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Hello! My name is Sasha, and I love reading mangas and watching animes - yeah, you can call it a passion. I also read a variety of books and novels occasionally. If you'd like to get to know me, don't hesitate to send me a DM!

Just a note to my previous readers: I'm deleting my stories because I don't think they're good. I wrote that years ago. I'm back in ffn, and maybe I'll rewrite some of them.

Also known in the internet as natchanhime.

For some extra information, I enjoy in talking with my online friends, making new ones, and getting involved in different communities/fandoms. I spend hella lot of my time stalking fanfictions and checking up on new visual novels (aka otomes).

Check this post out on my personal blog for my social medias and stuff:

I hope you'll enjoy my stories and don't hesitate to comment if you have inputs or questions!