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Hi there, I'm EvilTyrannicGoddess :)

I'm your typical teenage girl... love anime and manga... love to read... the usual stuff XD

Fairy Tail is my favourite manga/anime of all time, so most likely all of the stories I write will be based around the fabulous characters in Fiore. However, I get the feeling I'll be focussing a lot on the Jellal/Erza relationship @_@ I just love them!!

Uhhh... *can't think of anything else to say* ... ... ... ... o_O"

Hope you enjoy my work :D

Hello everyone, this is the evil, tyrannic, hasn't-updated-in-forever, everyone-probably-wants-to-kill-me goddess. I'm updating here to let you know that I am not dead, but that there are some issues stopping me from updating The Scarlet Flash and I would like.

What issues you might ask? Well, and though I hate to say it like this, I barely read Fairy Tail any more :/

Uh, yep, after the Tartarus arc I started a few other truly amazing manga series and have become obsessed with them... I have a new OTP and tbh Fairy Tail has really been disappointing me lately in terms of writing, characters, and basically everything. The last Jerza moment made me cringe because of the fact that Jellal was left off in the story on that cliffhanger, disappeared for a WHOLE YEAR OF WRITING and then turned up like nothing had happened in the middle of town for no reason other than to tell Erza that she's awesome. I was... incredibly disappointed to say in the least, and I have a feeling that this started my spiral into "w/e FT" territory.

Yes, this as such has had impact on my writing of Scarlet Flash, mainly because I don't care about Jerza so much any more, combined with my busy schedule and massive workload for school. I'm seriously wondering what to do at this stage because TSF still has a lot to go, but I'm not as motivated to write in any more and I don't want to keep you guys hanging constantly as I play a "will it continue, won't it?" game. That's not fair on you at all. But then, what? Do I just drop the story? Change it to make it shorter and finish it differently and quickly? Continue with the long (and still rather enjoyable imo) story I have, but take ages to do it and risk forgetting about it altogether? Or even post a summary-version where I just explain what was going to happen? Hell, should I even pass the story off to another writer? I have enough notes to convey what's going to happen... So many questions and I'm just trying to figure out what to do. It's hard... it really is :/

If you have any ideas, I'd be really grateful for some advice or even your opinion. This is a terrible situation to be in, but I'm just not the FT/Jerza die-hard fan I used to be, so continuing to write TSF like I am is just not going to work. There's no passion, and I don't think I should be writing as if I still have it.

I'm sorry for this; it's not something you'd have been wanting to hear, but I need to let you know so that you know I'm still here and still thinking about you guys and TSF.

Please, just a little more time for me to figure this out. Thank you



- 7 Days - A set of Jerza Week stories based off of the tumblr prompts.

- The Scarlet Flash - An M-rated AU fanfic where Erza and Jellal are both assassins working for separate people. Needs planning, so it's moving snail-like T_T


- A longer group of stories about Meredy and Ultear breaking Jellal out of prison and their adventures before the return of the Tenrou Team after Fairy Sphere is broken. It's slow going and requires a lot of planning, but I'm getting there...

- An A/U story where Jellal is a prince and Erza the slave-girl his father bought for him. The entire story is planned and partly drafted, but I won't start it until The Scarlet Flash is completed.

- A angsty one-shot about Jellal during the time-skip with a little twist to it.

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