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RAGE! I mean.. Yo! I mean.. hi!

Welp, yeah.. I used to be known as Fujin Kazano under the e-mail [email protected], but then someone hacked into my account and then I made new e-mail, kallistohighwind, but I made a new name here; Green Witch.. but, I still want to write my Final Fantasy fanfics! Not just my X-Men ones! So I'll once again take up the name Fujin Kazano and once again take up my pen since I finally have a computer!!! BOOYAKA!

Hello, my name is Audra Jones, (but please call me AJ or Fujin), and I am addicted to the following following: (*=games) (~=anime/manga) (@=cartoon) (^=comic)

Final Fantasy (VIII, IX, X, X-2)
*Parasite Eve (1, 2)
*Tekken (3, tag, 4)
~Yuyu Hakusho
~Sailor Moon
@X-Men: Evolution
^X-treme X-men
^Ultimate X-men

...and I am not afraid to admit it! AH HA HA HA HA!! *ahem* I am a HUGE sucker for romance... I LOVE romance fics!! Especially the ones that have a lot of drama and tragedy and action and stuff!! So... just for the hell of it... I'll put up my fav pairings! The ones with the * are the ones I read the most.


*Zell/Library girl


*Kuja/(made up chara)


-Parasite Eve-

Maeda/Aya/Kyle- (Love triangles are cool!)





-Yuyu Hakusho-

*Hiei/(mysterious women) -It's funny to see Hiei in love!


Inu-yasha/Kikyou (death to Kagome)


Seras/Alucard (Death to Anderson! Death to Integral! Grr!)

-Sailor Moon-

*Haruka/Michiru (get over it.)
Pluto/ (mystery man)

-X-Men: Evolution-

(Maybe even a little Lance/Wanda)
(Yes, I like the madness!)

-X-Treme X-Men-


-Ultimate X-Men-

Wanda/Mortimer (bugging Wanda is fun!)


Wanda/Simon (DEATH TO VISION!)


Pietro/Crystal (especially when luna is in it, too!)

ALRIGHT! Now that I've got that out of my system... I bet you're yelling at me right now... "AJ! FUJIN! WHATEVER THE HELL YOU CALL YOURSELF! GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR AND WRITE YOUR FREAKIN' STORIES! YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED IN NEARLY 7 MONTHS, DAMN YOU!" Sound familar, no? Well.. that's what I'm yelling at myself! You see.. with this new computer.. all my old files are GONE. As in POOF! No more chapters! Because before I got a new computer, I was just not able to get online so I kept on typing my chapters and stuff... well.. it will be up soon, hopefully! *nervous laugh*

List of my stories (posted and not posted)

(FFVIII) Paper Flowers: Work in Progress
Quistis gets a two week vacation to a nice beach city... she runs into a certain wanted knight and love blooms. Will they stay together? Or will their lives tear them apart?

Years after Ultimecia, the gang is trying to get their lives together and sorted out. A beautiful romance in the beginning... but the assassination of President Laguna Loire, and the identity of the assassin breaks them all apart. A war between Galbadia and Esthar begins... broken hearts and betrayal... What did Irvine do?

(FFIX) Sisters: Work in progress
The Princess Garnet, Queen Brahne's real daughter, never died... but Queen Brahne decides to take in the young Sarah, anyway. She raises the two girls as if they are really sisters, though they know the truth. But since Queen Brahne has been acting strangely... the girls want to find help to bring their mother back to normal. Is the man Garnet loves responsible for the horrors on Gaia?

(FFX-2)Yuna's Dream: NOT POSTED
With Tidus back, Yuna is over joyed! But Spira has not fully been healed as of yet... The farplane is uncontrollable! The past maysters of Yeavon appear... and none seem to approve of the high summoner. Baralai and Nooj are powerless against the unrulely spirits and give in... the high summoner must pay for her deeds against Yeavon... will her guardian save her or die along side her?

Vash brings Knives to stay with Milly and Meryl until he recovers. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Meryl and Vash.. but neither will so much as admit it! But sometimes, actions speak louder than words... and when Knives wakes up, he feels betrayed by his brother... but life will go on... won't it? Why is Milly getting sick? Why did Vash leave Meryl behind? Will he return? What will happen??

Magneto 'evolves' the brotherhood of mutants! With all their powers now enhanced... what havoc will the world endure? (Cortez is evolutionized!)

(X-MEN: EVOLUTION) What makes a family?: NOT FINISHED
(An AU) The popular mutants have to pair up for a college project and live with each other for 4 months! (I think...) And, worst of all... they have to adopt a child! Pietro and Kitty are starting to develop... but he keeps pushing her away. What's going through Pietro's mind?

Todd tries to find (humorous) ways to get Wanda to look his way... but it doesn't go HIS way!! After being thrown through walls, doorways, being set on fire, tongue tied and such.. will he find a way to win his witch's heart??

(X-MEN: EVOLUTION) Razors Don't Kill: FINISHED (?)
Depression sinks in... self-loathing and hatred tear her soul apart and crush her will. Anger and hatred is all that remains... can she save herself? Or will the leathal blade decide her fate?


-Fujin Kazano

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