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Author has written 4 stories for Beyblade, and Card Captor Sakura.

LOTSHA here speaking for Tora-chan I must say she's great when it comes to humor and creativity but she a horror when it comes to spelling, grammar and paragraphs (she's learning on that one thoughgrins)Anyways check out some of what she's written. One question does anyone even bother to read these? ah well also look forward to us pairing up again in the future for more humor.

Well Ja ne

I believe I should mention that all of Tora-chan's stories have Hakaru and RJ in them so if you don't like original characters don't read unless you want some amusement.

I belive in senseless hummor. I love it! Not to mention I can't spell so I apologize ahead of time.

Character: Yamoto Hakaru.
Theme song: Fat lip- sum 41
Eye colour: Green
Trade mark: Blue war paint triangles
Species: Neko-jin
Clothes: Blue sweater with two stars on it, short white pants and a green t-shirt underneath the sweater. Red gloves.
Lives: On the streets
Occupation: Beyblading, hobo
Kin: None
Has whiskers.
Bit beast: Driger
Hair colour: Blond
Age: 16
Team: Dragon Slayers (They don't really slay dragons!)(I love dragons!)
Team mates: Mazuki Cail, Funaki Calvin, Hiro Tyler.
Bio: Crazy, desensitized, proud and reckless.

Character: Harukazi Yusuki
Theme song: Here I am - Bryan Adams
Eye colour: Yellow
Trade mark: Front ponytail
Species: Neko-jin
Clothes: Black t-shirt, leather jacket, baggy jeans. Black gloves.
Lives: On the streets.
Occupation: Gangster, beyblader
Kin: None
Has whiskers and single red war paint triangle.
Bit beast: Galion
Hair colour: Red
Age: 16
Team: NA
Team mates: NA
Bio: Calm, prankster, quick thinker, would rather hit someone then tell them he cares.

Character: Mazuki Cail
Theme song: In the end- Linkin Park
Eye colour: Ice blue
Trade mark: Pranks
Species: Human
Clothes: Navy t-shirt with flames, long baggy black pants.
Lives: With his great grandfather in Japan
Occupation: Beyblader, prankster
Kin: Great grandfather
Has braces
Bit beast: Dranzer
Hair clour: Durty blond
Team: Dragon slayers
Team mates:Yamoto Hakaru. Funaki Calvin, Hiro Tyler
Bio: Silly, Goofy, reckless,conniving, independent, and a lousy judge of charicter

Character: Hiro Tyler
Theme song: I'm just a kid- Simple Plan
Eye colour: Hazel
Trade mark:intelagent
Species: Human
Clothes:Green hoody sweater, Navy blue pants.
Lives: In Japan with his Mom and Dad.
Occupation: Beyblading, computer technology
Kin: Mom and Dad
Has knowledge of beyblade techniques
Bit beast: Trihorn
Hair colour: Light brown
Age: 13
Team: Dragon Slayers
Team mates: Mazuki Cail, Yamoto Hakaru, Funaki Cail.
Bio: Serious, intelligent, sarcastic.

Character: Funaki Calvin
Theme song: Meant to live- switchfoot
Eye colour:Brown
Trade mark: Beyblade
Species: Human
Clothes: Red shirt with a silhouette of a dragion, white pants.
Lives: In Japan with his mom
Occupation: Beyblading, fixing stuff (Mainly cars and motorcycles)
Kin: Mom
Has scar on left arm
Bit beast: Wolborge
Hair colour: Deep balck
Team: Dragon Slayers
Team mates: Hiro Tyler, Mazuki Cail, Yamoto Hakaru
Bio: Fun loving, slightly serious, caring, slightly strange.

Character: Ikishi Himari
Theme song: Ironic- Alanis Morssett (sp?)
Eye colour: Deep green
Trademark:Hair style
Species: Neko-jin
Clothes: Brown tunic and brown pants
Lives:(Dead now) China
Occupation:Teacher of martal arts
Kin: Wife and son
Has whiskers
Bitbeast: NA
Hair colour: Black
Team: NA
Team mates: NA
Bio: Now dead, serious, a hard worker, practical, responcible.

Character: Yamoto- sama
Theme song:Only hope- Mandy Moore
Eye colour: Yellow
Trade mark: Clothes
Speceis: Neko-jin
Clothes: Shrine-keepers robes
Lives: (Now dead)China
Occupation: Shrine keeper, seeker of the seers ect.
Kin: His grandchild
Has fangs
Bitbeast: Driger (Passed down to Hakaru)
Hair colour: Grey
Age: 120
Team: NA
Team mates:NA
Bio: Kind, Loving, Gentle, Firm, smart, old, caring

Dragon Slayers theme (English): It's about time- Lillinx

Dragon Slayers theme (Japanies): RUN, RUN, RUN (ending theme for One Peice)

Now edited by LOTSHA- BAKA there is no A in species! and drop the e before the ing baka baka baka! and its a not i in character! baka you can't spell english you take academic english! i'm done =.= other than that u did good! love ya!

Thank you LOTSHA! Love ya all! hugs Hi guys! Waves I have a new fan fic coming on soon (The first few chappiees will be up soon ) And I've decided to add my character status to the list of people I made up for the fanfics! Hope you like her!

Series: CCS

Character:Matsumoto Toratsuki (Last name changes durring the series)also known as Tiger in english
Theme song:Innocent - Our Lady Peace
Eye colour: Ice bue
Trade mark: Her tendency to zone out
Speceis: Nobody knows
Clothes: School Uniform, black t-shirt and long black pants
Lives: In Japan with Yukito
Occupation: N/A
Kin: Yukito (Or so Yue has made her believe)I before E!
Has fangs, a tail and claws
Magical powers: Only traces of Yue's power that he used on her
Hair colour:Brown
Wants: To remember her past
Bio:Strange, prone to daydreaming, likes to read, childish at times, loving, protective and forgetful, tough, hard to get along with, fierce, serious at times and a little bit of a loner.

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