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If you're at this page, it must be for one of these reasons.

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About me:

My current status: Exams are over, playing a sh*t ton of Borderlands 2. Will get back to writing soon.

My personality: I'm not gonna lie, but I'm kind of an a*h*le in real life, and I'm not a very social person. Nobody really likes me, but for some reason I'm fine with that.

Things I like: Video games, Music, Technology-related stuff and Movies. Maybe I missed out some stuff, but that's some of the things I like.

Things I don't like: Anything that talks to me before 8:30 in the morning, anything that talks to me while I'm gaming, 7 year old kids, arrogant people and last but not least, JUSTIN BIEBER.

Interests: I'm not really very interested about anything else besides gaming, but hey, what did I tell you? I'm an a*h*e, remember?

Games I'm currently playing: Borderlands 2, Spiral Knights, Team Fortress 2, Gotham City Impostors, Blacklight Retribution.

Music I'm currently listening to: Is and always will be Michael Jackson :D My copy of Bad 25 just arrived not so long ago :D

Other things to note: I LOVE watching Naruto, it's a very good anime and the morals that are being put through are extremely meaningful. I'm also a brony. :D By the way, did I forget to mention that I'm only 13? Well, there goes the bomb. I'm just a kid. Howd'ya like me now?

My Stories:

Rio 1 and a half:

This is the first fanfic I started writing, and I was actually inspired to do this by many other great stories. Anyway, this story picks up after the movie 'Rio', when Blu saves Jewel and sends her back to the aviary to have her wing fixed. As of now I haven't really gotten into the main plot, but there will be some drama once I do. I try and make it a point to be funny in the story every now and then, but sometimes I think I fail at it. I've gotten pretty good feedback on this story so far, and trust me, it's going to be a super long one.

The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain:

My second story :D This story is also a continuation, and it starts off at the end of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, after Malefor's defeat. This story is mainly about a young dragon named Molt, who was born in Warfang before Malefor waged war against the city. He was born with exceptional abilities and dark magic flowing inside him, which led to him being shunned by the other dragons, causing him to flee the city. When Spyro and Cynder return after defeating the Dark Master, he finally starts his plan to take revenge by killing everyone. This story hasn't got as awesome reviews and favorites as Rio 1 and a half, but I think it's doing pretty well.

My Characters (Spoiler warning):

Name: Alex

Story: Rio 1 and a half

Gender: Male

Species: Crow

Description: The most feared bird in the forests of Rio. It is unknown how he arrived at Rio de Janeiro, but he spends most of his time meditating at the Christ the Redeemer statue or clearing out dangerous areas of the jungle. He has a dark past of solitude and broken bonds, but does not seem to want revenge against the world.

Appearance: A big sized crow with bright red eyes that gleam in the dark. His claws and talons could poke your eyes out.

Relationships: He witnessed his family being destroyed at a young age by humans, leaving him no choice but to find somewhere else to call home to avoid being killed by mankind. He met another bird named Connor who had a similar past to him, but in the end Connor left him as well. He is friends with Paul.

Personality: Not much has been revealed about Alex, but he appeared to be friendly towards Blu when he needed help.

Name: Connor

Story: Rio 1 and a half

Gender: Male

Species: ???

Description: Not much is known about Connor, but he left the forest in search of power to vanquish the humans to bring peace to the world.

Appearance: ???

Relationships: Alex's ex-best friend. His family was killed in a forest fire when he was young.

Personality: ???

Name: Paul

Story: Rio 1 and a half

Gender: Male

Species: Blaze-Winged Parakeet

Description: Small in size but big in talk, this fearless parakeet is the second most feared bird in the forest. He enjoys picking fights with marmosets and calls himself an expert at the jungle. He spends most of his time eating, sleeping or fighting. Don't take this bird lightly because of his size, he can kick your tail feathers off.

Appearance: Small sized with messy feathers.

Relationships: He seems to be friends with Alex, and has taught Blu how to survive in the jungle. He left his family long ago.

Personality: Hot-headed and stubborn, he takes no bulls*t from no one and will not hesitate to claw your eyes out if you call him short.

Name: Molt/Bringer of Pain

Story: The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain

Gender: Male

Species: Black Dragon

Description: Born in Warfang before Malefor waged war against the city with exceptional abilities and dark magic flowing inside him, which led to him being shunned by the other dragons, causing him to flee the city.

Appearance: Has three horns on both sides of his head, all of them are racked backwards. One of the horns are bigger and point upwards while the other two are smaller and point downwards. The tips of his horns have purple markings on them, and his black scales also have random purple stripes or marks.

Relationships: He grew up without knowing either of his parents and had no friends. Spyro, Cynder and Sparx are currently his best friends after they took him back to the city, but he seems to be the closest to Sparx.

Personality: Although he is gentle and kind at heart, when he is possessed by the dark magic he will stop at nothing to achieve his revenge.

Name: Zathos

Story: The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain

Gender: Male

Species: Electric Dragon

Description: Part of a group of dragons that were sent into hiding underground by Malefor's forces. Capable of extreme speed from his rigorous training.

Appearance: He has two big, black horns on either side of his head that point towards the back and has a few spikes at the back of his head that point downwards. His scales are yellow in color and his belly and wings are gray.

Relationships: He is in a romantic relationship with Kristal, and is Flame's rival. Nothing is known about his family.

Personality: Normally friendly and warm, but gets slightly cocky around Flame.

Name: Kristal

Story: The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain

Gender: Female

Species: Earth Dragon

Description: Also part of the group of dragons that hid underground. Born with the ability to use both the ice and earth element. Combining both elements together gives her crystals, which is her main form of attacks.

Appearance: Has bright green scales. Her head has two horns on each side that resemble crystals. One of the horns point diagonally upward while the other one points downward. Her belly and wings are light blue.

Relationships: Zathos' girlfriend. Nothing is known about her family, either.

Personality: Kind and friendly, similar to Zathos.

Name: Aurelius

Story: The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain

Gender: Male

Species: Fire Dragon

Description: Leader of the dragons who were sent hiding underground.

Appearance: Like any ordinary Fire Dragon.

Relationships: Other than the fact that he is acquainted with the dragons that are under his leadership, nothing much else is known.

Personality: It can be inferred that he is patient as when Flame is rude to him, he does not get angry.

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After escaping from the smugglers, Blu and Jewel are now safely back in the aviary. Blu embarks on a journey to learn how to survive in the jungle, and will meet some new friends along the way. Jewel learns how to use technology under the guidance of Blu. When Jewel's wing heals and they are released, their love for each other will be tested through various means.
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Before Malefor waged war against Warfang, a dragon was born with exceptional abilities and dark magic inside him. The other dragons feared that he would become the next Dark Master and shunned him. After years of hiding in the Warfang ruins, he is finally back to take his revenge after the war is over. Will Spyro and Cynder be able to convince him to change for the better?
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