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Author has written 9 stories for Teen Titans, Tru Calling, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

NOTE: in all my Avatar stories, Zuko is spelled with a double k. Get over it, I'm going to fix it eventually. Don't ask why. Just deal with it. And if you're going to take the time to read any of my writings, PLEASE take the extra minute or two and review. All my stories are on hiatus right now because no one will review, and feedback contributes to the majority of my inspiration. Thank you.

And also...NEVER ask me what I have against Speedy. Or Terra. Because I hate them both.

Previously GodsGal-316; Slade's Silver Tear

Last Updated: July 31, 2006

Name: Tina

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Race: White

Birthday: May 16, 1991

Lives: in NC (USA)

Stats: Single

Well, my friends on FF.Net include:
Sinister Darkness, my bff Kelly
niobe-10, my sister Becca
Serene Magick
The Random Protector
Outside of that, I have many friends between school and Fanart-Central.

Favorite Writers on FF.Net:
Go see my Favorites list.

Talking to my friends (facetoface, phone, IM, ect.)
Surfing the web
Playing Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, ect.

Being sick
The possessed Speedy voo-doo doll hanging on the wall beside my bed

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Going outside at night
Big spiders
Losing the ones I love
The possessed Speedy voo-doo doll hanging on the wall beside my bed. Hey! It's head moved on it's own--dead serious, I swear!

Tapping fingers or pencils

Inside Jokes/Running Gags:
The Bitching Chipmunk Titans (eps include: both Aftershocks, Can I keep him, Divide and Conquer, Apprentice 2, the second half of Spellbound, Wavelength, and X. And a ton more. We also have a Slow-mo version of Apprentice 2, and we think watching it is what caused the squeaky tapes.)
Psycho Zuko
(said really fast) "What are you doing? What are you doing?" (immitation of shooting an arrow really fast)
The possessed Speedy voo-doo doll hanging on the wall beside my bed. That we are all afraid of.
(ending a senctence)" accordance with the prophecy."
(during the music to "Counting Bodies like Sheep" by A Perfect Circle) "awwwwwwww..."
(during the Evanescence cover of "Thoughtless" by Korn) "EYE will not be drowned"
(singing) "With a wing on the left, and a wing on the--SORRY TINA!"
"This looks like a job for Cleft, the Boychin Bitchslapper!"
"I'm kindly pissed." meaning "I'm pissed. Have a cookie."
"The Laffy Taffy, The Laffy Taffy" (the song as Slade's cellphone ring)
"That helmet makes him (Zuko) look like a taco"
"Gimme dat big ol' bur hug, you weak-eating queer!" (Jet is the queer--go to and play the Treetop game and you'll see what I mean. You have to let Jet grab you though...)
Slade: (to Apprentice Robin) "Good boy. Have a cookie."
The Chibi comics (most of them with Slade and Robin...the above is associated)
"Robin's always handing out those communicators like they were, you know,cookies or something..."
(like a heavenly song) "Cuss to the heavens!"
"Hey Tony! I like the things you do. Hey Tony..."
Tony the Wangsta kid (not related to the previous)
Johnny Rancid: "Tony! You better get your skinny white ass outta here before I kick it outta here!" Tony: "A'ight! We straight!" (yes this is Tony the Wangsta kid)
Wesley: "What does the 'BM' stand for?" Lenny: "'Bitch Move!'" Elizabeth: "Yeah, and when it's comin' back it says,'Move, bitch!'"
"Tina, you fat lard" in reference to me
"The Soul-Sucking Bear"
"It's because you're white."
Robin the Mighty Carrot
The Avatar Musical (featuring Prince Zuko and Commander Zhao...its part of "Southern Air Temple")
"Tina, why is the couch upside down?"
Nate from SSX3/Brokenback mountain
(From the end of episode of teen titans Haunted) "...You can't even touch me. (breaks into song) deh dehdehdeh dehdehdeh dehdehdeh can't touch this..."
"I will give you a nasty papercut!" (while playing the really old Smash Bros that has Jigglypuff and Pikachu)
“Great, great, great, great, great….” (Since Aug 12 2003 and still going!)
Rabbit hunt'n ("When I was a child my momma often took me rabbit hunt'n.")
"It's all because some hacker stole my identity!"
"Oh shit! It's the Iifa Tree!" awkward turtles away
lol Poor Kuja...
lol Poor Kadaj...
"Even Elise's Dad agrees with me! See? Speedy is so Red X!"
Uno, bitches!
Kuja: "I'm gonna...die? Lose my soul...?" from nowhere Kanone: "When I was a child, my momma often took me rabbit hunt'n." (text tone)
Heero: "You can't fight him anymore, Wufei. He's dead!" Wufei: "I'm still fighting him - I'm always fighting him." Me: "In my head!"
"Goin' wild at the Iifa Tree!" "I got the beer!"
very deep voice Taki...

Upcoming Fics:

Lotsa Final Fantasy one-shots, once I finish them. And KH, too.

Teen Titans: "Paranormal" (sequel to "September Tears")
A year has passed. Beast Boy wakes only to remember nothing of his past—except for Raven. But what happens when Raven comes back, and Slade crosses paths yet again with Beast Boy?

Teen Titans: "Untitled"
Red X is back, and Robin is determined to found out who he is. But can he and the other Titans handle the truth of X's real identity?

Danny Phantom-"Phantom's Eyes"
Now that he exists outside of time, Evil Danny just has to make sure Danny either becomes him, or dies. Evil Danny enlists the aid of Vlad, who has no idea what he's getting himself into. Can Danny stop his evil self before it's too late? -will probably be rated T, since there's a lot of violence and stuff-

There will also be a Teen Titans story involving another OC, whose name is Tony. He is the leader of a gang in Jump City. And Johnny Rancid doesn't like him (Johnny might not be in the story, though). But I haven't decided on a plot yet.

If you want to check out my drawings, go to
There's one of Jacey on there, as well as some other stuff. And if you'd like to help me with naming the fics above with undecided titles, email me and lemme know! And if you have aim, my account is FallenBroken4evr. And people who can't get my email because of some situation like not having an account or whatever, it's

Oh! I wanted to ask...
Am I the only one that's uber pissed about the Avatar movie and the Teen Titans movie both airing on the SAME DAY, THIRTY STINKIN' MINUTES APART! Damn, that pisses me off...though I know I'm watching the Teen Titans movie first, since I'm kinda boycotting Avatar at the moment...(see Chapter 5 of "For Revenge")

Sorry bout that...

(drum roll) And now, for your personal entertainment, I present...

The possessed Speedy voo-doo doll hanging on the wall beside my bed! The pushpins were the work of my friend Kelly, not me. I'm not THAT sick and psychotic. (shifty glance)

Until next time!


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