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Yo! I’m Andrew, a 22 year old graduate student in engineering. I enjoy reading, running experiments with expensive overwrought pieces of equipment, anime, video games (specifically strategy and RPG’s) history, antique cars, nerdy activities (such as reading fanfiction), and sleep. I dislike obnoxious people, writing, doctors, bad stories (in books, fanfics, or video games), paperwork, awkward social situations (which I’m especially good at creating), most of the US government, virtually all music composed after 1975, and myself when I act stupid and/or arrogant. My dreams for the future are to finish my PHD, find a decent job working in a lab, (long term) marry a nice girl, and (very long term) unleash a few mini-me's on the world.

Favorite Anime in no particular order:
Naruto, Fairy Tail, Code Geass, Gundam (original, Zeta, and 00) Trinity Blood, Hellsing, Full Metal Pain, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragonball Z, The World God Only Knows.

Favorite Books/Movie genres:
Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Alternate History, Ender’s Game, Inheritance Cycle, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Memory Sorrow and Thorn, The Chronicles of Narnia (books, not movies)

Reading has always been a big part of my life. As a kid I didn’t have a TV or computer so reading took their place. Even though I now enjoy both video games and TV, reading is still my favorite and most addictive hobby. A couple of years ago I started reading Paradox after action reports for Europa Universalis 3, which morphed into reading alternate history at alternatehistory.com, and recently I’ve completed my descent into fanfiction, mainly Naruto fanfiction. With literally millions of unique stories, I’m in reading heaven here, but the time I spend reading is… yeah.

Currently I'm working on a few interesting story ideas. as I'm currently in the middle of grad school updates will be very irregular, but I hope to eventually finish them.

Here are a few things I promise to avoid when writing. Incidentally, it’s also a list of stuff I dislike in other fics.

1) Unrealistic relationships: this includes yaoi, yuri, harems, incest, adult/child, and serious romance at age 12. I loathe all of the above, unless done EXTREMELY well and/or for humor, and will NEVER attempt to write them.
2) An instantly friendly Kyuubi. It just makes things too easy which takes away from the story. Particularly annoying is Kyuubi calling Naruto “kit,” taking human form, teaching Naruto ninja skills, or turning him into a hanyu.
3) Super Naruto: Again, it just makes things too easy; a good story needs conflict and tension. If you make Frodo a Jedi, you’ve got to give Sauron the Death Star. A few common plot points that I’ll try to avoid are: Naruto becoming a genius seal master and learning the Hirashim in a short amount of time, Naruto using weights, over-abused shadow clone training, and bloodlines. Cannon Naruto already has a good balance of strengths and weaknesses and I don’t think that adding more to the mix will necessarily make for a good story.
4) Character bashing: Yes there are characters I don’t like. But that doesn’t mean that they should be depicted as scum. The most commonly abused are Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and the nonexistent Konoha council. The Hyugas also tend to be portrayed either as the spawn of Satan or misunderstood nice guys. All characters should have believable motivations and characteristics and act rationally within their own worldview.
5) OOC and overuse of OC’s: I read fanfic mainly because I enjoy seeing characters I like in new situations and settings. When the characters cease to be recognizable, the story loses its connection to the source material. Naturally characters can and should develop differently from cannon, but not to the extent that they become completely different. For example, I’d never write a story about an emo, evil, coldly logical Naruto because it wouldn’t be Naruto anymore. OC’s can be good if done extremely well and in moderation, but with so many characters to work with they tend to be unnecessary.
6) Overused Plot Points: Extreme child abuse, Konoha council of doom, long lost relatives or family friends, goodies from Whirlpool, “legendary” swords or other equipment, and banishment are some that I will try to avoid. I will also try to avoid filler arcs which do not advance the plot, repetition of cannon events, and stories which have been done (well) before!

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In Spite of a Nidaime reviews
Little has changed in the world where Madara remained in Konoha and became Nidaime Hokage. Ironically, his reformation caused another to discover the Rikudō Sennin's power and walk the same dark path. Now the chunin exams are over, and Naruto and the new Godaime Hokage Jiraiya face a moon's eye plan backed by foes whose determination matches their own. No OC's, now in Shippuden!
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