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20 questions:

1. Birthplace/Where you live now/ where you'd like to live in the future

- I was born in San Francisco, California. I now live in Seattle. Washington. In the future I want to move to Tennessee

2. What age you normally get mistaken for

- People like to say I look 15, which isn't far since I'm 14

3. What you want to be when you're older

- I want to be either a writer, lawyer, or a band teacher

4. What you find attractive in members of the opposite sex (for me male)

- Um... Blue eyes definitely, a great laugh, a sense of humor, musical talent of any sort really, and laid back but far from lazy

5. What you find attractive in members of the same sex (for me female)

- Again, blue eyes, friendly, a not too upfront but still bold personality, and an uplifting friendly smile when I'm sad

6. Your biggest insecurity

- Probably trusting others with friendship

7. Your fondest memory

- Going on an airplane for the first time to see my mom in L.A.

8. Your favorite food

- Pizza, just like most teenagers, but my favorite real, formal food would be smoked salmon with lemon

9. Top 5 turn ons