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It is currently my summer break and I'm really going to try to whip out some chapters for Fear to make up for the wait. Here is a basic schedule:

Monday: District Three Reaping

Tuesday: District Five Reaping (I believe)

Wednesday: Goodbye Chapter Unsure which)

Then hopefully another Goodbye chapter somewhere in the rest of the week then just train rides and we are to the Capitol


First off, the form is below all this stuff :)

Second, you can make reservation but you have a week to submit it or ask for more time until you no longer have it reserved.

You can have one tribute and one bloodbath (you don't need a bloodbath, though) I might make it two per person but not yet except for special exceptions

If it isn't detailed enough I will ask for more details

Try to make them fit their District

Your character should only be in this story, if you submitted to another story and it wasn't accepted or the story got deleted before it started or the author quit the story and you got permission from them to send the tribute into another story.


P.S. I'm making DISTRICT FIVE Science, DISTRICT SIX Science, and DISTRICT NINE Grain. I know those are the Districts not always the same in every story so just to clarify.



I pick how the story goes and who will win (and how I choose the Victor), end of story (sorry just want to make sure that is clear)

No Mary/Gary-Sues obviously

No double submissions

If you submit please try to review, it is very much appreciated

Please submit through PM! Review submissions will not be taken, sorry I don’t make the rules.

I would really prefer if you were to use my form.

There is some extra info on form below!















FEARS (3):












Name (Try to make it related to district without being cheesy)

Age/District might have to be altered to fit story (can’t have twenty-four seventeen year-old or fifteen year old, and obviously Districts might have to be changed

Personalities should be detailed, doesn’t mean it has to be super long (if it is that is okay) but not super short either, just detailed.

Fears: Okay I’ve already said fear like a hundred times, it is the name of the story and will be mentioned lots in the future. So naturally it is of importance, so try to put a little thought into it.

Career as in will they be a career in the Games, not if they have a job. A lot of people get confused by this, and I understand why so I thought it is worth explaining.

Development: I know this is a weird thing to ask, but I know sometimes when I make tributes I have a small sort of idea how I want their time in the Arena to go and warning I hold last word on what happens, and it is optional.

CHARACTERS SHOULD BE ORIGINAL AND NOT DOUBLE SUBMISSIONS (so not in another story, unless this story was deleted before it started or the character didn't get accept and isn't being used)





FEMALE: Topaz Flint

MALE: Marble Maxwell, 17 FlintLightning


FEMALE:Alexis Kerr, 18 Funny-Bunny-lover



FEMALE: Astrid Eldridge, 13 indigosky17

MALE: Aven Runestone, 15 PrinceArdhz


FEMALE: Lillibel Clavenzez, 18 walk off the moon

MALE: Kayman Delmont, 18 Infamouskal420


FEMALE: Cara Meridius, 18 SweetNature

MALE: Ander Jacbobson, 14 Savvy the Hunter of Artemis


FEMALE: Zoë Avest, 15 FoxxFace2



FEMALE: Ariel Morris, 18 BunnyLordisHere

MALE: Alder Elm, 16 Myself


FEMALE: Enya Mathioas, 16 Pika and Olive's Adventure



FEMALE: Mazie Miller, 14 Mega Walrus

MALE: Milo Gael, 17 blindbanditfighter


FEMALE: Olive Colston, 15 WithinALifetime

MALE: Felix Weston, 17 KicktotheTeeth





FEMALE: Anna Vinta, 17

MALE: Clancy Petrick, 14 Infamouskal420

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Let the the hope stay dim and let the fear burn on. Let the fear overcome you, let it twist you until you don't recognize yourself anymore. "The fear of death often proves mortal, and sets people on methods to save their lives. Which infallibly destroys them." Let the 38th Hunger Games begin SYOT OPEN!
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