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Author has written 10 stories for Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Doctor Who, Avengers, A Knight's Tale, Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Boondock Saints, and Walking Dead.


Would you like to know a bit about me?

I'm 23.

I'm from the sunny state of California.

I'm don't eat meat (or most veggies), and haven't my whole life.

I love writing more than I should.

Borderline personality disorder? That's me, but I'm coping and all that good stuff.

Impeccable taste? That's me.

I'm a nerd. Which is to say I nerd out about just about everything I enjoy openly and honestly.

I care about people.

I believe empathy is the most important thing in the world to possess.

Correction: A sense of humor is most important. Empathy is number two.

I believe in strong women (you've probably noticed if you've read anything I've written on here).

I don't think you have to grow up.

I don't think anyone should grow up, at least not all the way.

I think family is important.

I believe that it doesn't matter how many friends you have as long as you're happy.

I am an animal person (but I love my cat most).

I love my cat. We are also connected at the soul.

I've made many mistakes in my life.

Writing saved my life and made me happy again.


As you probably noticed, I am all about OC characters and romance. Why? I like getting to create my own character, and have them interact with existing characters. And the whole romance thing is probably some weird gratification thing for me, due to major lack of romance in my own life.

Also, most of this stuff is pretty rough first draft situations that may or may not make sense.


Feel free to PM me! I love to talk to other writers. :)


Writing about writing (I heard you like writing, so I wrote about writing, so you can read a writing about writing):

When you write you become a god. You become the puppet-master of a universe. You can put your characters through hell, tempt them, turn their lives upside down, or anything really just because that's how you feel the path should twist. When you do those malevolent things it isn't because you don't love your characters, no one could love your characters more than you do as they all tend to be a part of yourself that you let manifest into a living being on the page. Writers mess with their characters because you want to give them chances to prove themselves, to feel something new, to rise from the ashes. You want them to face the problem and yell "THIS IS WHAT I AM MADE OF!" Sometimes they meet the challenge, but there are times when they crumble, when they are just as venerable as everyone else, when they too think they cannot go on. There are times when we break them. Every character you use, no matter how small, is still a real person in the story and everyone wants something. Even the stranger that bumps into your protagonist on the street has a life. They have conflict and they have success. They have needs and feelings and a whole life story behind them. They only add to the story in this way, because even the small parts are necessary in displaying your world as reality. All characters are perfect in a sense that flaws are perfection. Flaws make it real, everyone has a flaw or two or thirty. Flaws can be overcome or lead to the character's downfall. Even strengths can be flaws when the right friction is thrown it's way. No one is perfect, and characters should be even farther from it. Its because of this that I think stories create themselves. You start with a character, thinking of who you want them to be. You give them their whole life, and they start seeping through in their dialogue. They slowly emerge through action. Then you think of who you want that character to turn into. What antagonistic force would suit them best? What kind of tragedy? What kind of conflict? Who could this character love, or can she even love at all? Is it a major change in soul you are looking for? Or is it just that you want them to stop being pushed around and start standing up for themselves? A murderer wants to repent, a young girl wants to be a strong woman, a lover wants to be loved. All characters want to grow, just like we do. Just because they are characters doesn't make their problems any less real. And in writing you begin to find that all problems can be overcome, that there is always hope.

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