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Hey there, my name’s Kii. I joined this site a few years ago to post my fanfiction which was then all from The Legend of Zelda – my favourite game series back then and shall most probably continue being so for the rest of my gaming life. The majority of the Zelda fanfiction was from The Ocarina of Time, which is most probably my favourite game of all time. We’ll see if it still stands after Twilight Princess comes out.

I then, through the influence of my good friends Leath, Kuri and Ni-ni, started watching quite a bit of anime. At first, it was just those ones that came on tv, such as Beyblade, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and… Yu-Gi-Oh! (which I shall henceforth refer to by its jap name Yuugiou because writing it in the American way just pisses me off). So, I fell into a Yuugiou fandom stage and fell pretty damn hard. As a result, I wrote a few Yuugiou fics. This was also the stage at which I became a shounen-ai fangirl. I still wrote fanfiction with het pairings, but tended to write quite a bit of shounen-ai. I’ll say it now – if you don’t appreciate shounen-ai or are going to read my fics with the sole intention of flaming, don’t bother even clicking the links to my work.

With that out of the way, I’ll now shift my focus onto my latest craze – Bleach. I had seen quite a few anime series between my Yuugiou stage and my current Bleach addiction; Serial Experiments Lain, Haibane Renmei, Fullmetal Alchemist and Samurai Champloo to name a few, but none had hit me over the head with a coupling as drool-worthy as Ichigo x Ishida.

To top that off, I’m currently in year 12. Last year of school, study galore… got to get good marks, got to get a final mark of 96, got to make it into university and study psychology. Of course, as untimely as all hell, my muse, that had gone on a year-long (if not longer) holiday has decided to flutter back into my world, perch herself on my shoulder and proceed to distract me from all of my work. She’s also as much of an IshiIchi fangirl as I am. Enough said.

I also used to love writing songfics, until this site banned them. Ah well. Anyway, my favourite musicians are; Evanescence, Leaves Eyes, Within Temptation, Fort Minor, Linkin Park, Seether and Enya. Yeah, a kind of odd range there… I don’t really have a taste in music per se, I just either like something or I don’t.

That having been said, a few one-off songs that I like without necessarily having a great liking for the musician are; Ghost Love Score by Nightwish (well a few songs by them, but just a very few), Night Tide by Scorn, Idioteque by Radio Head (also the theme song Kubo Tite assigned to the character of Ishida Uryuu from Bleach!) and Desert Rose by Sting.

Hmm, more on the less fanfic-related aspects of my life… I have a dog =) He’s a Japanese Spitz named Sam and he’s really special to me. The one creature in the entire world that can make me smile no matter what mood I’m in.

Other than writing, I also like drawing; you can find my art (as well as non fanfic prose) on fire-star-spirit.deviantart.com so drop by sometime if you’re interested.

Hmm, I think that’s enough writing for now, so if any of you are still reading, thanks for your time.

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