see the real him; He's like a puppy despite all that he went through. He was hopping all about and barking happily. Cute, really. As he healed up, he wanted to come with us instead of living in that dusty old cave. I was hesitant, since he wasn't exactly the strongest and I was pretty late in my Unova Journey, but eh, I like a challenge, remember? So I took him in as my own. My very own 'puppy'. It took us a while, about a week or two, to get him up to speed with the others. But he became quite the powerhouse despite acting the way he does. Its due to this strong bond that he can Mega Evolve."

Location- "He's at the lab with the others. Who knows, maybe he's found himself a mate now."

7: Porygon-Z [NONE-NORMAL]


8: Rhyperior [FEMALE-GROUND/ROCK]- "Ok, before I start I just want to say that SHE attacked ME. Apparently she was just protecting her territory, or what she had of it, up on Route 14. I know what you're thinking: "Wild Rhydon aren't found in Route 14". But wild RHYHORN are found in the nearby White Forest. I'm not exactly sure when but five or six years ago she, when she was still a Rhyhorn, was forced out of White Forest for being too aggressive. Its weird, really. Aren't the people there suppose to be living in peace and harmony with Pokemon? I guess they can't handle EVERYthing. Anyway, instead of dying from the stronger wild Pokemon on Route 14 or starving, she instead set her sights on becoming much stronger than any pokemon in White Forest could ever hope to be, while also becoming sort of like the 'leader' of Route 14. And theres where I come in, after I had gotten to Undella Town I decided to take a detour to check on White Forest, since it held rare Pokemon. And who did I run into? A powerful and very pissed Rhydon. As you can tell, she wasn't too fond of human and attacked me on sight. When I encountered her I didn't plan on capturing her, as I didn't want this thing rampaging all the time. But guess who wanted to battle her so he could prove that he can take on any challenge? Emboar. And him alone. A battle that probably could have lasted a few minutes instead lasted half an hour. He didn't want my orders or my help, he wanted to do this alone. It was a grueling battle and they were both bleeding profusely, but he still refused my help. I was nearly in tears when she forced her horn into his stomach and spun it like a drill, but he didn't stop. He didn't even seem phased. Ignoring the pain, Emboar grabbed Rhydon around her waists, managed to lift her up despite how heavy she is and slammed her onto the ground. And the battled raged on, I wasn't even sure who's blood was who's anymore. But they eventually stopped due to fatigue and seemed to come to an understand; Emboar just wanted a chance to prove to me that he can overcome any obstacle if he tries and it seemed like Rhydon just wanted a worthy opponent. And to get stronger. I still didn't plan on catching her but Emboar almost demanded I did and wouldn't be the first time he's gotten me to capture a Pokemon."

Location- "Sycamore's Lab. From what I hear she and Emboar still have sparring battles, but they're not nearly as bloody. Thank god for that."

Pokemon Team- Sinnoh

1: Empoleon [FEMALE-WATER/STEEL]- "I'm going to put it lightly; Empoleon is a bitch. I love her and enjoy having her around, but she' a REAL priss. I could have easily chosen Turtwig or Chimchar, but I instead went with the stuck-up Piplup. What in the world was I thinking? I knew what I was getting into when I chose her. But why did I do it? I had nothing to prove to anyone by taking on this Pokemon as my Sinnoh starer. But I did anyway. Like I said, I love my Pokemon, but she's really something. In fact, when she was a Piplup she was always wanting me to carry her-outside of her Pokeball, might I add- and refused to eat anything unless it was perfectly cook. ..Reminds me of me, actually, back when I first started out in Kalos. Anyway...she followed my orders perfectly in battle, but outside she was a nightmare. Always doing things on her own without my OK, being nosy and going into places she shouldn't and acted like she was the most important thing in the world. You probably think I tamed this girl and she's a model of society, huh? Well no, she's still stuck up. Just much less than she was when we first started."

Location- "Maybe Sycamore can melt that cold exterior of hers."

2: Alakazam [MALE-PSYCHIC]- "If I had one word to descibe my Alakazam it would have to be...calm. Out of all the Pokemon i'v captured over my exteded journey, he has to be the most level-headed. ...Until he gets his 'fix'. No, not drugs. I'd never allow my Pokemon to do that. I mean candy. He has a HUGE sweet tooth. Though that's probably my fault. Back when he was an Abra I decided to lure him out with a bag of candy, thinking that it would actually work. Which it did much to my to credit. He absolutely loved the stuff and if I had to guess, I'd say that his favorite is candy cigars. He says they make him look more sophisticated than he already is. I respect him and he respects me and while he's a powerful battler, I think he only sticks around cause I keep giving him the sweet stuff."

Location- "Sycamore's lab. From what I know he apparently teleports my other Pokemon to various locations, but only if they have the right 'payment.'"

3: Ambipom [MALE-NORMAL]- "This poor guy. He's jolly, atheletic and agile...but he tries to be a thief. There had been reports in Floaroma Town about an Aipom stealing from homes and shops, but was too quick for anyone to catch. And then I came along. I didn't come thinking I was going to catch this Pokemon. The thought of looking for it never even crossed my mind. But these things always happen to me. We had camped out on Route 205 before heading to Eterna Forest, as it was dark out. Not two hours into my sleep did I hear something-or someONE- digging into my bag.


4: Blissey [FEMALE-NORMAL]-


5: Yanmega [MALE-BUG/FLYING]-


6: Abomasnow [MALE-GRASS/ICE]-




Pokemon Team- Hoenn

1: Sceptile [FEMALE-GRASS]- "So, you know how the Treecko line is known to be cool, calm and not afraid of any opponents they face? Well this girl is not like that. Not to say she's bad, far from it! But she's really timid.


2: Zoroark [MALE-DARK]-


3: Galvantula [MALE-BUG/ELECTRIC]-


4: Aggron [MALE-STEEL/ROCK]-


5: Hitmonlee [MALE-FIGHT]-


6: Milotic [FEMALE-WATER]-


7: Druddigon [MALE-DRAGON]-


8: Beartic [FEMALE-ICE]-


Pokemon Team- Johto

1: Typhlosion [MALE-FIRE]-








5: Tentacruel [MALE-WATER/POISON]-


6: Ursaring [FEMALE-NORMAL]-




8: Smeargle [MALE-NORMAL]-




Pokemon Team- Kanto

1: Venusaur [MALE-GRASS/POISON]-


2: Raticate [MALE-NORMAL]-


3: Sandslash [FEMALE-GROUND]-


4: Flareon [FEMALE-FIRE]-




6: Hariyama [MALE-FIGHT]-


Extra Pokemon through the Regions-

Greninja(Shiny) [FEMALE-WATER/DARK]-


Blastoise [MALE-WATER]-








The Region Heroes

Nate's Team







Rosa's Team







Hilda's Team

Samurott(Aldrik)-Nebulia's Father


Ciniccino(Salene)-Leon and Noel's Mother

Lilligant(Aleaha)-Fiala's Mother

Krookodile(Devesh)-Semele's Father

Reunciclus(Shari)-Feriha's Mother

Hilbert's Team

Serperior(Aisley)-Hazel's Mother

Simipour(Naunet)-Nebulia's Mother

Darmanitan(Masou)-Celosia's Father

Zoroark(Avior)-Lunetta's Father

Braviary(Navarro)-Trix's Father

Haxorus(Adalinda)-Summer's Mother

Lucas's Team

Torterra(Volker)-Janna and Xylan's Father

Luxray(Sikke)-Orianna's Father

Floatzel(Corina)-Nerice's Mother

Lopunny(Cherry)[Deceased]-Souris and Chimere's Mother

Lucario(Astor)-Vesta's Father

Glaceon(Solstice)Rossette's Mother

Dawn's Team

Empoleon(Lennox)-Nerice's Father

Roserade(Leilani)-Arrosa's Mother





Brenden's Team

Blaziken(Brielle)-Vesta's Mother

Mightyena(Kaeden)-Brande's Father

Salamence(Alette)-Ladon's Mother

Zangoose(Dedrich)-Chien and Youri's Father

Medicham(Ivonne)-Jupiter's Mom

Absol(Eris)-Orianna's Mother

May's Team

Swampert(Vivianne)-Lynn and Nineve's Mother

Sceptile(Saber)-Fiala's Father

Linoone(Alexis)-Chien and Youri's Mother

Delcatty(Nora)-Blossom's Mother

Aggron(Daedric)-Kenna's Father

Manectric(Tessen)-Blossom's Father

Ethan's Team

Feraligatr(Raptor)Lynn and Nineve's Father

Ampharos(Maverick)-Warisha's Father

Ursaring(Barrett)-Hani's Father

Espeon(Camille)-Hani's Mother

Togekiss(Zephira)-Trix's Mother

Tyranitar(Sage)-Keiren's Father

Crystal's Team

Typhlosion(Keahi)-Adara's Father

Quagsire(Orabelle)-Rillette's Mother

Donphan(Merete)-Semele's Mother

Umbreon(Valcon)-Rossette's Father

Electabuzz(Mercury)-Jupiter's Father

Raichu(Theo)-Leon and Noel's Father

Red's Team

Blastoise(Dax)-Marella's Father

Nidoqueen(Maia)-Marella's Mother

Ninetails(Nuriye)-Nuraya's Mother

Marowak(Zircon)-Lapis and Kanoa's Father

Flareon(Souzan)-Asterion and Tyzair's Mother

Dragonite(Veles)Summer's Father

Leaf's Team

Charizard(Jyoti)-Kenna's Mother

Nidoking(Onyx)-Obsidian's Father

Wigglytuff(Lazuli)-Lapis and Kanoa's Mother

Arcanine(Calida)-Brande's Mother


Wobbuffet(Aegeus)-Feriha's Father

The Elemental Kingdoms

Normal-type Kingdom of Sadharana

Description- This kingdom consists of structures made of stone and white marble. In the middle of the kingdom is a large castle where the King, Queen, Prince/Princess lives. Surrounded the castle is many marble structures of past King and Queens, as if they're still watching out for there Kingdom.

King- Oeil the Watchog King. A tough and stern King who'll most likely beat you down if you doing anything to harm his loyal subjects. Growing up, he would often get bullied because of his big teeth, none of those bullies expected him to fight back, however. Just about every day of school was a battle for him, as the bullies would try to corner and beat him down. But he always came out on top, by the time he got to High school he was feared by most of his fellow studdents(Human AND Pokemon), even some of the teachers feared him. AFter High shcool, he, along with Velvet, decided to go to the Sadharana Kingdom to live in peace, they lived there for a few years before becoming the King and Queen.

Queen- Velvet the Cincinno Queen. A sweet and generous Queen who'll do anything to keep her Husband, son, and those under safe at any cost. As a child, she was Oeil's only friend and had a big crush on him, despite his teeth, in fact, she found them adorable. She was often picked on due to always cleaning up messes around her, along with almost never sticking up for herself. As she grew older, she started to stick up for herself more and more, but still held strong feelings for Oeil. After they had gotten out of high school, they decided to move to another location. Once there, they found a nice house and settled down, that night, she finally revealed her feelings, and found out that he had feelings for her as well. That night, they shared a passionate moment and conceived their first born.

Prince- Alliard the Patrat Prince. He's a bit lazy when it comes to his "Princely" duties, as he prefers to hang out with the other Princes and Princesses, But he'll come around when things get serious. He's unaware that two of the Princesses fight over him.

Location- In the forest near Virdian City.

Grass-type Kingdom of Lavender

Description- A green and large Kingdom filled with lush grass, many flowers and a big variety of berries. The castle of this Kingdom is located at the very end of the kingdom, it, like the other buildings, is entirely made up of glass, like a green house. The Pokemon of this kingdom have been doing this for many generations, as they grow some of the healthiest berries around, so other pokemon tend to steal from them.

King- Zion the Breloom. Originally, he was married to the cruel and heartless queen Harita. He was unaware of how she treated the guards and towns people and never believed anyone when they told him. Out of all the guards, he found Virata's company the best, despite her not being that talkative. This is the reason that Harita accused Virata of sleeping with Zion, even though it wasn't true. Truth be told, Zion DID have feelings for Virata and was enraged when she was banished from the Kingdom. So he left in the middle of the night to find her, but didn't locate her until she had assembled her team of Pokemon to take out Harita. At first he was against killing her, but after hearing from Virata how Harita treated everyone, he was the first to charge in. After the attack, he reluctantly confessed his feeling after everyone made him, Virata also revealed that she had feelings for the King and the two soon married.

Queen- Virata the Cacturne. She use to be cold and lonely, but after being banished from the Kingdom under false accusations, she had to learn to open up and let people help her. After weeks of traveling around and finding pokemon, she finally assembled a team and assassinated the ex-Queen, Harita the Roserade. Originally the other Pokemon were angry and wanted to kill Virata for killing Harita, but thanks to Zion, she's now beloved. After these events, Virata became the new Queen, and the Pokemon that helped her went there separate ways, often coming back for visits.

Location- Deep within Floaroma Meadow.

Dragon-Type Kingdom of Tarragon

Description- One of the largest of the seventeen Elemental Kingdoms. Its old location use to be outside of Opelucid City, but eventually the Kingdom became to small for all the Dragon-types to live there, so they relocated to the old, blocked off Victory Road on Route Ten. This kingdom has no castle, but it does have a throne room, which is located at the very far end of the caves. Many of the old Pokemon living in the caves were scared off on account of the Dragon-types, aside from the Deino which were completely at home with there own kind.

King- Hacha the Haxorus. A righteous and powerful leader who swears to protect his loyal subjects, friends, and family with his very life. He fears nothing and will accept any challenge thrown his way, always going in with his life mate right behind him.

Queen- Ceres the Hydreigon. She's known as a "Guardian Angel" among her subjects as she's always there to look after and assure them whenever Hacha's in a fight. She always gives Hacha her support and almost never goes against his words, she's fully devoted to him.

Prince- Keir the Deino. A naive and fun-loving Deino who enjoys hanging out with his fellow Princes and Princesses, along with his bodyguard and new friend, Summer the Axew. He had met Summer by accident one day when he wandered to far away from his bodyguard, they quickly became friends and she help him get back to Keiren.

Seeing-eye "dog"- Keiren the Larvitar. Seeing as Keir can't see, his parents hired Keiren to do that for him. Keiren takes his job very seriously and never goes against orders, unless he's distracted by his new friend and crush; Arrosa.

Location- Old Victory Road past Opelucid City.

Ice-type Kingdom of Hailstone

Description- A kingdom thats completely made out of ice and snow. Due to the buildings never melting, Many of the houses here are some of the largest in the kingdom. In fact, the castle, which is located at the far end of the Kingdom, can be seen from Snowpoint City. But no human can get there due to it being way below freezing, any human that's tried to get there has frozen before they even step foot in the kingdom.

King-Gelato the Beartic. A stern and serious King who expects nothing but the best from his daughter. He's always pushing her past her limits when it comes to training and studying about the other Kingdom, despite all this, he does show sympathy when he realizes he's being harsh on her, so he'll allow her to go and play with her friends when he feels she deserves a break.

Queen- Nuege the Walrein. A beloved and modest queen who has a real talent when it comes to art. She really enjoys making ice sculptures and feels absolutely ecstatic when others compliment her art. Her art is so good that other artist from the other Kingdoms come to compare there own masterpieces, which she always enjoys doing.

Princess- Soyala the Cubchoo. A generous but stubborn girls who's usually training with her Father instead of being with her friends. On the rare occasions when she's not studying, she, like her mother, enjoys sculpting with ice. Although she's nowhere as good as the Queen, her friends enjoy seeing what she can make.

Location- Miles away from Lake Acuity.

Bug-type Kingdom of Dragonfly

Description- A kingdom that's high up in the trees. The Pokemon in this kingdom are always scurrying and flying up in there tree homes, normally only coming down to get food, go to different locations, or just for fun. The "castle" of this kingdom is in fact the biggest tree in the forest. Because many Pokemon always got hurt trying to get to this kingdom, they decided to make a lift for Pokemon who can't climb or fly.

King- Luzige the Mothim. A jolly and fun-loving King who enjoys being around his family and subjects. But he takes on an almost sadistic personality when the lives of his "people" are in danger, like from bad trainers or fire-types who just enjoy burning things. Despite his jolly nature, some of the Pokemon in his kingdom fear him, after what they saw him do to one of the bad trainers that tried to get into their kingdom.

Queen- Devora the Beautifly. A caring and happy Queen who, like her life mate, enjoys being with her family and subjects. She's never one to raise her voice or attack out of anger, preferring to talk things through before taking action. She's normally seen with the Princess on her back, as the Wurmple can't fly herself.

Princess- Kameli the Wurmple. A timid girl who mostly stutters when talking, even to her friends. Despite this, they accept her with open arms(And wings) and are very patient with her. She has a big crush on the Trapinch Prince, but is unable to even form a single word when talking to him, even with her Mother's help.

Location- Hidden in the trees of Pinwheel Forest.

Fire-type Kingdom of Luminosity

Description- Perhaps the hottest Kingdom there is, many people and Pokemon can't step within a few inches of this place without suffering from heatstroke. The place is filled with lava pits, fire bursting out of cracks in the walls and floor, along with toxic fumes. Its because of this that this kingdom is very rarely attacked by outsiders.

King- Castor the Arcanine. After the old King was killed by a Magmortor by the name of Aatish, he stood up and became the new King. He's fierce and determined to show his subjects that he can be just as good as the old king, but being new, he's struggling and making a few wrong choices.

Queen- Idris the Ninetails. She, along with Castor, had stepped up when the old king was killed and the queen stepped down from the position. Originally the two had no feelings whatsoever with each other, but after an intense night years ago, the two soon fell in love and even had a daughter. She's calm and collected, preferring to stay back and give orders rather then fight herself. Although, she can fight and is pretty powerful battler, best not underestimate her.

Princess- Serafine the Growlithe. An impatient and loud girl who's just as fierce as her father. She loves battling just as much as she loves tracking by smell, much to the dismay of her parents who want her to stay behind to be safe. When she's with her friends she's always challenging them various challenges and battles, but she has a rival with Soyala, who likes the boy she likes; Alliard.

Location- Deep within Stark Mountain.

Water-type Kingdom of Serosity

Description- This kingdom is one of the most dangerous to get to, as its hidden in a large underwater cave, meaning most Pokemon can't get to it without drowning. The "buildings" are mostly made of rocks and coral with seaweed for "doors". The Pokemon don't really use there doors, as they can just swim in through the holes they uses as windows. Because many Pokemon have drowned trying to get to this Kingdom, they made special air bubbles that can hold air for a total of six hours for the air-breathers.

King- Nalin the Slowbro. Despite being a Slowbro, Nalin's not slow or dopey, he's rather intelligent and quick, which is what attracted his life mate. To get this way, he accidentally used his Psychic powers to "unlock" something in his mind that allowed him to get rid of his dopey personality.

Queen- Narissa the Milotic. A beautiful and intellegent Queen who makes other Pokemon wonder how or why she's life mates with a Slowbro. Originally, the two were just friends, best friends in fact, and harbored no feelings for each other. Ever since they met as children they'd always play together, but that all changed when they grew older. Once they evolved, Narissa started to see him in a new light and developed a crush on him, but couldn't bring herself tell him. Then Nalin "unlocked" his mind, she thought she'd have to make the first move, but it was in fact Nalin who did, he revealed that he's had a crush on her for a while now, and ever since, the two have been happy together.

Location- In the ocean between the regions.

Electric-Type Kingdom of Dynamic

Description- A kingdom that's always overshadowed by a threatening black cloud that almost never lets out any rain. Like the Lavender Kingdom, this Kingdom's structures are made out of glass, but not to see there gardens, but so that they won't be destroyed by all the electricity. Most people tend to stay away from this kingdom out of fear of being zapped.

King- Silvio the Luxray. A reckless and aggressive King who enjoys fighting with his twin brother; the King of the Dark-type Kingdom. Like any Luxray, its almost impossible to hide from him when he uses his "X-ray vision". Its because of this that many of his attackers just attack him head-on.

Queen- Aonani the Jolteon. A bubbly and energetic Queen who never runs out of energy. Normally she has a smile on her face, but that can quickly go away if anyone brings up there lost daughter. Their young daughter, who would have been a princess, was kidnap years ago as a cub and was never able to be found.

Prince- Terrell the Shinx. A young prince who's spoiled by his mother. Despite this, he's pretty generous and gives out his toys to the other children of the kingdom, and even had his Father built a mini-castle for him and his friends to play in.

Location- In the forest on Route 222.

Steel-type Kingdom Adamantine

Description- A kingdom made up of some of the strongest metals in the worlds. Past King and Queens have been forifying this kingdom for years to make sure no outside invaders can get through to harm future King, Queens, and subjects. With a giant steel wall surrounding the kingdom, they did a damn good job. The only things NOT steel in this kingdom is the normal furniture they have placed in their homes.

King- Ryker the Empoleon. Unlike others of his species, he prefers a more easy life than being "too arrogant", as he calls it. Its because of this attitude that his peers(Other Piplup) often bullied and walked all over him, even his own siblings! Though this all changed when "She" entered his life. "she" would be his "Princess in beautiful armor", as he likes to call her. "She" is Regina, his now Queen. As children, she would often stick up for Ryker and he always felt bad that she did. But one day, things changed. His older brother, a Prinplup, got tired of Regina and hit her with a Water Pulse that sent her flying into a tree. Ryker, witnessing this, got severely pissed off and attacked his older brother relentlessly until said Prinplup fainted, he quickly ran over to Regina and helped her up. The two stared into each others eyes for what seemed like forever before nuzzling and hugging each other(He couldn't kiss with a beak), she also told him that he "Looked so handsome beating up his brother", which he blushed bashfully at.

Queen- Gina the Aggron. She's the sister of the King of the Tarragon Kingdom; Hacha. She's a strong-willed Aggron who, like her brother, believes in justice and hates to run from a fight. She's the reason Ryker decided to become King in the first place, as she believed they could add more to the Kingdom. Which they did, as the giant wall around the Kingdom has protected it from all sorts of attacks. She loves her kingdom very much and would do anything to keep her subjects safe, especially her King.

Location- Near Oreburgh City.

Flying-type Kingdom of Volitant

Description- A beautiful kingdom in the clouds! Unlike the other kingdom, this one never stays in the same place, as its always moving around. The reason people and Pokemon can live in these clouds is because centuries ago, a magic human cast a spell so that the clouds could hardened and be lived on, all in honor of his partner, a Swellow, who the Kingdom is named after. Although the clouds are hard, they're still soft enough to be able to sleep, walk, sit, and lie on without any trouble. The castle of this kingdom is what seems to be a large cloud tower.

King- Cepheus the Braviary. He's a brave and noble warrior with many battle scars on his chest. Like his close friend of the Dragon-King, he'd rather die than run from a fight. In battle he's a force to be reckoned with, he hits hard and faster, able to take on many opponents at once. Outside of battle however, he's known to be quite serious, but friendly. He never disrespects his Queen or subjects, and hates to ask others to do things for him that he can easily do himself.

Queen- Araceli the Swellow. A sweet but battle-loving girl who's said to be a descendant of Volitant himself. Like her life mate, she's a powerful battler that's able to take on many opponents at once. Together with Cepheus, they're known as the "Heaven's Sky Team", as of yet, no one's been able to beat them in a double air battle. Unlike most of the other King and Queens, Araceli and Cepheus didn't meet as kid, they didn't meet each other until they were teenagers. Gina had introduced the two when Araceli wound up in the Adamantine Kingdom after a terrible storm. Gina couldn't tell at first, but a connection was made as soon as the two flying-types met. The two inched closer to each other until their beaks were just a few inches away, thats when Cepheus asked her out on their first date to the "Dizzy Artist". The date went perfectly and they've been together ever since then.

Princess- Derora the Taillow. An outgoing girl who prefers to hang out with her friends rather than being cooped up in the castle all day. Out of all of them, she's the most talkative, which sometimes gets on the others nerves. She's usually talking to the Prince of the Rock-type Kingdom. Also, like her parents, she can be pretty fierce when it comes to battling.

Location- The clouds above the regions.

Ground-type Kingdom of Kaolin

Description- This is, without a doubt, the biggest of all the Kingdoms. The structures are completely made up reinforced sandstone that's nearly unbreakable. The castle is a large tower-like structure with many floors that reaches up to the clouds. Strangely enough, no human has ever SEEN this kingdom, as its located in the middle of a desert, and no one can get out there without fainting or dying of thirst. The other interesting thing about this kingdom is the underground Kingdom. Its connected to the top by various holes in the many buildings, allowing Pokemon to live on AND under the kingdom.

King- Asellus the Krookodile. A somewhat cocky King who enjoys fighting the other kingdom for fun. Whether he wins or loses, it doesn't matter to him, he doesn't gain nor lose anything. Its all just a game to him.Although, he can and will be a powerful opponent when things get serious, but his cocky attitudes tends to get him trouble.

Queen- Ailana the Flygon. An aggressive girl who's known Asellus since they were teenagers(Second stage evolution). She fiercely loves him and lashes out at anyone who throws out pointless insults. She also hates how human put egg groups on all Pokemon and sought to prove them all wrong when she had a child with Asellus.

Prince- Mahisa the Trapinch. A happy-go-lucky Trapinch who loves to eat snacks and have a good laugh with his friends and parents. Like his father, he enjoys battling and will accept any challenge his friends-namely Serafine- throws at him without hesitation. He also has a secret crush on Kameli.

Location- Above and under the Orre Region

Rock-type Kingdom of Cheronese

Description- This kingdom is made up of some of the strongest stones in the world, only some of the strongest of Pokemon can break them, and even with them it takes great effort. The pokemon of this kingdom enjoy an easy life, yet they work hard to expand there kingdom and find various stones along the way. Many humans pass through this Kingdom, as its famous for finding evolution stones. The castle of this kingdom is located in the middle.

King- Helle the Aerodactyl. The very first king of Cheronese who was revived from his fossil. When he returned to his kingdom, he was quite proud of how far they've come, but was angered at how arrogant and selfish the current King was. He challenged the current king to a battle and dominated him quickly with ease and took back his throne.

Queen-Seneca the Archeops. The very first queen of Chernonese who, like the king, was revived from her fossil. She was also proud how the Kingdom was fareing since her death, but she absolutely loathe how stubborn and terrible the current queen was. She and Helle challenged the current king and queen to a battle and promptly destroyed them with little trouble. Ever since she and Helle returned, the kingdom has been lively and and happy.

Prince- Vireo the Aerodactyl. A patient prince who was born in this time period. Because his parents are from the past, he often has to explain to them technology and other things that weren't in there time. While he's with his friends, he's a chill guy who likes to relax, play games, or just fly around with Derora.

Location- On the side of Mt.Silver

Dark-type Kingdom of Nebulous

Description- Perhaps the most sadistic kingdom there is. Commit any sort of crime here and you'll be met with a grizzly death. They don't care who you are or where you're from, get on there bad side and you'll end up "missing". This kingdom is perhaps the most high-tech of them all, as it has similar structures of those in Black City of Unova, with the castle being made up like Black Tower.

King- Jasper the Absol. A guy that comes off as cold and uncaring. Those that don't know him think he's evil or a murderer, but those that DO know him know that he only acts this way so that his subjects or others don't walk all over him like they did in his youth. Around friends and family, he enjoys pulling pranks with the King of the Ghost Kingdom, and tends to laugh at others misfortune. He also likes to spar with his twin brother, the King of the Electric Kingdom, and he likes to "swap" with him from time-to-time, as he finds Aonani to be quite attracted, and the Electric King finds Jasper's Queen attractive as well.

Queen- Serilda the Liepard. Like the King, she also comes off and cold and uncaring. But that's just a cover-up so that no one asks where she came from. She use to belong to the crime lord known as Alvaro Civello, he had commanded her to infiltrate the Nebulous Kingdom, find a mate, and become the Queen to rule over it. That's when she met Jasper, he was just a regular subject at the time and was just perfect for her. At first she was just using him and was just going along with anything he did, but over time her heart grew heavy as she started to have real feelings for him. Pretty soon the two became the new King and Queen, but she didn't report back to Alvaro, in fact, she broke all contact with him and sneaked back to break her Pokeball to become a wild Pokemon. She enjoys being free and also enjoys "swapping" with with the Queen of the Electric Kingdom, as she enjoys the change in personality of the King.

Princess- Semira the Purrloin. Like her parents, she's cold to those who annoy her or who just plain doesn't like, but around her friends and family she's a sly little kitten who enjoys teasing her friend or drinking from her secret liquer stash. She's also in a secret relationship with the Prince of the Poison Kingdom.

Location- Recently moved to Route 222 to be closer to the Dynamic Kingdom.

Poison-type Kingdom of Miasma

Description- Perhaps the most dangerous kingdom to live in, as its filled with poison gases and clouds. In fact, the only type that can even be here for more than a minute are poison types, any other Pokemon or human would die from all the poison gases surrounding the area. Like the Lavender Kingdom, the structures of this kingdom are made of glass, along with the kingdom being glass dome, so that the poison doesn't affect anymore of the surrounding area.

King- Elon the Nidorino. A silent guy who prefers an to be alone with his mate and child, but unlucky for him-And the Queen- girls like to flirt with him. For some reason, some girls just really like his distant personality and flirt with him when the chance arises, much to his dismay. He's not one to fight, but can and will if anyone threatens those close to him.

Queen- Ivy the Skuntank. A jealous girl who'll attack anyone who flirts with her life mate. She's sick and tried of other females going after Elon, and will normally glare or attack any girl that compliments his looks. She's very protective of her son and will protect him with fierce determination, an angry mother isn't someone to mess with.

Prince- Maziar the (male)Nidoran. A modest guy who likes to help his friends rather than ask them for help himself. He loves to eat snacks with Mahisa and compete in challenges with Serafine, or just hang out and talk. For a long time now he's harbored feelings for Semira, but was unable to tell her. It was then that he learned-from the princess of the Psychic Kingdom- That she also had feelings for him. So he struck up a private conversation with her and started there relation, but they agreed to keep it a secret as they don't know how their parents would react.

Location- Deep within an uncharted area of Teakwood Forest of Oblivia.

Fighting-type Kingdom of Altercate

Description- This kingdom is perhaps the smallest of all, as the Pokemon here don't live in caves, rock formations or steel houses.Instead, they live in tents and huts. The Pokemon of this kingdom are always on the move and rarely stay in the same area for more than a month. They train their bodies by surviving harsh winters, severe storms, and the intense heat of the summer. They train their muscles and moves by using them on large boulder, trees, and by challenging each other or trainers that pass by their camp grounds.

King- Ashur the Blaziken. A sensitive and kind guy who hates to wage or participate in pointless wars or battles. He instead wants an easy life of peace and painting his life mate, or anything else that comes to his mind. He greatly enjoys Zion's-The king of the Grass Kingdom- company, as they're both fighting-types and they both enjoy relaxing and watching the clouds.

Queen- Camilla the Medicham. A battle-born girl who's been fighting since the day she could walk. Ever since she learned her first attack she's been challenging just about anyone to a battle, even her own parents. In fact, this is how she met Ashur, she challenged him one day when he was with his trainer, but lost. So she challenged him again, but lost again. This went on for weeks, she constantly followed and battled him, but lost every time. Ashur's trainer, wanting another strong Pokemon like Camilla, decided to finally catch her so that she and Ashur could battle and train everyday without delay. She still challenged him, but less and less everyday, as she had discovered that she was starting to develop feelings for him and he in return. Eventually the trainer caught on and decided to leave the two at a daycare so that they could make another strong Pokemon. Once there, the two revealed their feelings and started their relationship, but decided to leave their trainer so that they could stay together. That's when they learned of the Altercate kingdom being in the area and went off to join.

Location- Anywhere with a fresh water supply and food.

Ghost-type Kingdom of Phantasm

Description- Behind the Kaolin Kingdom, this is also one of the biggest kingdom, as this kingdom exists in its own realm, outside of the normal universe. This kingdom consists of a large, and I mean VERY large and old mansion that takes up every space of land. All the Ghost-types live in said Mansion and just float around aimlessly without a care in the world. The Ghosts here are known to be a lot crazier and bloodthirsty than the ones that live on the Earth. They also love to eat the evil souls that come there from Earth.

King- Zephyr the Banette. A crazed ghost that likes to scare the living hell out of those who he believes deserves a "Life filled with horror". He also likes to pull pranks with Jasper, but most of the time they get WAY out of hand or just plain sadistic. But if the "prankee" is someone who deserves to be tortured, they don't care and just keep going on with the prank.

Queen- Arima the Mismagius. A creepy girl that likes to laugh, but also loves the dark. Like her mate, she loves the taste and smell of blood, but she also has a fetish for being covered in a load of the stuff, which Zephyr knows and abuses constantly.

Prince- Aiden the Shuppet. A young Ghost who's more sane then his parents, but still enjoys pranking and eating souls. He normally seen with a grin on his face and likes to tease his friends, especially the Princess of the Psychic Kingdom,whom he has a deep crush on.

Psychic-type Kingdom of Clairvoyant

Description- Beside the Dark Kingdom, this kingdom is also one of the more high-tech ones, with structures similar to those of Goldenrod City or Lilycove City. The pokemon of this kingdom live their lives in luxary and complete relaxation. They live this way because they're protected by a large, power force-field that coveres the whole kingdom. So far, only the Dark and Ghost types have been able to get through. The Dark Kingdom could care less about the Psychics and just leave them be, while the psychics currently have a peace treaty with the Ghosts.

King- Gil the Gallade. A very serious guy who almost never cracks a smile. He's never one to joke around or raise his voice, or even get angry. No one's really sure if he even HAS emotions, as his mate and child are the only one's who ever see him show any. In battle, he's ruthless and never loses his cool under stress.

Queen- Karika the Gothitelle. A very friendly girls who's always trying to pull her mate and child into family activities. While Gil is usually stuck in the castle training their daughter, Karika would be outside greeting the subjects with a warm smile and pleasent conversation. She hates how Gil just shuts himself inside the castle and is always trying to get to join her on family activities such as a picnic or just going on a nice stroll through the forest. She's not sure how she ever fell for such a serious guy, but she loves him anyway.

Princess- Mena the Ralts. A calm and polite girl who likes to train with her father and loves to be with her mother just as much as she likes being with her friends. Like her father, she never raises her voice and always keeps a calm demenor under stress. This all changes when she's around her friends, however. Around them, she's a little dare devil who enjoys the thrill danger. She knows Aiden has a crush on her and enjoys teasing and making him blush.

Location- Somewhere in the Kalos Region.

The Devona Family

[Trainer Data: Orfeo Devona]
1: Nereza - Umbreon [FEMALE-DARK]

2: Zane - Houndoom [MALE-DARK/FIRE]

3: Haedus - Crawdaunt [MALE-WATER/DARK]

4: Aldora - Honchkrow [FEMALE-DARK/FLYING]

5: Melantha - Scrafty [FEMALE-DARK/FIGHTING]

6: Tzila - Malamar [FEMALE-DARK/PSYCHIC]

Type- Dark

Position- Father

[Trainer Data: Chenelle Devona]
1: Caol - Vaporeon [MALE-WATER]

2: Tahoe - Lanturn [MALE-WATER/ELECTRIC]

3: Adrielle - Milotic [FEMALE-WATER]

4: Dover - Bibarel [MALE-NORMAL/WATER]

5: Kelde - Samurott [FEMALE-WATER]

6: Ran - Greninja -[FEMALE-WATER/DARK]


Position- Mother

[Trainer Data: Elysia Devona]
1: Levina - Jolteon [FEMALE-ELECTRIC]

2: Arin - Ampharos [MALE-ELECTRIC]

3: Faina - Plusle [FEMALE-ELECTRIC]

4: Raion - Luxray [MALE-ELECTRIC]

5: Orah - Eelektross [FEMALE-ELECTRIC]

6: Urion - Dedenne [MALE-ELECTRIC/FAIRY]


Position-First born child

[Trainer Data: Arsenic Devona]
1: Wisteria - Seviper [FEMALE-POISON]

2: Hyacinth - Nidoqueen [FEMALE-POISON/GROUND]

3: Marlow - Qwilfish [MALE-WATER/POISON]

4: Zevid - Drapion [MALE-POISON/DARK]

5: Belladonna - Scolipede [FEMALE-BUG/POISON]

6: Hemlock - Dragalge [MALE-POISON/DRAGON]


Position- Second born child

[Trainer Data: Aloisio Devona]
1: Gavri - Primeape [MALE-FIGHTING]

2: Cay - Heracross [MALE-BUG/FIGHTING]

3: Myrina - Blaziken [FEMALE-FIRE/FIGHTING]

4: Rainer - Gallade [MALE-PSYCHIC/FIGHTING]

5: Luella - Mienshao [FEMALE-FIGHTING]

6: Aroldo - Pangoro [FIGHTING/DARK]



[Trainer Data: Kendria Devona]
1: Saga - Espeon [FEMALE-PSYCHIC]

2: Alia - Exeggutor [FEMALE-GRASS/PSYCHIC]

3: Olivia - Gardevoir [FEMALE-PSYCHIC/FAIRY]

4: Gemini - Bronzong [STEEL/PSYCHIC]

5: Lahni - Reuniclus [MALE-PSYCHIC]

6: Althaea - Delphox [FEMALE-FIRE/PSYCHIC]



[Trainer Data: Nevara Devona]
1: Isanne - Glaceon [FEMALE-ICE]

2: Tal - Lapras [FEMALE-WATER/ICE]

3: Fannar - Delibird [MALE-ICE/FLYING]

4: Eira - Walrein [FEMALE-ICE/WATER]

5: Moss - Beartic [MALE-ICE]

6: Yule - Aurorus [FEMALE-ROCK/ICE]


Position-Aunt-Chenelle's sister, married to Orpheo's brother.

[Trainer Data: Tytus Devona]
1: Fino - Flareon [MALE-FIRE]

2: Egan - Magcargo [MALE-FIRE/ROCK]

3: Tandie - Torkoal [FEMALE-FIRE]

4: Blaise - Magmortar [MALE-FIRE]

5: Aithne - Emboar [FEMALE-FIRE/FIGHTING]

6: Ignacia - Pyroar [FEMALE-FIRE/NORMAL]


Position-Uncle, Orpheo's brother.

[Trainer Data: Vester Devona]
1: Kaoli - Leafeon [FEMALE-GRASS]

2: Bartley - Venusaur [MALE-GRASS/POISON]

3: Asucena - Jumpluff [FEMALE-GRASS/FLYING]

4: Brin - Cacturne [MALE-GRASS/DARK]

5: Meade - Sawsbuck [MALE-GRASS/NORMAL]

6: Kamau - Chesnaught [MALE-GRASS/FIGHTING]


Position-Cousin, Nevara and Tytus's son.

[Trainer Data: Erion Devona]
1: Ava - Aerodactly [FEMALE-ROCK/FLYING]


3: Eilir - Altaria [FEMALE-FLYING/DRAGON]

4: Hania - Drifblim [MALE-GHOST/FLYING]

5: Laufeia - Mandibuzz [FEMALE-DARK/FLYING]

6: Kele - Talonflame [MALE-FIRE/FLYING]


Position-Cousin, Vester's older brother.

[Trainer Data: Faye Devona]
1: Lunshi - Eevee [FEMALE-NORMAL]

2: Elette - Togepi [FEMALE-FAIRY]

3: Nerida - Jigglypuff [FEMALE-NORMAL/FAIRY]

4: Oren - Snubbull [MALE-FAIRY]

5: Kalen - Cottonee [MALE-GRASS]

6: Faylinn - Flabebe [FEMALE-FAIRY]


Position-Youngest child of Orfeo and Chenelle, Roche's twin sister.

[Trainer Data: Roche Devona]
1: Halle - Aron [MALE-STEEL/ROCK]

2: Orrell - Geodude [MALE-ROCK/GROUND]

3: Jady - Larvitar [FEMALE-ROCK/GROUND]

4: Pelle - Cranidos [MALE-ROCK]

5: Maille - Tirtouga [FEMALE-WATER/ROCK]

6: Kraig - Tyrunt [MALE-ROCK/DRAGON]


Position-Youngest child of Orfeo and Chenelle, Faye's twin brother.

[Trainer Data: Terra Devona]
1: Canyone - Flygon [MALE-GROUND/DRAGON]

2: Pearce - Nidoking [MALE-Poison/GROUND]

3: Peigi - Quagsire [FEMALE-WATER/GROUND]

4: Leigh - Torterra [MALE-GRASS/GROUND]

5: Joia - Krookodile [FEMALE-GROUND/DARK]

6: Dusty - Diggersby [MALE-NORMAL/GROUND]


Position-Aunt, Orfeo's Older sister.

[Trainer Data: Draco Devona]
1: Vasuki - Druddigon [MALE-DRAGON]

2: Nodin - Dragonite [MALE-DRAGON/FLYING]

3: Cassander - Kingdra [MALE-WATER/DRAGON]

4: Vyona - Salamence [FEMALE-DRAGON/FLYING]

5: Memphus - Garchomp [MALE-DRAGON/GROUND]

6: Assane - Goodra [FEMALE-DRAGON]


Position-Great Uncle, Aloisio's Brother.

[Trainer Data: Kawaida Devona]
1: Aruna - Fearow [MALE-NORMAL/FLYING]

2: Chaisse - Girafarig [FEMALE-NORMAL/PSYCHIC]

3: Amalia - Zangoose [FEMALE-NORMAL]

4: Bonzia - Porygon-Z [NORMAL]

5: Keane - Watchog [MALE-NORMAL]

6: Amos - Heliolisk [MALE-ELECTRIC/NORMAL]


Position- Great Aunt, Draco's Wife.

[Trainer Data: Zake Devona]
1: Ciri - Chandelure [FEMALE-GHOST/FIRE]

2: Dusek - Gengar [MALE-GHOST/POISON]

3: Nirvana - Mismagius [FEMALE-GHOST]

4: Melusine - Sableye [FEMALE-GHOST/DARK]

5: Gentian - Jellicent [MALE-WATER/GHOST]

6: Autumn - Gourgeist [FEMALE-GHOST/GRASS]


Position-Cousin, Draco and Kawaida's Son.

[Trainer Data: Steel Devona]
1: Cressida - Excadrill [FEMALE-GROUND/STEEL]

2: Aurel - Skarmory [MALE-STEEL/FLYING]

3: Jade - Mawile [FEMALE-STEEL/FAIRY]

4: Zilar - Lucario [MALE-FIGHTING/STEEL]

5: Urrea - Durant [FEMALE-BUG/STEEL]

6: Vajra - Aegislash [STEEL/GHOST]


Position-Cousin, Zake's younger brother.

[Trainer Data: Mushi Devona]
1: Vedalia - Ledian [FEMALE-BUG/FLYING]

2: Beckett - Beedrill[MALE-BUG/POISON]

3: Bine - Armaldo[MALE-ROCK/BUG]

4: Jelissa - Vespiquen [FEMALE-BUG/FLYING]

5: Nukago - Volcarona [MALE-BUG/FIRE]

6: Debbi - Vivillon [FEMALE-BUG/FLYING]


Position-Cousin, Erion and Vester's adopted sister.

[Trainer Data: Elenore Bellini]
1: Jemima - Blissey [FEMALE-NORMAL]

2: Almonde - Alakazam [MALE-PSYCHIC]

3: Butterscotch - Arcanine [MALE-FIRE]

4: Lollipop - Weavile [FEMALE-DARK/ICE]

5: Mint - Serperior [MALE-GRASS]




[Trainer Data: Raylen Lavoie]
1: Alayna - Ninetails [FEMALE-FIRE]

2: Joli - Slurpuff [FEMALE-FAIRY]

3: Noam - Politoad [MALE-WATER]

4: Belmont - Sandslash [MALE-GROUND]

5: Zurie - Froslass [FEMALE-ICE/GHOST]

6: Narcisse - Noivern [MALE-FLYING/DRAGON]



[Trainer Data: Wade Brasher]
1: Breeze - Swoobat [FEMALE-PSYCHIC/FLYING]

2: June - Audino [FEMALE-NORMAL]

3: November - Castform [FEMALE-NORMAL]

4: Hail - Vanilluxe [MALE-MALE]

5: Ray - Typhlosion [MALE-FIRE]

6: Rainbow - Belossom [FEMALE/GRASS]


Position-Airplane Pilot

[Trainer Data: Imani Brasher]
1: Jarek - Floatzel [MALE-WATER]

2: Beryl - Raichu [MALE-ELECTRIC]

3: Rye - Banette [MALE-GHOST]

4: Spring - Crustle [FEMALE-ROCK/BUG]

5: April - Grumpig [FEMALE-PSYCHIC]

6: Basant - Breloom [MALE-GRASS/FIGHTING]


Position-Ship Captain

Region's Top Trainers

[Trainer Data: Kaia Laemoa]
1: Sark - Sceptile [MALE-GRASS]

2: Reed - Exploud [MALE-NORMAL]

3: Maleko - Pelipper [MALE-WATER/FLYING]

4: Grover - Seviper [MALE-POISON]

5: Salamence - Anela [FEMALE-DRAGON/FLYING]

6: Sashi - Medicham [FEMALE-FIGHT/PSYCHIC]

Region- Hoenn

[Trainer Data: Reidel Matthews]
1: Jaxon - Emboar [MALE-FIRE/FIGHT]

2: Elle - Liepard [FEMALE-DARK]

3: Haven - Maractus [FEMALE-GRASS]

4: Lamont - Chandelure [MALE-GHOST/FIRE]

5: Brice - Excadrill [MALE-GROUND/STEEL]

6: Skye - Swanna [FEMALE-WATER/FLYING]


[Trainer Data: Ami Oshiro]
1: Kinuko - Blastoise [FEMALE-WATER]

2: Yujiro - Persian [MALE-NORMAL]

3: Sen - Gengar [MALE-GHOST/POISON]

4: Umeka - Arcanine [FEMALE-FIRE]

5: Nakazo - Marowak [MALE-GROUND]

6: Osamu - Dodrio [MALE-NORMAL/FLYING]

Region- Kanto

[Trainer Data: Eri Oshiro]
1: Kinji - Typhlosion [MALE-FIRE]

2: Nanami - Ampharos [FEMALE-ELECTRIC]

3: Hiromi - Clefable [FEMALE-NORMAL]

4: Tokuma - Houndoom [MALE-DARK/FIRE]

5: Chie - Tyranitar [FEMALE-ROCK/DARK]

6: Kadiri - Skarmory [FEMALE-STEEL/FLYING]

Region- Johto

[Trainer Data: Macario Fuentes]
1: Roano - Empoleon [MALE-WATER/STEEL]

2: Lucila - Togekiss [FEMALE-NORMAL/FLYING]

3: Cesaro - Skuntank [MALE-POISON/DARK]

4: Mirari - Lucario [FEMALE-FIGHT/STEEL]

5: Aldene - Froslass [FEMALE-ICE/GHOST]

6: Neron - Yanmega [MALE-BUG/FLYING]

Region- Sinnoh

[Trainer Data: Celeste Voclain]
1: Calice - Chesnaught [FEMALE-GRASS/FIGHTING]

2: Ambrosine - Malamar [FEMALE-DARK/PSYCHIC]

3: Beall - Meowstic [MALE-PSYCHIC]

4: Clarinda - Gourgeist [FEMALE-GHOST/GRASS]

5: Joi - Slurpuff [FEMALE-FAIRY]

6: Paien - Goodra [MALE-DRAGON]

Region- Kalos

[Trainer Data: Silas Matthews]
1: Cade - Scolipede [MALE-BUG/POISON]

2: Nayeli - Vanilluxe [FEMALE-ICE]

3: Draven - Donphan [MALE-GROUND]

4: Ximena - Houndoom [FEMALE-DARK/FIRE]

5: Jairo - Manectric [MALE-ELECTRIC]

6: Isis - Sharpedo [FEMALE-WATER/DARK]

Region- Orre

[Trainer Data: Katia Karelin]
1: Kiska - Venomoth [FEMALE-BUG/POISON]

2: Ziven - Slowbro [MALE-WATER/PSYCHIC]

3: Avel - Honchkrow [MALE-DARK/FLYING]

4: Irodia - Marowak [FEMALE-GROUND]

5: Ksana - Magcargo [FEMALE-FIRE/ROCK]

6: Rurik - Ursaring [MALE-NORMAL]

Region- Sevii Islands

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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 21,026 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 3/2 - Published: 11/8/2017 - [OC, Gladion/Gladio] Guzma, Plumeria/Plumeri
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(Reuploaded, details on profile)(SYOC) For the past 13 years, lines have been drawn globally. The choices one could - and still can - make were limited: join a group, live in a fragile, peaceful life or be caught in the crossfire. Some say it's for riches, others, power. Whatever the reason, nothing changes the fact that there is no escape and no end in sight...
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,329 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 56 - Follows: 83 - Updated: 12/30/2017 - Published: 12/11/2017 - OC, Gladion/Gladio, Hau, Nanu/Kuchinashi
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 25 - Words: 123,863 - Reviews: 208 - Favs: 207 - Follows: 229 - Updated: 11/30/2017 - Published: 12/3/2016 - OC, Guzma
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Walking Dead - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 25 - Words: 40,485 - Reviews: 133 - Favs: 85 - Follows: 95 - Updated: 5/7/2013 - Published: 3/3/2013 - Daryl D., Carol - Complete
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A new darkness has spread after a human saved the Pokemon world from utter destruction. OC'S for the main exploration team no longer needed! You can still submit for shop owners/villains/citizens of Post Town/anything else. Just add Name, Pokemon, Occupation, and Personality. (Changed the title ;) )
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