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The Neurotic Steampunk:

"An exotic blend of neuroticism and extroversion!"

It'll agree with you, my fanfiction // Light bodied fanfiction

Name: Denise
Den of residence: London
Age: Only as young as I feel. So that's about, what, 17? (She's 23!)
Sign: Leo

"Now explain yourself: What are you doing here?"

I'm incredibly glad you asked me that, Officer. This is my first jaunt onto since I was roughly 14 years old - gosh, I don't even remember what my username was back then! Suffice to say I've grown up a lot since then (she says), am ready to embark on writing as a regular hobby again. As with most of my hobbies, it is something I can regularly fall in and out of. Life, as we all know, loves to intrude upon the things we enjoy. So-- Work, or lack thereof, is bound to affect the amount that I publish up here. So I guess that's a bit of an apology-in-advance for any procrastination. Either that or I will get mega writer's block, which is never good. Give it time, though - eventually the creativity will flow again like an hourglass!

"What can we expect from you?"

Expect quite a bit of Alan Rickman movie fanfiction, and possibly the return of some dusty ideas from my mental fanfiction idea archive (Am I a Rickmaniac? Yes, I'd say so). I like videogames too, so maybe I'll throw some of that into the fanfiction mix. My writing can range from slapstick, to fluff, to (if I have the gumption) smut. Like Alan Rickman and that kind of stuff? Then come on in. Don't like Alan Rickman and that kind of stuff? Why not come in anyway? What's the worst that could happen? *quaffs a Dr. Pepper*

"Any hobbies or interests?"

Goofing around on the Internet, that's a big one. Another big one is goofing around in the real world - I'm a medical researcher by trade, so I value being able to goof around outside of work. As I mentioned before, I like videogames - give me a sofa, a blanket, a bottle of something fizzy, a TV and an Xbox 360 and I'll be occupied for the night! Favourite series at the moment are Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect and Fallout. I also make costumes and props by hand, because I'm cool like that. I go to comic conventions and cosplay when the mood takes me. I also like drawing, although I haven't had much time to just sit down lose myself in it a lot. Maybe that will change sometime! Oh and I also like sewing and knitting. My musical tastes are... Eccentric. Spasmodic. There's Vocaloids, eccentric Japanese popstars and Industrial rivetheads in it.

"Anything else to add?"

Thank you for reading! *bows* -

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