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Writing Info: I love writing oc stories but I can't always promise to write two stories periodically at the same time but I can do my best to write one story at a time and update that one story as much as possible(usually weekly). I like tasteful plot which is hard to find these days and I LOVE OC's!

Why do I like OC's so much you ask? It's simple really because they're awsome! Why are they awsome?:

1. OC's have limitless potential for any kind of situation.

2. OC's are made- never have to worry about a character being OOC if it's not Cannon.

3. The OC can be made to be a better fit for a cannon character and can potentially be more awsome than any cannon couple.

4. It's not boring at all- you have to fit the OC in the plot and universe of the story and can change the story line around a lot more than a cannon couple and literally make a whole person from head to toe with whatever personality

5. There's thousands more reasons!

Favorite Anime: Bleach, Blue Exorcist, Naruto, Hetalia, Death Note, Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Yugioh 5 D's, Full Metal Alchemist, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight

Favorite TV Shows: Crossing Jordan, Law and Order SVU, Family Guy, The Simpsons

Favorite Couples (Bleach): Orihime x Uryu, Urahara x Yoroichi, Rangiku x Gin, Rukia x Renji(kind of, they aren't that great together), Kyoraku x Nanao Ichigo x oc, Renji x oc, Toshiro x Momo (Love Them :D) and basically any other character x Oc. So yeah, I'm not a fan of a lot of the cannon couples, my bad.

Favorite Couples (Naruto): Naruto x Hinata, Sasuke x Sakura, Sai x oc (I love Sai :)), Gaara x oc, Shikamaru x oc, Shikamaru x Ino, and basically any other character x oc because OC's are amazing and hated on way too much.

Least Favorite Couples (Bleach): Ichigo x Rukia (Personally i think she's kind of weak and annoying :p), Ichigo x Orihime (She's even worse than Rukia and way too needy), Toshiro x Rangiku (She's too old for him), Momo x Aizen (He tried to kill her, how sweet :P), Ulquiorra x Orihime, Rangiku x Kira, Kira x Momo

Least Favorite Couples (Naruto): Naruto x Sakura (She's so violent to him!), Sasuke x Hinata, Sai x Ino, Gaara x Ino/Sakura/Hinata, Shikamaru x Temari

Photobucket- contains pics of my oc's so if your interested bittersweetbetrayal

Story Status's:(General Info)

A Broken Promise- (Bleach)In progress and being updated weekly and currently it's fifty-seven chapters long including a prologue. Just a fair warning I think it'll be a pretty long story and I'm really into this story and I've spent a lot of time on my OC so she won't be a Mary-Sue and I have plenty of ideas for the story but new ideas are always welcomed. Into the final Arc!

Main Pairing: IchigoxOC(Mizuki)

Side Pairings: HitsugayaxMomo, a few hints of UraharaxYoroichi, RenjixRukia(later on) and a few hints of Renjixoc along the way(No it's not a different OC, it's the same OC that's paired with Ichigo but there's not going to be a huge love triangle just hinted at every now and then.)

Genre(s): Mainly a romance and adventure story but it has a lot of action, mystery, suspence, family, friendships and drama along the way.

Warnings: Blood, fluff, violence, swearing, sexual innuendos, lemons.

Cannon or AU: For the most part I'll stick with the cannon story line but as a writer I exersize my right to change the story a little along the way. Besides, adding a new character obviously changes the plot to a degree but I'll always make a note of it in the chapter if it strays from the cannon story line.

(Comming Up Soon (Possibly) -

The Test of Time (Bleach)- I have a general plot, original oc and it's somewhat started but right now I'm focusing on one story at a time basically :(. It's mostly a fluffy kind of fanfic with not as much voilence as A Broken Promise but it will definately be rated for the violence and lemons since I plan to have a lot of them in the story.

Main Pairing: ShinjixOC

Side Pairings: Undecided but definately some HitsugayaxMomo

Genre(s): Romance a little bit of friendship, lots of drama(hopefully) and action

Warnings: Definantely a lot of fluff and some violence and hopefully a lot of lemons (possibly)

Cannon or AU: Not quite sure yet :(

A Frozen Heart (Bleach)- I've always wanted to do a ToshiroxOC story but all my idea's sucked until I got a really good one suddenly! But it's still in the early stages of prewriting/writing but I do have some of it written already and spent a lot of time on my OC and plot so I actually have a lot of that done. It's going to be a fluffy kind of sentimental story with lots of action, drama and deception.

Main Pairing: ToshiroxOC

Side Pairings: RangikuxGin, brief OCxOC (Only mentioned/implied in like one chapter) any others are undecided.

Genre(s): Romance, friendship, angst, drama, action

Warnings: M, violence, most likely lemons.

Cannon or AU: There are some MAJOR changes compared to the cannon plot and this fanfic but then it'll get right back to the regular plot of everything for the most part at least.

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