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Author has written 3 stories for Secret Window, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

"Beauty is not one's own,

but a reflection of one's culture."


Faria / Muslim / 15 years young / abercrombie / high on life / ambitious / lazy as heck / female / pretty damn thin, but not anorexic / five feet, six inches / obsessed with Ivy League colleges

t h e - g o o d - s t u f f
Things that I appreciate in a fic:

- if there's an OC included in the fic, then he/she has to be realistic

-grammar, punctuation, spelling, all of the conventions. Yes, everyone makes mistakes sometimes & I'm alright with that and stuff, but too many can really take away from the plot.

-the canon characters aren't screwed up and unrecognizable by the end of the fic (a very hard accomplishment, believe it or not)

-good vocabulary. You don't have to fill your fic with SAT-prep words, but a few choice words would be nice. (as long as you know what they mean and you know how to use them) What I dislike is if the "hardest" words you know are: nice, good, sad, bad, mean, terrible, etc. If I have to look up a word, then I'll applaud you for forever. Seriously, just because this is fanfiction doesn't mean that it can't be written with refined language.

-imagery. I am a die-hard fan of fics that use imagery. They're really great to read.

-strong, independent, real, believable characters

-a plot! (for those of you that think otherwise, I won't waste my breath on you just because I know that you're a lost cause)

-wrds ritten lik dis jus cuz im kool n kool ppl rite lik tat (if you write an A/N like this, fine...everyone uses shorthand on the internet, that's not a problem. But in the actual fic, it's stupid!)

-an original storyline

...and basically anything that has time and effort put behind it.

Note: My own stories suck (in my humble opinion), but that's only cuz all of the stuff that I have up is from like two years ago. But never fear, for I shall always expect so much more out of what I'm reading rather than what I'm writing.

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