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Hello! And welcome to my fanfiction page!

Meet the author:

Name: Ericka

Age: 32

Location: Washington DC, USA

A long time ago, on a warm, breezy spring day in May of 2012, I walked out of my third viewing of the mega-blockbuster ‘The Avengers’. I was bursting with excitement but my mind was burdened with worry. Now, as I sat with my best friend at a bar drinking margaritas, I couldn’t take it anymore. I downed the salty, tangy libation, turned to my friend and said: “How did Selvig know to make the machine so it worked perfectly with Stark’s reactor technology if Stark hadn’t released the technology yet?’ Oh, no. The nitpicker in me struck again. Yes, I found a plot hole in ‘The Avengers’. The more my friend and I discussed it, the more I thought of scenarios in which he may have had access to knowledge of arc reactor technology. By the end of the night, a basic plot had formed in my head: A head canon, as we fandom geeks like to call it. A week later, my friend had convinced me to write a story (ahem, smut saga) that fixed that plot hole. Well, for that I needed an OOC (original off-screen character), a female most specifically, to pave the way for some serious Loki smut. Oh yes, lots of steamy, hot, hardcore, kinky, nasty sex had to work its way into the story, no excuses. Thus, Game of Shadows was born. As the story gained momentum and more and more wonderful people expressed their satisfaction at my feeble literary effort, the more I began to think of ways to extend the story past the events of the film. And thus, on a blustery, snowy winter’s day, I made the decision to extend the story. So I wrote a sequel. That sequel opened the door to another, and now we have what my beautiful readers have unofficially titled...

The Lokara Series

Its unique and seemingly odd name was created by a reader who merged the names of our two protagonists: Loki and Barbara. The ongoing story is broken into three volumes: Game of Shadows, Of Madness and Mayhem, and Born to be a King (still in the works). The series is accompanied by ‘Daddy Loki’, a mini add-on that features moments that tie into the second book. The series follows faithfully all the events from the film The Avengers, then enters a parallel universe after the events of the film. The subsequent events of Thor: The Dark World are mentioned and paid homage to in the third story. The series is rated MATURE for a reason, and not just for the graphic sexual content. It explores serious adult themes that may disturb the sensibility of some. Rape, domestic violence, unfaithfulness, sadomasochism, and the intricate workings of a Dom/Sub relationship are some of the thematic themes featured in all three volumes. The Loki I write is very dark, self-centered and sinister. Read at your own risk. But most importantly, enjoy.

Happy reading!

*NOTE* I have removed all links to pictures of characters and places because FFnet has blacklisted all links to outside websites. So sorry. I am currently working on a way around it.

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Born to be a King reviews
Post-Avengers alternate universe. Loki/OC. Threats from worlds unknown set Loki and Barbara off on a quest unlike any other. Racing against time and a great enemy, they must find the Infinity Stones before the universe is once again plunged into chaos. Rated MATURE for strong sexual content, violence, peril, language, and thematic elements. Last installment in the Lokara series.
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Ties into 'Of Madness and Mayhem'. Adorable, corny, disgusting, outrageous and ridiculous moments as Loki settles into his new role as a father. Features the many missing scenes that did not make it into the last story. No plot developments, just fluff, hilarity, and a pinch of domestic bliss. Rated MATURE for sexual content (often interrupted by a screaming child) and language.
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Set during "The Avengers". Enters alternate universe after the events of the film, at Chapter 20. Sudden and fateful events throw a young woman of interest in Loki's path, whether she comes willingly or not. Rated MATURE for BDSM/rape/sexual content, strong language, violence and thematic elements. Disclaimer: I do not own Loki, other Marvel characters or The Avengers story line.
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