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Author has written 2 stories for Rio, and Spyro the Dragon.


I know many people have been very interested and supportive of my stories, and I greatly appreciate everyone who has stuck around thus far. If you're new to my stories, I thank you too for taking your time to read them. Unfortunately, I am saddened to inform everyone that I can no longer find the motivation to continue my stories, and they will have to be left unfinished.

However, the cause for this is not writer's block, it's simply because I have a lot less free time now and would like to spend it on other things I find more enjoyment in. What this means is that I have the entire plot for both stories in my head, but I just can't bring myself to write it all out, because firstly, it's A LOT of content that I simply don't feel like writing out, and secondly, if I did force myself to write it out, it would probably be slipshod and just bad in general.

So... the main point is, if you're really, really, really, really, REALLY interested in how the plot of either one of my stories will unfold, you can drop me a PM and ask me. I'll be notified through my email and I'll probably respond to you as soon as I have the time. I'll provide a summarized version of the remaining plot of the story for you, and hopefully that will at least help you find some kind of peace.

I started this account 3 years ago with pretty much no expectations whatsoever, but seeing so many people interested in my stuff is very heartwarming. I thank you all for your support, and I promise that if I ever find it in me to start writing again, I will definitely do it.

I'd also like to give special thanks to Roarrk, who guided me while I was still writing, and for being a really cool guy in general.

Thank you all once again.
- AlexTheCrow

My Stories:

Rio 1 and a half:

This is the first fanfic I started writing, and I was actually inspired to do this by many other great stories. Anyway, this story picks up after the movie 'Rio', when Blu saves Jewel and sends her back to the aviary to have her wing fixed. As of now I haven't really gotten into the main plot, but there will be some drama once I do. I try and make it a point to be funny in the story every now and then, but sometimes I think I fail at it. The plot revolves around Blu and Jewel's life after the events of Rio and shows how they eventually became mates, and also involves a few threats and events that occur afterwards that may test their love for each other.

The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain:

My second story :D This story is also a continuation, and it starts off at the end of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, after Malefor's defeat. This story is mainly about a young dragon named Molt, who was born in Warfang before Malefor waged war against the city. He was born with exceptional abilities and dark magic flowing inside him, which led to him being shunned by the other dragons, causing him to flee the city. When Spyro and Cynder return after defeating the Dark Master, he finally starts his plan to take revenge by killing everyone.

My Characters (SPOILERS):

Name: Alex

Story: Rio 1 and a half

Gender: Male

Species: Crow

Description: The most feared bird in the forests of Rio. It is unknown how he arrived at Rio de Janeiro, but he spends most of his time meditating at the Christ the Redeemer statue or clearing out dangerous areas of the jungle. He has a dark past of solitude and broken bonds, having lost both his parents and best friend. In spite of this, he holds no grudges and seeks to understand the world and make it a better place. However, there is some kind of dark force that occasionally possesses him when he is unable to suppress it, causing his eyes and personality to completely change. He also has the ability to read emotions and predict the future. How he obtained such powers are unknown, but he views them as a gift from his parents before they were killed.

Appearance: Alex is a big sized crow with bright red eyes that gleam in the dark, and extremely sharp claws and talons. He often appears emotionless, but cracks a faint smile every now and then when something favorable occurs. When he is unable to suppress himself, his sclera turns red and his iris turns black.

Relationships: His parents have been deceased since he was young. He met another bird named Connor who had a similar past to him, but in the end Connor left him as well. He is friends with Paul. His views on Blu or Jewel are not clear, but he seems to want to help them.

Personality: Often cryptic and silent, Alex brings an ominous atmosphere wherever he goes. Although he may appear stern and emotionless on the outside, he does have sympathy for others, as shown when he attempts to help Blu. When he is unable to suppress himself, he turns bloodthirsty and demonic and is unable to clearly remember most of the things that he does, especially when he completely loses his consciousness.

Name: Connor

Story: Rio 1 and a half

Gender: Male

Species: ???

Description: Not much is known about Connor besides the fact that he left the forest in search of power to vanquish the humans to bring peace to the world.

Appearance: ???

Relationships: Alex's ex-best friend. His family was killed in a forest fire when he was young.

Personality: ???

Name: Paul

Story: Rio 1 and a half

Gender: Male

Species: Blaze-Winged Parakeet

Description: Paul is the second most feared bird of the jungle, following closely behind Alex. Paul is a rather steadfast and strong bird, and is extremely well versed in terms of survival in the forest and combat. He enjoys terrorizing marmosets and is often referred to as the "demon" by the them. He is

Appearance: Paul

Relationships: He seems to be friends with Alex, and has taught Blu how to survive in the jungle. He left his family long ago.

Personality: Paul is a very stubborn character who enjoys boasting arrogantly and thinks very highly of himself, showing little to no respect to anyone, including those who know him. He is quick to rush into decisions and likes to think spontaneously. He is also extremely self-centered, although he has shown some form of friendliness towards Blu.

Name: Molt/Bringer of Pain

Story: The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain

Gender: Male

Species: Black Dragon

Description: Molt is a black dragon who was born in Warfang before Malefor waged war against the city with exceptional abilities and, dark magic naturally flowing inside him. This caused many dragons to fear him, thinking that he may one day turn evil. As a result, he became an outcast with no friends or family. Eventually, he slipped out of Warfang and went into hiding, planning to take revenge on everyone who had shunned him by destroying them.

Appearance: Molt has three horns on both sides of his head, all of them are racked backwards. The top horn on both sides are bigger and point upwards while the other two are smaller and point downwards. The tips of his horns have purple markings on them, and his black scales also have random purple stripes or marks.

Relationships: It is assumed that Molt's parents abandoned him, and he has no real acquaintances besides Spyro, Cynder and Sparx. Of the 3, Sparx is the one who has warmed up to him the most.

Personality: Molt has shown that he is genuinely kind-hearted, and yearns for acceptance from others. When he was possessed by the dark magic flowing through him, he became full of hatred, wanting revenge.

Name: Zathos

Story: The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain

Gender: Male

Species: Electric Dragon

Description: Zathos was part of a group of dragons that were sent into hiding underground by Malefor's forces. He is capable of extreme speed from his rigorous training, and is well versed in combat.

Appearance: He has two big, black horns on either side of his head that point towards the back and has a few spikes at the back of his head that point downwards. His scales are yellow in color and his belly and wings are gray.

Relationships: He is in a romantic relationship with Kristal, and is Flame's rival.

Personality: Zathos is normally friendly and warm, but gets slightly arrogant around Flame, wanting to show that he is better.

Name: Kristal

Story: The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain

Gender: Female

Species: Earth Dragon

Description: Kristal was also part of the group of dragons that hid underground. Born with the ability to use both the ice and earth element, she is able to combine both elements together to form crystals, which are her main form of magic.

Appearance: Kristal has bright green scales. Her head has two horns on each side that resemble crystals. One of the horns point diagonally upward while the other one points downward. Her belly and wings are blue.

Relationships: She is in a romantic relationship with Zathos.

Personality: Kristal is normally kind and friendly, similar to Zathos.

Name: Aurelius

Story: The Legend of Spyro: Bringer of Pain

Gender: Male

Species: Fire Dragon

Description: Leader of the dragons who were sent hiding underground.

Appearance: Aurelius is an elderly Fire Dragon who has dark red scales and yellow horns.

Relationships: Other than the fact that he is acquainted with the dragons that are under his leadership, nothing much else is known.

Personality: It can be inferred that he is patient as when Flame is rude to him, he does not get angry.

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