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Hello friends and others alike, my name is DreamerScarletNights. (DreamerGrey was taken...DreamerObsidianNights sounds great but a scarlet night sounds so pretty...I'm not into navy, what the hell is a green night, and I dislike yellow.)


Welcome to my account where I will be, if I haven't already, posting stories which you, yes you, can read.

(Used GIMP to make avatar in August, finally uploaded it!)

I hope you enjoy whatever you read!

A few things about my writing:

I more than likely will not be taking requests, so sorry, but then again, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

I tend to dream up random ideas and if they aren't too cracktastic I write them down and eventually get to them.

All of my writings have a bit of my humor, just to let you know. Even if they don't have a humor tag, it may be in there.

I write Hetalia: Axis Powers, and Naruto, specifically the about the Akatsuki since they rock!

Couples I approve of in Hetalia:

GermanyXNearly everyone except Italy, micronations, anyone under 15, and Hungary.


PrussiaXAmerica, or Austria, or Germany.

AustriaXanyone except micronations or anyone under 15.

AmericaXPrussia, or Russia.

Germanicest Threesome



SwedenXFinland. Hooray!

and others that I'm too lazy to mention. (too many countries DX)

Couples I approve of in Naruto:

NaruHina (so cute!!!)



JiraOro(Don't freak out!)





KisaZet(MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


and I think that's all.

Things you shouldn't suggest:

GerIta...I love their friendship but...I just can't ruin Italy like that...No...

Any rated M Older nationXMicronation...ew...pedo...

Rated M, MicronationXMicronation. Do I need to ask?

AnimalXGermany or anyone else for that matter, including anyone from Naruto, even if it is Kisame!

and I don't think there's anything else.

Sorry bout that; Here's a list of what I'm working on/will(may) be posting.


Postponed. (But whhhhyyyy???) Well...school. I can only work in small bits at a time. and right now there are a few TMTotGS fics I need to work on.


The Mischievous(Messed-up) Times of the Germanic* Siblings- These are a collection of multiple fictions dealing with Austria, Germany, and Prussia. These may of may not take place in the same universe. I do believe that Austria is Prussia and Germany's cousin. *But when I meant Germanic at first, I really meant only Austria as the extra in the house. Not everyone else. There MAY be a fic with everybody. *(Or call it the GAP family)

Just How you Like Me- Austria's been trying to get his boyfriend Prussia on a date for a while. When it finally happens though, Austria realizes how oblivious, uncaring, and also...nice the Prussian can be.

(TMTotGS) ABC's of the Germanics-(MULTI CHAPTER)- (Humor, Family) THERE ARE SO MANY LETTERS DX Lol. Anyway, this is not just a four sentance thing either. These are mini stories that are going to be combined into a massive thing. So far I have 20-22 letters done. W is the longest so far. This is about the GermanAustrian alphabet.

(TMTotGS) The Other First Love-(Romance) Everyone knows of Holy Rome's infatuation with little Italy...but what about before that...if Prussia was completely convinced, when he was smaller, after the Hungary episode, that Austria was a girl? (MULTI CHAPTER)


Other quick things:

1. I love reviews, no matter what they are, so please please please tell me what I did wrong or did right or could change.

2. I'm female. Just so ya know!

3. I'm 17 now B)

4. and I'm happy to meet you.

Enjoy it when it's up! DSN!

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