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Author has written 3 stories for Sailor Moon, and Brokeback Mountain.
I have been a fan of Anime for as long as I can remember, I can’t recall since what age. I just love anime! Which is why I choose to take a Graphic Designing Bachelor at College and I’m planning to study animation. Well my favorite Anime are NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (this anime is my favorite of all because this was the one that make me start drawing and all that. I have all the series for that and all the collectible stuff I can get my hands on!) I also like Sakura Card Captors, Dragon Ball, Perfect Blue, Rurou ni Kenshin, Tsubasa Chronicles, Oh My Goddess, etc.. I need to say know that I have been in this place for a long time, I’ve been writing also since I was a kid, I’m not scared in writing things that people don’t write about because if we don’t talk about those we’ll never face it. I came here thanks to my friend Yavanna who showed me her fanfic (if you have the time and know Spanish you should read it, it is awesome!).
Please write to me anytime, when you consider I love feedbacks and if you have ideas I would like to hear them. So far I'm thinking in doing a fic about Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but I have to work on other projecs I have first!

I just recently started one of my biggest project, it is a fic about Brokeback Mountain, I found that movie really amazing. It really has impressed me and I got to the point of writting "The lie beneath the Postcard" as a way to praise that wonderful piece of art! Which you could also find in http:///

Valandil Eluch

People call you mean or conniving sometimes, but you're just watching out for you. Who else is going to, right? You don't have much of a filter on your mouth, however, so maybe that's one of the reasons you're solo? The good news is, chances are you can either buy or trick people into being your friend!

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