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Hello, my name's Shizuka. As of now, I specialize in humor Yu-gi-oh writing, but I might later try uhhh... oh yeah! I'm already doing humor! Anywayz, I've always done humor writing, so I hope you nice people will laugh at least a little at my first story on this here It's called Bakura's Secret, and what a secret it is! No, he's not WITH Ryou, but I think it's better than that. I'm also going to start an angst story. My english teacher says we should all work on what were bad at. Let's see. I thing angst is the opposite of humor, don't you agree?
Well, for the facts.
Name: Paige
Last Name: For one, it's way too rare to give away. I'm part of only two families in the country with my last name. Secondly, it's none of your goddamn buisness. Sorry to all those out there who are not child stalkers.
Netname: Shizuka, Dark Witch, Salamander
Dark Witch
Black Prince
Pajee {1}
Page Master {2}
Pageroonie Macaroonie {3}
Peanut Butter Bob {4}
Moron {5}
Miss Perfect {6}
Eimei {7}
Chewbacca {8}
And many, MANY more. And don't you go using any of these! Hate them or not, these are MY names, not yours! Especially, dont use the ones with the footnotes, they have a special meaning to me.
Occupation: Student, 9th grade, I'm supposed to be in 8th! Babysitter, certified in CPR and childcare with the red cross.
Grades: Really high. I am taking the hardest classes available in both LA and math at my school. 3.95 average.
Age: 14, possibly 43. No, really, 14.
Sex: Virgin, uhhh... Female. Yeah, female.
Location: Nunya st, Colorado
Race: Japanese/ Russian
Birthplace: Japan
Hair: Brown, with a red tint.
Eyes: Brown, but black with contacts, which I wear everywhere.
Interests: I JUST started reading manga, and I've already learned sooo much about sooo many different mangas that it's almost scary. I also specialize in web design. Fun, creative field. And of course, I'm an anime junkie...
Interesting facts: I am extremely mature for my age. Really. On the phone, when they call and ask for you to participate on surveys only if you're 16 and over, I usually take them, and no one ever finds out. All you spammers out there, you got bogus info, too! Also, I won this year's talent show playing Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart on the piano. If you want to listen to it, here's the link:
. Please remember, this is not really me, just an example of the song I played.
Hobbies: Writing, reading, being alone, playing both the piano and the violin, surfing the net, reading manga, watching anime, play golf, pick on my little sister, cuss, hang with friends, web design, graphics specialist, other crap...
Fav. Music: Well, sorry to dissapoint you people, but I can only listen to a certain music for health reasons. I cannot listen to modern music, as it makes me sick. Literally. Last time someone pounded rap out of thier car so the whole world could hear it, I threw up. I can, and love, listening to classical music. Vivaldi, Brahms, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaicovsky and more. I can't get enough. I can play a few of these people's songs, as I play both the piano, and the violin.

How I came to get my netname, Shizuka: Well, as you might think, I got it off a character on YGO, which in fact, is FALSE! I hate it when people ask me why I chose a name of a character for YGO, so here's the explination. My grandmother had a friend, an old friend that has known her for over 60 years. I grew up with her, and her name just happens to be Shizuka. I liked it, so I used it. That's where I got it, not from the anime, okies?

I also am a poet. I have so far, three published works, buy them in stores today. I'd tell you what they are, but I really don't want to release anything like that on the net, incase someone out there knows where I live. For my protection, people. Poetry is my life. I couldn't live without it.

In case you all were wondering, right now, I am a totally Yugioh writer, and the only thing that's not YGO in my stories is in Clash of Tales, a HP/YGO crossover. That will change in the future, most likely, but who knows? Awell. Well, not anymore. I am in the middle of a Rurouni Kenshin fanfic! And I'm also planning on writing an Inu-yasha fic later on as well.

{1}I really hate this one, thanks, Monet and Kali.
{2}Also hate, got in preschool, from Chris, I think.
{3}Got a little annoying, thanks to Krissy for that one.
{4}From the three original Googens, thanks, Emily, Ashley, and Monet.
{5}Really love this one.
{6}From a really annoying kid named Armen.
{7}Means brilliant, wise.
{8}This one was from a kid named Darron. It was supposed to be one of those humiliating nicknames, but I actually found his go at hurtful names very humorous. Stupid mortals. Let's just say, he'll get an ass full if he don't shut his pie hole. To tell you the truth, the exterior appearance of Chewbacca and him are extremely uncanny, not to mention brain bandwidth.

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