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1) What's your name? Shannon, SkittlesShadukeXD, or Shannonigans. Pick one of the three

2) How old are you? Between the ages 115 years old and 1 minute old. Fairly simple to figure out, I'm sure

3) Where do you live? I move between the land of Igloos and Asgard regularly

4) How many people in your family? Who are they? Five, if you include me and the fattest cat in the world. My mom, my dad, my little sister, me, and Buttons (the cat).

5) Favourite colour? Lime green and purple ftw

6) Favourite musician/band/artist? Marianas Trench (GO TRENCHERS!)

7) Are you included in any clubs/groups? Loki's army, Trenchers, Trekers (not trekies, trekers), Avatards, and more I can't remember.

8) Do you have a job? I am currently self employed as a vacuum salesman ;D

9) Any hobbies? Reading, writing, making jewelry, directing videos, watching videos on youtube, archery, cosplaying, roleplaying, and being a constant member in Loki's army

10) Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace? Facebook ftw! And what's a Myspace? XD

11) Coke or Pepsi? You are giving the option of a great tasting beverage and a cheap rip off of them? Seriously, you already know my answer is Coke

12) Beer, Wine, or Liquor? I don't drink alcohol

13) Skinny jeans and converse or a dress and heels? Definitely not the latter. I'd love to own some converse :D

14) Big Bang Theory or Glee? BBT! All the way!!!!!

15) Country or Rock? Country. It's the music where people don't scream into the microphone

16) Urban or Rural? A mixture of the two. I'm not a farmer, but I'm not a city girl either

17) Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? Nope, as long as I have my Colt M1911 A1 at my side :D

18) Braces or Glasses? I have braces, and I wear them with pride :D THEY'RE LIKE ACCESSORIES THAT FIX MY TEETH! AMAZING!

19) Anything pierced? I have a major fear of being stabbed with sharp objects, so no. :P

20) Favourite show? I have several; Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, ATLA, Fairy Tail, the list goes on and on...

21) Favourite movie? THE AVENGERS!!!!! LOKI'S ARMY ASSEMBLE!!!!!

22) Computer or Television? Seeing as how I usually watch my favourite shows on the computer, my answer is that.

23) Hair colour? Strawberry blonde, and it goes to the bottom of my shoulder blades

24) Eye colour? Bright green

25) Skin colour? Unusually pale, as a cause of my scottish background

26) If you could have a vacation anywhere, where would it be? Asgard. I hear it's a nice place to stay :3

27) Action or Horror? Action. The first horror I watched was The Grudge, and I haven't watched a horror movie since. *shivers*

28) One best friend or more? I have three

29) Do you play any instruments? I can play the flute, the celtic flute, and the baritone (though I absolutely hate the latter). I also sing occasionally :D

30) What colour is your bedroom? Purple walls, lime green and purple decor. Any teenage girl's dream :D

31) Why are you taking this quiz? Because I'm bored

32) Do you have a cell phone? What kind? Yes, and it's a samsung s2. I protect it like my virginity

33) Religion? I'm a christian, and I go to a Pentecostal church

34) Dream job? Between an architect, writer, and a pastor (leaning towards architect)

35) Last question; Relationship Status? Are you straight or curly? Dude, I believe that was two questions. And I'm straight, and I'm single

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE QUIZ! Several of those questions were absolutely ridiculous...

Anything else you want to say?: My favourite cosplay group is Parle Productions. They are hilarious and amazing, and I think I'm Jennsexual :3 They got me hooked on both cosplaying and Kingdom Hearts, now making me want to cosplay Axel one day :D

Cosplays I want to do in the future:

  • Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail
  • Loke, Fairy Tail
  • Kyo Sohma, Fruits Basket
  • Hatsuharu Sohma, Fruits Basket
  • Ayame Sohma, Fruits Basket
  • Loki, Avengers
  • Axel, Kingdom Hearts
  • Demyx, Kingdom Hearts
  • Zexion, Kingdom Hearts
  • Sokka, ATLA
  • Tamaki Suoh, Ouran High School Host Club
  • Death the Kid, Soul Eater
  • To be continued...
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