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It's been a long time since I updated this mini-biography, so let's make it accurate!
My name's El Torro (feel free to call me Torro), and I am a seventeen-year old freshman in college. I initially joined this site because I just wanted to write an OT story. Little did I know that "genre" was, and still is, very popular in the Pokemon fandom, so my already-unoriginal ideas became even more glaringly cliche.
Somehow I've stuck to writing here for four years - Jesus, I feel old - but I plan on stepping away from the site if/when I finish my last story. All I want to do here is create something that isn't horribly flawed like my previous works, as well as continuing to develop my skills. Speaking of which, if you see any consistent issues in my newer story, please leave constructive criticism. I really want to get better and be able to pass on some information to new writers, so don't be afraid to say something.
To anyone who gives my stories a shot, let me warn you that Kanto-Sinnoh Adventure are terrible in every way. Skim them if you must, but don't do anything else. I've also re-read Unova and it makes me cringe. Kalos was better grammatically, but that's not saying much at all. And while the spinoff series has better grammar, I didn't develop the plots or characters well, nor did I know how to pace them.
So yeah, that's about it as of now. Hopefully I'm able to finish my last story, and if you have the time, feel free to check out my work despite the warning above. Also, don't forget to check out the stories and authors below. Unlike my earlier stuff, I highly recommend them to anyone that's a fan of Pokemon.

All Pokedex entries are taken from pokemondb.net/pokedex

Stories and Authors to look out for (Updated 5/17/2017)

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Pokemon Kanto Adventure

Main Character: Owen Plateau

Age: 10

Appearance: Owen is 5'0" at the start of his journey, which lasts approximately 12 months/1 year. Owen has dark blonde hair, amber eyes, and tan skin. During his time in Kanto, he wears a red vest with a blue t-shirt underneath, a pair of black basketball shorts, and black basketball shoes.

Background Info: He is an only child and grew up with his main rival, Burt Oak, whom he despises at times. Owen's goal is to one day become the Champion of Kanto, just like his idol, Red.

Badges: 8

Owen's Kanto Pokemon

Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard: Charizard is Owen's very first Pokemon, as well as the strongest he has ever owned. Throughout his travels in Kanto, Charizard was a force to be reckoned with, as he evolved during a Gym Battle against Brock, and later during a battle with Burt on the S.S Anne. He eventually fell to Vincent's Typhlosion in the Indigo League, though that only inspired Charizard to return to Owen's team near the end of his Johto travels, where he acted as a mentor. Later, when Owen went to Kalos in search of his parents, Charizard accompanied him and took on the strongest of opponents, and has countless victories under his belt.

Obtained in Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins
Evolved in Chapter 6: Rocky Road Rumble
Evolved in Chapter 14: All Aboard

Nidoran/Nidorino/Nidoking: Being the first Pokemon Owen captured, Nidoking was a dependable Pokemon who quickly carved out a spot on the team as one of the powerhouses. His ability to pull out wins consistently, regardless of who his opponent was, made Nidoking a fixture and a wrecking ball. Because of that, Nidoking was one of the most accomplished battlers Owen ever had.

Obtained in Chapter 2: Owen Catches a Pokemon
Evolved in Chapter 7: Mt. Moon Disaster
Evolved in Chapter 10: Nugget Bridge

Kabuto/Kabutops: Owen was given Kabutops' fossil on his way to Cerulean City, where Professor Oak revived it for him. Although he wasn't the primary Water-type - a role Wartortle latched onto and never gave up - Kabutops was a very skilled battler. He excelled in close-quarters combat thanks to his bladed arms and quickness, both of which were key components in many, if not all of Kabutops' victories.

Obtained in Chapter 9: 4 vs 4 Rival Battle!
Evolved in Chapter 27: Seafoam Island Exploration

Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur: Acquired from a woman in the flower store in Cerulean City, Venusaur made a quick first impression when he evolved during Owen's Gym Battle with Misty. Along with Charizard, Nidoking, and Wartortle, Venusaur was a massive powerhouse that Owen leaned on constantly prior to being given to Erika for training, though he did come back for the Indigo League. When he returned, Venusaur was significantly stronger than before and helped Owen reach the quarterfinal round.

Obtained in Chapter 9: 4 vs 4 Rival Battle!
Evolved in Chapter 12: Swimming in Rough Waters
Evolved in Chapter 20: Releasing the Beast
Released in Chapter 20: Releasing the Beast

Squirtle/Wartortle: Unlike the others on the team, Wartortle initially hated Owen and everyone else; however, that was because he had a rough past with an abusive trainer who released him for being too weak. Once Owen gained his respect, Wartortle became a fixture on the team, often serving as a backup, or even alternative to Charizard when things got hairy. His bond with Owen became so significant, Wartortle was willing to evolve in order to defeat his former trainer in the Indigo League, something he didn't want to do because he wanted to show how powerful a Squirtle could be.

Obtained in Chapter 13: Venturing to Vermilion
Evolved in Chapter 36: Round 4: Owen vs Leon!

Alakazam: Initially, Alakazam was Burt's Pokemon, but because of his failures in battle against Owen, he was traded to him. Upon arriving to the team, Alakazam helped win Owen his third badge and many more battles with the use of his psychic powers. Although he was never a dominant force, Alakazam certainly played a part in helping Owen on a deep run in the Indigo League.

Obtained in Chapter 14: All Aboard

Cubone/Marowak: Owen encountered Marowak outside of Lavender Town, where he ended up catching him. Despite being younger than the others, Marowak more than made up for it with his acrobatic skills, as well as how well he utilized his club. His most notable wins came against Sabrina, where, as a Cubone, he nearly pulled off three straight knockouts to win Owen his badge thanks to evolving. He later returned and used his newfound strength to net Owen his sixth badge, and he was also a great help in the Indigo League.

Obtained in Chapter 17: Competitive Cubone
Evolved in Chapter 25: The Battle Dojo

Tauros: Like Nidoking, Tauros was the muscle of the team. He was initially a member of a herd of Tauros in the Safari Zone, but when Owen hit him with a rock, they attacked. After being caught, Tauros earned several victories and is one of Owen's more unheralded Pokemon due to never having runs of dominance like his teammates such as Charizard and Wartortle.

Obtained in Chapter 22: Taming the Tauros

Hitmonchan: Easily the weakest of the group, Hitmonchan was given to Owen after he defeated the Battle Dojo. Nothing much can be said about Hitmonchan because he really was that bad, and there's nothing else to it. He was just... bad.

Obtained in Chapter 25: The Battle Dojo

Growlithe/Arcanine: Though he was the last Pokemon to be caught, and quite late at that, Arcanine was a great addition to the team with his combination of speed and strength. In his very first battle, he was used against Blaine and earned Owen his seventh badge. Then, after a fan threw a Fire Stone onto the battlefield, he defeated Leon's Blastoise, which propelled Owen into the quarterfinals of the Indigo League. Like Kabutops, Arcanine wasn't the primary Fire-type due to Charizard securing that title, but he could have been that on several of the other regional teams.

Obtained in Chapter 29: The Cinnabar Mansion
Evolved in Chapter 36: Round 4: Owen vs Leon!

Traveling Companions

Fate: ?

CJ: ?


Burt Oak: Being Owen's childhood friend and a member of the esteemed Oak family, Burt has a similar personality to that of Gary, in that he often acts superior to Owen and belittles him at times. However, he has shown to be respectful around adults, save for his grandfather, Professor Oak. He also believes Squirtle is the weakest of the Kanto Starters, yet ended up with him after it refused to join Owen.

Team: Squirtle

Julia: Nothing is known about Julia except that she received a Starter Pokemon from Professor Oak along with Owen and Burt. She also appears to be much more mature than them both, as evidenced by her disapproval of their fighting.

Team: Bulbasaur


To be Determined

Pokemon Johto Adventure

Main Character: Owen Plateau

Age: 11

Appearance: Standing at 5'2", Owen wears a black hoodie and a pair of blue athletic shorts along with his black basketball shoes from Kanto. Owen's hair is dark blonde and he has amber eyes. His skin begins to tan more during his travels due to the exposure to the sun.

Background Info: Owen leaves for Johto after his loss in the Indigo League (Kanto). He leaves all of his Pokemon from his previous adventure behind in order to hone his skills as a trainer while also becoming friends with the Pokemon he captures.

Badges: 8

Owen's Johto Pokemon:

Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr: After leaving Kanto, Owen chose Totodile to help escort him to Mr. Pokemon's house, where they got a mysterious egg. After returning, it appeared that Totodile took a liking to Owen which lead to him becoming Owen's starter for the Johto region. Totodile evolved into Croconaw during a gym battle against Bugsy's Pinsir. Croconaw proved to be a reliable Pokemon, but was never a powerhouse. Croconaw later evolved into Feraligatr when Team Rocket tried to steal everybody's Pokemon. Feraligatr was a major powerhouse to Owen's team, and was always outside of his Pokeball. He always had a huge personality, and adopted a few of Owen's mannerisms and seemed to look up to Charizard and his power.

Obtained in Chapter 2: The Mysterious Egg
Evolved in Chapter 11: Bug Battle with Bugsy
Evolved in Chapter 19: The Moo Moo Milk Thief

Hoothoot/Noctowl: Noctowl was the first wild Pokemon that Owen and Totodile met in Johto,and eventually became the second Pokemon on Owen's team. Noctowl was a reliable Pokemon and was called upon for several battles later on Owen's journey. Noctowl evolved in Ilex Forest when Owen's team got captured by Team Rocket. Noctowl was a very good battler, but didn't battle as much as others. He proved to be one of Owen's stronger Pokemon when he defeated Pryce's Dewgong to win Owen his seventh gym badge.

Obtained in Chapter 3: Clobbering Caleb
Evolved in Chapter 12: Intruders in Ilex Forest

Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion: When Owen was in Violet city, Professor Elm's Cyndaquil followed him there. Owen decided to take in the fire type, which quickly proved to be a smart move on Owen's part, when the fire starter helped win several badges. While he was a Cyndaquil, he evolved into Quilava when Owen and Mint were attacked by Lucy when they first met. However, Quilava was quickly defeated by Lucy's Luxray, Silly, and was used often. Shortly after, he evolved into Typhlosion when the masked trainer's Groudon attacked him and Bayleef. Both Pokemon evolved and were saved by Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Typhlosion is considered by many (all you readers) to be a powerhouse.

Obtained in Chapter 5: Sprout Tower and the Mysterious Pokemon
Evolved in Chapter 9: Slowpoke Well
Evolved in Chapter 26: The Destruction of Olivine

Heracross: As Owen and Mint went through Union Cave, they were warned about a powerful Pokemon that lived there. After searching for the Pokemon, they thought the trainers lied, but surely enough, a Heracross chased Owen out of the cave. After capture, Heracross was one of the stronger Pokemon on Owen's team. He was usually switched with Pokemon at Professor Oak's. However, when he was around Heracross was used in physical fights, and more often than not he was victorious.

Obtained in Chapter 8: The Pokemon of Union Cave!

Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium: Owen searched through Ilex forest after being told about a strong Chikorita. Mint and Lucy told him to give up, but Owen was fixated on getting that Chikorita. After hours of looking, he finally encountered Meganium, but she was stolen by Team Rocket along with Croconaw, Quilava, and Heracross. After rescuing her, she joined Owen's team, and was used in many battles. When she evolved into Bayleef, she contributed greatly to Owen's team. As a Meganium, she acted almost like a replacement to Owen's Venasaur, often using Vine Whip and Solarbeam to subdue her opponents.

Obtained in Chapter 12: Intruders In Ilex Forest
Evolved in Chapter 14: Goldenrod gym
Evolved in Chapter 26: The Destruction of Olivine

Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar: Originally a member of Team Rocket when he was a Larvitar, Tyranitar was a powerful Pokemon. He wasn't used much once he became a Pupitar, but he proved to be a strong contributor. When he evolved, Tyranitar obliterated his foe at the Silver Conference, but he wasn't used again. If Pupitar had evolved earlier, Tyranitar would've been the main powerhouse behind Owen's team.

Obtained in Chapter 12: Intruders In Ilex Forest
Evolved in Chapter 24: The Olivine Tournament Ceremony
Evolved in Chapter 35: Round 1 Owen vs Derek Fairley

Lickitung: Owen received Lickitung as an egg from Fate after he beat her in battle on his way to Goldenrod city. Lickitung seemed to be a very clumsy and stupid Pokemon when he hatched, so Owen sent him to Professor Oak's lab to train with the other Pokemon. Owen brought him back for the eighth gym, where he defeated Clair's final Pokemon and earned Owen his final badge. Lickitung was one of the strongest and most valuable Pokemon when he returned, especially when he defeated Clair's Dragonite and earned Owen his final badge. However, he was easily defeated by Roland's Squirtle during their battle at the Silver Conference.

Hatched in Chapter 18: Entei and the Egg!

Elekid/Electabuzz: Owen traded for Electabuzz when he was just an Elekid, which cost Owen his Sudowoodo. The electric type hated Owen for a while until Owen stuck up for him when CJ advised that Elekid should be released. Electabuzz was a major contributor and an asset to Owen's team because of his love for battling. He loved hand to hand combat, but he also had a decent distant assault with a powerful Thunderbolt. Electabuzz and Roland's Squirtle didn't seem to get along very much because of Squirtle whooping Electabuzz.

Traded for in Chapter 16: Rival Roland Appears!
Evolved in Chapter 23: Weathering the Storm for a Storm Badge!

Gyarados: When Owen, Mint, and Lucy were told of a storm while they were venturing to Mahogany town they immediately headed for the Lake of Rage. None of Owen's Pokemon were strong enough to stop the powerful Pokemon, except for Charizard, who returned to venture with Owen. Gyarados played a small but pivotal role in Johto, helping Owen succeed in his run at the Silver Conference. Gyarados has plenty of powerful moves including a destructive Hydro Pump.

Obtained in Chapter 28: Lake of Rampage (fixed)

Dratini: Dratini was not used in any battles, and did not play a role in Johto Adventure. For description, look at Hoenn Adventure.

Obtained in Chapter 32: The Final Gym Battle

Suicune: The legendary beast immediately took a liking to Owen, and the two constantly encountered one another. After Owen arrived home in Pallet before the Silver Conference, Suicune requested to join Owen, but was stopped by Entei. Angered by this, Owen challenged Entei to a duel, which Entei accepted. Charizard defeated Entei handily, and Suicune joined the team along with Entei and Raikou. Suicune was used in Owen's battle against Caleb, and the legendary beast obliterated Caleb.

Obtained in Chapter 33: A Crazy Vacation! Charizard vs Entei!

Entei & Raikou: They allowed Owen to capture them, so that they could stay with Suicune, neither were mentioned after capture.

Obtained in Chapter 33: A Crazy Vacation! Charizard vs Entei


Owen met Mint when he travelled to Mr. Pokemon's house to get the egg that Professor. Elm had requested. At first, Mint didn't like Owen and found him to be suspicious, but as time passed on, the two got along. Mint seemed to be a decent trainer, but he was never really forced to use his Pokemon, mainly because Owen's Pokemon would save the day. Even though he is 14, he seems to be much more childish than Owen.

Lucy: When she first met Owen and Mint, things did not look good. Lucy thought that they were the people who stole the Slowpoke's from Azalea town, even though they constantly told her that they didn't. Lucy was very hotheaded, much like Fate, and even though she was 14, she seemed to be much more naive than Owen.

Pokemon Hoenn Adventure

Main Character: Owen Plateau

Age: 12

Appearance: Owen stands at 5'5", and he has dark blonde hair, amber eyes, and tan skin. Owen begins to develop more muscles at this time and his face also matures, making him look much older than his age.

Background Info: After losing in the Silver Conference (Johto), Owen heads for Hoenn. While there, Owen aims to win the Ever Grande Conference while befriending many more Pokemon. Owen's skills as a trainer continue to progress at a rapid rate, and he wins many battles against his rivals. Despite this, he falters early in the Ever Grande Conference.

Badges: 8

Owen's Hoenn Pokemon:

Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile: As a Treecko he was randomly picked by Owen when he had to save Professor Birch from a wild Poochyena. At first, Sceptile appeared to be a skilled fighter and a happy Pokemon, which he was. When he evolved into Grovyle, he began to distance himself from the group, but acted like the leader at times. He also seemed to mimic Owen and his quirks when none of the other Pokemon were around. During the Lavaridge tournament, Sceptile battled against May's Blaziken and evolved after Blaziken burnt his favorite twig. Sceptile is incredibly fast and has strong attacks, which helped him become one of Owen's powerhouses for the Hoenn region. He and Zangoose also appear to be rivals, and he also doesn't get along with Swellow. Sceptile later returned to Owen's team for his semifinal battle in the Sinnoh League, where he helped guide Owen to victory. He later returned, along with Zangoose, to help Owen in his battle with Red, signifying his being one of Owen's six strongest Pokemon.

Obtained in Chapter 1: Goin to Hoenn
Evolved in Chapter 6: Rocky Roxanne
Evolved in Chapter 21: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Grovyle

Taillow/Swellow: As Owen was going to the Petalburg forest, a wild Taillow attacked Treecko. Taillow seemed to be a very independent Pokemon that was a great battler and very hard-headed, causing fights between him and Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile. Even when Sceptile was about to be taken by Maxie, Swellow refused to help out his rival. When Taillow evolved into Swellow, he easily defeated a group of Mawile that were attacking a defenseless Aron. Swellow is a strong Pokemon and a solid member of Owen's team, and he never tried to help Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile until Owen's third battle against Liza and Tate. After the battle, Swellow and Sceptile went back to hating each other.

Obtained in Chapter 3: Petalburg Woods
Evolved in Chapter 9: Searching for Steven

Nincada/Ninjask (returned): Ninjask was found injured by Owen as a Nincada, and he healed the bug type. Ninjask helped defeat a Team Magma grunt's Poochyena, and joined Owen's team afterwards. He eventually evolved into a Ninjask during Owen's second gym battle against Brawly's Machop. Ninjask battled, and later defeated a Skarmory who was chasing after a group of Ninjask during the Lavaridge tournament. Seing that the group needed a leader, Owen released Ninjask to protect the group. Ninjask returned in Mosdeep when Owen battled Archie outside the Space Center. Ninjask grew much stronger after becoming the leader of the wild Ninjask, and was a very reliable Pokemon for Owen.

Obtained in Chapter 4: The Pokemon Thief
Evolved in Chapter 10: Brawly vs Owen
Left in Chapter 22: A Major Loss
Returned in Chapter 40: Saving the Space Station!

Whismur/Loudred/Exploud (returned): Exploud was captured by Owen when it randomly attacked him and the other Pokemon on the outskirts of Rustboro city. As a Whismur, he became more outgoing after he battled, and it carried over ever since. Then, he evolved during a battle with May's Combusken when he was a Whismur, and he won. Exploud is a very loud Pokemon, and powerful too. His Hyper Voice attack is devastating and can knock a foe out in one hit. He was given to Norman for training but returned in time for the Sootopolis gym battle, which he wound up winning.

Obtained in Chapter 5: The Third Organization Appears!
Evolved in Chapter 12: The Power of a Whismur
Returned in Chapter 51: The Sootopolis Gym!
Evolved in Chapter 53: Sootopolis city Finale!

Aron/Lairon/Aggron: Owen caught Aggron as an Aron after he defended him from a wild group of Mawile. As an Aron, he showed his strength during a gym battle against Watson, knocking out his Magnemite, Magneton, and even holding his own against Manectric. During the Lavaridge tournament, when he was an Aron, he wasn't able to attack because of being afraid of the crowd. After becoming comfortable, Aggron did major damage to May's Blaziken. Aggron evolved during a battle with Brian's Lucario, which helped him become a prominent member of Owen's team. As a Lairon, Aggron evolved against CJ in the Mosdeep semifinals, easily defeating his Snorlax. Aggron showed a ridiculous amount of strength, but he'd always go into a rampage whenever he was hit by an attack. He eventually gained control of himself in the battle versus Brian's Lucario in the Top 16 of the Ever Grande Conference

Obtained in Chapter 9: Searching for Steven
Evolved in Chapter 23: Monster Evolution
Evolved in Chapter 41: An Epic Showdown of Mass Proportions!

Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite: Owen brought Dragonite back to Hoenn as a Dratini because he felt that she deserved to be on an adventure in which she actually battled. Dragonite proved to be one of Owen's strongest Pokemon in the countless battles she battled in. She really became one of Owen's strongest when she was able to take down Winona's Swellow in his first battle against the flying type gym leader, when none of Owen's other Pokemon could. Dragonite then evolved during Owen's rematch with Steven. Even though she didn't win a battle in the Ever Grande Conference, Dragonite was still an instrumental part to Owen's success.

Returned in Chapter 11: The Masked Trainer Reappears!
Evolved in Chapter 31: Dratini Takes Flight
Evolved in Chapter 48: Owen vs Steven! The Rematch!

Electrike/Manectric: Owen caught Manectric as an Electrike after Watson told him to catch a new Pokemon for their gym battle. Manectric has been shown to be a vital part to Owen's team, beating Andy's Ampharos and Watson's Manectric. Manectric and Owen also seem to have an understanding of one another, which will allow Manectric to thrive when given the opportunity. Manectric has many powerful attacks at his disposal including Thunderbolt, and he is blindingly fast.

Obtained in Chapter 13: A New Threat Rises
Evolved in Chapter 20: Training Day, Owen vs Alice

Zangoose: After Swellow refused to rescue Sceptile, Owen seemed as though he would lose his starting Pokemon. Luckily, Zangoose saved the day and didn't try to attack Owen and Lillian. Zangoose has a large scar across his left eye because of Trent trying to kill him. After Zangoose had flashbacks abut Team Aria scarring his eye, Owen suggested for the powerful Pokemon to join him. Zangoose decided to battle Sceptile (at the time Grovyle) to see if Owen was a worthy trainer, which he deemed him as. Zangoose wins under his belt during his time with Owen, most notably against Xavier in the Sinnoh League semifinals when he defeated Xavier's Infernape to send Owen to the championship. Zangoose is one of the three strongest Pokemon Owen has owned, and also has a rivalry with Sceptile. Zangoose also rejoined Owen for his semifinal battle against Xavier in Sinnoh, where he defeated Xavier's Infernape to win the battle for Owen. Later, Zangoose was called upon to help Owen defeat Red, which signified his being one of Owen's six strongest Pokemon.

Obtained in Chapter 17: Grovyle vs Zangoose!

Skarmory: Owen met Skarmory when he was attacking a group of Ninjask. He was able to defeat Swellow easily, but was clobbered by Owen's Ninjask. Skarmory also defeated Brian's Aeordactyl, Predator, with a Toxic and Spikes combo. Owen uses Skarmory as a status inflicting Pokemon to annoy his opponents. Skarmory eventually became much stronger and was relied on heavily during the later stages of Owen's journey.

Obtained in Chapter 22: A Major Loss

Torkoal: Owen met Torkoal while he was searching for a twig for Sceptile during the Lavaridge tournament. Torkoal was being chased after by Skarmory along with a wild group of Ninjask. Torkoal seems to be a decent battler, defeating Brendan's Medicham and learning Flamethrower in its first battle with Owen. Torkoal was used as a wall to prevent Owen's opponents from winning a battle quickly, and he won Owen his first battle at the Ever Grande Conference.

Obtained in Chapter 22: A Major Loss

Marshtomp/Swampert: While at the Lavaridge hot springs, Owen was attacked by a wild Marshtomp. The Marshtomp defeated Dratini, but was subdued by Loudred. After being defeated by Loudred, the Marshtomp asked to join Owen, and he did. Swampert is very enthusiastic about battling, as shown when he flexed before and after battle, and when he saluted to Owen. Swampert evolved during training because he felt that the other Pokemon were significantly stronger, and he wanted to prove his worth, which proved dividends for him and Owen. Often being overlooked, Swampert was one of Owen's strongest Pokemon in Hoenn, as evidenced by his victories over Steven's Aggron, two of Wallace's Pokemon, and holding his own against Predator and Rina. Swampert was also brought back to Owen's team for the semifinals in the Sinnoh League, where he helped Owen defeat Xavier, further cementing his status as one of the strongest Pokemon Owen has owned.

Obtained in Chapter 25: Hot Springs Showdown!
Evolved in Chapter 33: A True Aerial Spectacle

Absol: While traveling to Fortree city, Owen was stopped by an Absol that thought he was the reason for disturbances in the area. Swellow didn't defeat Absol because he left the battle. Then when Owen went to the Weather Institute he battled Trent, and was about to watch Zangoose die, but Absol saved them just in time with a Razor Wind. Absol managed to be the hero in Owen's rematch against Winona by easily subduing her Altaria. Absol seems to have a very serious personality.

Obtained in Chapter 32: The Showdown On the Bridge


Alice: Owen encountered Alice while he was departing Rustboro city. Alice is very loud, and her partner, Amelia who's a Lucario, is out of her Pokeball at all times. She has progressively become nicer since she met Owen. During the swarming of Mt. Chimney, Alice suddenly becomes extremely strategic, which shows how smart she can be. Alice is 14 years old and is an elite trainer as shown when she called out her Flygon. She and Andy seem to talk to each other more than they do with Owen and Lillian, mainly because of their ages.

Andy: While Owen, Alice, Brendan, and May were traveling to Mauville city, Andy was hired by Trent, the leader of Team Aria. His job was to capture/kill Owen, which would make Team Aria's job much easier. However, the 15 year old was defeated by Owen and his team of three, consisting of Swellow, Grovyle, and Electrike. After he lost, Trent stepped in and was about to battle Andy until he realized that he was outnumbered 5 to 1, so he left. Andy seems to be very lazy and unmotivated, which is why he decided to travel around Hoenn. He and Alice seem to talk to each other more than they do with Owen and Lillian, mainly because of their ages.

Lillian: While the group was headed for Fallarbor town, they were stopped by a group of Team Magma grunts who appeared to be up to no good. After Owen's Ninjask defeated the head grunt's Skarmory, Lillian was found laying on the ground. She was quickly asked to travel with the group when Alice heard that she was from Sinnoh. Lillian is quiet, she has black hair and a red bow, and she is 13 years old.

Pokemon Sinnoh Adventure

Main Character: Owen Plateau

Age: 13

Appearance: Owen shoots up to 5'10" while his body begins to transition into adulthood. His dark blonde hair and amber eyes remain unchanged, but his skin is slightly lighter due to the snowy climates in Sinnoh.

Background Info: Owen leaves for Sinnoh after a disappointing run in the Ever Grande Conference, hoping to redeem himself and finally live up to his own expectations. On his way to the Sinnoh League, Owen befriends many powerful Pokemon with different personalities. Owen's Pokemon in Sinnoh have a very close relationship with the exception of Garchomp and Infernape, who dislike each other greatly.

Badges: 8

Owen's Sinnoh Pokemon:

Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape: Infernape is Owen's starter for the Sinnoh region and one of his strongest Pokemon. Generally, he is Owen's go to Pokemon when things get serious, or when Owen needs to win a battle. He evolved into monferno during Owen's rematch against Roark, dominating his Cranidos. Infernape has already faced tough opponents such as Kane's Chimchar and Nick's Chimchar (who has a surfboard). He then evolved into Infernape during a double battle against Pon's Magmar and Aerodactyl. Ever since evolving, Infernape became one of the more powerful members of the group, helping Owen advance to the championship round of the Sinnoh League.

Obtained in Chapter 2: The First Capture
Evolved in Chapter 8: A Rocky Rematch!
Evolved in Chapter 36: A Rag Tag Duo Evolution!

Starly/Staravia/Staraptor: Staraptor was the first Pokemon caught in Owen's time in Sinnoh. She is a very powerful Pokemon, who took down Jet's Staravia, Combat when she was a Starly. She also often resorts to fighting from the sky, like most flying types. As a Starly, she also managed to defeat Roark's Geodude before being clobbered by Roark's Cranidos. Starly evolved into Staravia when Team Galactic attempted to steal Buneary. Then, during a battle against Xavier, Staravia evolved into Staraptor. She almost defeated Xavier's Infernape, but fainted after a Brave Bird/Flare Blitz collision. Staraptor proved to be Owen's best flying type throughout her journey in Sinnoh, providing Owen with reliable aerial support during battles.

Obtained in Chapter 2: The First Capture
Evolved in Chapter 10: The Bridge Patrol
Evolved in Chapter 46: Brave Bird! Infernape vs Staraptor!

Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra: Owen originally met Torterra as a Turtwig at Lake Valor when he brought her out of her Pokeball. Torterra was given to Owen as a gift from Professor. Rowan for helping save his research from Team Galactic. During the rematch against Roark, Torterra (at the time Turtwig) proved great strength when she managed to easily defeat Roark's Onix, however she was quickly disposed of against Roark's Cranidos. Torterra is one of the more reliable Pokemon Owen has, often winning battles that she is sent in to. Torterra also played a vital role in Owen's battle against Shadix in the Top 16, knocking out his first two Pokemon.

Obtained in Chapter 5: Jubilife city Fiasco
Evolved in Chapter 16: Rounds 1 and 2!
Evolved in Chapter 36: A Rag Tag Duo Evolution!

Buneary/Lopunny: Owen met Lopunny while trying to cross the bridge to get to Eterna city. He was attacked by the rabbit Pokemon, but she was eventually defeated. Team Galactic tried stealing her, but thanks to Starly evolving, she was freed and joined Owen's team. Lopunny is a very strong Pokemon, going toe to toe with Monferno and dealing a decent amount of damage to Xavier's Infernape. She eventually evolved during Owen's gym battle with Fantina and her Drifblim. Although she wasn't as powerful as the others, Lopunny constantly held her own and rose to the occasion more often than not.

Obtained in Chapter 10: The Bridge Patrol
Evolved in Chapter 35: Grim sights and Crazy Fights

Buizel/Floatzel: Owen met Floatzel during his battle with Xavier when Xavier tried attacking Buneary when she had already fainted. Floatzel caused Xavier to run away and he then challenged Owen to a battle when he was still a Buizel. Floatzel managed to deal major damage to Monferno, but he was eventually caught. Owen decided to use Floatzel in his gym battle against Gardenia, and he managed to defeat Gardenia's Roserade to seal Owen's victory. Floatzel evolved against Jet an her Staravia, Combat, where he showcased a great deal of power. Floatzel is one of Owen's stronger Pokemon, as evidenced by his narrow win over Shadix's Dewott in the Sinnoh League.

Obtained in Chapter 11: The Eterna Forest
Evolved in Chapter 23: Battle at the Beach

Electabuzz/Electivire: Electivire rejoined Owen's team when Professor. Oak told Owen that he was able to evolve and that he wanted to do so. Electivire was used in battle immediately when Archie and his Gallade appeared and attacked Owen. Electivire maintained his strength which allowed him to be a vital part to Owen's team. However, he didn't win as many battles as he did in Johto because Owen usually had him battle his opponents' strongest Pokemon.

Joined Sinnoh in Chapter 12: Entering Eterna
Evolved in Chapter 49: The Not So Distant Past

Gible/Gabite/Garchomp: Owen first met Garchomp while he was training for the Hearthome Tag Battle Tournament, when Garchomp came out of nowhere and randomly attacked Owen and Torterra. After running away, he returned after the pairings for the Tag Battle were announced. He also evolved into Gabite during a battle with Cynthia's Garchomp while in Pastoria. Garchomp drew very high praise from the champion, who felt that Garchomp would become Owen's powerhouse. Garchomp then evolved during Owen's rematch against Byron, and dominated Byron's Scizor. Shortly after evolving, it was quite clear that he and Infernape hate each other. Garchomp was the powerhouse of Owen's team, and managed to push Taylor's Drapion, Torterra, and Sceptile to the limit during the championship match. Garchomp is one of the three strongest Pokemon Owen has ever had, as his strength, determination to win, and success are only rivaled by Charizard and Heatmor. He further cemented his status when, after he was called upon to battle Red, he defeated Snorlax and held his own against Lapras, which gave Owen a chance to become the World Champion.

Obtained in Chapter 15: Welcome to the Hearthome Tag Battle
Evolved in Chapter 27: Gible vs Garchomp: The Ultimate Underdog
Evolved in Chapter 48: Ready or Not, Rematch Time!

Gallade: Originally known as a member of Team Aqua, Gallade is an incredibly strong Pokemon. Gallade and Archie followed Owen to Sinnoh because Gallade desperately wanted to battle Owen again. Shortly after losing to his Electabuzz, Gallade was released by Archie. Owen eventually ran into Gallade again when Gallade saved Monferno from Xavier's Infernape. After defeating Infernape, Owen caught Gallade. Gallade will surely be a powerhouse behind Owen's team, especially after defeating three Pokemon (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn's) by himself.

Obtained in Chapter 19: Who's That Pokemon?

Stunky/Skunktank: Owen received Skunktank when she was an egg during the Hearthome contest. She then hatched when Owen, Penny, and Talon arrived at Pastoria. While she hasn't battled that much, she has been very effective against her opponents, especially when she evolved during Owen's gym battle against Candice. Owen tended to use Skunktank at the strangest times, as shown in the Top 16 battle against Shadix when Skunktank was used to defeat Bastiodon.

Hatched in Chapter 26: Rolling In the Deep
Evolved in Chapter 54: It's Always Snowy in Snowpoint

Bronzor: Owen met Bronzor while exploring Iron Island before the tournament started. After fending off a trainer who was attacking him, Bronzor thanked Owen and joined his team. Bronzor has proven to be a skilled battler, taking down Byron's Bastiodon and going toe to toe with his Bronzon while also knocking out Jet's Staraptor, Combat. Bronzor was a commonly used Pokemon on Owen's team later in the story and earned many key victories, although he never starred in a League battle.

Obtained in Chapter 38: Iron Island Exploration

Prinplup: Prinplup did not compete in Sinnoh, but was brought back for Unova.

Obtained in Chapter 62: Sinnoh League Group Battle 1


Penny (Penelope): Penny is Owen's first (and female) companion of the Sinnoh region. She was originally introduced in Chapter 1, but returned in Chapter 3 where she had a Double Battle against Owen, using her Infernape and Staraptor against Owen's Chimchar and Starly. Penny also resembles Iris with her crazy hairstyle and her way of transportation (traveling through trees). She often lead the group to their destinations. Penny is also twelve years old, just like Talon.

Talon: Owen and Penny first met Talon when they were about to go through Eterna forest. He told them that he would help navigate them through the forest, but he turned out to be terrible with directions. Talon seems to be the idiot of the three and brings comedic relief whenever he opens his mouth. Surprisingly, Talon seems to be a powerful trainer as shown when he called out his Slaking, who managed to destroy a wall with one move, and when he made it to the finals of the Iron Island Tournament, and won when Xavier refused to battle him.. Talon actually did have moments of brightness, and he too is twelve years old.

Pokemon Unova Adventure

Main Character: Owen Plateau

Age: 14

Appearance: Owen stands at a towering 6'0" despite his young age. He has broad shoulders and an Adam's apple, often leading people to believe he's much older. He also has dark blonde hair and amber eyes along with fair skin.

Background Info: After his devastating loss in the Sinnoh League Finals, Owen runs away from home for six months. After being convinced by his best friends, CJ and Fate, Owen decides to venture through Unova in hopes of becoming the region's Champion. Through his time so far, Owen's Pokemon share problematic issues (such as Pidove not being able to fly and Blitzle not being able to generate much electricity), making them a band of misfits. Despite their misfit status, Owen's Pokemon have become much stronger thanks to a close bond with their trainer and each other.

Badges: 8

Owen's Unova Pokemon

Snivy: When Owen arrived in Unova he met Professor Juniper in the Castelia city Pokemon Center, where he was given Snivy. However, Snivy ran away from Owen because she was afraid of him. Owen eventually found Snivy on the roof of a building. Owen tried catching Snivy when she fell, but a strange brown Pokemon (later revealed to be Heatmor) saved her. Snivy has shown to be very acrobatic when battling, and has become significantly stronger since learning Leaf Blade. Snivy also has a very strong hatred of Angel, who often mocks her for not being picked by a trainer for a whole year. Due to a mutation in her DNA, Snivy is unable to evolve. Despite being unable to evolve, Snivy won Owen his eighth gym badge after defeating Marlon's Carracosta. Snivy played a surprisingly large role for Owen in the Unova League, especially after Krookodile broke his leg.

Obtained in Chapter 2: Castelia City: Come Get Your Starter

Pidove/Tranquill/Unfezant: On the way to Accumula town, the group saw Unfezant being attacked by her own kind. Hez quickly scared them off, so Unfezant graciously took the group to her nest. She then received help from Owen in an attempt to take back some of the land from an Unfezant, which almost resulted in Owen and Snivy getting killed. However, Fate's Jigglypuff, Puff, saved them. Unfezant then requested to join Owen's team, which Owen was happy to hear. Unfezant was very weak at first because she couldn't fly, but thanks to Owen's motivation she learned how to. During his gym battle against Cilan, Unfezant knocked out Crustle and Pansage to win Owen his first badge. Unfezant has progressively become stronger since she first joined Owen, which has helped her play a key role on the team.

Obtained in Chapter 3: Route 1 Mayhem
Evolved in Chapter 13: Beginner's Luck? Owen's Contest Debut!
Evolved in Chapter 39: No Gym Battle? No Problem!

Blitzle/Zebstrika: Shortly after his battle with Akito Owen decided to catch another Pokemon so he could be stronger for the next time he encountered his rival. First, he found a powerful Patrat but it managed to get away, which lead him to help Pidove learn how to fly so she could find Patrat. However, she was hit by a powerful Shock Wave, and that's when Owen met Zebstrika. Zebstrika seemed to be a very timid Pokemon and a weak battler as shown when Pidove beat him in three turns, but he's broken both assumptions by defeating Cilan's Stunfisk, Lenora's Patrat, and Elesa's Zebstrika. After powering the broken generator in the Castelia City sewers, Zebstrika is finally able to use countless electrical attacks.

Obtained in Chapter 5: Shock Wave! Pidove's Aerial Spectacle!
Evolved in Chapter 26: Shocking the Fashion Queen

Sawk(traded): Owen first met Sawk near the entrance of Pinwheel Forest while trying to train for his second gym battle. They worked together immediately, defeating a member of an organization called Team Solar. Sawk defeated a Throh with a variety of moves, including Blaze Kick. Sawk seems to be a very serious yet incredibly powerful Pokemon that won Owen his second badge. Sawk's love of contests made him lose his passion for battling, so he was traded to Fate for her Jigglypuff, Puff. Sawk also wakes up during the night to train by himself, and he has a growing friendship with Heatmor that started when Sawk found out Heatmor had been awake and training an entire night long. Had he not been traded, Sawk would've been one of, if not the strongest Pokemon on Owen's team, and would've helped him win the Unova League.

Obtained in Chapter 9: Team Solar Surfaces
Traded in Chapter 18: A Big Old Family Reunion

Heatmor: First appearing as a nameless Pokemon that saved Snivy from a fall in Castelia City, Heatmor appears to be a very skilled Pokemon. When he and Owen met face to face, the teen saw that Heatmor was about 40 pounds under weight. Before meeting Owen, Heatmor was chased by a nameless man and two Herdier, while also having a vision of a young boy with yellow hair. Heatmor saved Snivy once again, and managed to defeat the two members of Team Solar in one attack. Heatmor is also the hardest working Pokemon on Owen's team, waking up in the middle of the night to train. After seeing Owen die, Heatmor decided to tell the group about his history, which included him watching his old trainer die. Heatmor finally gained control over his rage during Owen's gym battle with Drayden, where he knocked out Haxorus to win Owen his seventh gym badge. Heatmor has a tireless work ethic, which was shown when he and Owen practiced for hours to master Fire Pledge. That combined with his raw power have helped Heatmor become a major powerhouse. He also led an epic comeback during the championship that just fell short when he was knocked out by Akito's Torterra. Heatmor is one of the three strongest Pokemon Owen has had, as evidenced by him knocking out two of Red's Pokemon. Because of his success against the World Champion, it could be argued the only Pokemon of Owen's that's stronger is Charizard.

Obtained in Chapter 12: A Mystery Reignited!

Prinplup/Empoleon: While meeting his parents and Professor Oak before his tournament in Vermillion City Owen's parents brought Charizard and Empoleon along. The latter of the two was selected to Owen's team because of his low level and not being used once in Sinnoh. Since joining Owen's team, Empoleon has been used in several battles and has won countless times for Owen. During Owen's gym battle against Clay, Empoleon showed off great power and the will to never surrender, even after he was crushed by Excadrill's Drill Run. Empoleon also learned Water Pledge after training for only a few minutes, much to everyone's surprise. Empoleon is one of Owen's stronger Pokemon, and oft used for battle, no matter the circumstances.

Joined in Chapter 18: A Big Old Family Reunion
Evolved in Chapter 31: Conquering the Mining King!

Puff: Originally belonging to Fate, Owen acquired Puff in a trade that sent Sawk to Fate. Puff has an explosive personality that's guaranteed to cause issues, whether it be with her opponents or teammates. Puff loves destroying things with her powerful Dynamic Punch, and she even interfered in Owen's battle with Dante because she wanted to battle so badly. Puff is a strange, yet great addition to Owen's team, because she is a capable fighter who loves to win. Puff even won Owen his sixth badge after defeating Skyla's Swanna. Though Puff hasn't battled as much as the others, Owen still uses her with the utmost confidence in her battling abilities.

Traded for in Chapter 18: A Big Old Family Reunion

Muk: Owen met Muk in the Castelia City sewers when the power went out in Castelia. Very little is known about Muk except that two women in yellow ordered him to destroy the generator, and that he is very powerful, as shown when he overwhelmed Heatmor in a very short battle. In his first battle with Owen, Muk defeated Burgh's Leavanny with ease, which won Owen his third badge. Muk is the most cheerful of Owen's Pokemon and often stops fights from occurring between his teammates. Muk serves as the tank of Owen's team, but he also dishes out major damage, making him far from a pushover in battle.

Obtained in Chapter 22: A Hero's Destiny

Krokorok/Krookodile: After arriving in Nimbasa City, the group saw a gang of Krokorok attacking the city. Once all of the attacking Krokorok were defeated, thanks to the help of a rebellious Krokorok, Owen battled the leader, which was a Krookodile. Heatmor and Krookodile (at the time a Krokorok) teamed up to fend off the Krookodile, and Owen asked Krookodile to join him. After battling and beating Heatmor, Krookodile decided to join Owen. Krookodile was very arrogant and had a short temper, which was shown when he attacked Rebecca's Deerling, and Heatmor, but he has become much kinder. After attacking Heatmor, Owen released Krookodile. After searching for him, Owen and Heatmor found Krookodile being attacked by his former gang leader. Krookodile evolved when Heatmor pushed him out of the way of a Stone Edge. Krookodile is incredibly strong, and even managed to defeat Brooklyn's Samurott with ease. Krookodile is a major powerhouse, and he seems to be friendly with all of Owen's other Pokemon since evolving. After evolving, Krookodile helped Owen win his seventh badge. Owen also used Krookodile in a sudden death battle in the Unova League, which he won. Krookodile, however, broke his leg in Owen's top 16 battle against Astral, so he missed the remainder of the Unova League. Later, when Owen battled Red, he almost brought Krookodile back, but didn't because of type redundancies and he was still recovering from his broken leg. This alone proves Krookodile is one of Owen's six strongest Pokemon.

Obtained in Chapter 25: Cracking Krokorok
Evolved in Chapter 42: See Ya, Krokorok

Druddigon: After Owen arrived in Icirrus City, he had to climb up Dragonspiral Tower to defeat JT. On his way up to the peak, Owen met Druddigon, who took an instant liking to Owen. Druddigon is shown to be protective of Owen as shown when she appeared to help him battle against JT and his Hydreigon. She also has a very physical battle style with powerful moves such as Revenge and Earthquake. Druddigon played a large role on Owen's team, serving as the brute while also being leaned on heavily when Krookodile was injured in the Unova League. Even though she wasn't a powerhouse, Druddigon was a skilled battler with great results, making her one of the more prominent members of the Unova team.

Obtained in Chapter 41: Light vs Dark: Heroes Clash!


Fate: After learning that Owen hadn't been home in over six months, Fate and CJ searched for him. After an hour or so, they found Owen and convinced him to go to Unova. Fate has grown much more mature and seems to be the voice of reason in the group. She also received Tepig from Professor Juniper, and it seems like they're beginning to get along. She also brought Hez, Venom, Puff, and Daisy to help compete in contests. In her first contest, Fate made it to the battle rounds, but lost to Brooklyn in a back and forth affair. Fate is also in a relationship with CJ, which started when the group arrived in Humilau City. Fate eventually reached the Grand Festival semifinals before falling to Destiny, who later won the championship.

Fate's team: Hez (Swampert), Angel (Tepig), Venom (Venomoth), Daisy (Eevee), Rose (Trubbish), Sawk

CJ: After learning that Owen hadn't been home in over six months, Fate and CJ searched for him. After an hour or so, they found Owen and convinced him to go to Unova. CJ is still the same quiet person that he was during Kanto, but has shown to be a bit more talkative. Along with Owen and Fate, he was given a starter in Castelia, which was a lazy Oshawott that is surprisingly incredible at battling. He brought Leaf along with him, but doesn't have any intentions of competing in the Unova League or Grande Festival. CJ showed a knack for competing in contests when he and Leaf performed a stunning Leaf Volcano. CJ is also in a relationship with Fate, which started when the group arrived in Humilau City.

CJ's team: Leaf (Bulbasaur), Wotter (Oshawott), Excalibur (Drilbur)

Rebecca: Being introduced at the S.S Anne Tournament, Owen and Rebecca battled in the first round. Rebecca is twelve years old and is the youngest of the group. She also gets excited over small things and loves an occasional battle. One of her problems as a trainer, however, is not cheering for her Pokemon. After her Deerling was horribly injured by Owen's Krokorok, he screamed at her for not doing anything about Deerling's injury or encouraging him during their battle. Rebecca also has a younger sister, but she has only been shown once.

Rebecca's team: Oshawott, Deino, Deerling

Other Important Characters

Akito: Serving as Owen's primary rival, Akito is the toughest trainer Owen has faced in the Unova region. Akito previously competed in Sinnoh, Hoenn, and then Johto before deciding to compete in the Unova League. He reached the championship round of the Ever Grande Conference after crushing Astral in the semifinals, but it's unknown where he finished in each league. Akito is a very happy person, but gets competitive whenever battling, where he takes on a serious personality. He is also in love with art and tries to never miss a good Pokemon Contest, which often give him ideas for battles. He and Owen also respect each other greatly, and have also battled twice. In their first battle, Akito won convincingly. In their second battle, however, Snivy propelled Owen to a tie after taking out Akito's Gabite and Grotle. Akito eventually defeated Owen in the championship of the Unova League, despite Heatmor's incredible comeback.

Destiny: Being the Gary Oak of Fate's rivals, Destiny is obnoxious and overly confident in her abilities. Though she hasn't been seen much, it can be assumed that she has a crush on CJ and is rivals with Fate for his romantic attention. Destiny is said to be incredibly attractive, which makes the boys around her gape and even drool. After defeating Fate in a battle with her Snivy, Destiny failed to reach the battle rounds in the Castelia City Contest after falling apart at the end of her routine, but she defeated Fate in the Grand Festival semifinals.

Brooklyn: After Owen bumped into her on the streets of Castelia City, he and Brooklyn instantly despised each other. Despite her hatred for Owen, Brooklyn was very friendly towards Fate, CJ, and later Rebecca. After he stood up for her when JT made perverted comments, Brooklyn has grown to like Owen, and they even reintroduced themselves to squash any previous issues. Shortly after doing so, Owen pushed Brooklyn out of the way of a Team Solar admin's Combusken's Slash, whig sent Owen to the hospital. Brooklyn lost to Destiny in the championship of the Grand Festival, but she decided to stick around and watch the Unova League.

Dante: After coming off as a bit of a jerk, Dante was shown to be a caring person after his first battle with Owen where he almost injured Sawk badly and apologized right after. Dante is a hardworking and enthusiastic trainer who had a tough upbringing. He is also a skilled trainer with an aggressive, yet tactful approach to battles. He and Owen have both defeated each other. Owen wound up defeating Dante in the semifinals after Heatmor defeated his Lucario.

Astral: Astral placed top 8 in Johto, top 4 in Hoenn, and top 4 in Kanto when Owen competed in the Indigo League. Astral is a quiet person, but an exceptional trainer. Even though he and Owen have only battled once, they have a competitive rivalry. Astral's starting Pokemon is a shiny Tyrouge, who went toe-to-toe with Heatmor before eventually being defeated. Astral and Owen faced off in the top 16 during the Unova League, which ended with Owen winning, though it was a very close battle.

Blake: Blake is Owen's fourth and final rival in Unova, and has a bubbly personality. He and Owen had only battled once prior to the Unova League, which ended with Blake's starter, Arcanine, defeating Snivy with ease. In the league, he and Owen battled in the quarterfinals, which Owen won due to him using Charizard to defeat Blake's two remaining Pokemon.

JT: When the group met JT he came off as a bit of a creep. After hitting on Fate and Brooklyn, CJ challenged him to a battle in order to stop JT's inappropriate intentions. Much to everyone's surprise, JT sent out a Hydreigon and effortlessly defeated CJ. It was later revealed - at Celestial Tower - that JT was the leader of Team Solar. Owen eventually defeated him at Dragonspiral Tower, ending the threat of Team Solar.

Ariel: Ariel was randomly introduced after Owen defeated Burgh. For unknown reasons she is searching for Owen along with her Blaziken, as shown when they arrived at Pallet Town and asked an elderly woman for Owen's location. Ariel has appeared at the end of several chapters and often criticizes Owen's Pokemon despite his success. Her Blaziken acts as a neutral character, who tries standing up for Owen despite not knowing him personally. Ariel and her Blaziken will make several appearances throughout the Unova region and she also has plans of killing someone, though it's not known who.

Pokemon Kalos Adventure

Main Character: Owen Plateau

Age: 15-16

Appearance: Owen stands at a towering 6'0" despite his young age. He has broad shoulders and an Adam's apple, often leading people to believe he's much older. He also has dark blonde hair and amber eyes along with fair skin. (Same as Unova)

Background Info: After his loss in the Unova League Finals, Owen returns home only to find out he was adopted. Learning his parents are in Kalos, Owen heads off to the foreign region in an attempt to find them. While searching for his parents, Owen competes in the Kalos League, hoping his parents will see him on TV. He also starts dating Brooklyn.

Badges: 8

Owen's Kalos Pokemon

Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja: Greninja is Owen's starter for the Kalos region due to two other trainers not reserving him. The two seem to get along well, despite only knowing each other for a short time. Greninja also has the will to take on any opponent no matter their size, as shown when he battled against Frank's Dragonite at the very start of his journey with Owen. Before he could be hit by Dragonite's Hyper Beam, Charizard swooped in and saved him, and the two have had a close relationship ever since. Greninja was a very inconsistent battler, as shown when he defeated two of Larenz's Pokemon and lost to Viola's Heracross twice, but he seems to have become significantly stronger since evolving, which was proven when he beat Grant's Tyrunt to win Owen his second badge. Greninja is also very acrobatic and quick, and he has become much more outgoing. On top of that, he likes Brooklyn's Braixen. Later, during the Kalos League, Greninja played a pivotal role in helping Owen reach the Championship round, besting Moe's Heracross and Clauncher in the quarterfinals, Tyler's Frogadier in the semifinals, and Larenz's Ninetails in the finals.

Obtained in Chapter 1: Kicking Off Kalos
Evolved in Chapter 13: Showdown at the Skatepark
Evolved in Chapter 36: Double Date Double Battle

Charizard: Charizard followed Owen to Kalos all the way from Pallet Town, and he arrived just in time, as he saved Greninja (at the time a Froakie) from being hit by a fatal Hyper Beam. He then faced off against Frank's Dragonite and overpowered him, but the roles were reversed when Frank used Grim Reversion. Charizard is an incredibly powerful Pokemon, and is Owen's most trusted because he is the first Pokemon Owen ever had. Since the beginning of the journey, Charizard has had a friendly relationship with Greninja, but didn't feel comfortable around Brooklyn.
Charizard also helped Owen defeat King George and his Furfrou in a battle that would've forced Owen to marry Elizabeth had he lost. Charizard also gained the ability to Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X and Y after displaying tremendous courage for battling Frank's Dragonite in Shalour City. Charizard is also the child of Catherine's two starting Pokemon, and he also learned a technique called Mega Fusion, which is a combination of his two Mega Evolutions. He later squared off with Red's Charizard after defeating his Blastoise, and he barely lost. Had Charizard not battled Blastoise, he most likely would've beaten Red's Charizard, making Owen the World Champion.

Joined in Chapter 1: Kicking Off Kalos

Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree: When Owen arrived in Santalune City, he saw that several buildings were destroyed (due to Team Flare in Monfernofreak's Pokemon XY: Kalos!). Because he wanted to get his first gym badge, Owen agreed to help out a group of Pokemon that were taken from their home in Santalune Forest. After helping Owen and Froakie defeat a poacher, Butterfree decided to join the team. So far, Butterfree appears to be one the strongest Pokemon on Owen's, and she has a very powerful Psybeam, which took down Grant's Onix and Geodude. Butterfree also defeated Viola's Spewpa with surprising strength, and she beat Vivillon during Owen's rematch. After earning his third badge, Owen didn't turn to Butterfree as often due to her being at a much higher level than the others, and she seemed to lose her incredible power. However, she was still a key member of Owen's team and was often used in important battles, most notably the finals against Larenz, where she tied with his Umbreon.

Obtained in Chapter 4: Stop Bugging Me
Evolved in Chapter 7: The Beginning of a New Rivalry
Evolved in Chapter 9: Metamorphosis

Pikachu: Once Viola told Owen about a group of Pikachu terrorizing trainers in Santalune Forest, he decided to take action and stop the Pikachu. After challenging their leader to a battle, Froakie won, and Owen caught Pikachu in order to keep the group from reassembling. Pikachu is a quick and nimble fighter, who is also able to use Thunderbolt despite being at a low level. Pikachu appears to be the most natural battler of Owen's three Kalos Pokemon, at the moment, and he will play a key role for Owen throughout Kalos. During Owen's two gym battles with Viola, Pikachu managed to defeat her Heracross both times, but he also fainted. During the battle, Pikachu displayed stunning speed and surprising strength. He also played a pivotal role in Owen's rematch against Korrina, paralyzing both Mienfoo and Machoke. Pikachu was one of the most consistent Pokemon on the team, and helped Owen in various battles throughout their travels in Kalos. It seemed that Pikachu became progressively more successful later in Owen's travels, where he eventually became one of Owen's go-to Pokemon.

Obtained in Chapter 5: The Pikachu Crew

Tyrunt/Tyrantrum: After his gym battle with Grant, Owen traveled to Glittering Cave because Eddy wanted to see the Pokemon inside. After the group split-up, Cindy was captured by Team Grim, who was looking for Tyrunt and Amaura. While Owen was battling an admin, Tyrunt assisted Charizard, and he later joined Owen's team. Tyrunt appears to be a very strong and confident Pokemon, and he also seems to have a habit of biting. In his first battle, which was against Korrina, Tyrunt managed to defeat her Machoke before falling to Mega Lucario. Tyrantrum evolved during Owen's gym battle with Clemont, which he won by defeating his Heliolisk. Tyrantrum is incredibly powerful, and showed off his brute strength when defeating Maria's Chesnaught in the top 16. Had Tyrantrum become a consistent battler, he would've certainly been Owen's strongest Pokemon, as well as the powerhouse of the team.

Obtained in Chapter 21: Save the Fossils!
Evolved in Chapter 41: Tyrantrum vs Heliolisk: A Dinosaur Duel

Hawlucha: While they visited Geosenge Town, the group learned about a rogue Pokemon wreaking havoc on the citizens. Determined to stop the Pokemon, Owen battled Hawlucha. Hawlucha is a very strong battler, as evidenced by his victory over Korrina's Mega Lucario, which helped Owen earn his third badge. During Owen's gym battle with Clemont, Hawlucha defeated his Magneton and dealt significant damage to Heliolisk before falling. Hawlucha also defeated Maria's Munchlax. Later, during the Kalos League, Hawlucha scored many crucial wins for Owen, helping him advance through the tournament. While he wasn't used as often as others, Hawlucha was one of Owen's stronger Pokemon in Kalos, and held his own in every battle he was involved in, most notably during the Kalos League, where he managed to defeat Logan's Zoroark in the top 32 and Moe's Marowak in the quarterfinals.

Obtained in Chapter 22: Hawlucha the Wild Warrior

Gastly/Haunter/Gengar: After losing his battle against Korrina, Owen and the others were told about a group of Pokemon that attacked Shalour every night. While heading back to the Pokemon Center, Owen found Gengar injured by the water. After she was nursed back to health, Gengar joined Owen's team and helped him defeat Korrina in his rematch. Then, Gengar played an instrumental role in winning Owen his fourth badge against Ramos, defeating his Weepinbell and Gogoat, and she evolved against the latter of the two. Upon evolving, Gengar showed a tremendous amount of power and her confidence grew exponentially, knocking out Larenz's Meganium, making her one of the strongest Pokemon on Owen's team.
Gengar then evolved when Owen was attacked by a Dusknoir, who she destroyed with an incredible amount of power. Gengar has many wins under her belt, most recently at the Kalos League, and she is the powerhouse of the team. Gengar later learned how to Mega Evolve in the championship when she battled Larenz' Meganium. She was later selected to battle Red and defeated his Pikachu, asserting herself as one of Owen's strongest Pokemon.

Obtained in Chapter 26: Straying from the Pack
Evolved in Chapter 33: Shadow Punch: Haunter vs Gogoat
Evolved in Chapter 54: Defying all Odds

Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught: Owen met Chesnaught while training for his gym battle against Ramos when Frogadier hit a Scatterbug while they were in the woods. Chesnaught quickly came to the Scatterbug's defense and challenged Greninja to a battle, which he won with ease. After Owen left to watch Brooklyn's contest, Chesnaught followed and later challenged Owen to a rematch. Chesnaught is a very powerful Pokemon and was a key member on the team during his days as a Chespin, when he helped Owen win his fourth gym badge, defeated Larenz's Milotic, and even went toe-to-toe with Larenz' Meganium. Later, he evolved into Quilladin while battling against Maria's Chesnaught, but he lost. Then, he evolved against Daniel's Dedenne and displayed a powerful Seed Bomb attack. While he seemed to lose his role as the powerhouse after evolving into Quilladin, Chesnaught was one of Owen's strongest Kalosian Pokemon, given his overall body of work. Had he never evolved, Chespin would've been the strongest member along with Gengar.

Obtained in Chapter 32: Coumarine Contest
Evolved in Chapter 52: A Fight for the Forest Championship
Evolved in Chapter 56: A Colossal Evolution

Slurpuff: When he arrived in Laverre City, Owen began training with Ariel for his gym battle. During their training, Slurpuff ran out of the woods while being chased by two hunters. After Owen saved her, he helped Slurpuff free all of her captured friends before she joined Owen. Slurpuff is a very clumsy Pokemon with a bit of a temper, and she has a habit of licking Owen's face whenever she's happy. She also used to have a rivalry with Chesnaught when he was a Chespin, as evidenced by her tackling and attacking him whenever she had the chance. Since joining, Slurpuff is one of Owen's most underrated Pokemon, most likely due to her friendly appearance, as she played a pivotal role in helping Owen reach the Kalos League Championship, becoming one of his powerhouses along the way with notable wins over Maria's Riolu in the top 16 and Larenz's Electivire in the championship round. Given her track record, it could be argued that Slurpuff is one of Owen's ten strongest Pokemon.

Obtained in Chapter 48: Fairy Best Friends

Blaziken: Originally Ariel's first Pokemon, Blaziken is incredibly powerful. After Ariel's death, Blaziken decided to join Owen as he was the only family Blaziken had left. He is also Charizard's brother and accompanied Owen throughout the remainder of Kalos, helping him make a lasting impression on the Champions during the first round of the Kalos League. Despite only battling twice, against Wulfric and in the first round of the Kalos League, Blaziken proved to be just as strong as Charizard, dominating both battles from the start. Along with that, he was able to Mega Evolve with Ariel, but it is unknown whether he has a strong enough bond with Owen.

Joined in Chapter 66: Betrayal for the Better

Traveling Companions

Cindy: While Owen dealt with the Pikachu in Santalune Forest, Cindy made her debut in the story alongside her Litleo. Though they didn't do anything, Cindy and her Litleo followed Owen to Lumiose City and even jumped off the Prism Tower with him. Cindy is a carefree, go-with-the-flow kind of person who is always looking to do something thrilling. Not much is known about her goals, at the moment, but she seems to be picking up on Owen and Brooklyn's relationship.

Cindy's team: Litleo

Brooklyn: Brooklyn appeared early on in the story with the intention of finding Owen for romantic reasons after admitting she had a crush on him. While she was traveling to Lumiose City, she found an injured Fennekin and rushed it to the Pokemon Center. Shortly after, Fennekin joined her. Then, when Owen and Cindy jumped off the Prism Tower, Brooklyn met up with, and scolded, the two for their stunt. Brooklyn is also competing in the Kalos Grand Festival, but her first performance (in Cyllage City) was a disaster as she was disqualified because Fennekin and Smeargle were too scared to move. She is now dating Owen, and fell in the semifinals of the Grand Festival due to being pregnant.

Brooklyn's team: Braixen, Smeargle, Amaura, Gogoat

Eddy: As he was traveling around the grounds of Parfum Palace for a tournament, Owen met Eddy, who explained the strange rules to him. Despite being only eight years old, Eddy is very insightful, yet has his moments of idiocy, as evidenced by his waking up after Fredrick was killed by Calvin's Goomy. He was also sent to a boarding school by his parents, but he ran away. Reasons for his leaving are unknown, at the moment.

Eddy's team: None

Daniel: Though he competes in contests and is one of Brooklyn's rivals, Daniel joined the group when they asked him to. Daniel is a kindhearted and intelligent coordinator, and he easily earned two ribbons in the first two contests he competed in. Given the strength of his Pokemon and his knack for coming up with great combinations, Daniel made it all the way to the semifinals of Grand Festival before falling to Larenz. He was later offered a spot in the Kalos Elite 4, which he accepted.

Daniel's team: Dragonair, Dedenne, Aerodactyl, Axew

Other Important Characters

Ariel: After Owen arrived in Kalos, it was revealed that Ariel had already been traveling through the region for several weeks. After Owen battled Frank, he met Ariel. While she was interrogating him, Charizard attacked her Blaziken, resulting in a battle between the two. After the battle ended, Ariel advised Owen to not clash with Frank, which confused him. Very little is known about Ariel, except that she wields a Mega Ring and is a former member of the Elite 4. It was also revealed that she is Owen's twin sister. After losing her battle to Frank, she died when he snapped her neck.

Met in Chapter 3: Ariel's Arrival: Charizard vs Blaziken!

Frank: When he made his way towards Santalune City for his first badge, Owen encountered a group of thugs that were trying to steal Pokemon from trainers. Owen decided to challenge them in an attempt to save the Pokemon, and he battled a man named Frank, who is the leader of Team Grim. Frank is an incredibly powerful and ruthless trainer who attempted to kill Frogadier, and his Dragonite even defeated Charizard after it artificially Mega Evolved. During his second meeting with Owen, he managed to defeat Ariel's Mega Blaziken in one attack before escaping with all of the Mega Stones from the Tower of Mastery. Frank then killed the Royal Family with little effort, singlehandedly destroying everything in his path. Given his willingness to kill, Frank is definitely someone who should be feared, and he is also the father of Owen and Ariel, and was once a member of the Kalos Elite 4. He eventually died when Dragonite elected to save Owen from a life threatening fall instead of Frank.

Met in Chapter 1: Kicking off Kalos

Larenz: While Owen was training for his rematch against Viola, he met Larenz and his Chikorita. Once Larenz told Owen he was a better trainer, the two battled shortly afterwards. Owen eventually won the battle, and Larenz left without saying a word. Larenz is an arrogant trainer who has very strong Pokemon on his team, and he even defeated Brooklyn in the Coumarine City Contest. Later, he challenged Owen to a full battle and crushed him with his incredibly powerful Pokemon. However, he eventually lost to Owen in the championship round of the Kalos League, and was later offered a spot in the Kalos Elite 4.

Met in Chapter 7: The Beginning of a New Rivalry

Tyler: Being the protagonist of Monfernofreak's 'Pokemon XY: Kalos!' Tyler is a very skilled trainer despite being a rookie. He is a very calm and is laid back unless he's in a Pokemon battle, or if he's talking about Pokemon. Owen met Tyler at the Pokemon Center in Santalune and decided to help him train his Froakie, who was struggling to use Bubble. After a failed day of practice, Owen decided that a battle would be the perfect remedy for Froakie's inability to use Bubble. Despite Tyler basically using two Pokemon (Froakie was atrocious), he still managed to win the battle with cunning tactics and a calm demeanor. Tyler later lost to Owen in the semifinals of the Kalos League.

Met in Chapter 10: A Rival Like No Other

Moe: As they passed through the skatepark on Route 5, Owen met his third rival, Moe. Moe is a bit arrogant, as shown when he didn't believe Owen was capable of owning a strong Pokemon. He is, however, a very strong trainer with an equally strong team. Had Froakie not evolved into Frogadier during the battle, Owen would've surely lost. The next time they battled, Moe won thanks to his Clauncher taking out both Tyrunt and Greninja. He was later defeated in the quarterfinals of the Kalos League, where Greninja ended up beating both his Heracross and Clauncher.

Met in Chapter 13: A Showdown at the Skatepark

Maria: Being the star of tepigsfire758's 'Pokemon: Kalos Defenders' Maria is a very talented trainer who has a knack for drawing up some pretty crazy strategies, similar to Owen. Owen first met Maria on his way to Cyllage City when her Pikachu accidentally zapped Frogadier with a Thunderbolt, and that led to Maria challenging Owen to a battle. Even though she lost, Maria used incredible tactics that presented many issues for Owen, much like he does to other trainers. Because their battling styles are so similar. Despite this, Maria lost to Owen in the top 16 of the Kalos League.

Met in Chapter 17: Meeting Maria

Olivia: While visiting the Gogoat Ranch, the group met Olivia. After Brooklyn tried giving one of the Gogoat a can of food, she was shocked to see it was full of plastic worms, which Olivia was responsible for. The two then battled and Olivia won with ease. Though she's a prankster, Olivia is a very skilled trainer and coordinator, and she's Penny's cousin.

Met in Chapter 27: Going to the Gogoat Ranch!

Catherine: Catherine is Owen and Ariel's mother, and she met them in Laverre City, where she battled Owen and Ariel. After defeating her children, Catherine revealed that her Blaziken and Charizard were the parents of Owen and Ariel's starters. Catherine was also a member of the Elite 4, specializing in fire types, before quitting when she had Owen and Ariel. Despite only being seventeen at the time, Catherine was in line to become the Champion of Kalos. She was also in a relationship with Frank. During the Lumiose City invasion Catherine was shot and killed by Frank.

Met in Chapter 48: Fairy Best Friends

Pokemon Kanto Adventure: A New Generation!

Main Character: Gray Plain

Age: 16

Appearance: Gray is 5'6" with wavy brown hair, and her name comes from her having gray eyes. While traveling, she wears a thin, red hoodie with a black tank top underneath, a pair of ripped jeans, and white runners.

Background info: Growing up in Saffron City, Gray is used to the frenetic pace of large cities. Before she could start her journey, the league enacted a policy that forced children to have some form of an education, and be at least 14 before they could get their license. Gray is a child of a one parent household, and she also has a little brother, Billy. Gray also has three friends, Tracey and Sammy, who are sisters, and Chase.

Badges: 8

Gray's Kanto Pokemon

Durus (Meowth/Persian): Unlike many other starters, Durus refused to listen to anything Gray said at the beginning of their journey, as shown during her battle with Trentavious and his Snivy. She also took naps when she didn't want to deal with Gray. Durus has shown a very aggressive battle-style, and evolved during a battle with Troy's Zangoose, whom she defeated with ease. Durus has been a very reliable Pokemon for Gray, almost always defeating her opponent in every battle. She is also a bit of a hothead, often threatening to rip people to shreds, and has a rivalry with Trentavious' Serperior, who she defeated in the Saffron City Tournament. She was also very jealous of Comis and all the attention he received when Gray first received him.
She quickly got over her jealousy and helped Gray win several battles in the Indigo League, most notably her first round victory over an Aegislash, as well as defeating Trent's Drapion and Serperior in back-to-back battles during the quarterfinals. After the conclusion of the Indigo League, Durus traveled to Johto with Gray and served as a mentor to the new Pokemon. She also managed to keep Ferus in line, and the impact of her departure was originally difficult to overcome, leading to a fight between Ferus and the others.

Obtained in Chapter 1: Another Door Opens
Evolved in Chapter 20: Durus vs Zangoose: Day Care Duel

Leviculus (Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Politoed): After an argument with Durus, Gray was attacked by a group of Mankey in the middle of the night. Leviculus eventually defeated all of the Mankey, only to run into the same situation the following day, which was when he joined Gray. Originally an idiot who'd fall on his face for no reason, Leviculus was a fairly skilled battler. Upon evolving into Poliwhirl, his goofy personality was replaced by an obnoxious one, as shown when he told Magna he would never like her, even after Gray told him to be nice to her. His old personality returned upon evolving - which was accomplished after he won a tournament with the prize being a King's Rock - and he is a very strong battler, as evidenced by his victory over a wild Kingler, learning Mega Kick in a few minutes, and defeating a Poliwrath. He also had a unique battling-style as a Poliwag that involved him sliding around on his stomach, but he has since adopted dancing to avoid certain attacks. That allows him to excel in close-quarters combat. Leviculus returned to his original status as a powerhouse at the start of the Indigo League, as he played a crucial role in helping Gray progress through the tournament, with his most notable win coming against Marcus' Lucario.

Obtained in Chapter 4: Enter Leviculus!
Evolved in Chapter 15: Kingler of the Hill
Evolved in Chapter 26: Quest for the Crown

Fidens (Archen/Archeops): The day after Gray and Chase stopped Team Purity from stealing fossils from the Pewter City Museum, they were brought back to help with research, which involved the fossilized Pokemon. Fidens is a very friendly Pokemon who seems to care about Gray, as shown when he tried to help her up, and he is a very powerful Pokemon, as evidenced by his comeback victory over Erika, in which he overcame Defeatist and evolved. Fidens is also the fastest member of the team and uses his incredible speed to overwhelm slower opponents like Trentavious' Drapion, who he defeated with ease. Despite his speed and strength, Fidens is a fairly inconsistent battler, as his results vary drastically. He also has a crush on Magna and won a few battles during the Indigo League, helping Gray progress through the tournament.

Obtained in Chapter 7: Revival of the Fittest?
Evolved in Chapter 38: Fidens Takes Flight!

Magna (Chingling): After having her gym challenge declined by Misty, Gray was taken to Route 25 by her Pokemon in order to train. They eventually ran into Magna and decided to help her work on being more quiet after learning no trainer wanted to catch her. Magna is a very energetic Pokemon who almost always screams when she talks, and is very powerful, as evidenced by her victory over Misty's Gyarados, and her often being used in Gym Battles. Despite being small in stature, Magna is a giant on the battlefield, winning fairly often and refusing to back down to opponents, no matter their size, and was voted the MVP of Gray's team during the Saffron City Tournament. She also seems to like Fidens, and won a few battles during the Indigo League.

Obtained in Chapter 17: Jingle Bell

Fortis (Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon): While visiting the Day Care Center, Gray met a boy named Troy, who was releasing Fortis because he was so weak. Enraged by that, Gray decided to challenge Troy and beat him, but Troy didn't hold his end of the bargain and refused to retain Fortis, prompting Gray to take him. Fortis has shown off he is a very strong Pokemon with wins over Savannah's Nidorina - a battle that he evolved in - and against Decorus. Later, Fortis evolved in a battle against Marcus' Gabite, who also evolved. Fortis was eventually released in order to protect the Pokemon Reservoir in Fuchsia City from a flock of Fearow, though he was reluctant to leave Gray. He later returned to Gray before her bout with Savannah in the Saffron City Tournament, and he nearly won her the battle. However, he fainted just before Nidoqueen, which was one of the very few losses he suffered throughout his tenure.
Fortis also has a rivalry with Marcus' Garchomp and battled against Owen's Charizard, who he fell to quite easily. Upon returning, Fortis repeatedly showed unprecedented power, earning him the honor of being Gray's undisputed powerhouse, often being turned to in order to win battles and defeat the strongest of opponents. During the Indigo League, Fortis helped Gray win two battles, with his most impressive victory coming against Trent's Mega Abomasnow. After the Indigo League, Owen requested to take Fortis to Kalos and train him for Gray, which she accepted. Throughout his tenure, Fortis resembled Owen's Charizard, winning countless battles and pushing all of his opponents to their absolute limits.

Obtained in Chapter 20: Durus vs Zangoose: Day Care Duel!
Evolved in Chapter 34: Fortis Fights for Glory!
Evolved in Chapter 40: Round Two: Flygon vs Garchomp!

Decorus (Florges): While searching for flowers to give to Gray, Chase tried pulling on Decorus' flowers. Enraged by Chase's idiocy, Decorus chased him into Celadon City before being challenged to a battle by Gray and Fortis. Decorus is a very strong Pokemon with a bit of an attitude, though she seems to get along with Fortis. Decorus is a key member to the team with powerful and versatile moves at her disposal, along with being a strong battler. In Fortis' absence, Decorus seemed eager to fill the role of being Gray's powerhouse, but she has returned to being second in command after Fortis came back. Decorus also has feelings for Fortis, and he even protected her from being hit by Savannah's Nidoqueen's Body Slam.
Despite that loss, Decorus was still one of the most successful and powerful members of Gray's team, and was relied upon throughout the duration of her time in Kanto. In the Indigo League, she mainly helped set her teammates up for victory while also controlling the tide of battle, as evidenced by her getting rid of Toxic Spikes against Dominic. Though she wasn't the most physically imposing Pokemon, Decorus cemented herself as Gray's second strongest with her incredible defenses, array of long-range attacks, and will to win.

Obtained in Chapter 36: Fortis vs Florges: Save Celadon!

Comis (Gligar): After earning all eight badges, Gray's mother gave her Comis as a present for her success. Comis is a very eager Pokemon who loves to practice battling, and seems to look up to Fortis and his power, along with all of the others. However, he is significantly weaker than the rest of the team, and will not be able to be used in the Indigo League. He was then chosen to accompany Gray to Johto, where he acted as her starter.

Obtained in Chapter 56: The Great Gligar

Traveling Companions

Chase: Originally introduced in Chapter 1, Chase decided to travel with Gray after the Pewter Museum incident. Chase is a funny teen with surprising intellect, as he strives to be a Pokemon Doctor. His starter, Audino acts as an older sister in some cases, as she tries to provide wisdom. It was also learned that he has a crush on Gray, but she rejected him. After the conclusion of their travels, Chase decided to leave for Unova and attend medical school.

Chase's team: Audino, Musharna

Tara: Being a member of Team Purity when she met Gray and Chase in Pewter City. Tara was incredibly reluctant to do anything illegal, which was strange because Deus took a strong liking to her. She later joined the group in Vermilion City, and her aspirations are unknown. Tara also has feelings for Chase, which was revealed in Chapter 53, and she even decided to go to Unova, most likely because Chase was going there for medical school.

Tara's team: Scyther

Other Important Characters

Trentavious: After overhearing Sammy talk about him, Trentavious challenged her to a battle at Oak's lab. Gray intervened and decided to battle Trentavious, who has been shown to taunt his opponents in battle, and so do the rest of his Pokemon, most notably his Serperior. Trentavious is very obnoxious, but is a very skilled trainer, and Gray's primary rival. He often uses status inflicting moves during battle and changes his opponents' strategies by using moves such as Toxic Spikes to start battles. Trentavious was eventually knocked out of the Indigo League by Gray in the quarterfinals, but Owen still offered him a position in the Kalos Elite 4.

Met in Chapter 2: Graduation Fiasco!

Deus: Serving as the main antagonist, and leader of Team Purity, Deus is a very strange character who always wears a laughing or crying mask, which are rotated depending on Deus' emotions. Growing up with an alcoholic mother, Deus, formerly known as Grace, burnt her house down and killed her mother and older brother in the process. She sometimes hears Gordon's voice telling her she should've burnt in the fire.

Appeared in Chapter 14: Evil's Mascot

Savannah: As Gray and Chase were setting up camp near Mt. Moon, they met Savannah. Although she's a bit of a tomboy, Savannah is a very strong and smart trainer, as evidenced by her defeating Gray, albeit narrowly, in their first battle. She was later defeated by Gray while on the way to Celadon City, but Savannah won once again during the Saffron City Tournament, where she showed a much improved team, most notably her Nidoqueen, who defeated Fortis in order to move on to the quarterfinals. Savannah later advanced all the way to the championship round of the Indigo League, where she lost to Marcus.

Met in Chapter 11: Rival Battle: Gray vs Savannah!

Marcus: Acting as Gray's third and final rival, Marcus is a talented trainer with a powerful group of Pokemon. He met Gray and Chase in Cerulean City and Chase seemed to dislike him because he made Gray laugh, but that is no longer the case. Marcus and Gray finally had their first battle after the Vermilion City Tournament, and they tied. Their second battle, which was in Fuchsia City, was won by Marcus and his Garchomp, who narrowly bested Fortis. Marcus is very energetic and has an aggressive battling style, similar to Owen, who he looks at as his idol, which could explain the similarities. Marcus eventually defeated Gray in the semifinals of the Indigo League, with his Garchomp barely besting Fortis. He then went on to defeat Savannah in the Championship round of the Indigo League, but it is unknown whether he earned a spot in the Elite 4.

Met in Chapter 18: Double Do-Over

Pokemon Johto Adventure: A New Generation!

Main Character: Gray Plain

Age: 17

Appearance: Gray is 5'6" with wavy brown hair, and her name comes from her having gray eyes. While traveling, she wears a thin, red hoodie with a black tank top underneath, a pair of ripped jeans, and white runners.

Background info: Gray was born in Pallet Town and lived across the street from Owen Plateau before moving to Saffron City. Her first year of training was spent in Kanto, where she competed in the Indigo League. Along her way, she met and befriended several different Pokemon who developed into a very strong group that performed incredibly well throughout their travels. Gray decided to travel to Johto in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a Pokemon Champion, and she will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

Badges: 8

Gray's Johto Pokemon

Comis (Gligar/Gliscor): Being the seventh and weakest member of Gray's Kanto team, Comis didn't get to battle during his short tenure in Kanto, which was the main reason Gray decided to bring him along for Johto. Early on, Comis has won all of the battles he has participated in and looked to be the strongest member of Gray's team, given his victories over Falkner's Pidgeotto, Silver's Totodile, and Bugsy's Scyther. He later evolved after being given a Razor Fang for helping Gray stop a thief from stealing an egg at the Day Care Center. Although Comis is goofy, light-hearted, and a bit childish, he strives to become as powerful as Fortis. Despite not being the strongest, Comis held his own in plenty of battles against the likes of Joey's Rattata and even Savannah's Wigglytuff. Throughout his time in Johto, Comis clashed with Ferus on a regular basis, though he had been shown to care about Ferus.

Joined in Chapter 1: Starting from Scratch
Evolved in Chapter 23: Early Maturation

Acer (Shroomish/Breloom): While on her way to Cherrygrove City, Gray tried to find a second Pokemon to join the team. Eventually, she ran in to Acer, who attacked Comis while he was flying around. The two then battled and Comis defeated Acer, but she quickly challenged him to a rematch, showing off her fiery spirit, which led to Gray extending an offer of joining. She evolved later when battling against Whitney's Miltank in a rematch, and she displayed explosive strength and incredible speed. Acer was, and continued to be, Gray's fastest Pokemon ever, and she has a very physical style of battling, opting to strike opponents at close range. With her newfound strength from evolution, Acer became one of the stronger members of the team, often opening battles and either defeating her opponents, or wearing them down significantly.

Obtained in Chapter 2: Three's Company
Evolved in Chapter 24: Boxing Lessons

Ferus (Houndour/Houndoom): Ferus was caught after Gray protected him from his leader, who planned on attacking Violet City, in a double battle. Shortly after Houndoom left, Gray offered Ferus a spot on the team, which he accepted after some persuasion. Ferus' seems to be a strong Pokemon, but he was pulled from Gray's battle with Falkner due to his violent battling style that almost resulted in him seriously harming Falkner's Spearow. He also defeated Silver's Scyther, showing off impressive battling instincts, though he was defeated by Bugsy's Durant. He later evolved when Skitty protected him from his old leader, which sent Ferus into a blind rage that led to him pummeling his enemy.
With the strength gained from evolving, Ferus was able to tie against Joey's Quilava, who was his second strongest, at the time. He then managed to defeat Morty's Jellicent and held his own against Gengar before falling. Later, when visiting Kalos, Ferus was taught how to use Mega Evolution because Owen and Charizard thought so highly of him. Shortly afterwards, he had a Mega Battle against Tristan's Manectric that he ended up losing, albeit barely. The combination of his battling instincts and determination to win not only for himself, but for Gray, his teammates, and Delcatty put Ferus on a level of his own while serving as Gray's powerhouse of the region. During the Silver Conference, Ferus squared off with Joey's Typhlosion, only to fall to her even after using Mega Evolution. However, he did manage to defeat two of Savannah's Pokemon, further cementing his status as the second strongest, trailing only Fortis.

Obtained in Chapter 7: Release the Houndoom!
Evolved in Chapter 21: Ferus Gets Fired Up!

Pertinax (Pinsir): Before her battle with Bugsy, Gray spent some time training in Ilex Forest, and she soon found a tournament organized by the Pokemon, which was meant to determine the champion of the area. The battle she watched featured Pertinax battling a Heracross, and Gray intervened when Heracross was about to strike Pertinax while he was down. Gray then helped Pertinax defeat Heracross later on, and he asked to join the team. Pertinax has a blue-collar work ethic, along with tremendous strength, and he has already won several battles during his short tenure on Gray's team, most notably against Bugsy's Durant, and twice against Whitney's Aipom. Pertinax serves almost like a big brother to everyone, keeping them all in line similar to how Durus did prior to returning to Saffron City.

Obtained in Chapter 13: The Forest Champion

Agrestis (Trubbish/Garbodor): During the middle of the Goldenrod City Tournament, Gray learned of a sewage problem being caused. The source of the problem turned out to be Agrestis, who was scared of the people attempting to get her out of the sewers, but she was much more comfortable around Gray and her Pokemon. Agrestis also managed to defeat a Sudowoodo with the help of Nikki and Eevee, and has become a vital part to the team, with crucial victories over Morty's Gengar and Chuck's Poliwrath for Gray's fourth and fifth badges, respectively. Given her size and lack of mobility, Agrestis is poised to serve as the tank of the team, and will likely play a pivotal role in the Silver Conference.

Obtained in Chapter 26: Stinking Up the Joint
Evolved in Chapter 41: Bad Luck Chuck

Placidus (Bergmite/Avalugg): As she was training for her battle against Morty, Gray heard about a Pokemon attacking people in Mt. Mortar. After finding the Pokemon, which was a Bergmite, she learned that he was only attacking people because he was trying to protect an injured Misdreavus. After saving Misdreavus, Gray caught the Bergmite, and gave him the nickname Placidus. In his first battle with Gray, which was against Morty, Placidus displayed surprising strength and determination while taking down Lampent before falling to Jellicent.
Even though he wasn't on the team for a long time, Placidus became an instrumental piece to Gray's success with several key wins, the most notable being over James' Sliggoo after evolving and against Pryce's Mamoswine. Other impressive battles include a tie with Savannah's Kingdra, who was her strongest Johto Pokemon, and then when he defeated Joey's Dragalge during the Silver Conference. Placidus carried unprecedented raw power and amazing bulk after evolving, allowing him to easily surpass his teammates and became not only Gray's second strongest member of the region, but one of the strongest she's ever had.

Obtained in Chapter 30: Frost Bite!
Evolved in Chapter 39: The Dragon Slayer Rises!

Unicus (Sandshrew): After stopping a thief from stealing an egg from the Day Care Center, Gray was rewarded with, ironically, the egg that she saved. Though it took thirty chapters for her to hatch, Unicus finally made her debut after Gray won her eighth badge and qualified for the Silver Conference. So far, it seems like she has a very outgoing personality, similar to Comis, though that could change in the future. Unicus will be Gray's starter in Unova.

Hatched in Chapter 54: Dragon Gym Duel: Welcome Unicus!

Returning Pokemon (for extended periods of time)

Durus (Persian): Though her time in Johto was brief, Durus played an instrumental role in guiding Comis, Acer, and Ferus through many victories and their first Gym Battle. While she was a bit of a jerk to her teammates in Kanto, Durus was more like an older sister to the younger Pokemon, often guiding them through training and supporting them during battles. She was eventually sent back to Saffron City once Gray felt her team was ready to carve its own identity. After returning home, Durus had nothing but praise for Gray's new Pokemon (Comis, Acer, Ferus, and Pertinax), and even went as far as saying Ferus could become stronger than Fortis, showing how highly she thinks of him.

Joined in Chapter 1: Starting from Scratch
Left in Chapter 14: Call back to Kanto!

Fortis (Flygon): While Gray traveled through Johto, she occasionally spoke about her Kanto team and, specifically, Fortis, mentioning his legendary work ethic and strength, and that he was training with Owen to reach his full potential. After Owen invited her, Cole, and Nikki to Kalos, Gray reunited with Fortis quickly saw his newfound power in a battle against Owen. During their time in Kalos, Gray's Johto team got along very well with Fortis, and it even seemed like he and Ferus developed a bond of sorts, given their strength. Fortis eventually returned with Daniel when the group arrived in Blackthorn City, and Gray used him against Clair's Dragonite, who he clobbered to earn Gray her eighth and final badge.

Appeared in Chapters 32-27: The Dragon and the Lizard - Fire Fight: Ferus vs Arcanine!
Returned in Chapter 51: Savannah and Daniel: Cousins Collide!

Traveling Companions

Cole: Being a very calm person, Cole was shown to make weird speeches, comparing Gray or her Pokemon to nature and often calling any of them "dude," but has since become normal. Along with his only Pokemon, Slakoth, Cole has a very laid back attitude and carefree personality, being the opposite of Nikki, while Gray is the middle-ground. Cole is also very knowledgable when it comes to Pokemon, as evidenced by him (almost) always having an answer for any question someone asks during a Gym Battle whether it pertains to strategy or anything else. Cole is always enthusiastic during Gray's Gym battles. Slakoth is identical to Cole based on how he also answers questions during battles. Cole eventually left after Purity was defeated in order to pursue his goals of becoming an analyst on the Pokemon Battle Network.

Met in Chapter 15: Snake in the Grass

Cole's Team: Slakoth

Nikki: While Gray tried getting into Goldenrod's Gym, which was closed, Nikki intervened and challenged her to a battle. In the middle of their battle, they were attacked by Ferus' old gang, and Nikki's Delcatty, who was a Skitty at the time, was seriously injured. Nikki also worked for Whitney as a Gym Trainer, and has shown considerable skills in battling and connecting with Pokemon, most notably Salamence, who managed to evolve in a matter of two battles. Though she rarely engages in combat, Nikki's team consists of Eevee, who is her starter, Delcatty, Misdreavus, and Salamence, all of whom are capable of holding their own, especially Salamence, who, with the help of Ferus, fought against Mewtwo. Nikki eventually left after Purity was defeated in order to pursue her goals of becoming a Pokemon Stylist.

Met in Chapter 21: Ferus Gets Fired Up!

Nikki's Team: Eevee, Delcatty, Misdreavus, Salamence


Silver: Originally running in to Gray in the first chapter, Silver didn't battle her until after Gray earned her first badge. Gray also watched a part of Silver's Gym Battle against Falkner, and Durus was impressed by his training abilities, along with Totodile's power. During their battle, Silver was able to hold his own and managed to defeat Acer and Ferus with relative ease before Comis crushed Totodile. His second battle with Gray took place in Ecruteak City where he showed an improved team of Pokemon, and a much more developed battling style. He lost, however, and still seems to be way behind Gray in terms of experience. Still, Silver is a skilled trainer, and seems to have similar qualities to that of Xavier.

Met in Chapter 1: Starting from Scratch

Joey: As she continued to Violet City, Gray ran in to the infamous Youngster Joey and his feared "Top Percentage Rattata." After introducing themselves, the two battled. Surprisingly, Joey is a fairly good trainer, and his Rattata was able to defeat Acer with ease before falling to Comis, which was revealed to be Rattata's first loss. Later, when he battled Gray in the second round of the Goldenrod City Tournament, Joey showed off drastically improved skills along with incredibly stronger Pokemon. He battled Gray for a third time in Mahogany Town, though it wasn't a true battle, given the fact that Gray asked him to help her end the feud between Comis and Ferus. In their final battle at the Silver League, Joey defeated Gray to advance to the semifinals with his Typhlosion besting Ferus even after he Mega Evolved.

Met in Chapter 3: Top Percentage: Comis vs Rattata

Savannah: After finishing as the runner-up in the Indigo League, Savannah left for Johto with her trusty Wigglytuff. They eventually ran in to Gray while on their way to Azalea Town, and they had a battle, which ended in a tie. Their second battle also ended in a tie, though Savannah unleashed her secret weapon, which just so happened to be a Kingdra given to her by her cousin, Lance. Later, Savannah ran into the group in Blackthorn City, where she battled Daniel, her cousin from her mother's side, and his Dragonair. Given her success at the Indigo League, the duo Wigglytuff and Kingdra, her tight battles with in Kanto and Johto, and her incredible bloodline, Savannah is easily the strongest of Gray's rival. Despite this, Savannah fell to Gray in the third round of the Silver Conference, though Gray was forced to use her six strongest Pokemon, which speaks volumes of Savannah's strength.

Met in Chapter 11: A Blast from the Past

James: Being Gray's fourth and final rival, James is a very talented trainer who snapped Gray's winning streak when they battled in Azalea Town. The two battled once again in Olivine City by the lighthouse, and despite his massive improvement, James lost to Gray; though it could be argued she only won because Placidus evolved. Given his supreme confidence and incredibly powerful Pokemon, which include a Braixen, Feraligatr, and Sliggoo, James is a serious threat to win the Silver Conference, and will only continue to improve given his natural abilities and close bonds with his Pokemon.

Met in Chapter 17: A Rocking Rival Battle!

Crossover Characters

Tyson: Serving as Blaze Falcon's main character in "Pokemon Kalos Legends", Tyson is a very skilled trainer with an equally powerful group of Pokemon. He and Gray met after Clemont accidentally sent Gray fifteen years into the future in an attempt to have her prevent Noah from losing his badge. After meeting, the two had a back and forth full battle that ended in a tie, showing just how strong Tyson was. Though he is from a different time period, it wouldn't be surprising to see him make another appearance.

Debuted in Chapter 35: Kalos Legends: Tyson vs Gray!

Tristan: Being BouncingFish's main character in "All Out", Tristan is an incredibly powerful trainer and has an impressive team of rather unusual Pokemon. Despite their lack of popularity, all five of Tristan's Pokemon (when he met Gray) are more than capable of holding their own, as evidenced by their victory of Gray's Pokemon, excluding Agrestis. Tristan is also able to use Mega Evolution with his Manectric, who managed to overpower Ferus in a Mega showdown, where he displayed incredible strength and will. Given his desire to become a league champion, there is a strong possibility he and Gray will run into each other again.

Debuted in Chapter 36: Gray vs Tristan: All Out!

Other Important Characters

Deus: Serving as the main antagonist, and leader of Team Purity, Deus is a very strange character who always wears a laughing or crying mask, which are rotated depending on Deus' emotions. Growing up with an alcoholic mother, Deus, formerly known as Grace, burnt her house down and killed her mother and older brother in the process. After capturing all three birds - which was mainly Zypher's doing - Deus attempted to capture Mewtwo, only to be killed by him after she tried killing Gray and Fortis.

Zypher: A hired bounty hunter (who also happens to be Australian), Zypher is an intimidating, if not terrifying person, given the absurd strength of his Bisharp, who managed to defeat Zapdos in one hit thanks to a strange function from his Pokeball. Zypher is much different than Deus, showing to be rather nonchalant in his few appearances, and he has even revealed his fear of Deus. However, in true Zypher fashion, he added that he finds it funny when she gets mad. Despite his skill, Zypher was defeated by Red in Cerulean Cave.

Noah: Meeting Gray in Kalos, not much is known about Noah, aside from his history with Gray. Along with being in her Elementary school class, Noah's trusty starter, Arcanine, was originally sheltered by Gray's mother at her Adoption Center. It appears he is a very skilled trainer, judging by his five badges and Arcanine's strength. He also seems to have a fairly close relationship with Gray despite not seeing each other for nearly ten years.

Debuted in Chapter 34: Love in Lumiose

Pokemon Unova Adventure: A New Generation!

Main Character: Gray Plain

Age: 18

Appearance: Gray is 5'6" with wavy brown hair that is tied in a ponytail with two strands falling down both sides of her face, and her name comes from her having gray eyes. While traveling, she wears a thin, sky blue hoodie with a black tank top underneath, a pair of jeans, and white runners.

Background info: After defeating Deus and putting a stop to Purity's threats, Gray decided to travel to Unova once she received a letter from Professor Juniper. Determined to make her dreams of becoming a champion come true, Gray will do everything in her power to win the Unova League, and a powerful group of Pokemon will surely help.

Badges: 8

Gray's Unova Pokemon

Unicus (Sandshrew/Sandslash): Just like Comis when he joined at the start of the Indigo League, Unicus was brought to Unova and has since served as Gray's starter. Unicus has been shown to be very social and, at times, childish and clumsy, as evidenced by her constant cheering during battles and tendency to get upset over small things.
She later evolved in a battle against White's Boldore - who evolved at the same time - and has since become a key cog on the team with her trademark style of battling, which is offense-oriented. Though she may not be the strongest, Unicus is more than capable of holding her own, consistently coming up big for Gray whenever needed. Her most notable pair of wins have come against Hugh's Excadrill during full battles, and she also seems to have a rivalry with Bianca's Serperior, which was intensified after being beaten soundly. She later played a major role in defeating Roxie, besting her Drapion and dealing some damage to Venusaur before falling.

Joined in Chapter 1: It's Not Always Black and White
Evolved in Chapter 24: Sandstorm Showdown: Unicus vs Boldore

Bellator (Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott): Gray met Bellator in Professor Juniper's lab on her first day in Unova, and they formed an immediate connection despite his stoicism. Bellator quickly showed off unprecedented skills in battle early on, defeating every single opponent until he met Hugh and his starter, Froakie. They eventually battled and Froakie won after he evolved, igniting their rivalry. After that battle, Bellator revealed his softer side to Gray, further enhancing their bond. Later, while in Pinwheel Forest, Gray shielded Bellator in a battle against Team Flare, and he evolved in order to protect her. From that point onward, he was the undisputed powerhouse and even battled Bryony's Bisharp, resulting in him unlocking an odd power called Synchro Evolution, which was said to know no limit because of the bond between him and Gray.
However, after traveling to Hoenn and meeting the region's Champion, Blade, Bellator's relationship with Gray weakened when she refused to let him battle against the champ. His frustration reached a boiling point when, after failing to use Synchro Evolution, he was crushed by Hugh's Greninja, who also wields Synchro Evolution. Bellator attempted to leave that night, but he was stopped by Gray and Potens. As they protested, something seemed to take control of Bellator and he told Gray she was holding him back, prompting his release. Since leaving, Bellator has yet to appear, though it's only a matter of time before he resurfaces. Later, while Gray was in Opelucid City, she was attacked by a black Dewott named Umbra, and Virtus saved her. Virtus and Umbra proceeded to merge into one being, and it was Bellator. He went on to apologize for his actions and rejoined Gray's team, where he'll serve as a massive powerhouse alongside Potens, especially after evolving and defeating Roxie's Mega Venusaur.

Obtained in Chapter 1: It's Not Always Black and White
Evolved in Chapter 21: Party in Pinwheel Forest
Evolved in Chapter 93: Mega Battle 11: Bellator vs Venusaur!

Furcifer (Sneasel/Weavile): Once White told her she needed to have a third Pokemon in order to challenge the Striaton City Gym, Gray looked around the Dreamyard, where she met Furcifer. After Unicus and Bellator chased her around, Furcifer found herself in a battle against the former, whom she lost to. Afterwards, it was revealed that all she wanted was for someone to fall for her prank, which was ruined by Gray, who then offered her a spot on the team. In her first battle, which was against Cheren's Yamask, Furcifer displayed incredible speed and power in her victory. Furcifer's initial battling-style revolved around pranking her opponents, the most notable instance being when she froze Chili's Pansear's tongue to the ground.
Eventually, she fell to the back of the pack and wasn't used in battle as a result, though she regained her initial standing when Gray arrived in Driftveil City. From that point on, Furcifer was often relied upon in difficult battles, most notably during the Icirrus Gym Battle where she had to take on Brycen's Beartic. Even though she was defeated after evolving mid-battle, Brycen was impressed with Furcifer's potential and offered to help train her, prompting her departure. Furcifer eventually returned when Gray was head to Opelucid City, and she played an instrumental role in defeating Drayden, as she easily beat his Dragonite. Furcifer will play an enormous role in Gray's run at the Unova League.

Obtained in Chapter 6: Dreamyard Trickster
Evolved in Chapter 81: Beartic vs Furcifer: Champ of the Ice!
Released in Chapter 81: Beartic vs Furcifer: Champ of the Ice!
Returned in Chapter 94: Reunion in the Snowy City

Potens (Noibat/Noivern): After arriving in Nacrene City, Gray and White learned about a powerful Pokemon that had yet to lose to a trainer. Wanting to prove those people wrong, Gray encountered and challenged the Pokemon, which turned out to be a Noibat. In her first battle with Gray, Potens refused to listen to anything she said, causing her to lose to Hugh's Purrloin. Later, in Nimbasa City, Potens showed how strong she was after defeating Cheren's Pignite fairly easily, cementing her status as one of Gray's two strongest Pokemon, being the clear second to Bellator. After Bellator left, Potens, began training with Fortis in order to become strong enough to replace him.
Later, Potens evolved when protecting Gray from Bryony's Bisharp, undergoing another transformation that Gray had never seen before. With her newfound strength from evolving, as well as her relationship with Zennyo, Potens is Gray's most powerful Pokemon. Furthermore, she's rapidly turned into the leader of the team, similar to Fortis, her mentor, as shown when she stuck up for the others when Braviary called them and Gray pathetic, and when she volunteered to search for Virtus after her rampage despite being injured. Since then, she and Virtus are each others' closest friends, and Potens is also the carrier of Zennyo, the god of dragon types, which will allow her to achieve unfathomable power. She has tons of notable wins under her belt, the most recent being against Drayden's Mega Garchomp, whom she bested with the help of Zennyo.

Obtained in Chapter 13: Bat Out of Hell
Evolved in Chapter 63: Potens' Potential! Beat Bisharp!

Celsus (Girafarig): When told about Team Flare going through an abandoned building, Gray, White, and Noah investigated and found themselves battling the intruders. It turned out that there was a group of abandoned Pokemon living there, and Celsus was the leader. Even though he didn't know Bellator or Unicus, he protected them both from a Trevenant while trying to get to Gray, showing his power. He then joined Gray after seeing how all of her Pokemon liked her, and will be a prominent member of the team for the foreseeable future, as evidenced by his victories over Burgh's Scolipede, Cheren's Sawsbuck, and a Temporal grunt's Stantler. Though he hasn't battled as much as the others, Celsus is one of Gray's stronger Pokemon, often being called upon to combat the most physically imposing foes such as Burgh's Scolipede, Elesa's Zebstrika, and Hugh's Conkeldurr, each of whom he defeated. He also claimed victory over Drayden's Kingdra and has since reasserted himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Obtained in Chapter 27: Protect the Pokemon Shelter

Advena (Elgyem/Beheeyem): Advena is a very powerful Pokemon, so powerful, in fact, that she is being hunted by Team Flare, who hopes to use her for unknown reasons. She has shown a clear disconnect when it comes to understanding why people and Pokemon do certain things, like battling and their emotions, but she can also be funny. Advena will be a prominent and interesting addition to Gray's team, and has the potential to seize the role of powerhouse, as evidenced by her performance against Rei's Simisage, who she defeated with ease before falling to Bisharp, as well as the fact that Bellator left. She also managed to defeat Clay's Stunfisk with relative ease, and went toe-to-toe with his Excadrill until she was recalled. After the battle against Colress and Ghetsis, and Dominic and Lysandre, Advena intercepted a combined attack that would've killed Gray and Alain. She then evolved, used her newly gained power, teleported the quartet away, and died, telling Gray that she was her family.

Met in Chapter 40: Advena Appears!
Obtained in Chapter 44: The Vision
Evolved in Chapter 66: All Out War: Flare vs Plasma!
Died in Chapter 67: Goodbye, Advena

Dicax (Mawile): Appearing when Potens fought with Unicus and Furcifer, Dicax was initially met with hostility. However, after showing he had no intentions of attacking Gray, he was given a translator and helped solve the issues between the other Pokemon. Afterwards, he asked Gray if he could help her defeat Clay and win the Unova League because of how kind a person she was. Showing unmatched intelligence, Dicax will make for a great addition and help Gray win many battles, as evidenced by his victories over Clay's Excadrill and Hugh's Conkeldurr, as well as tying against Brycen's Froslass, who used Destiny Bond to defeat him. He also played a crucial role in helping Gray win her seventh badge against Roxie, defeating her Crobat before being subdued by Venusaur. As of late, Dicax has become much stronger and a far more reliable combatant.

Obtained in Chapter 56: Meeting a Diplomat

Virtus (Mienfoo/Mienshao): Shortly after arriving in Mistralton City, Gray struggled to come to grips with Advena's death and, while crying near the outskirts of Mistralton, drew the attention of Virtus. After attempting to approach Gray, Virtus scared her off because she was seen as an attacking Pokemon. The next day, Gray was crying in the same area again and, for a second time, Virtus approached. Showing she wasn't there to harm Gray, Virtus then followed her after she went to check on Potens. After a series of events, she encountered Gray at the Pokemon Center and asked to join for unknown reasons. Little is known about Virtus, though she showed tremendous strength in a battle against a wild Beartic in which she evolved, and against Bianca, where she took out both her Durant and Krookodile. Later, she battled Hugh's Greninja and activated the second stage of Synchro Evolution, though she ultimately lost. When Flare and Plasma began to attack Opelucid City, it was shown that Virtus shares some sort of connection with Bellator, and time will tell what comes of it. That connection was that Virtus was - more or less - Bellator's light side, while Umbra was his dark.

Obtained in Chapter 69: The True Fighter's Spirit
Evolved in Chapter 76: The Battle for Twist Mountain
Transformed in Chapter 89: Mega Battle 9: Potens vs Bellator!

Citeria (Bibarel): As soon as the group arrived in Opelucid City, Noah was warned of a Pokemon that injured innocent trainers. Gray sprung into action and met Citeria, who was the culprit. After finding he was severely wounded, Gray learned that Citeria wasn't the attacker, and that it was instead a Darmanitan, whom she helped Citeria defeat. Though very little of his battling abilities were shown, Citeria appears to be a very powerful Pokemon and will serve a prominent role on Gray's team. Furthermore, he has a rather lax attitude and talks like an old man from the South, though he is very powerful, as evidenced by his win over Drayden's Haxorus. Citeria will notch many more wins in the Unova League, where he'll serve as Gray's secret weapon.

Obtained in Chapter 83: Fool's Gold

Returning Pokemon

Ferus (Houndoom): After his loss to Typhlosion in the Silver Conference, Ferus felt the need to push himself to the limits, but was unable to back at Gray's home in Saffron City. Because of that, he asked Gray if he could return, which she permitted. Ferus will serve as a mentor to Gray's Unova team and battle in cases of emergency, or if opponents have powerful Pokemon, like when he was used against Aliana and her Mightyena, and in a double battle against Mable and Celosia. He later battled Alain's Charizard, but was defeated after dealing significant damage, breaking his ribs in the process. Eventually, he decided his time with the group was up and that he didn't need to help them, so he was sent back to Gray's home in Saffron City. Ferus returned in Opelucid City because Alain and Charizard wanted a rematch with him, though he will also combat Teams Flare and Plasma, and help train Gray's team.

Returned in Chapter 11: Adding a Wild Side
Sent back in Chapter 54: Blade and Bisharp: A Test of Strength
Returned in Chapter 86: Mega Battle 8: Charizard vs Greninja!

Fortis (Flygon): Shortly after Ferus was sent back to Saffron, Fortis was returned to Gray by Owen. In his short time with Gray so far, it was revealed that Fortis could Mega Evolve, and he also seems to get along with all of the younger Pokemon. Despite his ability to Mega Evolve and years of training with Owen, he was easily defeated by Blade's Bisharp. Still, he has faced, and held his own against, incredibly powerful foes such as Ghetsis' Hydreigon and Dominic's Typhlosion. He has served a prominent role in molding Potens into Gray's new powerhouse, as well as a mentor/parent to the team. Because he is far and away Gray's most powerful Pokemon, Fortis will be used in several world-altering battles in the future.

Returned in Chapter 54: Blade and Bisharp: A Test of Strength

Undetermined: Nothing is known about this Pokemon's return.

Returned in Chapter ?

Traveling Companions

Noah: Having met Gray in Kalos while she was visiting Fortis, Noah was revealed to have feelings for Gray. The two were in the same class in grade school and Gray revealed to White that Noah inspired her to become a trainer, something she hadn't told anyone. As Gray was on her way to Castelia City, Noah met her and White when Team Flare attacked them in Pinwheel Forest. Gray and White then asked him to travel with them, so he did. Noah decided to go to Unova in order to tell Gray his feelings for her, which he unintentionally did during a fistfight with Alain in Icirrus City. He has shown to be good friends with Gray's rivals and White, and is rather fearless, as evidenced by his willingness to battle Celosia and Mable in Nimbasa City. Despite that, he and Arcanine were defeated rather easily. However, he did battle against Bryony - though he was nearly killed along with Gray, Arcanine, and Potens - and shortly thereafter, he helped White and N defeat the Shadow Triad and Celosia, Aliana, and Mable.

Met in Chapter 21: Party in Pinwheel Forest
Current Team: Arcanine, Frogadier, Gourgeist, Espurr

Alain: Since making his debut, Alain has shown incredible power and determination, as evidenced by his desire to defeat all Mega Evolutions with his main partner, Charizard, and making quick work of his opponents, which speaks volumes to how powerful he and Charizard are. Later, Aliana told him about Gray after being defeated by her and Ferus. He went on to defeat Gray and Ferus fairly easily, and swore to battle Gray again. Despite his incredible strength, Caitlin of the Unova Elite 4 disposed of Alain with little effort thanks to her Mega Metagross. After their battle, Caitlin had a vision of Gray and Ferus, and told Alain about a trainer that had power never before seen, which turned out to be Bellator, who nearly defeated Charizard before Lysandre intervened. He even helped Gray deal with Colress when Nimbasa was under attack. After Flare attacked Nimbasa, Alain joined Gray and the group, and was sworn as an enemy by Lysandre. He also learned how to use Mega Fusion with Owen's instruction, as revealed during a battle against Lysandre, Ghetsis, Dominic, and Colress. Although he stopped pursuing Mega Battles, Alain decided to look for more after watching Gray and Hugh's battle in Opelucid City, where he eventually battled - and defeated - the latter.

Met in Chapter 23: Mega Battle 3: Charizard vs Ferus!
Current Team: Charizard

N: Making his first appearance in Johto, N, traveling with Zoroark, had multiple dreams about meeting Gray and White. He met the two in Striaton City while Gray was training and battled against her and Bellator, who he said viewed Gray as a friend, something he had never seen before. Despite being able to win, N called off the battle after determining Gray could help him with taking down Team Plasma, and he later asked her to do just that when he met her in Castelia City. He later returned to protect Cheren, however, when Team Flare's admins attacked Nimbasa and also asked the group for help when he was attacked by the Shadow Triad outside of Driftveil City. With the help of White and Noah, he managed to beat Celosia, Mable, Aliana, and the Shadow Triad in a three-way triple battle, and has traveled with the group since.

Met in Chapter 7: Friends 'N Fights
Current Team: Zoroark


Cheren: Being a rookie trainer, Cheren started his adventure the same day as his best friends, White and Bianca. He seems to be much very reserved and calculated, which is the opposite of Bianca, and he was the first to pick his starting Pokemon, which turned out to be Tepig. He later battled White in Striaton City and managed to win convincingly, though he was beaten down by Gray right after. After losing, Cheren showed some humility and doesn't seem to be as much of a jerk, though that resurfaced when he refused to shake Gray's hand after losing to her in Nimbasa City. However, he did stall Aliana so Gray could have enough time to find Caitlin, who was searched for in hopes of stopping Team Flare. Given his impressive amount of knowledge about Pokemon in general, Cheren will become a very powerful trainer.

Met in Chapter 1: It's Not Always Black and White
Pokemon on Team (From Chapter 72): Emboar, Yamask, Deino, Sawsbuck

Bianca: Being a rookie trainer, Bianca started her adventure the same day as her best friends, White and Cheren. She seems to have a bubbly personality, which is the opposite of Cheren's, and is already friends with her starting Pokemon, Snivy. While her battling abilities remain unknown, Cheren did say she was very weak, and Bianca also confirmed she didn't prepare for her journey, which shows how naive she is. However, after defeating White in a triple battle in Nimbasa City, Bianca seemed to have grown confident and capable in battling. She later flashed an incredible jump in power and poise when battling - and eventually defeating - Gray with the help of Serperior, who made quick work of Unicus. With her latest victory, Bianca has cemented herself as a mighty challenge for the Unova League.

Met in Chapter 1: It's Not Always Black and White
Pokemon on Team (From Chapter 82): Serperior, Herdier, Musharna, Durant, Krookodile

Hugh: Meeting Gray and White in Nacrene City, Hugh has a much different personality than Cheren and Bianca. While he seems to be as upbeat as the latter, he's as intelligent as the former when it comes to battling. While not getting to battle Gray, Hugh did manage to wipe the floor with White and Snivy with the help of his trusty starter, Froakie, who is exactly like Bellator in the way he battles and in his personality, which guarantees them having a rivalry. Later, Hugh defeated Gray when Greninja (a Froakie at the time) evolved in order to best Bellator. He also helped White defeat Bryony, and Greninja evolved before besting Bisharp. Greninja then underwent another transformation similar to Ash-Greninja, allowing him to defeat Xerosic's Malamar and Crobat in one hit each. In their second battle, Hugh narrowly pulled out a victory when Greninja Synchro Evolved to defeat both Potens and Bellator, which was part of why the latter left Gray. His third battle with Gray ended prematurely after Greninja and Virtus, having Synchro Evolved, destroyed the battlefield, though Greninja did say he would've lost to Potens. Given his talent, drive to become powerful, and a team capable of matching Gray's, Hugh will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

Met in Chapter 15: Rival's and Romance? Enter Hugh!
Pokemon on Team (From Chapter 85): Greninja, Haxorus, Liepard, Excadrill, Chandelure, Conkeldurr

Heros: Heros made his first appearance when the group arrived in Virbank City after the attack on Opelucid. Along with his trusty Blaziken, who he lost, Heros first met Bellator and worked with him for a short while before reuniting with Blaziken. He then met the group and had a short battle with Gray in hopes of reuniting her team - which had previously been angry about Bellator's presence. His team is extremely powerful, though he called off the battle once Bellator appeared to Synchro Evolve. Reasons for his appearance in Unova aren't entirely known, though it seems like he has caught Gray's eye.

Met in Chapter 91: Falling for a Rival! Gray and Who!?
Pokemon on Team: Blaziken, Ludicolo

Nemo: Nothing is known about this character other than that he wants to defeat someone in the Unova League.

Met in Chapter 96: The Unova League Begins!
Pokemon on Team (From Chapter 94): Primeape

Other Important Characters

White: Being a rookie trainer, White started her adventure the same day as her best friends, Bianca and Cheren. She seems to have a neutral personality, which balances those of Cheren and Bianca, and is already friends with her starting Pokemon, Snivy. White also doesn't know what she wants to do during her journey aside from make friends, which could be why she asked to travel with Gray. Her battling abilities are also subpar, though that is to be expected considering she's a rookie trainer, and that each of her battles have come against Cheren, Alder, and Hugh. Of course, White has progressed drastically since traveling with Gray, most notably her confidence, which was shown when she challenged Bryony to a battle when Team Flare attacked Nimbasa City. She also has a crush on Hugh, and, on top of that, her training with Alain has helped her become exponentially stronger, as evidenced by her taking over the three-way triple battle against the Flare admins and Shadow Triad. She is currently traveling with Hugh, and also received an egg for defeating Cheren and Bianca in a double battle at a ball in Mistralton City after Hugh refused to accept it.

Met in Chapter 1: It's Not Always Black and White
Left Group in Chapter 72: Sparks Fly! A Romantic Double Battle?
Current Team (From Chapter 87): Servine, Seismitoad, Gigalith, Larvesta

Zennyo: Zennyo is the Dragon Type-Beast (basically the god of dragon types), and has been sealed within Potens. Though he hasn't talked about himself at all, he has given background about the origins of Type Beasts, as well as what he and the others are capable of. Despite his unprecedented power, which he lends to Potens whenever she is in dire need, Zennyo appears to be humble, as evidenced by refuting that he was arguably the strongest of the Type Beasts, and polite, which was shown when he first interacted with the group. Furthermore Zennyo is capable of communicating with Potens mentally, as well as use his own aura to talk with the others. Additionally, when he gives Potens his power, her appearance changes slightly to resemble him. The idea of Zennyo was based off the Tailed Beasts of Naruto.

Met in Chapter 73: From One Dragon to Another


Lysandre: Originally making his debut in Johto, Lysandre showed a linguistic side no other character in the series has. With the intention of eradicating the human race for being "a cancer to beauty," Lysandre is much more maniacal than his game counterpart, and has also planned on meeting with Professor Juniper. Along with that, he has incredibly powerful trainers working for him and his Pyroar was shown to keep up with Bellator, even in his transformed state, showing just how powerful he is. Lysandre will be Gray's most intimidating enemy with his ruthless nature and unlimited resources. He eventually had a rematch against Gray, as well as Alain, and battled Ghetsis and Colress with his Mega Gyarados. At the end of the battle, which he won after joining forces with Ghetsis due to Alain using Mega Fusion, Lysandre killed Advena.

Appeared in Chapter 3: Kicking the Tires
Met in Chapter 43: Battle of Beasts: Bellator vs Pyroar!

Flare Admins: All five admins have appeared and encountered the group, with each of Aliana, Mable, Celosia, and Bryony battling Gray. However, none of them have beaten her. They were later ordered to attack Nimbasa City in order to capture Advena, and they were fairly successful, with each of them defeating at least one opponent. However, despite being admins, they are all weaker than Dominic, who Lysandre seems more fond of, along with having more trust in him. They all returned and met the Shadow Triad, though there seems to be bad blood between the groups.

(Aliana) Met in Chapter 12: Gray vs Aliana: Fighting Flare!
(Mable) Met in Chapter 21: Party in Pinwheel Forest!
(Celosia) Met in Chapter 21: Party in Pinwheel Forest!
(Bryony) Met in Chapter 29: A Dual Wield Duel
(Xerosic) Met in Chapter 41: Cosmic Power Activated!

Ghetsis: Remaining secretive for the first half of the story, Ghetsis began making moves when ordering the Shadow Triad, Plasma grunts, and Colress to prepare to attack N near Mistralton. Appearing in the midst of a three-way triple battle, Ghetsis had a short bout with Fortis, who he went toe-to-toe with. However, the battle was cutoff when Fortis went to help Gray. Despite that, he pursued and battled Gray, Alain, Lysandre, and Dominic. After Alain used Mega Fusion, he and Colress teamed up with the latter two and killed Advena.

Appeared in Chapter 23: Mega Battle 3: Charizard vs Ferus!
Met in Chapter 64: Fortis vs Hydreigon: Enter Ghetsis!

Shadow Triad: Nothing is knowns about the Shadow Triad at this point, except that they're still working for Ghetsis, and they also found N while he was watching Gray and Alain battle. They were also defeated fairly quickly by Gray, though N, after hearing about the outcome, felt that something was wrong. Shortly afterwards, they reappeared along with the rest of Team Plasma during an attack on Nimbasa City, which was stopped by Gray, White, Noah, Hugh, Cheren, Bianca, and Alain. Then, after attempting to kill N, they had a triple battle against White, Noah, N, Celosia, Mable, and Aliana which ended in a loss after White's Palpitoad evolved.

Met in Chapter 30: Testing the Subject

Colress: Making his debut when Plasma attacked Nimbasa City, Colress briefly discussed artificial Mega Evolution with Gray, and he even used it when forcing his Aggron to Mega Evolve without a Mega Stone or Key Stone. He was easily defeated though, and he will become an extremely powerful enemy when he perfects his experiment. Before leaving for the attack on N, he gave synthetic Mega Evolution to Ghetsis and the Shadow Triad, which they used in battles against Gray and Alain, and the trio of N, Noah, and White, respectively. During his battle against Gray and Alain, and Lysandre and Dominic, Colress' synthetic Mega Evolution was significantly stronger than the first time he used it.

Met in Chapter 38: The Second Piece of the Puzzle

Dominic: While traveling to Hoenn for the Mega Evolution Tournament, Gray heard of a trainer that could defeat Mega Pokemon. She then met and challenged Dominic, and was absolutely destroyed by him and his Primeape despite using Ferus and having him Mega Evolve. He then defeated Alain and Charizard without breaking a sweat and was shown to be very condescending, saying that neither Alain nor Gray were worthy of wielding Mega Evolution. After returning to Unova, Dominic announced that he had been hired by Team Flare to kill Gray and Alain, as well as capture Bellator after nearly defeating Fortis and Charizard. Dominic is currently serving as a replacement to Alain and will be one of Gray's most powerful enemies. He eventually returned and battled Gray and Alain, and Ghetsis and Colress. Somehow, he and Typhlosion held their own despite everyone else using Mega Evolution.
The next time they met, Dominic and Typhlosion defeated Mega Ferus once again after activating what seemed to be Synchro Evolution, although Potens destroyed them after unlocking the ability to use all of Zennyo's power. Still, Dominic is clearly the strongest trainer Gray has met outside of Elite 4 members and Champions.

Met in Chapter 44: The Vision
Pokemon on Team (From Chapter 89): Typhlosion, Primeape, Fearow

Crossover Characters

Will Knight (Warrior of Hope's OC): Will is the star of Warrior of Hope's story "The Quest for Greatness: Hoenn" and a talented trainer. He met Gray while she was training for the Mega Evolution Tournament, and battled her to a tie in their best of five battle. His starter, Pyro, a Blaziken, tied in a showdown with Bellator and evolved when Will and Gray were attacked by Team Demise admins. Will can be very immature at times, given how excited he can get, yet he's quick-witted and tends to make smart aleck comments.

Met in Chapter 46: A Hoenn Bout: Pyro vs Bellator!
Left in Chapter 52: Bonds Beyond Time

Tyson Pernell (Blaze Falcon's OC): Having previously appeared in PJA:ANG, Tyson has a bit of history with Gray. Being the main character of Blaze Falcon's "Pokemon Kalos Legends" Tyson is very powerful, as evidenced by him having a Greninja. He's also from fifteen years in the future, and revealed that he had battled Gray's future self. When Gray and Will arrived in the future, they found Tyson being attacked by a man and his Hydreigon, prompting them to intervene. Tyson will look to get revenge on the man, and has stated his desire to do so.

Met in Chapter 48: Foe from the Future: Team Temporal Rises
Left in Chapter 52: Bonds Beyond Time

Blade (BouncingFish's OC): Blade is the current Champion of Hoenn and one of the three strongest trainers on the planet, according to Owen and Red. When he met the group and they learned he was blind, they were shocked after learning his title. Blade is an incredibly powerful trainer, and his Bisharp easily defeated Fortis despite the latter using Mega Evolution. Before he left, Blade told Gray she was much closer to achieving her dreams than she thought.

Met in Chapter 54: Blade and Bisharp: A Test of Strength

Pokemon Hoenn Adventure: The Final Generation!

Main Character: Thomas Brooks

Age: 17

Appearance: Thomas is 5'11" with shaggy brown hair, fair skin, and emerald eyes. More often than not he is seen wearing a black hoodie that has a red interior along with ripped jeans and a pair of black runners.

Background info: Having moved from the Alola region to Littleroot Town in Hoenn for reasons yet to be revealed, Thomas is an only child and lives with his mother. Unlike Owen or Gray, he is very reserved and often appears aloof, the latter trait being on display whenever his Pokemon fight. Furthermore, he has no aspirations of becoming Champion, or even a mildly successful trainer. His only goal is to leave Hoenn and return to his home in Alola.

Badges: 2

Stone Badge - Won in Chapter 8 'Emerging from the Rockslide'
Badge - Won in Chapter 17 'Beachside Brawl'
Badge - Won in Chapter ?
Badge - Won in Chapter ?
Badge - Won in Chapter ?
Badge - Won in Chapter ?
Badge - Won in Chapter ?
Badge - Won in Chapter ?

Thomas' Pokemon

Treecko/Grovyle (f): Once Thomas was ready to pick his starter Pokemon, Professor Birch introduced him to Grovyle. Despite her freakout when meeting him, Thomas picked Grovyle, and the two, though only having been partners for a short time, are always together. Initially, Grovyle was terrified of everything and everyone, but she has since overcome her cowardice - thanks in part to Fletchling - and acts as the voice of reason whenever a fight breaks out between her teammates. Though her battling experience is limited, she scored an impressive tie against Roxanne's Cranidos after taking significant damage from her Archen.
Later, when she was surfing a wave in order to let Thomas challenge Brawly, Grovyle evolved while saving Fletchling and Slowpoke from drowning. With encouragement from her teammates and Thomas, Grovyle has become much more confident. Because of her improved confidence, Grovyle overcame doubts she had about herself and defeated Brawly's Crabominable, earning Thomas his second badge.

Obtained in Chapter 1: Cut from a Different Cloth
Evolved in Chapter 13: Tough Tides of Teamwork
Evolved in Chapter ?

Fletchling (m): While Thomas and Treecko were on their way to Oldale Town, they encountered Fletchling after he was injured by his family, so Thomas gave him a Potion. They then worked together to battle Fletchling's family, where he showed a never-give-up attitude despite being severely injured. He later joined the team as a token of appreciation for their help, though he didn't make a great first impression, as he called Thomas several names. Fletchling and has shown impressive battling capabilities in addition to being hot-headed, and he stays true to his word, as shown when he vowed to protect Grovyle in Petalburg Woods - and he did. He followed through a second time when he pushed her away from Slowpoke's attack.
Shortly thereafter, Fletchling defeated Roxanne's Archen in a hard-fought battle, though he quickly fell to her Cranidos in the following battle. Although he seemed flawless, Fletchling has a deathly fear of water, so much so that he demanded Thomas return him before searching the abandoned ship. In addition to that, he and Mimikyu absolutely hate each other, which should add an interesting dynamic to the team.

Obtained in Chapter 3: The Early Bird Gets the Early Worm
Evolved in Chapter ?
Evolved in Chapter ?

Slowpoke (f): Aside from claiming a popular part of wildlife as her turf - going so far as to attack intruders - and showing off great power in a win over Fletchling, nothing is known about Slowpoke's past. She has, however, been shown to have quite the temper during her arguments with Fletchling; and, despite limited interaction, Slowpoke seems to be fond of Grovyle. She also has tremendous respect for Fletchling's refusal to give in, no matter the circumstances. As for her relationship with Thomas, Slowpoke occasionally pushes his buttons, though she's quick to help him interact with people, like when they first met Lisia. In addition to her short fuse, Slowpoke has proven to be more than capable in battle, as evidenced by her victories over Roxanne's Tirtouga - which earned Thomas his first badge - and Brawly's Breloom.

Obtained in Chapter 4: Rampage in Rustboro
Evolved in Chapter ?

Mimikyu (m): As per their agreement, Thomas had to help Louise catch a Ghost-type in an abandoned ship if she was to take him to Slateport City. While Thomas searched one of the floors, Mimikyu watched him until being spotted, and he continued to follow Thomas until forcibly joining him. Though he hasn't been around long, Mimikyu already resents Slowpoke and Fletchling for being useless during The Trickhouse fiasco, and he's already gotten into a fight with them when Fletchling tried to wake Thomas up. Even though he hates his teammates Mimikyu is very fond of Thomas, which the latter attributed to their shared hatred of talking. Furthermore, Mimikyu killed The Trick Master after Louise and Thomas escaped his house, though nobody knows about it.

Obtained in Chapter 18: Ghost Ship Gaffe

Name Unknown (f): Nothing is known about this Pokemon, except that it's the fifth member of Thomas' team.

Obtained in Chapter ?

Name Unknown (m): Nothing is known about this Pokemon, except that it's the sixth member of Thomas' team.

Obtained in Chapter ?

Name Unknown (m): Nothing is known about this Pokemon, except that it's the seventh member of Thomas' team.

Obtained in Chapter ?
Evolved in Chapter ?


Ashley Baker (17): In her debut, Ashley was shown to be quite cold through her irate reaction to Torchic screwing up a battle, and she acted hostilely towards him. After another brutal training session where Torchic was almost fatally wounded by a Taillow, Will Knight intervened and scolded Ashley for her lack of compassion. Ashley even went so far as to release a Taillow she caught because it didn't perform up to her standards in a battle. Since then, however, she has slowly become kinder to her Pokemon. In addition, Ashley is protective of them, like when she stuck up for Torchic in Rustboro City after a man talked to him like dirt. Because of her unrelenting drive to make her Pokemon as strong as possible, Ashley will serve as Thomas' greatest rival.

Debuted in Chapter 1: Cut from a Different Cloth
Last seen in Chapter 12: Hurricane Season
Pokemon on Team: Torchic, Rufflet

Lisia (17): Lisia made a small appearance at the end of a battle against Ashley, which she lost due to Torchic's efforts, before meeting Thomas in Dewford Town. When they first met, it was because Lisia ran into Grovyle and knocked her out while searching for Ali. Thomas offered to lend a hand, and, along with Ashley and Louise, found and defeated the thugs who had stolen Ali. Later, Lisia invited him to hang out at the Dewford boardwalk, where they talked about Alola and their families. In addition to being kindhearted and a bit of a klutz, Lisia seems to have a crush on Thomas, as she was shown getting flustered while talking to Grovyle about his best qualities.

Debuted in Chapter 3: The Early Bird Gets the Early Worm
Last seen in Chapter 16: Head Over Heels
Pokemon on Team: Ali (Swablu), Bell (Oddish)

Aiden Garner (16): After a fight between Fletchling and Slowpoke ended in the latter being knocked unconscious, Aiden appeared outside the Pokemon Center to train his Buneary and Scyther. Their dancing made Fletchling laugh and fall out of a tree, and Aiden brought him to Nurse Joy before meeting Thomas. He's unlike any other rival before, as he incorporates dance into battling. Still, Aiden's very inexperienced, something he confirmed when saying Thomas was the first trainer he battled, making his decisive victory all the more impressive. Even so, his unique style, coupled with strong partners in Buneary and Scyther, will make Aiden incredibly difficult to defeat.

Debuted in Chapter 6: Dueling the Dancing Duo!
Last seen in Chapter 6: Dueling the Dancing Duo!
Pokemon on Team: Buneary, Scyther

Traveling Companions

Louise Strause (19): Mysteriously appearing when Thomas and Treecko were being attacked by two Talonflame and Fletchinder, Louise easily dispatched of the wild Pokemon with the help of her Gengar. She followed Thomas in hopes of offering help to him, and that's just what she did after watching him lose to Aiden. During that discussion, Louise showed clear signs of compassion and wisdom, and Gengar also gave quite a bit of advice to Grovyle, who she seems quite fond of. They met again in Granite Cave shortly thereafter, where Louise saved Thomas and Ashley from Blanco and Negro, and helped Lisia get Ali back as well. Later, when Thomas couldn't find a way to Slateport City, Louise offered to take him there but only after he helped her search an abandoned ship for Pokemon. She has since tagged along, often trying to get Thomas to come out of his shell, and was revealed to be competing in the Ever Grande Conference after earning her sixth badge from Wattson.

Debuted in Chapter 2: Pushed from the Nest
Last seen in Chapter 20: Angel or Demon?
Pokemon on Team: Gengar, Aegislash, Golurk, Chandelure, Froslass


Rojo: Being one of six admins serving under an unnamed man, Rojo is the runt of the litter, often receiving orders from the others, namely Azul. Despite that, she's shown flashes of great intellect, like when she had Scizor deflect the motion sensors in the Rustboro City Museum. What's odd about Rojo's relationship with her boss is that it seems like she's his daughter and the other admins are her siblings. Despite the perceived blood relation between her and her fellow admins, Azul and Negro left Rojo behind when Pheromosa defeated all of them.

Debuted in Chapter 9: An Ever-Expanding Shadow
Last seen in Chapter 15: The Sage of Synchro: Enter Tyson!
Pokemon on Team: Scizor

Azul: Being one of six admins serving under an unnamed man, Azul is the bully of the group, often giving orders to the others, namely Rojo. Despite that, she's been shown up before, like when she had Lucario navigate around the motion sensors in the Rustboro City Museum while Rojo had Scizor reflect them. What's very odd about her relationship with her boss is that it seems like she's his daughter and the other admins are her siblings. Despite the perceived blood relation between her and her fellow admins, she and Negro left Rojo behind when Pheromosa defeated all of them. Currently she and Azul are the only admins shown to wield Mega Evolution.

Debuted in Chapter 9: An Ever-Expanding Shadow
Last seen in Chapter 15: The Sage of Synchro: Enter Tyson!
Pokemon on Team: Lucario

Verde: Verde is one of six admins serving under an unnamed man, though not much else is known about him. What's very odd about his relationship with his boss is that it seems like he's his son and the other admins are his siblings. Furthermore, Verde seems to be respected and liked by all of the other admins, most notably Rojo and Azul. Although the other admins have always been shown traveling together, Verde was the first to go on a solo mission.

Debuted in Chapter 9: An Ever-Expanding Shadow
Last seen in Chapter 9: An Ever-Expanding Shadow
Pokemon on Team: ?

Amarillo: Amarillo is one of six admins serving under an unnamed man, though not much else is known about him. What's very odd about his relationship with his boss is that it seems like he's his son and the other admins are his siblings.

Debuted in Chapter 9: An Ever-Expanding Shadow
Last seen in Chapter 9: An Ever-Expanding Shadow
Pokemon on Team: ?

Blanco: Blanco is one of six admins serving under an unnamed man, and is often seen with Negro. Even though he's much bigger than her and has a more intimidating appearance, Blanco's usually taking orders from her. What's very odd about his relationship with his boss is that it seems like he's his son and the other admins are his siblings.

Debuted in Chapter 12: Hurricane Season
Last seen in Chapter 15: The Sage of Synchro: Enter Tyson!
Pokemon on Team: Kommo-o

Negro: Negro is one of six admins serving under an unnamed man, though not much else is known about her. What's very odd about her relationship with her boss is that it seems like she's his daughter and the other admins are her siblings. Despite the perceived blood relation between her and her fellow admins, she and Azul left Rojo behind when Pheromosa defeated all of them. Currently she and Azul are the only admins shown to wield Mega Evolution.

Debuted in Chapter 12: Hurricane Season
Last seen in Chapter 15: The Sage of Synchro: Enter Tyson!
Pokemon on Team: Houndoom

Other Important Characters

Will Knight (34): Although little is known about Will, he appeared when Ashley's Torchic was nearly killed by a Taillow. True to form, Will showed a great deal of compassion for Torchic, going so far as to use a Revive on him, and take him to the Pokemon Center. Before leaving, Will advised Ashley to change her ways, and that if she didn't, he wouldn't look over her despite her mother's request.
Will's role is unclear, at the moment, but he will meet Thomas at some point.
He's also Warrior of Hope's OC, so go check out his work to learn more about Will!

Debuted in Chapter 2: Pushed from the Nest
Last seen in Chapter 17: Beachside Brawl
Pokemon on Team: Pyro (Blaziken)

Blade (36): Maintaining his post as Champion of the Hoenn region, Blade made his debut talking to students in Rustboro City's trainer academy, where he showed a light sense of humor and a ton of knowledge. After that, he and his trusty Bisharp watched a bit of Thomas' Gym Battle against Roxanne. Blade's role is unclear at the moment, but he will meet Thomas at some point in the future.
He's also BouncingFish's OC, so go check out his work to learn more about Blade!

Debuted in Chapter 8: Emerging from the Rockslide
Last seen in Chapter 8: Emerging from the Rockslide
Pokemon on Team: Bisharp

Name Unknown: Nothing is known about this character other than he and his Gallade, appear to know a lot about battling, which was shown when they immediately analyzed several of Thomas' decisions during his Gym Battle and accurately predict the outcome of a few matches.
Although he hasn't appeared since then, this unnamed man will cross paths with Thomas in the near future.

Debuted in Chapter 8: Emerging from the Rockslide
Last seen in Chapter 8: Emerging from the Rockslide
Pokemon on Team: Gallade

Molly Plateau (21): Appearing in Shalour City along with her Pokemon, Molly has grown up since debuting in Owen's Kalos trek as a newborn. Although her battling prowess has yet to be displayed, Molly journeyed to Hoenn after her father, Owen, ordered her to investigate a robbery in Rustboro City. In addition to that, she and her former rival, Tyson Pernell, were given the task of capturing the Ultra Beasts for reasons yet to be explained.
While in Dewford, Molly met Thomas when Tyson saved him from Pheromosa's deadly attack. Tyson and his Greninja defeated the Ultra Beast using a technique called Accel Synchro, but Pheromosa was able to escape because Tyson forgot to bring the Beast Balls that could capture it.

Debuted in Chapter 9: An Ever-Expanding Shadow
Last seen in Chapter 16: Head Over Heels
Pokemon on Team: Charizard, Samurott, Ursaring, Luxray, Scrafty, Decidueye

Tyson Pernell (21): Shortly after Molly made her debut, Tyson appeared along with his most trusted partner, Greninja. Tyson is an extremely powerful trainer and is the only person to be able to use Accel Synchro, a souped-up version of Synchro Evolution. Like Molly, he was ordered to investigate a robbery in Rustboro City by Owen Plateau, the Champion of Kalos, and was later tasked with capturing the Ultra Beasts for reasons yet to be explained.
While in Dewford, Tyson met Thomas when he saved him from Pheromosa's deadly attack. Tyson and his Greninja defeated the Ultra Beast using Accel Synchro, but Pheromosa was able to escape because he forgot to bring the Beast Balls that could capture it.
He's also Blaze Falcon's OC, so go check out his work to learn more about Tyson!

Debuted in Chapter 9: An Ever-Expanding Shadow
Last seen in Chapter 17: Beachside Brawl
Pokemon on Team: Greninja

Tristan (34): Making his debut during a video chat regarding the Ultra Beasts, Tristan, now a member of Hoenn's Elite Four, served as the most levelheaded of the group by coming up with a plan to capture Xurkitree, who was reportedly causing blackouts in Mauville City. Though not much else is known about him, Tristan will play a critical role in combatting the Ultra Beasts.
He's also BouncingFish's OC, so go check out his work to learn more about Tristan!

Debuted in Chapter 17: Beachside Brawl
Pokemon on Team: Greninja

Owen Plateau (37): The protagonist of my first series, Owen returns as the Champion of Kalos, a position he's held for over twenty years. In his first appearance Owen was on a call with his daughter, Molly, and Tyson, in which he informed them about the incoming Ultra Beast, Pheromosa. It was revealed that he and the other regions' Champions fought the Ultra Beasts in the past and were defeated.
Unlike his days as a trainer, Owen is very serious, as shown when he made an example out of his daughter and Tyson in front of Will and Tristan after hearing about Pheromosa's escape. For some reason, he also scolded Tyson about using Accel Synchro. He was also shown worrying about Molly's safety when he, Will, Tristan, and Tyson tried to decide who would inspect Mauville for Ultra Beast activity. Owen's also concerned about the wellbeing of some girl who he's known since she was born, going so far as to talking to the girl's deceased mother. Like his friends, Owen will play a critical role in combatting the Ultra Beasts.

Debuted in Chapter 14: Friend or Foe? Ultra Beasts Appear!
Last seen in Chapter 17: Beachside Brawl

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Pokémon Radiant Sun by FlygonNick reviews
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Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 20 - Words: 101,240 - Reviews: 139 - Favs: 115 - Follows: 97 - Updated: 5/19/2016 - Published: 4/5/2014 - OC, Ash K./Satoshi, Serena, Clemont/Citron
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A young boy from Santalune City, decides it's time for him to set out on his journey around Kalos. He is yet to discover himself, and who he wants to be, but he is sure of his love for Pokemon. On his journey, he will acquire many friends and Pokemon, he will face evil, good, love and betrayal, and will even discover the mysterious Mega Evolution! Weekly Updates!
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I'm Nick & I plan on becoming Pokemon Champion of the Unova Region. My best friend is called Lilly; she's sweet, beautiful & kind. Her 13th birthday is just two days before mine so she'll be leaving sooner, meaning I can't travel with her. My journey will be the best. Team Plasma, love, strife, & legends rise while my journey unfolds. This is going to be tough…
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Thomas Brooks has moved from Alola to Hoenn, leaving everything behind except his memories. During his journey, Tom sets out to win the Ever Grande Conference and make a whole new bunch of friends! Innocence comes to a crushing halt, however, when a group, spearheaded by a psychopath, creates chaos across the region! Will Thomas and his friends thwart evil and protect their home?
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After learning he was adopted, Owen sets off for Kalos in an attempt to find his birthparents. Along the way, he'll compete in the Kalos League, make new friends, face insane foes, and be involved in a budding romance. Having to juggle so many responsibilities and issues can't be that tough, right?
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