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I'm a proud smiler. I first heard of Miley when I was 14. To be honest, we didn't start very well. Our english teacher put us a movie, which turned out to be "Hannah Montana:The Movie". I didn't pay attention because I thought it was uncool to watch Hannah Montana(same with my classmates). A few months later, we were told to do some lame-o Social Science school project about the countries and one of the groups had to talk about The States. And there she comes. They added "Party in The USA" in their PPT, which was actually becoming more an more popular day by day. All of my friends were like "hey, you heard about Miley Cyrus and Party in the USA?" and that's when I typed Youtube and watched all her music videos on VEVO.

Time goes by and another year starts. I discovered more about Miley: her concerts, albums, songs and some other stuff. I watched "The Last Song" and listened to "When I look at you" (both of the versions, the one with Bisbal too) ,broke the replay button and found out about Miam. At that time, I was like. Aww, look at Miley and Liam. They are so cute. Let's write a fanfic about them(Miley's Worst Day ever. Check my videos and plz subscribe!!)

More years went by and I found out about Niley and Miam getting married. I watched a few videos and listened to wedding bells and finally came up with the idea of making this one! "A bajillion reasons why Niley should get back together"

I like Twilight, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brother, Demi Lovato, Harry Potter, Connie Talbot, Kaitlyn Maher, Anastasiya Petryk, and sooo on. But, above all, I'm in love with Niley.

I'm a huge DANCE MOMS fan

There's this team, 7 girls who inspire. They party party party, and they light my fire. I call them ALDC, and they're what I call perfect. I'd do anything for them, because they are worth it. First there is Maddie who makes me cry. Then there is Chlobird, who knows how to fly. Of course there is little Kenzie, who stings like a bee. Next comes my Kendall, as sweet as can be. Can't forget Brooke with the super bendy back! And then there's miss perfect, we call her Paigey Mack. My darling Nia who's a princess to me. Those are the girls beautiful and sweet. There are ups and downs, crazy moms and an Abby. She can be mean but she's part of their family. They strut their pumps, those sassy dolls. I don't care what you think, I love them all.

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