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I have an ever changing pen name so I will sign most reviews at the end with:
~*~Kelly~*~I like degrassi..and i made this account so i could write reviews 4 ppls fanfics and I wrote some too!
Plz go and read them!

Trapped in a box of tremendous size
It distorts my vision, it closes my eyes
Attracts filthy flies and pollutes in the skies
Sucks up our lives and proliferates lies
Trapped in a box

Trapped in a box, four walls as sky
Got a screen for a window about two feet wide
My mind rides and slides as my circuits are fried
No room for thought, use the box as my guide
Trapped in a box

Trapped in a box
Watch the world as it flocks
To life's paradox
We're all trapped in a box

Trapped in a box I'm not alone
I know of others with a box as their home
Light only enters from a crack or a hole
This is not enough for a human to grow
Trapped in a box

Trapped in a box
Watch the world as it flocks
To life's paradox
We're all trapped in a box

Always wanting a different view
Instant gratification for you
Reality gone in a single click
Just hope that that switch won't stick

Trapped in a box my life becomes void
All I thought for myself is now destroyed
Controlling my mind, what to eat, what to buy
Subliminal rules: how to live, how to die
Trapped in a box

Trapped in a box
Watch the world as it flocks
To life's paradox
We're all trapped in a box

Okay...things I like

Fav Shows
Radio Free Roscoe
The OC
That's So Raven
The Newley Weds

Couples I Love
Paige/Spinner (Degrassi)
Paige/JT (Degrassi)
Manny/JT (Degrassi)
Manny/Craig (Degrassi)
Chris/Emma (Degrassi)
Ellie/Jimmy (Degrassi)
Ellie/Spinner (Degrassi)
Jimmy/Hazel (Degrassi)
Jimmy/Terri (Degrassi)
Craig/Terri (Degrassi)
Seth/Summer (The OC)
Ray/Lily (RFR)
Travis/Audrey (RFR)
Robbie/Kim (RFR)

Couples I Hate!
Emma/Sean (Degrassi)
Ellie/Sean (Degrassi)
Terri/Rick (Degrassi)
Seth/Anna (The OC)

Um thats all 4 now so umm bye! =)

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